Hi everyone! This is my very first K/S fanfiction and honestly the first thing I've written in years. Hopefully it will get a little better as I go along, feeling out the characters. Feedback is appreciated, and thanks for reading! Long live the Space Husbands!

"On viewscreen!" James Kirk barked the order, bracing himself in the command chair.

The bridge halted to a pause, heads whipping around to stare at the image that soon appeared on the monitor. A fuzzy outline of space hovered out there next to a small mauve moon. Even closer, a strange craft eerily approached the Enterprise.

"Mister Spock, what is this?" His voice remained calm, urging a swift answer out of his first officer. This had been a routine area inspection, with no planets or lifeforms recorded.

"Captain, there appears to be a moon with no lifeforms, however.. The area that is potentially cloaked is giving off enough organic energy to suggest an extremely large civilization. Whatever is disguising the planet is preventing any further inquiry. The ship.. Unknown original and markings." Spock had spun to face the command chair, occasionally glancing and gesturing toward the viewscreen.

"Shields up. Yellow alert. This shouldn't even be here...You have nothing else for me?" Kirk trailed off with the irritated question, standing from his chair and squinting up as they all watched the foreign ship gain speed in their direction.

Unable to answer his captain's question, Spock turned and resumed looking into the scanner hood at his science station. There were only silent seconds before he felt a phaser point pressed into the back of his neck. A few low shrieks echoed around the bridge as he straightened and took in the unbelievable change on their starship.

At first they looked humanoid but upon close-range examination, Spock realized the dozens of aliens now threatening each of the crew were far from Terran origin. Their skin looked gaunt and jaundice, the orange hue stark against the clean primary colors assigned to the ship. Their iridescent clothing clung to bulky, muscled bodies and varied in bright tones of red. The one nearest him spoke, twitching the small hole that barely resembled a mouth. Onboard translators helped them all as the aliens briefly explained their takeover.

"We require your minds. Mind. Most mindful of you. We take."

Only now that vague intentions were made aware did Spock dare to look over at his captain. Kirk stood with two of the beings at his front and rear, hands up in defense but his eyes shone with rage and disbelief. He eyed the creatures before answering, trying to gage their strength while they were clearly outnumbered. Was it just the bridge? Did each of his four hundred crew now face a weapon and threats?

"I am Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise is here on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. Put your weapons down and we can discuss what it is you're seeking by taking over my ship." It was so difficult to keep his tone neutral.

"This mind.. We require you." The creature standing behind Kirk had answered and lowered its phaser to communicate with its ship through a keypad strapped to the orange wrist. Spock's mind was racing, attempting to divine what might happen next. His mouth was strained in a frown the moment he noticed Kirk was surrounded but this was possibly his only chance. Quickly hurdling over the metal rail separating his station from the main command deck, he pulled away from his own attacker and effectively pounced onto the creature who had lowered its weapon.

As they both landed, the landscape changed drastically. The florescent light of the Enterprise bridge blinked out and a red smoky air nearly choked the Vulcan. Beside him, but standing, he heard Kirk's recognizable coughing. They had been beamed to the cloaked planet, which instantly attacked their lungs with its violent atmosphere. Spock could barely make out the aliens that had traveled with them- Only about half of the count he had taken on the ship had come along and apparently only he and the Captain were brought down. He watched as Kirk was efficiently gagged and blindfolded before his own vision was muted with a cloth over his eyes.

After walking for a short distance, Spock heard a door shift open and the temperature change suggesting that they had come into a structure with cooler air. Through his nose he could still pull oxygen and now it was even easier to breathe. A few more turns then doorway sounds and the captors had apparently found their destination. Both men were thrown to the ground, blindfolds coming off in one motion.

"Mind test is soon. Rest." The doors slid shut in unison.

Kirk looked around frantically, taking in the new surroundings and they indeed looked as grim as the situation seemed. Spock was not in his room, which was entirely white and reminded him of old world Earth mental institution cells. It was various surfaces of hard glass, painted metal bars and some kind of soft looking material padding.

"Spock! Spock, are you here?" The captain ripped off his gag and threw it at the bars which sparked at the contact. He hadn't actually seen his First Officer come in with him and the thought of being entirely alone in this began to make his heart race.

"Jim.. I am here. In another cell, but nearby according to the volume of your voice. Are you injured?" Spock had to raise his voice to be heard but he still sounded a bit monotone even in light of being kidnapped.

"No.. No, I don't think they mean to actually hurt us. For now.. Please tell me you have some theories."

"I know no more than you at this moment. The rooms appear secure and we have no weapons or communication device. I surmise we have no choice but to do as they will. I am sensing telepathic frequency but it is unlike any I recognize."

"Great." Jim threw back sarcastically and sat on the hard cement floor. He leaned forward, arms propping up his head and began formulating plots and plans of when his captors returned. Knowing Spock would be doing the same, the silence lingered between the two cells. The stress of the day had been almost too much for even the invincible Kirk. Within moments, the captain had fallen asleep propped up on his elbows.

He must have been dreaming. It had been too long since a sense of peace had melted into his dreams like this. There were flashes the Vulcan, his friend. First just business and the day to day exchanges between them. Slowly the images began to hold something more- A connection that truly didn't make any sense. The odds of this friendship were against them, weren't they? Even the hesitant, teasing smile that Kirk had finally pulled from the other man just days before..

Kirk woke quickly to a sharp prodding on his shoulder and the harsh reality of what he opened his eyes to seemed even worse after such a pleasant rest. One of the creatures stood over his folded frame and was holding a stick which appeared to be the culprit of the painful jabs he was still receiving.

"I'm awake! What do you want with us?"

"Mind test now. Stand and come." The alien stared blankly at Kirk as it spoke and gestured upward and toward the door.

Seeing no alternative and still completely unsure of what was to come, he followed the instructions. Carefully and slowly he stood and made his way, still being tapped, to the cell door which opened from an unknown sensor. The hall that met him was lined with other bright-skinned beings and his heart plunged. Escape would be impossible.

"Alright! I'm walking.. You don't have to keep poking me. Where is my companion?"

There was no sound from any of the other cells and he strained to see inside any of them as they passed. The lack of Spock's presence was not helping his feeling of sudden panic. A few turns later, the alien grunted toward a room off his the right. After entering, the familiar sound of electric doors shutting and locking sent shivers up his spine.

The room looked like a larger version of the cell he had just come from, with a solitary chair in the center. Above it hung wires and helmets of all shapes and sizes, seeming to float inches from the headrest. Kirk looked around once again, frantically searching for some way.. Some escape route. The room had only one entrance and that option was gone. The creature prodded him further until he stumbled into the chair and before he could jump back up again, metal plates pressed against both of his temple and straps latched themselves across his lap and chest. He reached up to pull them off and found they felt like strong magnets- Too strong to pull off without taking chunks of his precious head along with.

Yet again, the room went dark.

The dim hum of a transporter beam had just finished when Kirk opened his eyes to consciousness. The splitting headache hit immediately, preventing him from even trying to stagger up. After rubbing his eyes and face to wake up a bit more, he dared to look around the new surroundings. It was outside.. Different atmosphere than the smoky red dust of the cloaked planet. He could barely see, only shadows upon shadows of rocks and piles of dirt haphazardly around him. In a dark pink sky above him, the alien planet loomed and then vanished behind a wavering blanket of stars and black space.


The captain was alone.