It had been 22 year since the day Harry left the Dursley's house. He had not heard anything from the Dursleys since that day. Unexpectantly, Harry saw Vernon at Kings Cross shortly after the Hogwarts Express had left, taking his kids with it. Age had not

done Vernon any favors, he looked sick and as if he had not slept for many weeks. Harry thought it was unusual that he was there, but passed it off as a coincidence. At least he did, until Vernon walked straight over to him with a look of exasperation in his demeanor.

"Vernon?" Harry said inquisitively.
"I need you to come back to my home, its Petunia, she has cancer, she is dying and wants to see you before she goes." Vernon said with such sadness his voice that Harry felt sorry for Vernon for the first time in his life.
"Of course" Harry replied.

So Harry and Ginny went with Vernon back to Number 4 Privat drive. He had no idea why his aunt and uncle went back to this place, but here they were. As they walked in the front door, Harry's eyes went directly the cupboard door. He couldn't help but smile at the thought of the letters addressed to him with the writing in emerald green ink.

As Harry walked up the stairs he noticed many things were different in the house he had grown up in. The stairs now had a chair lift attached to it. The house was not as kept as he knew Petunia had required of it. As he viewed the condition of the house, he wondered how long Petunia had been sick. Harry looked at Ginny and saw that she looked perplexed at why he had decided to come. Harry rarely talked about his life at the Dursleys, and when he did there was hardly ever any good stories that did not involve an exploding fireplace or hundreds of letters making their way into the house.

Harry finally reached his aunt and uncles room. His heart immediately dropped. Petunia looked as if death would come any day. Her eyes were sunk in, her skin had no color, her hair was very thin, and she was hooked up to machines. Harry now understood why Vernon looked as he did. It was clear that Vernon was taking care of Petunia. As there was only enough room for the medical bed and the machines Petunia was hooked up too, Vernon has only a chair to sit in. It was also clear that Vernon had rarely left this room. It was then that Dudley came into the room.

"Hey Harry, thanks for coming she has been wanting to talk to you; but we did not know how to get a hold of you."
Then he heard the voice of a dying a woman. "Harry, is that you?"
Harry looked at his Aunt and knelt down so she could see him better.
"Thank you; you really do have your mother's eyes."
This was the last thing she said. She soon drifted off to sleep and never woke up. Then Vernon did something Harry least suspected. Vernon swooped on to Harry and hugged him and cried. Vernon was truly grateful that Harry had come into their lives, and was able to give Petunia the last chance of happiness.