Chapter 4

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Next Morning...

George had come home early in the morning and was able to get a few hours of a good rest.

Now, he, William, and Christina were all sitting down to breakfast.

During the meal, while George's head was turned when he would be talking with a servant, Christina couldn't help but give William a small smirk of a smile as she looked at him.

I don't think I'll be the same ever again., she thought to herself.

William was back to his cool and collected self. He gave a small acknowlegement to the smirk before going back to normal.

"How was yesterday without me for the two of you?" George asked when he turned back to his brother and Christina. "Very well for me." she said. "Quite normal." William said softly.

Christina wanted so much to raise an eyebrow at that, but she resisted as well as she could.

Soon, breakfast was over and William pulled her aside. "Can I talk to you for a minute, please?" he asked. "Of course." she said softly. "Is everything alright, William?" George asked as he walked by the two.

"Yes, just wanting to do a surprise for Georgiana." He said as he pushed her along.

Christina smiled as she walked down one of the halls he had led her down. He pulled her into the library and immediately closed and locked the doors. Christina couldn't help but smile as she watched him.

"You need to be more careful." William started. "More careful?" she asked. "The little smirk. You can't do that type of thing. If this is something we are going to do, you can't gloat." he said. Christina couldn't help but smile. "I can't help it. I've never been with a man before last night, you'll have to give me some time to adjust to everything." she said softly.

"You better adjust quickly." he said. She looked at him. "I'll do my best." she said. "Now." He leaned down and kissed her. She smiled as she kissed him back, holding his face in her hands gently.

He kissed her good and long as his hands roamed her body. "Mmmm..." she moaned softly against his lips as she put herself closer to him. "Be quiet." He mumbled as his hands kept roaming. She tried to keep her moans inside of her as she kissed him, pressing herself against him a little more.

After about 20 minutes of just kissing, William pulled away from her. Christina let out a soft breath as she looked into his eyes.

"I must be leaving now." He said to her softly. But God how I wish I didn't have to yet., he thought.

She nodded. "I understand... if G knows you were here, please tell her I look forward to seeing her again soon." she said before she stepped up to him and kissed his lips once more, soft and lingering before she pulled away from him.

"I will tell her." He said softly before he left the library.

Soon after William had left, George had escorted Christina home.

"I hope to see you again soon." he said to her as he walked her up to her front door. "I hope to see you again soon as well." she said with a smile as she kissed his cheek. "Thank you so much for the week away. I really did need it." she said with a smile. "I'm glad you had a good time." He hugged her tight. "I will see you soon."

She smiled as the two shared one last hug before he went back to his horse and rode off.

Christina smiled as she walked inside with a cool smile along her beautiful features. "Good morning, Mother." she said happily as she saw her mother in the sitting room. Her mother looked at her with a deep look. "You look different." she said. Christina looked at her mother. "I do?" she asked. "Yes, you do..." she said softly as she circled around her youngest daughter. "Mother, I had a pleasant weekend with George. If anything I probably look more cheerful." she said politely as she looked at her mother circling her, while inside she was shaking as she was hoping her mother wouldn't be able to tell what happened.

"Perhaps." she said as she continued to circle around her youngest. Christina smiled innocently at her mother. "Really, mother, everything's fine." she said. "If you say so." her mother answered. Christina smiled softly at her mother. "Oh, speaking of George, mother, he sends his kind regards." she said.

She couldn't have..., her mother thought.

Christina smiled as she politely curtsied to her mother before she started walking out of the sitting room. She quickly walked off to her room and once inside locked the door.

Christina breathed in and out heavily when she was in her room. She hoped she wasn't found out as she opened her closet to find one of her nightgowns. She laid it down on her bed before she neared her bathroom door before she decided to take a good rest first before she bathed.

Soon after she awoke, she was bathing in the relaxing warm water. She rested her head back against the tub, and immediately as she closed her eyes there was nothing but the thought of her night with William rushing through her head in pleasurable slow motion as she could feel herself burning with need for him.

This whole new experience shook her world...and she liked it.

And how she craved for it again. For him again. She could still feel his hands on her, and the thought alone was enough to make her moan, but she resisted for the moment. She came back from her fantasy as she remembered where she was.

She breathed out as she shook her head of her thoughts before she got out of the tub and dried off, drying her hair as well with her towel. She then wrapped the towel around her as she walked into her bedroom and took her nightgown off the bed before she re-entered the bathroom to put it back on. Once she was covered in her nightgown, she went back into her room as she sat at her vanity and started to brush her hair. It was still early in the day, but as far as she knew she figured she could spend the rest of the day lounging in her room. She was already starting to miss her other room in George's house, but mainly because of the company she received in there.

"Oh my goodness..." she said as she let out another heavy sigh. Why won't he leave my mind?, she thought before she was finished at her vanity before she walked over to her window seat as she comfortably sat and watched the white fluffy clouds roll by slowly. Damn you, William., she couldn't help but think.

While she was distracted with her thoughts, she didn't even hear or see that the carriage was taking her mother to Devonshire House.


