She was a nurse. She loved her job, really. Most of the time.

Like today, she helped Dr. Andrews deliver a healthy baby girl. A beautiful one too. She had vaguely wondered if the two women there (the only ones there) were partners, but the labour came on so fast, she didn't really have time to ask before completely forgetting about it.

Later, she gets called down to cover George's on-call nurse duty because he's needed in emergency surgery. Knife wound, and a bad one.

She knows the news can't be good when George comes back less than an hour later. His head shake confirms it. She puts a hand on his shoulder before heading back up to Maternity.

Just as she exits the elevator, a woman brushes by her, a stunned look on her face. It's one of the women with the new baby, she notes (and again, a naïve vague thought wanders through her head, "I wonder...").

She gets off shift about an hour later, and heads down to see a group of cops sitting in the lobby. They don't look like they're waiting. She asks at the front desk (quietly, as the cops look devastated) and finds out they're there for the same reason she covered for George. The man with the knife wound was a detective.

She turns to leave when something - someone - catches her eye. It's the woman, from before. The gentle, loving look for the baby, the stunned one from the elevator are both gone. She's crying. She's broken. In a split second, she can tell that this woman was the closest to the dead detective. And, she finds, it's turned out to be one of those days.

She loves her job, really. Most of the time. But on a day like today, her job just breaks her heart.

I'm pretty sure that everybody's heart broke at least a little bit during this episode. (This is when we all start a prayer circle for supernatural crap to be brought on the show so Jerry will come back, maybe with his spirt in a different body, or as a living impaired person...GhostWhispererandGenerationD eadoops.)

Title and inspiration from 'Stranger' by Katie Costello (which was the song they played when the paramedics arrived for Jerry and when they found Gail).

Nameless nurse is mine, just something my brain puked out as a result from all the feelings I'm having. Gah.