I am not much of a heavy smut writer when it comes to Supernatural but there is some graphic adult activity so this story will be rated M. It will have some language. And some smut…not as graphic as some people write, though. So I hope you enjoy anyways.

Based off of The Feather Effect, for those of you who don't know. If you haven't read it, you just need to know that God returned. Castiel is an archangel (Raphael was demoted to a cupid). Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Balthazar are back. Things are 'normal' in Heaven, even with Luci. Oh and they all hang out periodically…even when they irritate each other…and Dean/Castiel are together – obviously – and Sam and Gabriel are together. They have been on many, many adventures that will most likely be brought up in this story.

Summary: Castiel and Dean go all the way for the first time. During that, however, Castiel loses some control and they form a new type of bond…or so they thought that's all it was. When Dean starts to crave Grace, gain certain angelic features and his behavior changes, they realize it's so much more. Mpreg…with a slightly different take…going to be more of a soul-grace pregnancy thing.

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. . .

Chapter 1: Relax:

Dean jumped, the machete falling out of his grasp when he heard the loud and powerful flush of wings over him. He lunged down and caught the knife before it could cut his foot open. He turned to Castiel with an irritated look "Why have you been so loud lately?" he asked, placing the weapon on the end table.

"My apologies," Castiel said, his cheeks flushing red as he stared down.

Dean turned to his angel and watched him curiously. Castiel had been acting so strange for the past week. It mostly had to do with his wings. They sounded so much louder than usual…they were shedding feathers whenever he moved them…they were so sensitive that if Dean even tried to touch them, Castiel would moan and writhe before vanishing. At the moment, his wings were twitching out of control, black feathers falling around him in each direction.

Dean smiled and gently pulled Castiel on top of him. He held him tightly for a moment, breathing in the alluring scent that was also becoming more potent as the days passed. Castiel immediately fell into the embrace, his arms and wings closing around Dean as tight as they could go without crushing him to death. Dean could feel Castiel pressing against him tightly so Dean shoved his fingers through the warm and silky feathers. Castiel gasped and let out a moan while arching his back. Dean could feel his angel grip him tighter, fingers and nails digging into the skin on his shoulders.

"Dean…" Castiel moaned, his wings flaring out and closing in, repeating the process over and over again. Small, soft feathers littered the air around them, whirling as the wings moved.

Dean smiled, allowing one hand to brush through the twitching wings and the other hand to run through Castiel's soft, silky hair. The noises his angel was making was causing Dean's body to heat and blood rush. He pulled Castiel into a deep, passionate kiss, running fingers through the feathers that moved in his hand.

Castiel gasped and bucked his hips against Dean's for a moment before vanishing, leaving nothing but feathers in his place to fall all over Dean.

Dean panted, his heart racing and blood rushing into his groin as he sat up. He sighed and ran a hand down his face, cursing the fact that his angel was such a damn tease. He lowered his eyes to examine the mess of feathers coating the motel room floor and the bed. He leaned down to scoop up all of them. Once he realized Castiel wasn't coming back anytime soon, he decided to just go to sleep. He let his body fall onto the bed, the silky feathers covering the pillow he was using.

. . .

Dean jumped slightly when he felt a breeze wash over him as an angel entered the room. He knew without looking that it wasn't Castiel. Castiel's wings had become much louder than that and he gave of a strong scent that Dean could recognize anywhere.

"Hello Deano," Gabriel said, staring down at Dean, who was lying on the motel room bed with a newspaper in his hands.

Dean turned his eyes up to him "Can I help you?" he asked.

Gabriel grinned and plopped down onto the second bed which was currently unoccupied as Sam was interviewing a witness to a supposed animal attack. Sam and Dean recalled a similar case where they thought they were hunting a werewolf but it was a skinwalker. Gabriel knew where Sam was but he was here to talk to Dean.

After a moment of silence, Dean sighed and sat up, placing the newspaper to the side of him. He turned to the archangel, who was lounged against the headboard of the bed, legs stretched out across the mattress and golden wings falling around him, hanging off the bed slightly. Dean noticed a few of his golden feathers on the floor from where he flew in. He turned away from them "Sammy is doing an interview. I don't think he'll be back for a little bit."

Gabriel smiled and turned to Dean with light amber-gold eyes "I know that, silly," he said cheerfully.

Dean sighed "Well, why are you here then?"

Gabriel put on an innocent expression "Am I not allowed to spend time with the brother of my lover and lover of my brother?"

Dean rolled his eyes but chuckled at how true that statement was, as stupid as it sounded "Well, what do you want to talk about?" he asked.

"How has Cassie been?" Gabriel asked, starting a conversation.

Dean shrugged "I don't know…he's been Cas."

Gabriel looked disbelieving "Seriously Deano," he said "Aren't you the least bit concerned with his little antics as of late?"

"Of course I am but when I bring it up, he just dismisses me or flies away," Dean said, holding out his hands "He doesn't wanna' talk about it."

Gabriel grinned as he ran a hand over his own wing, coming up with a few stray feathers. He sighed "He is probably freaking out," he said, an amused expression on his face "First time for him."

Dean knit his eyebrows "Enough with the cryptic crap. What's up with him?" he asked.

Gabriel chuckled "Castiel is going through…let's call it…puberty?"

