Season 5, My Way

This is my version of Season 5 of 90210. Once the "real" show returns in the fall, you can consider this an alternate version of the series which may incorporate a few things from the show but mostly it will be Season 5 my way (thus the title). Fair warning, I loathe "Liver" (Liam/Silver) together so they will not be romantic for very long. I make no promises on anything else haha though I welcome your feedback.

Episode 1, Part 1

"So you want me to be your baby's father?" Teddy repeated, still shocked that Silver had asked him even though he understood her reasoning completely. Well, mostly.

"You have always stood by me, Teddy, and I know you'd be an amazing father to any child of ours. I know it's a lot to ask …"

Teddy nodded. Hell yeah it was a lot to ask but he liked being included somehow; he liked the idea of being a father. He would be the kind of parent his own could never hope to be. Teddy quirked a smile. "We don't have to do make the baby the old-fashioned way, do we?"

Silver smiled, laughed even, and Teddy got the feeling it had been awhile since she had done that very thing. She slid her arm through his. "No, the old-fashioned way is out. It will just be you, your hand, and a little plastic cup..."

Teddy smiled as he sipped his wine and then rested his head atop of hers. "Well how can I say 'no' to that?"

Silver grinned. "Teddy, you're the best. I knew there was a reason I loved you."

Teddy just smiled back.


Vanessa approached Liam, reaching out and running her hand softly down his cheek. Maybe it was too soon for physical contact but it was her way of roping him back in. He had been at her beck and call before; he could easily be that way again. Besides, she had gotten him this film deal in the first place. She had made him.

"Bolivia … Three days … It's a second chance for us, Liam," she murmured enticingly as she stroked his stubble-free face.

Liam pulled away, moving out of the trance she had put him in for a moment there with her smooth skin on his. "There is no 'us', Vanessa. We ended a long time ago."

"Not that long ago. Tell me you don't remember how good we were together," she practically dared him.

"All I remember is that everything about you was a con and a lie. You can go now." Liam moved to the door of his room and held it open pointedly. "Well, go."

"Liam, you have a contract to consider here. You are legally obligated to appear in the sequel…"

"Maybe so but I am not obligated to be anything to you so just go." When she didn't move to leave, he grasped her arm firmly and pushed her through the door before slamming it shut in her face.


Naomi and Max made it to the limo somehow but in the next moment, her jacket was off and his hands were winding their way underneath her blouse. Max laughed then, pulling back slightly. "We can't – we shouldn't…"

"Oh come on, Max, live a little," Naomi said. "After what we pulled today, nothing is too taboo for us."

Max smiled. "You're right…"

"I love when you say those two words," she replied, nipping his lip as she ground her pelvis urgently into his. They undressed quickly and he took her right then and there against the back seat of the limo.


Navid was breathless as he ran to the rear door of Austin's father's jet. The jet was fired up and about to taxi down the runway but Navid make a big show of screaming and pounding on it. When there was no response, he ran around to the front point of the jet and waved his arms wildly, hoping he wasn't about to be run over. The pilot finally caught sight of him though and nodded to someone over his shoulder. Soon enough the door was opening and Austin was appearing at the top of the steps.

"Navid, man, what the –"

"It's Dixon!" Navid called out. "He's been in an accident. I need to talk to Ade."

"I am sure it was not a major accident so –"

"I don't know how major it was but he broke off as he was talking to me. The line went dead. I called an ambulance. They are taking him to the hospital. Adrianna can't leave now."

"We have a concert tonight, Navid. Dixon will have to wait."

"No this can't wait!" Navid returned and began screaming Adrianna's name loudly as Austin frowned. He tried to cut Adrianna off at the pass but she simply pushed past him, after seeing the look on Navid's face.

"What is, Navid? What's going on? Why do you look like hell?" Adrianna asked.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Ade, but Dixon … He was in an accident. He wanted you to know he still loved you and –"

Adrianna's brown eyes immediately flooded with tears. "Tell me he's not –"

"No. At least I don't think so but he's going to need you. Come with me, okay? Let's get to him now."

Adrianna didn't even hesitate to go with Navid even as Austin called after her to come back.


Annie was sitting underneath the canopy on the porch of the house watching the stars when her phone jangled next to her. She sighed and turned to pick it up. She felt half sure that it was Caleb calling to say he had changed his mind (she still selfishly wanted that even if it wasn't the right thing for him) but as she held the phone up to her ear, she knew it wasn't Caleb.

"Annie its Navid," her solemn-sounding friend greeted her with no enthusiasm in his voice. "I have bad news; some really bad news … Are you sitting down?"

Annie nodded. "Yeah I am. What's going on?" She heard muffled sobs in the background. "Navid?!"

"Sorry. It's Dixon. He's been in an accident. A bad one I think …"