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. . .

Chapter 11: Brotherly Discussions:

. . .One Week Later. . .

Dean smiled as he examined the several different slices of pie before him. He had no idea which one he wanted to eat. With a few lessons from Gabriel, Dean was definitely a fast learner on creating things out of thin air and he just about created a slice of every one of his favorite pies.

"Just eat one already," Sam said as he sat cross-legged on the bed beside Dean's bed. He, as usual, had his laptop set out in front of him doing research like it he was a sex-deprived teenager looking up porn.

"I don't know which one I want," Dean said, his mouth watering as he stared at the apple-cinnamon pie which was giving off the strongest aroma.

"Eat them all then," Sam said. He couldn't concentrate with Dean's wings twitching in the manner they always did when he was thinking too hard.

Dean smirked, "Great idea," he said as he lifted up the apple pie first.

Sam just watched from the corner of his eye as his brother inhaled six slices of pie within ten minutes. He had no idea how Dean could still be thin from the way he had been eating. He also couldn't believe that in a week Dean was going to have a child. The child could end up being something bad though. Sam wasn't sure what he thought about that…he had to admit a part of him was jealous that Dean was able to have a kid. He wanted one of his own; he would make a great father. Dean would be a good father as well but how would you be able to raise a supernatural child without bringing it into the life they were raised in.

Dean arched an eyebrow and turned to Sam, "I'm not gonna' turn the kid into a hunter, Sam. But it's going to know about the supernatural, obviously because it's friggen half angelic."

Sam ground his teeth and glared at his brother, who had cherry syrup running down his chin, "Are you listening to my thoughts? Seriously Dean?"

Dean lifted his eyebrows, "Well stop thinking so loud. It's hard to block out your enormous head full of thoughts," he tossed all of the empty boxes to the floor and let his body fall back onto the bed, stretching his wings as wide as they could go so they hung partly to the floor. He could feel the baby in his soul resting and it was a relief because for the past week it had been extremely active and made Dean weary. One week and it would be coming out. Dean's stomach turned at the thought. He wasn't sure he was ready.

"Can't you put your wings away…" Sam said as he closed his laptop, knowing he couldn't get research done with the light shining off of the silvery feathers.

Dean groaned and gave a quick flap of his wing, causing the papers on the bed beside Sam to fly all over the place. Sam cursed under his breath as he went to grab them all before they flew across the room, "You are so immature."

Dean smirked and was about to say something but there was a sudden, searing pain shooting through his body. He winced and instantly curled his wings around his body so fast that the lap on the end table tell over, the bulb shattering. Dean knew the feeling; it felt like being starved, dehydrated and electrocuted all at once. What he needed was more grace and he could barely even open his mouth without crying out in pain. He didn't like to let Sam know when instances such as these happened. He tried everything in his power to pretend like he was normal.

"Dean…" Sam said, noticing the way Dean had turned to face away from him and hide in his wings. He could see his brother's body shaking slightly and his fists clenching into the blanket, "Dean, are you okay?" he asked.

Dean took a deep breath and gasped when it felt as though a dagger was stabbing his soul, "I'm fine, Sammy," he said, trying to keep a firm voice but it came out low and shaky.

Sam immediately stood up from his bed and walked over to Dean, sitting at the edge of the bed. He made the mistake once of getting too close and got smacked in the face by a wing, "You're not okay. Is this that grace thing again? I'll call for Castiel if you won't."

Dean rolled his eyes and mumbled unintelligibly and that was all the answer Sam needed.

. . .

"Cassie!" Balthazar's voice piped in, casting Castiel's thoughts. The archangel turned to his friend "Hello Balthazar," he said slowly.

Balthazar gazed around the Heaven they were in. This was definitely not Castiel's ordinary one, this one was like a huge studio apartment with both a beach and the Garden showing through each side.

"This is the Heaven Dean created to relax," Castiel answered Balthazar's unspoken question as he sat upon the leather couch, staring at the yellow, red and orange flames licking up the fireplace. Balthazar lifted his eyebrows then nodded, taking a seat beside his friend.

"How are you feeling about all of this?" Balthazar asked Castiel, noticing the way the ebony wings were stiff.

Castiel sighed and gave a half smile as he turned to the other angel, "You know, you're the first angel to ask me about that."

"Really?" Balthazar asked, finding that peculiar, "This is as much of a burden on you as it is the human…if that's what you can call him."

