Based on 3x09 - Out Of Time.

If you have not watched this episode and do not wish to know what happened turn away now, this contains very BIG spoilers!

I can't believe this episode I definetly had the tissues out.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

As one life was created another life was taken.

The joy of welcoming a new member to the officers of 15 was quickly dampened with the knowledge of losing one of their own. One who meant a great deal to all of them.

At the same time though this delicate, fragile child brought those back to life. Letting the pain wash through them and celebrate this new life. It was only a moment but it was enough.

With the little light that shone through because of a child being born and an officer being rescued showed that one day they would all move on from the tragedy which was today.

Some would move on quicker than others but one thing was certain his death was not in vain and had affected each and everyone of them. Each and everyday to come, every smile, joke, laugh, every time it got just a bit easier to accept the loss of one of their own they would never forget. Never forget the day he died, the day they lots their partner, their friend, him.

As all of them moved on one thing stayed the same they would never forget the cases he solved, the families he brought justice to, the happiness he brought to his friends and family.

They never forgot that Jerry Barber was a hero, is a hero.

That was the only thing that would forever stay the same.

The End

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