Note: This fic shall contain Bolin. Bolin everywhere. Some happy, some sad, some depressing, some funny, some romance. Bolin-centric oneshots, scribbles, maybe even poems. Why? Because Bolin is amazing and doesn't get enough fics on here. (that *aren't* Broh/Makolin)And that makes me sadbend. In an attempt to write more and for more Bolin to exist on this website, I give you "Malachite". Google search "malachite shimmerlings" for some background. No chapter will rise above a T rating, so the overall rating of this entire thing is "T". Each chapter will have warnings as applicable. Each chapter will contain genres. My goal is a weekly update for now. Each chapter will be titled by whatever prompted it. I'll google fanfic prompts/hit "shuffle" on my iPod/take prompts from fellow Bolin-fans, or make something up out of thin air. Wish me luck; I hope to do Bolin justice.

Chapter contains explicit references to alcohol and may affect your feels. Angst/Family. implicit!Mentions of Makorra/Borra, brotherly Mako/Bolin.

2 AM

Lacking light, the thin-walled apartment echoed the light snores of the sleeping firebender. Faintly, outlines of two messy beds and a series of storage crates stacked atop one another, personal effects, food, and the necessities of life lingering lightly. Impressive windows ajar, a light summer breeze wafted and calmed the ravaged mindset of the burly earth-manipulator– if only briefly. His normally solid and steady feelings and insides in chaotic, painful turmoil.

Not a sound escaped the bender's face, not a whimper. His eyes were dry, long drained of their plentiful reserves. Tepid blood long cleansed of the inhibiting effects of multiple alcoholic drinks. The night– morning– prior, the stretch of time between the two– the jade eyed probender sunk into vats of putrid strong beverage, each cup driving him to clear murkiness. Eventually, each sip and chug and swallow thicker, more difficult. Drinking alone. Well into the rays of dawn, long past Yue's time: the earthbender wallowed. Heartbreak overshadowed by an acute sense of betrayal–

There was one family member, one brother, one caretaker, one friend– best friend. A solitary companion through life's hurdles.

There was only one Mako.

Fledgling romances useless and paltry. No matter her allure. No matter those captivating expressions flitting across a well-carved, exquisitely sunkissed face, her toned form, relaxed mannerisms, painfully perfect, ideal compatibilities and calm, easy chemistry. The beating in his heart– uncharacteristic– upon the first meeting: unimportant and excessive. The immediate interest–

Running a sticky hand, ruffling and messing the mop of wavy hair atop his crown, the earthbender paused, face contorted. The inadvertent clash of romantic and familial love: cruel. The unfortunate melding of the two in a tryst stumbled upon– pure sadistic torture. Lightly creaking against the floorboards, solid feet waltzed to the empty bed. A strained smile graced his countenance. His brother's sternness at extracting him from a post-bar meal at Narook's Noodlery the moon before entering his memories afresh. A week of soul and bottle-searching followed, and an answer found. Inside bottles and bottles, multitudes of fiery liquids, throughout sleepless nights and sunrises, the muscled boy found his answer.

And so, tears driven to extinction– sobs expelled permanently– the brother stared into space: the soft snores of his only brother, friend, companion soothing his ears. Soon– someday: he may find an alluring individual once again. A strong, compatible one. For there was only one– count it, one– Mako.

Because I'm overly affected by that long-resolved triangle in regards to Bolin. And this was pretty much Bros b4 Hos in fancy language. It's a good start, no? Reviews make my day.