Castiel's eyes were like daggers, "It's not a burden, Balthazar, this child is a gift."

Balthazar held up his hands, "I didn't mean it like that," he defended, "I just mean…we don't know what this thing is. I just don't want you to get hurt, that's all."

"I don't think the little celestial being will harm neither Dean or I," Castiel said simply.

"It already was absorbing Dean's soul, you don't find that the slightest bit odd," Balthazar said, trying to put logic reasoning into his naïve friend.

Castiel glared at him, "That was because he did not have the intake of grace which the child needed to survive. We figured it out and Dean has been fine since," he said.

Balthazar sighed, "So on to my earlier question, how are you feeling about it all? Are you ready to be a…angel dad?"

Castiel smiled, "I believe I have ready. I feel…what would you call it? Nervous?"

Balthazar smiled back, "That's understandable, you are about to have some celestial-human creature to raise with none other than the most stubborn human alive."

"Dean isn't that bad," Castiel said, "He is an amazing man…I don't understand why you hate him so much."

Balthazar sighed and slumped back into the couch, "I don't hate the…human…I just don't like that he could break your grace in an instant. You do realize if he ever hurts you, I won't hesitate to throw him in the Pit with Crowley."

Castiel ground his teeth and his feathers began to twitch, "You will not touch him."

"I'm not saying he will hurt you, but I just want you to know I'll always be here for you," Balthazar said slowly, sitting up.

It was silent for a moment as Castiel stared at the fire once more.

"So this child is going to have a lot of uncles," Balthazar said with a smirk, "Did you think of any names?"

Castiel chuckled a little at the idea of having hundreds and hundreds of uncles with his grandfather being God, "I'm not even sure if it will be male or female…for one, it's celestial so there is no real gender to that but since the child will be half human, I suppose it will eventually have one."

"Any names?" Balthazar asked, "Because I have plenty."

Castiel tilted his head in curiosity, "What kind of names?" he asked.

Balthazar's eyes lit with excitement with the idea of Castiel letting him help choose names. He honestly hadn't thought of any but he could come up with some on cue, "Alaniel," he said, "If the being is female."

Castiel knit his eyebrows, "If the child would be going to schooling as a normal child, that name would seem strange, would it not?"

Balthazar thought about that, "How about…Destiel," he smirked wickedly at that and Castiel didn't understand.

"Destiel?" he questioned.

Balthazar began chuckling, "I read it online," he said, "It's a term people use when they write stories about you and Dean being together."

Castiel tilted his head further, "People write about us? You mean Chuck?"

Balthazar shook his head, "No…just people who read the books…they like to make up stories about you and Dean being together…and they call it Destiel…combining your names."

Castiel knit his eyebrows "Why would people write about us being together?"

Balthazar shrugged, "No idea," he said, "If it makes you feel any better, there are some about Sam and Gabriel…they call those Sabriel."

Castiel pursed his lips, "How do they know we are together? Is Chuck still writing books?"

Balthazar sighed, "No Cassie, they make all this stuff up. I've even read a few about Dean and myself and trust me…that is scarring."

Castiel nodded slowly, "Sabriel sounds nice though," he said slowly, "Kind of pretty."

Balthazar just laughed, "You could always call the child 'kid'," he suggested.

Castiel rolled his eyes, "You're not making any sense," he said, "Names are something I choose with Dean."

Balthazar nodded, "Just trying to help here…so in one week, the little bugger will come out. Can't wait to be an uncle."

Castiel smiled but froze when he felt the sensation of a Winchester praying to him; It was Sam. He turned to Balthazar, "I must go now. Dean needs my help."

Balthazar rolled his eyes but then vanished without a word.

Castiel then made his way to Dean.

. . .

Sam sighed in relief once Castiel appeared in the room, his blue eyes examining Dean curled up on the bed, feathers stiff and tight against him in the reasoning of him being in agony.

"It was good of you to call me, Sam. Thank you," Castiel said as he walked over to Dean.

Dean winced when he felt Castiel's arms curl around his body and lift him up. He hated being cradled like some chick but he couldn't move a muscle; everything hurt.

"I'm going to bring him up to Heaven with me," Castiel said to Sam as he felt Dean close, feeling the hunter warm into his embrace.

Sam's eyes darkened, "No. I'm sick of you doing that," he said.

"Would you like to see what Dean and I do while he has an intake of my grace?" Castiel asked point blank.

