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Chapter 10: Diagnostics:

. . . Two Weeks Later. . .

It had been about two months now since Castiel's grace had twisted with Dean's soul and the effects of the angelic creature growing inside of him were becoming more drastic. For one, Dean had the wings on his back which he was still trying to learn how to shield from humans. Another reason was Dean had his own little mound of grace inside of him. It didn't belong to Castiel or the baby, it was purely Dean's grace and it meshed into his soul, feeding the child. Dean also now had most of the abilities of angels. He could smite things, he could create something out of nothing with a snap of fingers. He didn't need to eat, drink or even sleep as much anymore. He was becoming far too angelic.

"Now I'm going to try and feel the baby again," Michael said slowly as he walked towards Dean.

Dean groaned and took a step back. They were up in Heaven…it was a Heaven that Dean had personally created for himself as a room to relax in. It was like a massive room that was pure wood with windows outlining all of the walls, revealing both an unearthly beautiful garden and paradise beach on either side.

Inside the room was a huge California King bed with silky black sheets and fluffy comforter to the left, facing the beach. One the right, facing the garden was a huge living area with a big black leather couch and love seat by a fireplace.

Dean was curled up on the love seat staring at the flames. He stared wide-eyed at Michael as he stepped closed and took a seat beside him.

"Please, not again. That shit hurts, you know," Dean said, covering his stomach with his wings.

Michael just stared at Dean's wings, still fascinated by the silvery way they resembled his own. Michael had been the only angel in heaven with the silver and now Dean had some. It was intriguing.

"Stop doing that staring thing," Dean snapped, still uncomfortable beneath Michael's all-knowing gaze.

Michael gave a slight smile, "I need to check on the child, Dean."

Dean sighed, "What about Cas? Can't he do it?"

"That may be risky for he could pull the child out before it is meant to be released," Michael said calmly, lifting the sleeve up from his long-sleeved black shirt.

Dean groaned and threw his head back on the couch. He placed his hands over the center of his stomach and could feel the little critter was resting, "It's sleeping, Michael. And it doesn't seem to like you."

A flash of annoyance passed over Michael's features for a split second before being replaced by a determined gaze. Dean sighed, "Fine. But if it zaps you, that's all on you."

Michael nodded in understanding and Dean turned and straightened out to wait the inevitable pain that should come. Ever since he had gained his own grace, other angel's touching into it hurt more than anything he had experienced. He took a deep breath and relaxed.

Michael allowed his own wings to unfurl and close around Dean in case he needed something to bite down on from pain. He then slowly began to push his hand into the pit of Dean's stomach.

Dean winced as the burning rush washed through his entire body and sparked into his own wings. Without clearly thinking, he bit down on the feathers that were close to his mouth. Michael gave a slight wince but slowly continued his purpose to feeling the critter.

Dean closed his eyes as the refreshing rain water and ozone taste of Michael's wing grace slid down his throat, soothing the agony that reverberated through his soul. He swallowed down a mouthful and somewhere in the back of his mind he felt guilty like he was cheating on Castiel but he knew it was ridiculous to think that way. He could feel as Michael touched into his soul and instantly, the little critter in him woke, startled and began to panic.

Michael closed his eyes as he gently brushed upon the celestial being in Dean. It pulled at his grace for a moment but soon relaxed and Michael found himself astonished when he felt what was like a small hand curl around his fingers. The rush that then swept through him almost left him lightheaded as the baby began to send through every feeling and thought it seemed to have. It was as though knowledge was being seared into his being.

Dean was starting to feel lightheaded from the amount of extra grace he was taking from Michael and he found himself relaxing more and sinking into the cushion. He let out a slight whimper when he felt the hand pull out and the wings torn from his mouth.

He took a deep breath as he licked the remainder of the liquid blue from his lips. He turned bright green eyes to Michael's turquoise. Those eyes were wide but thoughtful as he pushed his sleeve back down.

Dean placed his hand back over his stomach and felt that the little one was falling back into a rest. He turned back to Michael, "Well, what did you find?" he asked with slight anticipation.

Michael stood up and stretched out his wings, running fingers over where Dean had bitten down on. The wound healed over instantly. He then turned towards the left, "Castiel, you should come here," he said firmly.

Dean sat up more, his stomach now turning as anxiety rolled through him. A moment later, Castiel appeared in the room. His blue eyes were filled with worry as he walked over to Dean and Michael, his ebony wings folded behind him. He stopped beside Michael, "What is it?" he asked, turning his gaze from the healed wound on Michael's wings and then to Dean. There was a brush of jealousy in those eyes before understanding.

"I have some information on the fledgling," Michael stated, "you should sit down," he motioned to the spot beside Dean.

Castiel and Dean both felt the anxiety connect through each of them as the angel took his seat. Once they were situated, Michael folded his wings behind him and gave a smile, "I have learned new information."

"Well, what is it?" Dean asked.

"The fledgling should be ready to release in two weeks' time," Michael said with a warm smile.

