Chapter 5: My Story

I started to read the writing I was seeing on the wall when I heard the schools klaxon bells starting up. So, this watch is more than a detector… it's also a listening device too… I couldn't help but grimace at the message, which was written in blood. I snarled as I finished it, but I couldn't stop myself from reading it yet again, 'To Fox McCloud, This day has been coming, when I would finally get the power and ability to enforce it. This planet has caused me nothing but disgust by the filth that inhabited it! It was a miracle when the famed James McCloud finally met his match… I now have the possession of the galaxies newest, and most dangerous weapon; and once I get it to venom, no one will be able to stop me! You're best hated friend, Wolf O'Donnel.

After I finished reading it this time, I heard a loud buzzing of Laser based weapons, and when the door was busted open, five heavily armed special force cornerain soldiers stormed into the room, and trained their weapons on me. I could feel myself shaking as I continued to stare at the wall in front of me, but it wasn't from fear; but rage. I heard someone bark out, "Weapons down soldiers, he's the reason why we know of this now!"

Turning around, I clenched my fists as I looked Mr. Miclean in the eye and said, "Wolf stole an AMBER sir, we need to get to him." I strained to keep my voice level and respectful, even though I wasn't mad at him. He folded his hands behind his back as he looked past me, and I could see his eyes quickly scanning the walls message. He seemed to grimace, and he kneeled down next to Michael's body and held a finger to the deceased man's neck. He jumped up and turned towards one the guards and said, "Get this man to the medical ward, NOW!"

I followed Mr. Miclean out of the room as he stormed out, and i saw him grab a radio from his waste as he pushed the transceiver and said, "Prepare the drop ships, we will be leaving soon!"

"Sir, what about me?" He stopped and turned around and looked at me before he said, "You are staying here Fox."

I growled in my throat, and Mr. Miclean raised an eyebrow before I said, "You need me on this operation, sir."

"What I need is for you to stay he-"

"I have been fighting Wolf for three years now sir and whether you like it or not, I already have his location."

That stopped him clean, and he growled in his throat, and then he walked passed me and at a brisk pace and motioned for me to follow him. He picked up his radio, but said to me, "If you weren't my best student, I would have you expelled for your outburst…" he then clicked the transceiver again, and said, "Collect Code names Kiss and Bumble of the AMBER squad, I wanted them at their guns ten minutes ago!"

We reached the classroom with the AMBER guns, and we were soon inside, and I instantly moved and collected my blaster from the blast safe under the wall mounted speaker. I turned towards the classroom, and saw that two of the other four AMBER's were missing… in must've been the Tigers and Wolfs, since the only ones missing were the assault rifles. Bill and Kathryn soon ran through the door, and Bill already my blaster in his hands. Mr. Miclean regarded the blaster with a simple look, and he held his hand out for it. When Bill gave it to him, he said, "I want you two to grab your guns… you are going on your first live fire operation…"

The drop ship hit the ground hard, and we were soon running towards the thick alleyways. I was in the lead with Bill right behind me, and Kathryn had went ahead as a scout. Behind Bill was Mr. Miclean, and further behind him were the same five armed guards. I slowly came to a stop as I looked around a corner, and when I saw a single guard facing away from us, and facing the tarp of a tan tent, I nearly chuckled. Wolf had already come up with a name for his gang, and he mostly stole the idea from me when Falco, Slippy, and I had played around with names. I slowly crept from my cover, and I soon hit the 'star wolf' member hard across the back of his head.

He hit the ground hard, but right before he did, I heard a scream from inside the tent, and I quickly ran into it, along with two of the armed guards while Bill and the others circled around to flank them. When I reached the inside, I saw Kathryn lying on the ground, but with a horribly maimed chest. I ran to her side, and she handed me her sniper as she said weakly, "G-go t-t-take c…care o-of…" her voice grew weaker as he hand fell from the snipers barrel, "…him…"

After her head slid sideways, and the light that was in everyone's eyes disappeared from hers, I growled as I slid my blaster into a holster on my belt, and I hefted the sniper up as I started forward, but one of the guards said, "Let us go first, you're a priority one target." I nodded as they trudged forward, and as they slid through the tarp, we saw a black drop ship of some kind just start to lift off the ground. Blaster fire rained down at us, but the worst shot happened when one of the guards legs quite literally, disintegrated out from under him. He cried out in pain as he fell over, and the other guard started to fire on the drop ship, and he managed to hit the Tiger square in the chest, and he just clutched his wound. He reached over to grab Wolf for support, but he missed, and as luck happened, he instead yanked the assault rifle from his grasp. I couldn't hear what Wolf yelled, but I saw the anger in his eyes through the scope in Kathryn's rifle. I took a deep breath in before I pulled the trigger, and it sailed towards Wolf's ship. When it his, it just hit one of the three engines.

I was knocked backwards by the shot, but I watched in anger as Wolf got away, and I cursed my poor aim… "Sir, we need to leave before authorities arrive!"

I looked back, and stunned at the guard as he was scanning the area around us. I said, "Ok, but you need to get him… I will get Kathryn's body…" I felt numb as my harnessed skill and focused mind finally took in everything that had just happened. I wasn't used to this kind of activity or the results of it… but I needed to push on though…

"I'm sorry to inform you Fox… that after you got involved, we have no choice but to terminate you from this academy…"

While standing tall and firm before the school's three leaders, I couldn't help but feel relief, and disappointment, coursing through my still beating heart. Don't worry… he said he had some suggestions for after this…

As Mr. Miclean looked up from his report, he finished with an air of finality, "You are hereby ordered to vacant this facility by fifteen hundred… tomorrow afternoon…"

After he finished, I nodded stiffly, and I stepped turned on my heel, and marched out of the room to pack my stuff. My old man didn't want me to follow in his footsteps, but just like Mr. Miclean said… it is the safest option with Wolf now out in the world… he proved that he will go to any length to get what he wants… he showed that today…

"That is my life up to this day… as for how I brought Star fox into operation is a whole different story… let's just say, I had good quality friends, and my dad's old friend helped me get everything underway…" I finished off. I looked down at the Blue Vixen before me, and she nodded as I finally sighed in relief.

Krystal continued to stare at me, and then she said, "Now that you told me why Wolf is your enemy, can you tell me how you got the Great Fox?"

I groaned in defeat, but smiled anyways, always in the pursuit of knowledge Krystal…

"But knowledge is what helps me understand things, and I just want to understand you a little better…"

Smiling as I chuckled, I nodded, and then started to delve into my next story…

A.N.: OK! I know, horrible ending, but when I say I had this story come to me in the form of a dream, well… it didn't have an ending, it was only the middle that was figured out… hope you all enjoyed this, and IF anyone wants to do the next story (if there is to be one), I'm entirely alright with it, just tell me so I can read it… I only have limited knowledge of the starfox game, so this really WAS the best I could do… if you don't want to review, I'm alright with that, the ending did suck…