Sam's face scrunched up as images flashed through and he quickly shook his head, "Aw dude, come on. Not enough brain bleach."

"Then I will see you later," Castiel said slowly as he spread his wings.

Sam didn't say a word. He simply nodded and fell back onto the bed, "Just have him come back home after."

Castiel nodded and thrust his wings to shoot up to Dean's heaven.

. . .

Castiel slowly landed in Dean's heaven. He frowned as he placed the hurt man onto the enormous soft bed.

Dean winced as it felt like his soul was dehydrated and it was a sensation he would never be able to put words to. He sighed softly thought when he felt the familiar luxury of being in Heaven. He had never understood what the angels meant when they talked about how soothing Paradise was but ever since he had gotten his wings and grace, he had felt what comfort they were speaking about. He was already feeling somewhat better.

Castiel slowly crawled onto the bed beside Dean. He smiled warmly as he lifted Dean's wings from around his body so he could see the hunter's face. Dean smiled once he was met by the piercing blue gaze of his angel. That smile soon turned into a frown when he realized Castiel was now narrowing his eyes accusingly at him.

"Dean, when this happens, you have to call me immediately," Castiel scolded as he lay on his side beside his lover.

Dean sighed, his body feeling weak, "I don't like having to depend on someone to take care of me," he said flatly.

Castiel curled his fingers into Dean's wings and gently rubbed the feathers. Dean moaned as his angel hit all of the right places. He was going to give in, "I'm sorry, Cas," he said in a soft breath.

Castiel gave him another smile before leaning in to seal their lips together. Dean moaned softly into such a tender and passionate kiss. He closed his eyes and clutched his fingers into the feathers closest to the angel's shoulder blades. Castiel huffed out a sigh into Dean's mouth which the hunter drank in.

It only took a few minutes after that before Castiel was sliding off his trench coat while keeping his lips sealed to Dean's. Dean dug his fingers into Castiel's unruly hair and tugged on it impatiently, his body already heating up pleasantly. Castiel took the clue and waved an arm, leaving both men naked upon the bed. The plush comforter felt amazing on Dean's skin and his breathe hitched when he felt Castiel's firm, hot body press up against his.

Castiel was on the verge of losing control once more as he could feel the arousal in the air. He wrapped his arms around Dean's body, pulling him as close as he could while digging into his feathers. Dean's back arched and a moan escaped his lips at the incredible sensation of his sensitive wings being touched while he was aroused.

"I love you Dean," Castiel whispered as he ran a hand down the hunter's smooth, muscular body. Dean let out a soft breath, arching into the other body, "Love you too Cas," he whispered before claiming the angel's lips once more.

Castiel beamed at that as he curled his wings around the hunter. Dean's wings automatically reacted on instinct and wrapped into Castiel's.

Dean sucked in a deep breath when he felt a warm hand cup over his arousal; blood was rushing through his entire body and even into his wings which were almost as sensitive as a certain member. He moaned and bucked his hips against Castiel's. The angel let out a hiss of pleasure as he felt his own member rub together with Dean's. He then felt the silvery black wings brush over his back and against his face and he smiled as he pressed his mouth to the arch of Dean's wing.

Dean breathed heavily as he ground his body against Castiel's. His eyes popped open and his entire body lit with a pleasure he had never felt before, sparking from his wings through every vein in his entire being. That was when he felt Castiel's mouth closed over his wing. Damn he had no idea it could feel so incredible. He closed his eyes and placed a hand on the back of Castiel's head to press it harder into his wing.

Castiel took the bait and moaned at the taste of Dean. He was sweet and spicy and refreshing all at once and it made his body feel numb with pleasure. He arched his back when he felt Dean's close his mouth around his wing.

Dean could feel the blood rushing and he was so horny that it was almost painful as they both drank in each other's wings grace. He pulled his mouth away from Castiel's wing, "Cas…please…" he begged, hating that he did it but he just needed Castiel inside of him.

Castiel didn't hesitate as he pulled up his head just to slick his fingers in liquid grace. He then sealed his mouth to Dean's as he trailed his hand down the hunter's body until he reached his entrance.

Castiel swallowed in the moans of his lover as he pressed a finger into his entrance. The grace slickened the entrance and he slowly prepared him.

Dean pushed down, trying to get more of Castiel; he felt so needy that it was annoying, "Cas…" he groaned.

