NA: This is my second SPN fanfic in English (I guess), so forgive me for any mistakes. Despite of it, I'm very happy to write it. This fic contain spoilers from the 7x19 episode from the TV Show and is Dean POV. I hope you enjoy it! Please, let a review before get out! xD Good read! o/

Well, there's something in my mind, deep inside, that says to me "It doesn't gonna be all right". I repeat this sentence to myself since he appeared, although I prefer to think it's just worry. However, there's a thing I learned: We cannot change the natural order of the world. We can't broke the balance. If we do it, disastrous things could happen.

But now, here I am, with Bobby beside of me, and begging into my heart: "Please, be wrong". His presence give to us - to me and Sammy - some confort, support and help when we need. His presence also makes us more happy.

However, he shouldn't be here, he died. Just the fact of Bobby's here means he's breaking the natural order of the things and then I can hear again that voice inside my mind saying our happiness will not during many time, it's just a time question.

A part of me believes in this little voice. Another part, wants believe I'm neurotic and there's nothing wrong. I don't know what part of me is right, but I'll enjoy while I can have Bobby here, in this plan, with me. When the time arrives, it reached. We'll defeat it together, after all, we're Winchester and that's how the family Winchester solve things.