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There were so many memories. Meeting Sabo. Meeting Luffy. Setting sail. Becoming Whitebeard's son. Blackbeard. Impel Down. Marineford battle. Akainu. The magma fist.

Blood. So much blood. His insides were burnt. Last words...

An entire lifetime had just passed.

Ace bolted upright, shivering and sweating. He touched his chest, and to his surprise, there was no bleeding, gaping hole that was just there. There was just a thick layer of bandages wrapped around. Looking at his hands, he saw a few tubes attached, dripping some kind of substance.

Surveying his surroundings, he found out he was sitting on a hospital bed.

"What the," he mumbled, rubbing his eyes in confusion. What was-

Oh. It was just a dream, a freakishly long one, and simply too vivid for his tastes.

Though it may be a completely fantasy, it felt all too real, like he was actually there. And things sort of made sense in a crazy way. Dreams were not supposed to make sens. Hell, he could even remember where it began, and you were not supposed to remember how your dreams begun.

He noted that there were several scary similarities between his dream pirate self, similarities about another life he kept hidden from his friends and family. Things he never told anyone.

Both dream Ace and real life Ace had a notorious father who was executed. It happened that his dad was known as the Mafia Lord, controlling the strongest famiglia in the history of Grand Line, the largest city. He was executed before Ace was born by the government. And of course, Ace had decided to be part of the mafia, just like dream Ace decided to be a pirate. The stories had mirrored each other, only taking place in different universes.

One thing that bothered the teen the most, though, was that he was unaware of whether his younger adopted brother, Luffy, was involved in any of the darker business. Following his insane dream, it would be so that he was the infamous Straw Hat.

Luffy would've kept that secret away from his big brother very well. It was quite surprising that the younger had managed to accomplish this kind of feat. Luffy was the straightforward and honest type. He would have never imagined his brother to be part of the mafia, even if he had hated the government just as much as Ace did.

He never told Luffy about what he did at night, and always tried to return before it was time for his brother to go to school. He also noticed a strange tendency of his younger brother to look around the house before he left. And these days, it seemed like he was always tired and not his usual hyper and optimistic self.

And the devil fruits... he held out his hand and concentrated. There it was. A small ball of flame appeared, hovering right above his palm.

His thoughts were interrupted when the door leading to the hospital hall suddenly burst in, and a teenaged raven haired boy charged in whilst screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAAAACEEEEEEEEEE!" Ace hastily distinguished the fire as Luffy pounced on him and proceeded to squeeze him to death in a choking hug.

"You should be quieter, yoi," came another voice.

Ace grinned slightly. He'd recognize that anywhere.

"No, it's alright!" he called out, "Marco, I'm awake."

A man with a pineapple like hairstyle walked into the room with a disapproving expression when he saw what Ace's little brother was doing. "Luffy, it would be a good idea to get off your brother. He's barely recovering, yoi."

The teen immediately got off and said worriedly, "Did I just hurt you?"

Ace shook his head and laughed. Classic Luffy behavior. "Nope," he replied, amused, "I'm alright."

"I was so worried! They carried you in and you were all bloody and stuff and then I thought you died but Marco said you'll be fine but I was still so worried!" Luffy babbled, "And then after that you were out for like so many days and the doctors said you were in a coma which meant that you weren't going to wake up for a long time and I was afraid you'll never wake up because they said that sometimes that might happen and-" He stopped when he realized his brother wasn't exactly paying attention anymore.

Ace frowned. So it seems as if he had been out for several days. Then, he remembered a bit more of the chaotic events that had occurred before he was unfortunately sent to the hospital.

It was a large fight that involved the Whitebeard Famiglia and the Big Mom Famiglia, and he got wounded heavily… then the rest was a blank.

"Hey Ace." The younger sibling was trying to get his attention again, by prodding him in the cheek.

"Huh? Oh, sorry about that. I'm still a little… tired from the coma and getting hurt and all," he apologized.

"Maaahh, it's alright," Luffy said cheerfully, and he launched once again into one of his many random adventures with those strange friends of his.

The rest of the visit had gone rather well as he tried to immerse himself in conversations with his brother and his best friend. Yet, the dream lingered and refused stay away.

Ace could only wonder if there was a deeper meaning to it.

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