William returned back to Devonshire House, not able to get a certain someone off of his mind. He would have to hope that Georgiana would throw a party just so he could see that beautiful porcelain-like face again.

As he walked inside, he heard his wife and her mother in a room nearby talking.

"I feel there's something the matter with her, Georgiana. She's happy, I'm glad that she's happy, but I feel that something may have happened when she was over at George's estate this past week." Georgiana's mother said as the two were playing a game of cards.

"Well she was in need of a vacation. And where George lives is so quiet and peaceful." Georgiana said with a smile. "I just feel as if she's...changed." her mother said with a certain look on her face, not hiding what her fear for her youngest daughter was. "Oh, mother!" Georgiana scolded. "She just seems to have lost that innocent sparkle about herself, Georgiana. I can't help but wonder." her mother said in the same tone.

"It's called growing up, mother." Georgiana said. "I would think she would do what you did and wait until her wedding night. The respectable thing to do." she all but hissed. "Don't assume she did it." Georgiana said, defending her sister. "I can't help but think about it. I think I'll talk to her when I get home, or tomorrow when she's better refreshed." her mother said. "I wish you would stop badgering her all the time." G said. "Well, I can't help it, Georgiana. She's my youngest. And honestly, she's the most precious and the most pure one. We've always known that." her mother said.

"Oh yes, I remember when father was alive. He would always be spending his time outside with Christina, teaching her how to do all kinds of activities that I don't even know how to do today." G said jealously. She always felt left out whenever her father was alive. "Well you were inside with me. Doing your studies just as your sister does now." her mother said. "Yes, but even when she started her studies, father always convinced you to let her take a break so they could either paint together, or go outside and play archery, or go for walks." G said enviously, not knowing that her husband was hearing every word of their conversation.

"Yes because she was small, and when you were that little-" her mother started before G interrupted. "When I was that little, I still didn't get as much attention as Christina did. She's always gotten the attention from father. We both know it." she said softly as she heaved a heavy sigh. "I think I need to get some rest, mother. I'll see you again soon. Give my love to my sister." she said as she gathered up the cards once their game was finished.

"I shall." her mother said befor she stood up and the two embraced before her mother left Devonshire House as she made her way back to her own estate.

Georgiana was stacking and shuffling the cards when William came in, at first not saying a word to her as usual.

"How was your visit with your brother?" she asked softly. "Uneventful and exceedingly normal." He said dully. "I see..." she trailed off. "Christina seemed to like it there. More space and cleaner air." William said. G's head quickly turned to look over at William. "Excuse me? Did you say Christina was there...when you were there?" she asked. "Yes...but we didn't interact. She stayed outside most of the time. I was only there one day, and I didn't say anything beyond simple conversation." he said. "I see." G said before she walked out of the room and headed upstairs.

2 Years Later...

Christina had been out of England, exploring the culture for her studies in Venice, Italy and Paris, France for a year in both places. Each year she would come home for the holidays, but as soon as they were over she would go back to her studies in the foreign countries to better understand their culture and their language and lifestyles better.

She was now making her way back home after her two years of studying, as she was finally at the good age of 17, almost eighteen in the next month, and finished with all of her studies.

Christina returned home in her carriage as the servants of her family estate carried her luggage and trinkets inside for her as she walked inside with a bright peaceful smile.

"Ma ma, I'm home." she said happily when she walked inside. "Oh Christina!" Her mother said happily as she saw her. Christina smiled as she hugged her mother happily. "I'm so glad to be home. Especially in time for my 18th birthday." she said with a smile. "Oh, and I got you and G a few trinkets from Venice and Paris." she said as she picked up two small little bags as she handed one to her mother.

"Oh wonderful, now come let's have tea." her mother said with a bright smile. Christina smiled as she sat down with her mother as they sat and had tea while Christina told her mother of every detail that happened in both of her adventures to Italy and France.

"It all sounds so wonderful, dear." her mother said happily. "I know, I had such a wonderful time. And I've gotten so many new hats and dresses." she said with a smile as she and her mother finished their tea. "So, have I gotten any letters while I was gone?" she asked curiously.

"Not that I can remember." She said as she thought back. Christina smiled softly as she nodded. "Oh wait there was a letter, from George. It's on your vanity in your room." her mother said. "Oh, thank you. I think I'm going to go upstairs and take a refreshing bath and lay down for the day. This trip has worn me out." Christina said with a smile as she and her mother embraced warmly before Christina walked upstairs and into her room as she smiled at the letter. She removed her hat and then her dress before she lounged in her underdress as she sat down at her vanity and opened George's letter.

Yet as soon as she started reading it, she knew this wasn't from George.

She quickly looked down at the signature and saw William's name as her eyes widened. "Oh..." she sighed as she softly moaned, just by seeing his name before she re-read the letter.

She fell onto her bed as memories came flooding back.

She moaned softly as she could feel his hands on her before she dug her head into the pillow, groaning out as loud as she could without being heard before she sat up with a breath.

I have to do something., she thought before she dressed and went downstairs.

