It's happening again. It's coming back to me, everything is coming back. I can feel the horror and fear and pain and the tears, the tears, i must hold back the tears. I stand, legs apart and mouth gapping slightly. You're looking at me again with that look of fear. You're afraid of me, aren't you? I know what you're thinking, you're thinking i'm crazy.

I'm not, i'm not crazy. You're the crazy one, don't you see? You are, you're crazy. I know what you're doing, you're trying to catch me off guard. You think i'm stupid? I know your game, you're going to betray me. When i put down this knife and we go back to normal, you'll strike. I can see it.

You're still looking at me, it's a sad and horrified look. Why, why are you looking at me like that? I know why, because you're trying to catch me off guard. I know what you'll do, i've read about it. You'll stab me right in the back and then it'll be game over for me. Well, i won't let you do that, not if i get you first.

"Mizuho.." Kaori whispers to me.

In that one moment, i can see you again. I can see the real you, my best friend. The uttering of my name, it feels so good, so familiar. I feel safe and at peace. How could you kill me? Look at you, you're as helpless and lost as i. It's not your fault, it's this fucking game. I couldn't hurt you, what was i thinking? You know as well as i do that. Wait, if you know that..then what's stopping you from killing me. I'm falling into your trap. This is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?

You're starting to smile at me now. You're smiling. I know why you're smiling, you think you won. But i won't let you win, i'll win. You can't kill me, i'll kill you. I smile back at you, letting you think you've won. I smile and pretend everything is alright, even though it's not. You're starting to stand now, inching closer to me. The smile is still planted on your face. Silly girl.

In less then a second your arms are wrapping around me. You're giving me that false sense of security, any moment now you'll strike. But it's too late for you now, i've won.

My knife blade digs deeper into your skin and for a moment i smile. That short lived smile starts to fade as i feel her axe dig into my side, i've lost.

You're staring at me again, this time it's full of sadness. I stare back, a blank and cold look in my eyes. Your eyes are rimming with tears. It must be because you've lost. Yes, that must be why. You thought you could trick me, but i tricked you.

I can feel blood oozing down my side but i can't disconnect my eyes from yours. You're looking at me weirdly. Why are you looking at me like that? Like i'm the crazy one. I'm not the crazy one though, i can't be. You tried to kill me, it was you not me.

But then why was i the one to have attacked first? Was it not me who placed the weapon upon you? Maybe i was the crazy one, maybe it was me. The thoughts fly around me mind, causing tears to threaten my eyes. I'm crazy, it was me.

You're falling now, falling below me, taking your weapon with you. It's like gravity has finally come back and i can feel my legs give way. I drop my weapon and fall onto the cold and unforgiving ground. When i hit the ground, a pain sears its way throughout my side. That's when it really hits me, i'm dying.

Blood makes it way down my side and things are starting to fade around me. When i look over at you, you're looking at me. I look back at you, remorse filling my eyes as i see your limp body. Your eyes are watering and your face is becoming pale. Your once beautiful eyes blood shot and your face red and darkened. It's all my fault and we both know it.

A single tear falls from my eye. I'm still looking at you, watching the life escape you. But i can't watch anymore, i can't even see clearly anymore. Everything is going into a blur and all i can see is your face. It's so beautiful, so kind and loving. You're looking at me, but i can't see you anymore, i can't see anything anymore.