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"Bye Fionna! Bye Cakkkieee!" Marshall Lee said as he flew off to his home, emphasizing Cake's nickname that she hated. Cake rolled her eyes, muttering words that she usually used when speaking to the infamous Ice Queen.

My eyebrows furrowed. I clenched my right fist, throwing it in the air. "THIS ISN'T OVER MARSHALL LEE THE VAMPIRE KING!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Stupid floating vampire.

"HAA!" he flew backwards, sticking out his fork tongue playfully.

I stomped my foot furiously, trying to hide my blushing face. He always did this – going to her house to hang out and leaving a whole mess for me…well actually Cake to clean after. I wasn't the housewife kind of girl. I was more of an action type person that would hunt and go on adventures instead of cooking and cleaning. Even Prince Gumball knew that. First time we met he tried to show gratitude for saving him by giving me pink earrings. I have them but I never wear them but at least Prince Gumball knows now I don't like girly things. He's getting close though….a crystal pink sword isn't that bad.

"He promised he would clean up!" I screamed, throwing the broken bits of plates violently into the needed to be empty trashcan.

"Then why do you keep letting that bloodsucker in?" Cake put her hands on her hips, glaring at me. "He's into no good!"

"He's not that bad Cake." I tried to convince the huffing and puffing cat that was wiping down the TV from smudges so hard that the screen was going to break. Cake stopped, glaring at me, raising her eyebrow.

"Mmmmhmmm," she rolled her eyes.

"He's actually kinda – he's sorta nic – he's ni- " I stopped myself, quickly pulling out a toothbrush to clean my mouth from the soiled words. Cake smirked. Nice wasn't a word for Marshall Lee. Maybe incompetent, infuriating, and cool but not nice. "Well this place was his home," I calmed down a little. "And it's nice having him around when he's not trying to mess with us on our missions you know." I shrugged.

"Or scare us with his demon side," Cake snipped. "You know it's your fault he's coming over every day now!"

"My fault?!" I felt my blood boil as I dropped the trashcan in surprise. "How is it my fault?" I faced her, my eyes furrowing.

"Well before I was alright with the scary man coming over once every two weeks but since you invited him to play your video game he's been here every day for a whole week!" Cake threw her hands in the air. "And you know I can't stand messes! I'm going cray-crayzzzzyy!" she threw the spray and cloth on the ground. "You know what."

"Well," I bit my lip. "Marsh and I are almost done with the game. Probably two more days and then he'll be out of your hair Cake."

She pouted, crossing her arms.

"Promise." I hold out my pinky.

She took it, nodding. "You're cleaning up the mess next time if he's back after two days!"

The two days I savored it. It was so good to have someone that wants to play videogames with me and that doesn't judge the fact I'm a girl. Or that I don't sit properly. Personally I don't care because I wear a skort.

"Yes!" I high fived Marshall Lee.

"Woo hoo!" he started to fly around, grabbing his bass, strumming it wildly. "We finally defeated the Great Goo! That was so awwwwwwesome!" he said through his death metal screams and playing.

"Good!" Cake added, taking off her ear plugs. I laughed. The whole time Cake was in her easy chair, reading some romance novel with a cup of lemon tea beside her. I watch Cake jump from her seat, morphing into a tall tree; pushing the floating Marshall Lee out. "I don't want to be a rude host, but Honey it's late. You should go!" Cake said with false sweetness.

His nose crinkled. "Well actually –

"Bye!" she slammed the door before Marsh could scare her with one of his faces.

"That was rude of you!" I said but I was too lazy to go chase after the floating vampire.

Cake smirked, shifting her eyes away from me. "Sorry I can't hear you with all the nice peaceful silence!" she propped herself back in her easy chair, cracking open the spot she left on.

The candles went out and all I could hear were snickers.

I laughed. Marshall Lee. He was always messing with us, Cake especially. Yeah, I was bummed I don't have a videogame partner but the house needed a break from Marshall Lee.

I relight the candles.

"Yes!" Cake smiled once I gave her back the light. "Now I can finish this book" she flipped to her spot. She was on the last chapter. "And know if she found her soulmate or not – NOOO!" Cake screamed.