Dean just stared "Puberty?" he asked, his voice incredulous.

"It happens to angels during the fourth time they shed their feathers. Well, it starts then…and it is the worst time, believe me," Gabriel explained coolly, pulling at one of his wings.

"Shedding? What?" Dean asked.

Gabriel sighed dramatically and let go of his wings to swing his legs over the side of the bed, getting a better view of the older Winchester "He is getting desires, Deano," he said "Mind you, the desires usually aren't for humans…more of a grace thing. But Cassie here is in a human vessel now so that desire will be more…humanly."

"I'm kinda lost here," Dean said, trying to understand what Gabriel was referring to.

"Gosh you are so stupid," Gabriel said, letting his hand run through his hair "He wants to get freaky with you…bonding thing."

Dean lifted his eyebrows. Okay, so maybe it was very obvious with the way Castiel was acting but he wouldn't believe it before. Castiel was always…well, the virgin-nerd-angel.

Gabriel watched as Dean absorbed the information

"So he is just really horny?" Dean asked.

Gabriel thought about it "I guess you can call it that."

"Why didn't you just say that to begin with, Asshat?" Dean said, rolling his eyes.

"It's different than that," Gabriel said "Not just some 'horny' thing like humans. It much deeper and more…passionate. You humans are just horny little bastards."

Dean grinned at the idea that Castiel wanted to be with him.

"So what number time is this for you?" Dean asked, noticing more feathers falling from Gabriel's wings.

Gabriel pursed his lips in thought then shrugged "I have no idea. Shed my feathers far too many times."

There was more silence that lasted a few minutes and it was making Dean feel uneasy. He sighed "You're here to tell me this, why?"

"I wanna know when you're gonna burst Cassie's grace cherry," Gabriel said, with a smirk.

Dean rolled his eyes and tossed the newspaper at Gabriel, who waved a hand, turning the entire rolled up newspaper into ash in midair, leaving nothing but burnt remains to fall onto the floor between the beds.

Dean lifted his eyebrows before glaring "I was still reading that, you know."

"Then you shouldn't have thrown it at me," Gabriel said simply, snapping his fingers to create a Twix which he unwrapped with a huge smile on his face. He crunched on it then sighed as he lounged back, letting his wings sway up and down over the bed.

Dean ground his teeth and stood up to grab the laptop. He cursed under his breath when Gabriel appeared right in front of him, blocking his path to the table. Dean shoved at him but it was like trying to move a statue. He huffed out in annoyance and took a step back "What do you want?"

"Since I know there is nothing happening in this town, I've decided that we all need a little vacation," Gabriel said as he crunched on the Twix.

Dean arched an eyebrow "Vacation? Never heard of it."

Gabriel rolled his eyes "As of this moment, Sammy boy is already at the house…and you, big boy…"

Dean didn't have time to move before he felt a finger press onto his forehead. The world shifted around him in a blur, causing his head to spin erratically before it all stopped and he found himself standing in the middle of a beach.

He blinked a few times as the bright beams of sunlight beat down against his skin, already causing his freckles to bloom out. He felt the warm breeze over his entire body and glanced down to find himself clad in nothing but swimming shorts.

His feet felt as though they were sinking into warm water as the silky white sand formed over them. The beach he was standing in seemed completely abandoned, not even remnants of footprints in the sand. The water surrounding them seemed like endless turquoise; canyons and mountains surrounded whatever island they were on, making Dean feel as though he were in a paradise of some sort. The sun was high up in the bright blue, cloudless sky.

"Where the hell are we?" Sam's voice asked as he came walking over to Dean, wearing nothing but swimming shorts as well.

Dean shrugged "I have no idea. Ask your boyfriend," he said with irritation. Though the more he thought about it, the more he enjoyed the idea of relaxing on whatever island they happened to be on.

"This is a place I like to go to for relaxing," Gabriel said as he appeared beside them, wearing swimming shorts as well. His feathers were swaying in the wind, a few stray ones flowing with the breeze.

Dean sighed and turned his eyes to where what appeared to be a huge house covered in windows, revealing the whole interior. It was a house that one would see on one of those stupid MTV Cribs shows…it actually reminded him of the Cullens' house on Twilight…not that he ever watched the movies.

"Cassie!" Gabriel said cheerfully as his brother landed on the beach, his deep dark wings flaring and puffed out, feathers flying everywhere when his eyes set on Dean.

Dean went to walk over to his angel but Castiel's wings twitched more and he backed up a few steps, eyes wide and pupils huge.

Castiel gasped when Gabriel gave him a shove on the back, touching his ulta-sensitive wings. More feathers exploded around him, falling around his body like rain.

Gabriel chuckled when he earned a glare from Castiel.

"Why are we here?" Castiel questioned, trying to calm his erratic heartbeat.

"To relax for once," Gabriel said with a sigh "What is so wrong with doing that?"

Dean shrugged "Sounds good to me," with that, he took off towards the water.

Sam smiled and followed Dean, the brothers shoving at each other to enter the water first.

Both of the angels smiled as they watched their humans actually being normal and having fun. Gabriel then placed a hand onto Castiel's shoulder and winked "Have fun for the night," he then took off towards the water where Sam and Dean were now water wrestling.

Castiel took a deep breath, shook his wings and then descended to the water for the day.

. . .

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