Best friends forever, right? That's what you said, you said we were best friends. You said that i was your best friend, you said you'd be there for me. But where are you now? Because the person that stands in front of me, that isn't you. I know that isn't you. That hate in your eyes, that emptiness in your soul. That isn't my best friend.

So where are you then? Are you hiding? Are you really in there somewhere, maybe you're lost? Can i find you? Will you come out? Where are you? Please, i need you right now. You said you'd be there for me, you promised. Don't you remember? Please remember. Remember us and everything we've been through, our fights, our laughs, our tears, our joy.

Why aren't you remembering? You're still standing there, looking at me. Why are you looking at me like that? Please stop, you're scaring me now.

"Mizuho.." I whisper.

In a sudden flash i can see you again, the real you. I see it in your eyes, i see you start to remember. Your eyes have gone back to their loving way and you stand limply. You stand with fear echoing off your body, off your soul. In those moments, you're mine again. You're my best friend again, the one who I cherish and care for.

I smile up at you and begin to stand, pulling up my heavy body. You just stare at me, like you suddenly remember who I am. I look back at you and smile, holding onto my pick axe.
It dangles helplessly in my hand, useless for me to use. Why would I use it? You're my friend, how could I betray you. I could never.

I walk closer to you, tears streaming down my red and darkened face. I stand in front of you, smiling and crying like a fool. I knew you'd come back, i knew you wouldn't hurt me.
After all, you're my best friend. The knife is still in your hand but i don't pay attention to it. Why should i? I'm your friend, how could you betray me. You could never.

Your face starts to contort into a smile. It looks scary, but it looks real. I smile back and gasp as tears fall from my eyes. I move closer to you and wrap my arms around you, holding you tightly.

I should of realized when i wrapped my arms around you. I should have seen your eyes go back to the insanly cold gaze. I should of seen you turn back into the monster i thought was gone. Maybe i did, but maybe i just didn't want to believe it.

I cough and blood drips from my mouth. I look up at you and you stare at me, insanity in your once beautiful eyes. The knife digs deeper into my back as i stand there, just waching you. Tears fall from my eyes and then the pain follows. I can't tell if it's my heart or it's my back, but the pain is real and it's killing me. I feel blood drip down my shirt and onto my leg. You just stare at me, like nothing is wrong. Like you didn't just kill me.

I stare back though. I stare at you, an intense and horrified stare. We just stand there, looking into each others eyes. Blood begins to drip onto my hands. Then all in that moment I realize what i had done. You didn't just betray me, we betrayed each other. The axe I'm holding falls from your side, as I begin to fall backwards.

Your hand lets it grip off the weapon and you fall beside me. Blood begins to make it's way down your side. We both lay on the ground, still looking at each other. I feel my vision fade and my body become numb. Things are starting to go blurry and i can't see much. All i see is you, staring at me.

I then realized the look in your eyes. Your beautiful eyes, they were back, replacing the insanity. You just stare at me, like I'm a monster. No, please don't look at me like that. Please,
I don't want you to look at me like that. A tear falls from your eyes and they start to close. Your not looking at me anymore, your not looking at anything. Your eyes are blank, your stare is dead, just like you.

My vision is getting worse and everything is going blurry. The pain is starting to go numb and i can't feel most of my body anymore. The only thing I can feel is the pounding of my heart. I can feel my life slipping away.

I'm still looking at you, I still find my eyes rimming with tears and heart rimming with remorse. Because at the end of the day, we'll always be friends forever. With that thought in mind, I close my eyes and let my forever come to an end.