Summary: Sydney would never defy her father, yet when she met part time art student, and full time party boy she finds herself falling for someone uncharacteristic of her. Adrian knew he should not have felt something for the golden eyed goddess he met in the coffee shop one night, but couldn't help it. Together they try to fix each other's life, but sometimes pain never goes away.

Disclaimer: Characters are owned by Richelle Mead, I simply place them in a different setting and situation.

Warning: This is an alternate universe, but I will try to not make the character too OOC. Hope you guys enjoy this story. It's my first original story in quite a few years.

This story is told in mainly Sydney's POV, I might change it up a little later on.

Chapter One

When I made plans for the coming Spring Break I knew that I had to go home. My father expected that of me, but did that mean I wanted to go home? Sadly no. Sadly I just wanted to live on campus until I graduated. Heck, I wanted to live on campus until I found a job and an apartment. Nevertheless Jared Sage, always the commander of the household, demands that I go home.

I guess it makes sense. I mean besides my elder sister Carly, I'm the most responsible one (scratch that, I probably am the most responsible one) and someone has to take care of Zoey (always the more troubling sister) when Carly was away on a mission to Africa. One that I knew my father would have pushed me into if I wasn't so gung ho on completing my Bachelor's Degree in the following two years.

Zoey, the youngest of the Sage sister was sixteen years old. Personally I don't think she needs me to take care of her, but Jared Sage thinks otherwise. In his (my father's) eyes Zoey is on the same track as being like me, which I don't think is a bad thing. I am a straight A, perfect 4.0 GPA, and first in six of the classes I am currently taking, but even that isn't enough for my dad.

He says that my grades mean nothing. That as long as I'm who I am right now, I'm going to end up being nothing. His words used to sadden me, but these days I don't find myself caring anymore; at least that's what I tell myself because in reality of course I care. After all, he's my father.

Deep down, I wish that he would give me a complement. Maybe about my grades or how I'm trying my best to follow his footsteps to being an architect, but no, he never complements me. Whenever he speaks, it's only about how I resemble my horrendous mother. He complains how my hair is too much like her's, my eyes are too golden, my skin is too pale, and I'm too fat, too fat to be his daughter, but I weigh 105 pounds. I don't know what he wants from me.

Shaking my head I turned around and started to fold up my clothes. I share a dorm room with a girl name Jillian…something. She doesn't talk to me, and I to her. Usually she's out partying with her sister, Lissa I think. Jillian is a model, and constantly complains about every aspect of her life as if it wasn't perfect. Although I have some contempt for her, I have to say she is not a bad person. Sometimes she invites me to parties too, knowing that it was not my scene.

She would have been someone my dad would have approved to be his daughter. Not too smart, not too questioning…and not too like me.

After throwing my last white blouse into the suitcase I promptly zipped up the bag and carried it towards the door. "One more day," I whisper to myself.

"One more day for what?" asks a perky voice from the door. Looking up I saw Jillian (also known as Jill) walking towards her bed. "Spring Break," I answered.

She nods her head and grins, no doubt she's probably visiting Hawaii or something with her sister. Suddenly she fidgets, and I know she is about to ask me for a favor. "So hey, Sydney, I have a favor to ask you," she began nervously. I decide to give her some slack because right now, I'm just tired of being socially awkward.

"What is it?" I answered. She looks up at me, surprised that I was willing to listen to her request. "Well, you see, I met this guy, and he asked me out, his name is Micah by the way," she told me.

"Okay, so what do you want me to do?"

She starts to fidget her fingers again. "Well, you see, it's not someone my sister would approve of, and I usually don't go on first dates alone. I usually do doubles because it's safer."


"Well, I don't know, but maybe you can come with me," she said quickly with her head on the ground. This is one of the times that Jill isn't annoying, well kind of, but not overly.

"I don't date," I told her, "I don't have time." And that is the truth, with all of the classes I take, and all of the homework I have I decided that dating is not for me. Plus, no one would want to go out with me anyways. I'm an ugly wreck.

