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Daffodil was getting quieter and quieter. She insisted most of the times that she wasn't hungry and Cato was getting worried. It was nighttime on the third day. Only 10 tributes were left. Foxface had eaten poisonous berries. The tributes that were left were Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, Daffodil, Maya, Chase, Thresh, Rue, Katniss and Peeta. The Careers sat in their camp, just discussing strategies. Glimmer was watching Cato and was getting annoyed that he wasn't looking at her. What did he see in that blind girl? She didn't even have a proper figure. Sure, she was kind of pretty but at least Glimmer could see. She growled deep in her throat in anger and Cato raised an eyebrow while looking at her. Glimmer stuck her nose in the air and Marvel and Maya rolled their eyes. She was trying to get his attention again. Glimmer flipped her hair back and pursed her lips. Cato snickered before wrapping an arm around Daffodil and pulling her into a long kiss. When he moved back, he noticed with satisfaction that Glimmer was a bright red. Daffodil frowned before asking, "Cato are you okay?"

Cato smirked. "Of course I am, love. I was just missing the taste of your lips."

Maya and Marvel began laughing as Glimmer's mouth dropped open. Chase chuckled. Daffodil tilted her head before saying a simple, "Oh."

Cato stood up and took Daffodil's hands and gently pulled her up too. He turned to Marvel. "We'll be back in a while. You're in charge."

Marvel nodded happily and Glimmer scowled. Cato ignored her and tightened his grip on Daffodil's hand before pulling her along. "Where are we going?" Daffodil asked.

"Just wait." Cato answered. His hand was warm and firm, perfect against Daffodil's small and soft one. They continued walking until Cato stopped. Daffodil had no idea where they were. Cato let go of her hand and stepped away. She frowned before feeling around. "Cato, where are you?"

Cato smirked and silently moved to her right side as she turned to the left. Daffodil was getting scared. Her heart thumped against her chest. He wouldn't just leave her. She called his name again. He kept dodging her hands, moving quietly as she searched.

"Cato?" Daffodil's voice was quivering, as if she was trying to hold back her tears. Cato didn't answer and instead moved swiftly to her other side. "Cato, I'm scared. Please, where are you?"

That did it. Cato wrapped his arms around Daffodil's waist and pulled her to his chest. "Hey, I was just messing with you. What, you thought I would actually leave you alone?"

"I was so scared." Daffodil said against Cato's neck. She had been. The cold breeze had been foreign and the darkness was unwanted even though Daffodil was used to it. She had been assuming the worst. Cato smiled and kissed Daffodil. Her lips were soft and warm while his were burning. Hot with passion and lust. He moved his lips to her jaw and then kissed her neck. His breath was warm and Daffodil intertwined her fingers in his soft hair. The blonde strands felt like feathers. He continued down her neck and then lightly bit it while shifting one hand to the other side of her neck and the other rubbed her side. He pulled his face away and placed his lips on hers again. They closed their eyes and Daffodil smiled against Cato's mouth. The kiss continued and Daffodil took a step back, trying to find a tree to lean against. She took another step back...


They hadn't noticed the river was so close. Cato quickly pulled up and coughed while Daffodil laughed next to him. He shivered slightly as a cold wind hit him. Great, they were both going to freeze in the ice cold water. Daffodil touched his arm and pulled him closer. Never mind, they could warm each other up. She slid her arms around his waist and he instantly felt better having her warm body against his. She stopped shivering too.

"Shall we continue?" Cato asked with a smirk. Daffodil didn't answer and instead clutched his wet shirt tighter. Her hair was floating around her on top of the water. His was sticking up as if it had lost all gravity. The water came up to their shoulders. After a few minutes, Cato pulled Daffodil out of the water and the two of them sat on the grass. Cato pulled Daffodil onto his lap and she laid her head down in the crook of his neck. "I love you." Cato whispered.

"I love you too." Daffodil answered and closed her eyes. She fell asleep in his arms feeling warm, comforted, loved and happy.