Dean's heart skipped a beat and Castiel's eyes lit up as he twisted his fingers with Dean's holding them tightly as they both shared a smile.

"That little one in you is very intelligent," Michael went on, "It already knows that it is the offspring of both human and angel. It even knows your voices and roles."

"What do you mean by roles?" Dean asked, lifting his eyebrows as he unclasped his hand from Castiel's vice-like grip.

"Well, the being believes you as the mother role and Castiel as the father," Michael stated.

Dean stood up and crossed his arms, "Excuse me? I'm and not the bitch in this relationship."

Castiel smiled as he stood up, "Well, you are the one carrying our child."

Dean felt his cheeks flush, "That's…seriously, and it thinks I'm the mother?"

Michael nodded with a slight smirk that he picked up from Gabriel.

"That is so not cool. I'm the man," Dean stated firmly, patting his stomach as if to assure the child that it is wrong.

Castiel let out a little chuckle at Dean's reaction.

"So not cool," Dean said to his stomach and he felt the little critter squirm around in him.

"In two weeks, it will be ready," Michael said again, "So you should get prepared. That means you should drink much more grace from Castiel."

Dean nodded, finding no problem with that. He missed tasting Castiel like that. Castiel gave a nod as well and his eyes were lit with excitement but Dean was nervous.

"What else did you figure out?" Dean asked as Castiel stood with him.

Michael's expression was hard to read for a moment, "Well…the creature kept bringing up the feel of Lucifer's grace."

Dean knit his eyebrows, "What do you mean?" he asked.

Castiel's wings stiffened.

Michael took a deep breath, "It means that…I believe the fledgling particularly likes Lucifer."

Castiel let out a growl deep in his chest and Dean couldn't do anything but laugh, "So Lucifer is our child's favorite uncle already?" he laughed some more but Castiel just glared.

Michael nodded and he swore he felt no jealousy. Instead, he gave them a nod and took off.

Castiel turned to Dean, who was still chuckling and patting his stomach.

"That isn't funny, Dean. Lucifer is evil," Castiel said bitterly.

Dean took a deep breath as he controlled his laughter, "I'm sorry, but I think it's hilarious."

Castiel just sighed and shook his head, "You should get back to your brother before he starts to blame me for you disappearing. I'm getting quite frustrated with that."

Dean sighed dramatically as he spread his aching wings. He still couldn't get the hang on flying but getting to Bobby's house was fairly easy considering he knew that place like the back of his hand. Sam wasn't at Bobby's, though and he knew that. He gave Castiel a questioning look.

"He is in a motel room in Cascade, Idaho," Castiel said simply, stiffening his shoulders as those blue eyes inspected Dean, "Would you like my help in directing you there?"

Dean straightened up and even though he needed the help, he certainly wasn't going to ask for it. Instead, he shook his head and grinned, "I got this one," he said as he tracked down mentally where Idaho was and spread his wings. With a heavy thrash, he set off.

. . .

Sam bit down on his lower lip as he sat in the hotel room at some place called chief. His laptop was opened in front of him on the small little table by the window. He was currently running through the article about what seemed like demonic activity in this tiny little town. A girl had gone missing several weeks before and just recently showed back up with hardly any recollection of the last weeks events. During the interview Sam had with her, she mentioned seeing strange black smoke and smelling something awful before blacking out. Sam knew it was a demon entering her but he had no idea why the demon would just let her go. He sighed as he closed out of the page to type into Google. Research would be a great stress reliever. Dean had just up and vanished two days ago saying he needed time to think. Damn did Sam hate how Dean could just fly away. He was just as annoying as the damn angels who just popped in and out of existence at random.

Sam jumped and his heart almost leapt out of his chest as a loud crash sounded through the room. He was up on his feet, demon knife held out in defense as he spun around to see the culprit. He sighed in both relief and annoyance to see Dean on the floor, his wings tangled up with the cords of the lamp and the bulb shattered onto his back.

"Ow," Dean said as he tried to jerk his wings free of the cord.

Sam rolled his eyes and walked over, pulling the now useless lamp up. He tossed his onto the bed and scowled as he walked back over to the laptop.

Dean ground his teeth in annoyance. He still couldn't get the whole flying thing down and he hated the fact that he needed Sam's help to get up afterwards. He stood up and turned to his brother, who was sitting in front of his laptop like the nerd he was.

"Good to see you, too," Dean muttered.

Sam stiffened for a moment then turned to Dean, "Where have you been? I've been trying to call you for two days now."

Dean sighed as he sat on the bed, folding his wings behind him, "Well, I wasn't exactly in a coverage zone, Sammy."

Sam lifted his eyebrows, "So you were in Heaven? Again?" he asked.

Dean nodded, "Yeah…I have this awesome place there. It's so relaxing. I even get to see Baby there."

Sam rolled his eyes, "Well, there are still cases here on Earth if you aren't aware."

Dean groaned, "Of course I know. And I already killed the demon in town right before coming here," he said truthfully, having seen it on his way. It was fun to smite and Dean was growing an addiction.