"Mother, may we go to see G tomorrow? I want to see her face when she sees the trinkets I bought for her and the girls." she said with a smile. "Oh I'm sure we can arrange that." her mother said. Christina smiled. "Oh good. I can't wait." Christina said happily before she ran upstairs to get a good night's sleep.

The Next Morning...

Christina read over William's letter and she felt such a heat in her she was beginning to sweat before she got dressed and fanned herself before she walked downstairs to meet her mother by the door as Christina was carrying the small little bag of trinkets for her sister and her nieces. Christina and her mother got into their carriage before they were off to Devonshire House.

All the while inside Christina was a nervous and agitated mess. That's why she was subtly fanning herself with her favorite ostrich feather fan. What would she do when she saw William? She would have to act as she previously did until they were alone.

Christina couldn't help the painful tightening her most sacred place, and just before she could think of anything else, the carriage had stopped as Christina and her mother exited the carriage. Immediately, G and her daughters ran to Christina and her mother as Christina smiled happily as she knelt down and hugged her three nieces.

"Oh, my lovelies, how are you?" she asked happily as she kissed each one on the cheek. "Christina." Georgiana said a she hugged her sister.

Christina smiled as she stood up and hugged her older sister. "G, how have you been?" she asked. "Auntie Chrissy, how was your trip? Where did you go?" Harryo asked happily as she jumped up and down and Little G started to as well and Charlotte followed after.

Christina smiled as she turned to her nieces. "I went into Italy for a year, then I traveled to Paris for another year. And I brought all of you back something from each place." she said with a smile before she handed G her trinkets. "I thought you would love those little vases as a decoration." she said with a smile before she knelt down and gave her nieces their presents.

"Chrissy, that's so wonderful." G said. "I'm glad you all like your things." she said with a smile as the girls all walked inside the huge house. "So, how has everything been with you G?" she asked whenever the children had run off to play.

"Some times are better than others." She said with a smile.

As the three sat down at a table in the sitting room, they started to play cards when William came in with his dogs following after him.

Christina had no idea what to do as she decided to look down at her cards as she played her turn.

The dogs ran to her, happily barking, catching William's attention.

Christina smiled as she laid down her cards so her mother and sister wouldn't see as she turned and smiled as she giggled as the dogs wanted to play as she rubbed behind their ears gently.

She's back., he thought, he was in shock. He couldn't believe she was back.

He had noticed that she certainly had grown in a specific place as they practically shone as the sunlight poured on them through her dress. He had also noticed that her beauty had also become much more pronounced as she subtly looked up at him.

William nodded at her. Christina nodded softly as she looked into his eyes. William then disappeared only to return two hours later. "Christina, can I speak to you please?" he asked.

She looked over at him. "Of course, Your Grace." she said before she ended her turn in the game of cards with her mother and sister before she stood and walked after William, feeling her legs trembling as she walked. "I need your help for George's brithday celebration. I have no idea what to do." he said. "Oh...well what-" she started. "I'm trying to get a good head start on it. I utterly missed out on it last year." he said. "Well, what does he like? I'm not exactly sure what he would-" she started again as they entered the library.

Once out of sight he closed the door, locking it and then had her pinned to the bookshelf. His lips on hers instantly.

She moaned in a whisper as she kissed him, her arms going around his neck as she held on to him.

Oh my God..., she thought as she felt her need for him intensify.

"You were quite mean to leave me for 2 years." he said softly. "I know. I'm very sorry, but my mother thought it would be better for me to learn my languages by studying them in their own cultures." she said softly as she opened her eyes to look into his. William pressed his lips to hers, shutting her up.

Her hands moved to caress his back as she kissed him, her passion pouring out of her as the two kissed. "Sadly, this is all we can do for this moment." He said as they pulled away. She looked at him with sadness and longing showing in her eyes. "When will we be able to be together again?" she asked softly, her voice not hiding her desire. "Soon." He told her. Very soon., he thought. "But I actually do need help with George's birthday."

"Speaking of George, I got his letter." she said with a small smirk as she emphasised the word his. "Good he was wondering about that." he said. She smiled. "I couldn't stop reading it." she said softly. "Good to know." He said softly.

When will I be with him again?, she asked desperately through her thoughts as she looked at him, not able to stop the fire that burned her insides for him.

"Your mother is looking for you." He said as he heard a voice from down the hall. She nodded as she looked down as she started to make her way towards the doors of the library.

He touched her face and gave her a soft kiss. "Don't be so glum." he said. "I can't help it." she said with a small smile. "Well don't. A sad look on that face of yours puts my stomach in knots." he said. That made her look at him. "Really? Why?" she asked. "I don't know and I don't like it." He yelled quietly. "So stop being sad."

She smiled at him before she pulled his face to hers as she kissed him with every bit of want she had for him, just to let him know, before she pulled away and placed a soft kiss on his neck before she unlocked the door of the library before she turned back to him and winked seductively at him before she left.

She's gotten bolder., He thought. And..., his thoughts trailed off, leaving him smirking.