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Chapter 9: A little help

They did a little celebration where I didn't want to participate, I went away to a corner, I sat down there to rest for a while.

Suddenly someone closed to me without I notice its presence. I was so worry for Puss so I didn't put attention of what was happening around me.

"Are you ok?" a white female cat asked me.

"Yes" I answered her for inertia.

"You don't seem like that" she said. "Do you care if I sit beside you?"

"Not problem" I answered her, despite I wanted to be alone, I didn't want to be rude.

"And tell me, what did you do?" she asked me.

"I prefer don't talk about that" I answered her cutting, just remembering it made me feel bad.

"Ohh" she said innocently "And If I tell you about what I did and then you tell me?"

I looked her first, I didn't want to tell her, I didn't feel proud, besides now I didn't trust in anyone, but she seemed to know what was happening to me, sure the cats are so intuitive.

"Ok" I answered her.

She smiled and continued "It was a simple job and the pay was excellent, so I was agree."my owner" was him" she said me pointing a fat man "He would catch Puss and my job was leaving him free from the cage, when the fat man was asleep, letting me seduce by him. We had a date the last night before he escaped" She explained me neutral.

I couldn't deny I felt jealous…But she didn't have the fault and other thing, I'm nothing of Puss like I was feeling like that, but…it was inevitable.

"Just that?" I asked her trying to ignore my feelings.

"Yes, now tell me" she said neutral again, but friendly.

"Uhm, it's something that doesn't make me feel proud" I said her ensure and deviating the glance to the floor. "I don't say it about the steal I did with him, I talk about the betrayal i did him"

"Why you say that?" she asked me interested.

"Do you promise that you won't tell Humpty about this?" I asked her worried.

"I promise, why do you think I spoke you? You have a face like if you murdered someone" she said me sincerely.

I laughed with her comment and I continued "I had to hide everything about the plan and I didn't know that I would feel so bad. He saved my life and listened to me like a good friend. I didn't wanted to be involved with him…but I don't know…I don't what's happening to me. My objective was the score and…" I said everything until I stayed without words.

"Mmm, Your name is Kitty?" she asked me and I assented with the head "You always knew about this?"

"I didn't have idea, I had my suspicions, but last night I knew the original plan" I answered her.

"I guess there is the problem, because if you had known about the original plan, maybe you didn't involve so much, but it was like that and it wasn't something you think about it, but you know, the things happen for some reason, maybe you needed this to know your real priorities" she said me and added "Humpty needed me for his plan was natural. I can't deny that Puss made me sigh, but I knew that I was other in his way, your case is different, I would dare to say that it is something that no one of you had predicted, I mean, for Puss you were not the typical female cat that he find, you are a thief like him and you can care yourself alone. You called his attention, you don't know the luck you have, anyone would like to be with him"

She left me without words, I didn't think like that. But the last words made me doubt, nobody could assure me that it was true. My problem was the guilt for betrayal someone who didn't deserve it.

"But I couldn't help him, I wanted to tell him, but the egg avoid it, his plan was in danger. Now I couldn't help him. He would forgive me anyway"

"It could be or not. I know you will know what to do" she said to me reassuringly. "Ah! I'll tell you other thing. I knew it recently. It's just not a revenge for Puss, it's a revenge for the town too. The Great Terror is goose's mother, she will destroy everything, so be careful" she whispered to me.

"Thank you, you helped me a lot. What's your name?" I said her with better animus, but I continued feeling fatal.

"Rosa" she answered me "and you are welcome, I'm glad for helped you. Take care"

She went with the group that had to present part of the farce.

But now, how could I help Puss? How would I face this?

I saw that Humpty was preparing, and didn't want to stay more time there, so I got up to the roof to watch. Humpty, Jack and Jill went out to wait my signal, I listened that they were still joking the egg. The miserable egg deserved it.

Half an hour later I saw Puss hiding between the people.

We came for us despite the dangers...

I took a look to Humpty who was watching me. I wanted see if I had a possibility to warn him, but no, Humpty was looking for a hesitation and doubt.

I didn't have more chance that give him the signal when he was close.

The show began, they pretended a kind of negotiation with the gold, I didn't saw more, because I had to looked for the goose and face that difficult moment. Although I talked with Rosa, I didn't know how to do this, after all I'm a traitor for him, more when he figure out.

How could I see him to the face?

I arrived to the room. The others had leave to wait Humpty, Jack and Jill. The goose chirped desperately. I caressed her to calm down her.

"Calm down Little goose, everything is gonna be fine" i said it.

I took it carefully for didn't stress it and I went out. It seemed like I went to a judgment, every step made me feel worse…

I hid in a corner where were the people, the soldiers had arrived and they had Puss surrounded, I arrived in the precise moment when Puss' adoptive mother begged him to face what he did. Something he didn't do…

How mention Humpty, he had a face…

"Step into the carrier…quiet-like. " The Comandante said

Puss got in sadly, they closed the door and got in to the cart.

"Attention!Attention,everyone! If you could just come in a little closer" Humpty said enjoying his moment, and he added "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…the Golden Goose of legend!"

It was the moment, I walked between the people and I left it in the floor. I looked Puss, sad, repentant and guilty…

"Kitty. Not you, too? " Puss said so hurt.

He finished destroying me, I couldn't help him! I couldn't see him anymore!

"Gold for everyone! " Humpty said laughing. He gave a egg to Imelda and then to me.

There was my pay.

"And tell me all you care about is the gold" That phrase resounded in my head.

"We got some fresh, hot gold here, people! Step right up! Get it hot!" Humpty offered. All people close celebrating and exclaiming his nickname while Puss' cart was going away directed to the jail.

"And tell me all you care about is the gold" the phrase continued drilling me. But that helped me to understand that it was not just guilt and betrayal what were bothering me, it was that I fell in love with Puss and I didn't notice it, like Rosa said, we didn't predict this.

The score wasn't important in this moment, I really care my feelings for him. I had to lose him to figure out my feelings.

The worst thing was I didn't know if he could forgive me.

I left the golden egg, I decided, I would free Puss from the jail and if I had luck I would get a forgiveness , it was better try and if I didn't get it…I would see what to do.

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