Sam huffed out and slammed his laptop shut, "Well, thanks for that."

Dean knit his eyebrows, "Why are you so cranky?" he asked.

Sam crossed his arms over his chest as he slumped back in the chair. He turned to Dean, his shaggy hair moving to the side of his face in the process, "You keep disappearing on me. I want to know what's going on. And why do you keep going up to Heaven? You like being around those dick angels more than your own brother?"

Dean lifted his eyebrows, "Are you jealous?" he asked.

"No," Sam defended, "I just thought you hated them."

Dean sighed as he stared at his brother, "I don't hate them, Sammy. I go to Heaven because it makes the baby more comfortable, therefore, I feel more comfortable. It has nothing to do with me wanting to be around the angels more than you."

"How is that soul stealing monster doing anyways?" Sam mumbled, still not entirely pleased with the idea of it.

Dean glared at him, "It's not a monster," he said bitterly, "and it is doing perfectly fine. Actually, I came here to tell you the good news but if you're gonna be such bitch about it then forget it."

It was silent for a moment as Sam regained control of himself. He knew he was overreacting but he just didn't want to lose Dean. He stared out the window for a moment, at the tiny town with little houses and mountains in the background. He then turned to Dean, who was still sitting there but running fingers through his glimmering silvery feathers.

"What's the good news?" Sam asked, now truly curious.

"The baby should be ready to come out in two week," Dean said with a smile. His heart warmed at the thought of finally being able to hold it in his arms but he was also still nervous. Nothing like this ever happened before so he had no idea what it could do.

Sam's face went pale for a moment as he took in that information, "Two weeks?" he asked, his stomach churning, "That's…that's soon."

Dean nodded, "Yeah, I know," he said, "Until then, I have to pretty much rest and take in as much grace as I can so the process can happen easier."

"D-do you know if it's a boy or girl?" Sam questioned.

Dean shook his head, "It's not really either…"

Sam knit his eyebrows, "What do you mean? It has to be one?" he thought about it for a moment, "Or is it just celestial…is it going to need a human vessel?"

Dean took a deep breath and placed a hand over his stomach, "I have no idea…I guess we'll find out when the little one comes out," he smiled as he felt the soul-lestial creature squirm through him with joy. It was awake and happy. Dean could feel the vibrations in his fingertips from where he held his hand, "Sammy, come here," he said.

Sam stared at him with confusion but did as he was told. He took a seat on the bed beside Dean, "What?" he asked.

"I want to try something," Dean said, knowing it was extremely awkward but he wanted to know if Sam could feel it, too. He lifted his shirt up to reveal his flat, toned stomach.

Sam backed up a little, "What do you want?" he asked uncomfortably.

"Put your hand right here," Dean said, pointing to the center where he could feel the celestial presence within.

Sam shook his head and began to stand up, "No way, man. I'm good."

"Oh come on," Dean said, "It's not that bad. I just want to know if another human can feel it."

"Feel what?" Sam asked, hesitating on the bed, "It's in your soul."

"Yeah but I can feel it somehow…just try it," Dean encouraged, patting his stomach.

Sam hesitated another moment, staring at Dean like he had seven heads.

Dean rolled his eyes and grabbed Sam's hand. He yanked it roughly and with his angelic strength, it was really easy. He pushed Sam's palm down over the center of his abs.

Sam's stomach flipped and his heart skipped a beat when he could feel the tingling and static-like sensation run through his palm and up his arm. In an instant, that strange tingling turned into joy and he could feel the being inside of Dean…he could feel it's joy and it's life. Without realizing, he had a smile on his face.

After a second, Sam pulled his hand back once he realized what he was doing. He swiftly jumped onto the bed opposite Dean and stared down at his hand.

Dean smirked as he pushed his shirt back down, "So?" he asked, "What did you feel?"

Sam opened his mouth to speak but couldn't think of anything to say. Instead, he couldn't help the smile, "I…I have no idea…it's happy."

Dean beamed a smile that Sam rarely saw and it made him glad to see that look on his brother. He figured this thing inside Dean couldn't be too bad if it was going to make Dean as happy as he was. He gave a sigh, "Alright…you won me over. Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked.

Dean smirked, "Cheeseburgers and pie?" he asked.

Sam let out a laugh and shook his head as he stood up, "Alright," he said, grabbing the keys from the dresser, "I'll be back soon," he added as he walked towards the door.

"Please don't forget the pie," Dean said as he leaned back on the bed to relax.

Sam stopped and gave him a bitchface, "When do I ever?" he asked.

"You have a few times," Dean stated, grabbing the remote.

Sam rolled his eyes and opened the door.

"Oh and could you also get some cranberry sauce," Dean added, his stomach rumbling as he said the words, "I'm really in the mood for some."

Sam lifted his eyebrows and stared at Dean until he realized he was serious. He then sighed and gave a nod. He walked out to the car, shaking his head. This was definitely a strange day already.

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