Tree ...
Okay, so my sister made me this fanfiction one-shot prompt list. But it is a list unlike any other. For you see, there are special attributes. Each prompt contains a word along with one or two characters of whom the one-shots must be centered around. Two of them contain cross-over characters. Anyone is free to use the list, I would actually be very pleased if someone did and give me a link to it. Some of them are pretty hilarious. Well, here goes. Number one: "Tree - Zim"

Zim had never liked tall and odd shaped. Irk didn't have such things. He had to admit though, trees seemed to have perfectly acceptable purposes. They produced breathable oxygen, and could be made into various things, though flamable. But isn't everything a little better flamable? Zim thought so. He wondered why Irk didn't have any trees...probably the flamable thing, and the large space they require. It was easier to simply use oxygen generators.

There were more functions provided it's natural ones, he supposed. Shiny things and decorated strings could be hung on them, but only in the winter season. They provided homes for small creatures, however annoying and pointless those were. Pointless things such as...oh say...Gir, could be tied to them, quite handy. Trees also provided a means of refuge and surveilance when neccesary. One could even take shelter from the sky acid under trees. But even more importantly, one could climb high up in the branches and stare out at the sky. Hands could be held together under it's shade. Intimate moments shared by it's textured bark. Laying in the grass and staring up at the sun through the darkened leaves.

"Watcha thinking about?" Dib asked, his head leaned slightly towards Zim's. The streetlight reflected on the rim of Dib's glasses and throwing shadows on one side of his face. Zim's undisguised eyes glanced over at Dib's, smiling at the curiosity clearly painted on Dib's.

"You," Zim answered, grinning with one antenna raised. The comment made Dib smile sheepishly. It was so cute when he smiled that way, even in the dark and framed by grass.

"Do you really think it's be undisguised outside?" Dib asked in a whisper.

"Totally," Zim said confidently, smirking and looking up for a moment before trailing his eyes back to Dib's, "I'm so amazing to look at that any human is amazed by me, they don't even think to question my appearance." His lines were so full of shit that Dib giggled. "It got you," Zim whispered, as if proving his point.

"Tch, I think you're just ridiculous," Dib commented, but then on a more serious note, "Besides, I guess they wouldn't even notice you, too focused on..." He trailed off, looking away dejectedly, but Zim felt his fingers hold on just a little tighter to his own.

His eyes softened and he reached his other hand towards Dib's face. "Nobody would do or say anything...and if they did..." Now Zim's hand tightened, but for a different reason.

"You wouldn't do anything," Dib told and warned him, giving Zim a serious look. Backing off, Zim looked away and tried to relax more, loosening the tensed nerves.

"In my head I would..." he muttered, almost pouting. Suddenly Dib laughed, a real laugh. Looking over, Zim could see Dib's eyes staring at him warmly. After a moment Zim's reflected them.

A smile donned Dib's face as he closed his eyes. "You know...sometimes..." His eyes opened again to stare at Zim. "I remember just how much I really love you..."

Warmness grew deep within Zim. "I love you, too," He said simply. They scooted closer to cuddle and look up above them. It was such a peaceful night. The air was cool and breezy. As Zim stared back at the swaying leaves on sturdy branches, he thought again of Irk. Maybe they should install trees on Irk. They brought Zim such pleasant times. Trees weren't so bad, after all. ...

lurl, squishy squishy flufffff. Been so long since I wrote fluffy anything. Get prepared for more squishyness X3 Thank you for reading, there are 14 more prompts. Reviews are fantabulous and appreciated. Thanks again for your time :) Constructive critisism welcome, in fact, hate is welcome and appreciated as well! constructive critisism is..constructive!