The wolf girl sauntered into the room, closing the heavy wooden door behind her in a clumsy fashion. The dimly lit room didn't play well with her already doubled vision, but Holo made her way into the room regardless.

"Well you've returned late, have a good time?" Lawrence inquired, as he finished counting about half of the silver trenni he had laid out on the table. He looked up at her and rubbed his eyes, sore from the near-sighted task.

Holo chuckled loudly, as her "graceful" saunter became a drunkard's stumble. "The apfel liquor dowwwn theeere is delishious…" she let off a small hic, as she began to fall backwards. "But sillllly… you left me to early…" She lost control of her back pedal, and Lawrence leapt from his seat, sending it clattering to the floor, as he caught the goddess in his arms.

"You should lie down; you've had a tad too much to drink…"

Holo slapped away his hand, stumbled two steps back and put her hands at her hips. "I am Holo the wolf wise, and I handle liquor well." She said matter-of-factly.

"I don't think so, Holo." He stepped closer, attempting once again to grab hold of her, but this time, Holo grabbed his right arm and wrapped it around her small waist, pulling him in, while her right hand took his left, and brought it about shoulder level.

"Dance with me you fool."

"Wh-what?" Lawrence was taken aback, never heave hearing such an absurd request from his companion.

"Must I repeat myself? I said dance!"

"But I don't know… Well, ok then." Despite having only watching others dance, Lawrence tried his best, his arm remained tight around her waist, his left hand pushing her back as he moved his foot towards hers, and she replied in kind by moving back. His nose well nuzzled comfortably over the corner of her shoulder, gave him the sweet taste of her auburn hair, as well as extra leverage for his amateur footwork. Coming back inches, he locked eyes with her and pushed her to complete a quarter circle. The slow pattern continued, the old oak floor boards creaking beneath the duo as their combined weight strained the old floor. He closed his eyes, lost in her scent, as well as the feeling of her gentle frame in his arms. He almost loved to see her cry more often, as she would often fall into his arms for comfort. His meditation was shattered.

"Idiot!" Holo yelped as her right foot wiggled its way out from under Lawrence's.

"S-sorry." Lawrence tried to resume the dance, but Holo was a little too unstable, as she began to fall backwards again. "I think you're done for the night…" Lawrence pushed her down onto the bed and removed her hat tossing it on the table behind him; she promptly fell backwards with a dull whump. He knelt down to take her sandals, pushing them to the side, where he picked up her small legs and set them onto the bed with the rest of her. Climbing onto the bed, he crept over Holo who grabbed him by the shirt collar.

"…You got a shingle bed room on purpose didn't you?" She murmured in her drunken stupor. Kraft simply lay next to her where she turned to face him, nuzzling her nose into his chest, giggling softly. "You're such a fool…"