"What happened?" I ran towards her. I laughed, seeing the last couple pages torn out.

The next day...

We were eating breakfast on the couch, watching our favorite comedy show. I was in my nightclothes; an electric blue tank top and black shorts, munching away the cereal.

There was a knock on the door.

"Not it!" I quickly said.

Cake glared at me. "I'll get you next time," she smiled, going to the door. "Who is i-" – Cake got slammed to the wall by the door opening by the visitor.

I turned, grinning. "Hey Marsh!" I waved my spoon at him.

"Hey Fionna!" he let himself in, floating around. He looked really nice today – in his outfit I liked so much. He was wearing a baggy black T-shirt with cut off sleeves and on the shoulder blades he had pins all over, black pants with red stitching, a spiked choker, and his spiked leather black boots.

"Watcha doing here?" I asked. Forget manners. He was here and we already finished the game yesterday. Usually he only comes once in a while when he wants something. What could he want then? This must be bad news then.

He grinned devilishly. "Nothing."

Cake slammed the door closed, her eyes furrowing. "Hey Marshall can you try not to hit me with the door?!"

Marshall Lee flashed his fangs playfully at Cake. "Nope, sorry," he smiled crookedly. I noticed something. He had his hands behind his back. He was hiding something.

"Why are you here? You finished the game yesterday and you only come here when you want something. Is there trouble?!" Cake and I both said. Cake and I instantly pulled out our weapons.

"Well since we finished the game…" He looked at me, raising his eyebrows with excitement. "I got a new one," he tossed it to me.

"Oh no," Cake muttered beneath her breath.

I caught it, looking at him. It looked like an amazing game but playing videogames every day wasn't good. Don't get me wrong I love videogames but didn't Marshall Lee have other things to do? He shouldn't be wasting his time just playing.

"Excuse us for a sec" Cake forced an uneasy smile, tugging me to the kitchen. She shut the door and looked at me, raising her eyebrows at me.

"What is it Cake?" I asked.

"It makes sense now. He likes you."

I laughed. Marshall Lee? Are you serious? He's over a thousand years old. He isn't interested in fourteen year olds human girls with big stubby legs. "Nah he just likes playing videogames."

"Since when? He always said he hates playing and then when you ask him to play, all of a sudden he likes them."

"Well…." I bit my lip. "Well I got him hooked on it so blame me!"

Cake rolls her eyes. "And once the two of you are done with the game, he brings over another one. Face it," she tugs at one of my bunny ears. "He likes you."

I could feel my whole body turn red. I never thought about Marshall Lee before. I've been interested in Prince Gumball for two years already. "No he doesn't! Hey where are you going?!" I hollered, watching Cake leave through the back door.

"Leaving you with your lover boy," she teased.

I grunted, going back to the living room. I found Marshall Lee with a controller, with the game popped in already. I shrugged and joined him. I liked this. I was just his friend that got him addicted to playing. Why can't Cake see we were just friends that like to hang out? Cake shouldn't be putting stupid ideas in my head. I like just sitting down on the ground while he's floating in the air, both of us playing and teasing each other on who's going to win. Naturally I win because I'm awesome.

"Hey Marsh you don't like games do you?" I asked nonchalantly as I pulverized him with my digital blade in the game.

"Dang it!" he grumbled, smirking. "Nah, not really. I still think they're stupid."

I stopped, pausing the game. What? Really? I thought he got into the virtual world. If he hated games….why did he play then? It didn't make any sense. "Why do you play with me then?"

Marshall Lee drops the control, floating around me in a circle, lying on his back in the air. He has a smug look on his face, his eyes plastered to the ceiling. "I just like being around you. Even doing something so stupid, it's nice."

"I-I….w-well…" I bit my lip, trying to hide my blushing. "Well I don't care. You can come over whenever you want and you don't have to play videogames just to be here. All you need to do is clean up after your messes before you leave."

He laughs, patting my head. I become still as he flies down, sitting next to me, his face a centimeter from mine. I wasn't breathing. How can anyone when the vampire king is flashing his fangs? His hand travels down from my head, touching the temple of my cheek. "I can't promise that."

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