Castiel nodded and covered his hand in the slightly numbing and warm grace. He then slicked his member and moved between Dean's legs. He stared down at lust blown emerald eyes and was just mesmerized at how they seemed to glow in contrast to his glorious wings. Those eyes gave him a needy look and he smirked slightly as he leaned down to kiss his hunter again, tasting grace upon his lips. He then slowly began to push into the hunter, stopping once the tip was in. Pleasure was overwhelming him and he wasn't sure how long he would last.

Dean closed his eyes and pushed his head back into the pillow as he grasped the arches of Castiel's wings as tight as he could. The angel moaned and at that, he slid the rest of the way in.

Both men moaned in sync; Dean could feel his muscles clenching around Castiel and gosh he never knew he would love the feeling of being so full before but it was all his angel; the angel he adored and he wanted everything about him.

"F-Fuck Cas," Dean panted, "come on."

Castiel winced from the hot, tight feeling of Dean around him; he pulled out just to thrust in roughly, causing the hunter to moan and push down at once, taking in all that he could. Castiel gasped and grasped at Dean's wings, trying to hold on for his life as he began smooth, slow thrusts.

Dean always thought he was straight but damn if this wasn't the most amazing thing he had ever felt. He moaned and bit and sucked onto the angel's neck as he met each thrust, his own hardened member rubbing against the other man's body. He felt sparks through his entire body as Castiel hit his prostate. His entire body bucked and he bit down on Castiel's wing as hard as he could. He could feel the grace fill his mouth like a waterfall and the angel moaned and began to pound against that spot over and over again, the rhythm starting to falter into messy and uneven thrusts as they were both reaching their peak.

Castiel knew he was about to finish. In a swift movement, he smother his hand in liquid grace and grabbed onto Dean's arousal and began to pump it with each thrust. Dean panted and pulled himself as tight as he could against his angel until he was practically sitting on his lap. He crushed his fingers into the slickened feathers as his body tingled and sparks danced in his eyes and before he knew what was happening, he felt his warm seed spilling all over their stomachs. It was that instant that Castiel felt Dean's muscles clench around him and his wings shot out and the tips began to spark as he came into the hunter, filling him. He panted as he felt Dean's muscles milking him and he pressed his face into Dean's neck as he waited out for the intense pleasure to calm.

A moment later he slowly pulled out, causing Dean to let out a slight whimper from loss. Both of the men then fall onto the bed, side by side and panting.

"Wow," Dean panted as tingles still rushed through his entire body and his sensitive wings.

Castiel huffed unintelligibly as his body started to come down from a high. He turned to the emerald eyes and smiled.

Dean's breathing started to return to a normal rhythm as he gazed into those perfect sapphire eyes. He then felt his entire body shutting down as exhaustion took over and his eyelids became heavy.

Castiel smiled and placed a soft kiss onto Dean's forehead and ran his hand through the hunter's hair as Dean fell into an instant deep slumber. The angel then snapped his fingers to clean them up completely and clothe them as though nothing happened. He then let out a heavy breath as he curled up with his lover, wrapping his arms and wings around him. He closed his eyes and began to rest.

. . .

Dean gasped and shot up in the bed as he felt an uncontrollable squirming in his soul. His stomach turned and his heart leapt before racing in his chest. Electrical vibes began to shoot through his veins, causing his wings to start glowing and sparking in blue. It was time; he just knew it.

Castiel bolted upright in the bed, his sapphire eyes widened with worry when he saw the fear in the hunter's eyes. He quickly grabbed Dean's face to stare into the emerald orbs, "Dean…what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"

Dean shook his head, his entire body sparking and warming even more. His voice shook when he spoke, "I…I think…I think it's ready," he said, holding a hand over his stomach where he could feel the waves of vibration shooting into his fingertips.

Castiel's eyes widened and his own grace flipped as panic started to take over. He had no idea what to do. Both of them froze on the bed for a moment, staring at each other. Castiel then snapped into action and stared around, "Michael, Gabriel…someone please," he called out.

Within a split second, both of the angels appeared in the room, both with curious and worried looks in their eyes. Castiel didn't even care that Lucifer showed up, his eyes widening.

"What is it, Cassie?" Gabriel asked, eyeing them on the bed.

"I think Dean is ready to give birth," Lucifer said, staring at the way Dean's wings were sparking and the way his soul was beaming through his skin.

Dean and Castiel glanced at each other once more, both with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

. . .

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