"So I hear you have a boyfriend."

I jumped, his deep voice startled me from behind. Angry, I set my lips and turned around to face him.

"Yes, I do." I snapped back in his face. "Clark is always there for me and you only show up when it's convenient for you! You think you're all that in your little cape, flying around. Well you may havce saved my life a few times, but I am sick and tired of your attitude toward me. I am not just a damsel in distress. I can take care of myself. Clark loves me for who I am, not just because I'm some cute face that happens to get in trouble a lot. And you want to know something else? I LOVE HIM! I love him because he is sweet and sensitive. He cares about what I care about and he actually knows what my favorite color is!"

I was in hysterics. Obviously. But it felt so good to let off all that steam.

"I can't be falling all over you like a little schoolgirl. Superman or not, I am convinced that you're just a muscle-headed jerk too full of your own hot air to see when other people are cold. I can't be obsessing over you. My conscience won't allow it any more. I am moving on. I have moved on. And there's nothing you or anyone else can do to stop that." I glared at him, hovering in the air like that. I tried to make my eyes hard, letting him know how serious I was. Was he smirking?

"All right, Lois. I understand. I'll see you around, I guess." He turned, rising up to the night sky. He turned back briefly.

"Oh, and Lois? Your favorite color is blue." He pointed to his eyes with a small smile, "this color of blue."

He rose higher, not with his back turned to me, but not facing me either.

"Good-bye Lois." He turned and he shot off into the night, disappearing quickly.

I fumed, 'Oh he is so FRUSTRATING!" I sat down on the bench, looking over the balcony at the park below. Where was Clark? He'd been in the bathroom a long time. I turned around to see him hurrying toward me. He seemed winded and excited. I couldn't tell in the dim light, but was Clark actually blushing? You'd think he'd be the type to but it was a harder task than it seemed.

"Uhm, Lois? I've never been one for speaking, writing is my real forte. So, if you don't mind, I wrote some of my feelings down and I'd like to read them to you."

I smiled and nodded. This was so like him, and I loved it.

Clark cleared his throat, tried to smile and continued. "Lois, I can't offer you more than the life you've had before, but I can offer you stability. I can offer you my undying love and devotion. I can provide you with not only a house, but a home."

Clark stopped, his eyes apparently tearing up. He put the paper back in his pocket and looked up with his startlingly blue eyes, hidden behind the glare of his glasses. He continued, his voice wavering.

"You are an amazing woman, Lois. You deserve an amazing husband. I can only offer what I have and hope against hope that it's good enough. I love you, Lois." He dropped to one knee.

"Will you give me the pleasure of making you my wife?" He pulled a ring out of his pocket. The stone was huge and it was perfect. Nestled in black velvet the diamond winked and glittered. It seemed to know my reply.

"Yes! Yes, Clark. 'Til death do us part!" I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him enthusiastically. He was warm, warmer than usual. His face was split into a huge, goofy smile. He leaned down and kissed me again, simply, on the lips.

"Lois, there is one more thing I need you to know."

I was instantly worried. It could be anything, right? But this was Clark, would it really be a big anything?

His face calmed, more serious now but still smiling out of the corners of his mouth; was it a good secret then?

He slowly reached up and took off his glasses.

Time stopped. No really, I swear it must have. I took a long look, the longest, and everything fell into place. Slowly, like taking an hour on a puzzle that should have been simple. I couldn't believe it, but yet I did. I must be the biggest idiot ever to have not seen it before.

Naturally I fainted dead away.