"Well, you don't have to call it a date or anything. I mean you can just tag along with me, and talk to his friend. Did I mention he's really hot?" She added hastily. No she didn't mention his good looks, not that it would matter anyways. I already said I don't date, even though she proclaims this is not a date at all.

I look at her, and she sighs already knowing what I was going to say. Suddenly, I don't know why, maybe I wanted to be a little rebellious, maybe I wanted to prove my dad wrong, or maybe because I feel somewhat lonely, but I agree. "Sure," I said and she looks up with a glint of happiness in her eyes.

"Really?" she asks excitedly, and I nodded my head with a wry expression on my face.

It was six when I realized how stupid I was for agreeing. Dating, much less hanging out with people is not my scene. Especially with the guy who was supposed to be my date, whose name is Eddie (which I thought was short for Edward). Jill was right, he is (for a lack of a better word) hot. He has sandy blonde hair, which is a lighter shade then mine, and hazel eyes, all of the features that do not attract me, but he is still hot.

For the last twenty minutes we were talking animatedly about random subjects that I know he cares nothing for because he's busy staring at Jill. Finally, after Jill and Micah left to buy popcorn I popped the question, "Do you like her?"

He coughed and glared at me, I guess I thoroughly surprised him; after all, we were discussing about the Late Victorian architecture, and how I found it fascinating. He didn't agree. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you're staring at her half of the time," I pointed out. Even with my lack of social knowledge, I still picked up his animosity for his friend, and his admiration for Jill. It's the same expression I have when I stare at the late Victorian architecture, and compare it with the modern designs. I am in absolute awe when I see what people were capable of hundreds of years ago.

He chuckles a low laugh, too low, it sounds weird. "It's that obvious huh?"

I shrugged my shoulders, I didn't want to tell him that the only reason why I found it obvious was because that's how I look like when I stare at buildings.

"Well since you obviously know I'm crushing on Jill I guess we can start over," he smiles sincerely.

I am startled. "Start what over?" I asked with a confused expression. Holding out his hands, he started, "My name is Eddie Castile," he tells me.

I stare at his outstretched hand, and finally placed mine in his grip, "Sydney Sage." He nods his head as we heard giggling from the bottom of the theatre. Jill was back, and Eddie stares at her yearningly. I don't understand why he doesn't tell her how he feels.

Finally, the movie starts and I focused on the pictures flashing on the screen though they don't interest me, and soon I found myself slightly dozing off. When I finally regained consciousness (apparently I did fall asleep) Eddie was shaking my shoulders with a bemused expression on his face. Yawning I got up and followed him, and the other people out of the dark room.

After the awful movie, that everyone else thought was the greatest thing since the last movie they saw, Micah invited us all to coffee. The thought of coffee instantly wakes me up, and I find myself a little bit more excited than necessary, my excitement fades a little as we enter the local Starbucks.

Sitting down at an empty table in the back, Micah announces that he is going to order everyone's coffee. Apparently because he used to work here, he knows everything that is good. When he comes back with four cups of coffee in his hand, I found myself a little bit more even upset. I hated caramel, sugar, and extra milk in my coffee. It's too much sugar.

They began their talk about their major as I lean back against the chair twirling the straw. I am tempted to take a sip, but don't when I see caramel sitting at the bottom in chunks. When it reached midnight, we all decided it was time to head back to the campus. As I was exiting the door, a worker stopped me and handed me an envelope.

"What is this?" I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders. "A guy in here earlier told me to give this to you."

I wanted to hand it back to her because I usually don't make it a point to take things from strangers, but for some reason I wanted to keep it. Some stranger, some guy wanted me to have something. After reaching the campus we parted ways with the guys. Jill and I headed towards our dorm. When we reached our rooms, I went to lay down on my bed, and slowly opened the envelope.

Looking at the content, I see a thick white paper. Turning it over I see a portrait of a girl sitting in a chair playing with her straw. Everything was sketched in with pencil, except for the eyes. They glowed an eerie golden yellow. The picture was gorgeous, and for once in my life I appreciated my eyes. On the right lower corner of the paper there was an initial signed A.I.

Tucking it back into the envelope I placed it beneath my pillow.