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Chapter 12: Birth:

Dean's stomach twisted and turned with a burning ice that he couldn't describe. It was happening too suddenly.

It only took seconds after the archangels arrived before they were moving into action. Castiel had started to panic, his wings shaking and thrashing around the room as some angelic instincts took over. He felt his body start to react when another angel came near Dean and a feral, dangerous growl escaped his lips as he curled his wings around his mate.

Dean winced and clutched at his gut, trying his hardest not to cry out but it was almost impossible. His mind was foggy as he listened to the growls and the shouts. He could feel the little critter inside of him squirming and panicking in need to come out.

"It's a week early," Castiel growled, "Why did you lie!" he was glaring at Michael.

Michael's jaw tightened, "Perhaps I misread the information but you need to calm yourself this instant before Dean loses the child."

Castiel tried to hold back but his grace was screaming that anyone who came near Dean was a danger.

"Cas, just calm the fuck down!" Dean finally shouted, just wanting the thing out of him.

Castiel snapped his blue eyes to Dean and instantly, his entire grace chilled and he froze on the bed as he could see the celestial being moving around in Dean.

"Castiel, you have to pull it out," Michael demanded, walking over to the bed with Lucifer and Gabriel by his side.

Castiel and Dean just stared at one another for a moment before Dean felt a wave of excruciating agony pour through his veins and wings and before he could comprehend anything, he was screaming, the pain unbelievable. He could feel his muscles start to flail out of control as what felt like lava poured through them.

Castiel flinched at Dean's scream and instantly straightened up, "Dean, you need to lie still," Castiel said, his voice drowned by Dean's cries. The angel quickly grabbed the sides of Dean's face and wanted to freeze up again when he saw the liquid grace tears streaming down his lover's face.

Michael turned to Gabriel and Lucifer, who each all knew what to do. They were going to have to hold Dean down. Gabriel went to hold Dean's legs; Lucifer tended to hold Dean's wings still while Michael held Dean's arms down.

Castiel growled at each of them but they ignored him and he finally calmed down. His grace was twisting inside of him, hating the image of Dean being held down. The hunter was in so much pain that Castiel felt it through their bond.

"Now!" Michael demanded, seeing the creature in Dean start to flicker.

Castiel's hand shook as he went to move it towards Dean's center. He swiftly tore the shirt right off of the body to reveal the smooth, toned abs. He gasped to see Dean's skin glowing a vibrant bright white at his core.

Castiel placed one hand on Dean's cheek reassuringly before taking a deep breath and slowly sliding his hand into Dean's soul.

Dean felt terror as he couldn't move his body and inch. He could vaguely see through the sheet of blue grace that covered his eyes. The angels were holding him down but it was taking too long. The baby needed out and fast. He panted, holding back his screams as he felt Castiel's warm thumb rub soothingly over his cheekbone. He let out a shaken breath as he felt the cool hand start to slide into his stomach.

Castiel gasped when he felt the celestial being inside of Dean; it was fiery hot but it was a soothing hot, not a burning one. He then felt his grace warm as something that seemed like a hand curled around his; it was small and only seemed to wrap around his finger. He pushed his hand in more and closed his eyes as he focused solely on the celestial being. He could feel Dean's soul and grace around the child. He had to be careful not to grab onto any of that. He let out another breath when he felt more warmth close around his hand. He then realized he was going to need both hands. Without opening his eyes, he gently lifted his other hand from Dean's to push it inside.

Dean gasped and ground his teeth so hard he swore they were going to crack apart. The little comfort he had disappeared when Castiel moved his hand. Dean let out a whimper from the loss but another hand suddenly filled the space and he didn't care whose it was. He grasped the hand as tight as he could, trying to focus on that instead of the searing agony in his gut. He then felt something soft slide between his teeth and he knew it was wings but he didn't care whose they were. He bit down as hard as he could, letting the grace soothe the pain slightly. He could feel the creature in him becoming distant from his soul, which was now starting to have a cold, empty feel to it.

Castiel held his hands in place for a moment, not even caring that Gabriel was holding Dean's hand or that Michael was letting him drink his grace. Castiel had to focus on the child. He took a deep breath when he felt something move into his hands. He knew at once that it was the child.

After a moment of making sure he had nothing but the child itself in his grasp, he slowly began to pull it out.

Dean's eyes snapped open when he felt the warmth of the celestial being leave his soul and that was when he saw the silvery feathers in his mouth. He quickly released them and Michael pulled the wings back. Dean then noticed his hand clenched around Gabriel's but the archangel didn't seem to care, his eyes were focused on Castiel.

The pain was starting to leave Dean but also the warmth was and Dean felt strangely empty. He licked his lips as his eyes set on Castiel, who was practically sitting on Dean's legs, his hands slowly pulling out of the bright, shining stomach.

Dean's heart jumped and his stomach twisted when he began to see a brighter light start to release from him. Castiel's hands finally made it out of the hunter and all of the angel's stared in awe at the bright beacon of light that he held in his hands.

Dean's eyes widened at he stared at the celestial being in Castiel's hands. He had never seen a celestial being as it was but since he was angelic, he truly could see it without having his eyes burned out. He couldn't believe what he was seeing; it was indescribable. The child was like a huge beam of sunshine with a form that Dean couldn't even think of words for. There were just two things he could recognize; one was the bright, crystal blue orbs that seemed even brighter than the form if that was possible. The other was what he could see a shape of wings but they were nothing but light, crystalized and sparkling.

Castiel smiled as he held the celestial being in his arms and he felt his grace melt when those blue orbs met his. He held the being close to him for a moment before slowly handing it over to Dean, who was just staring with wide, adoring eyes.

Dean felt his stomach twist when he felt the warm bundle of light in his arms and those blue orbs set on him and he immediately felt a tug on his heart. He couldn't even think straight.

Michael just smiled at the way Dean and Castiel held the new being. He was about to release Dean's arms when he noticed another flickering in the human's soul, "Castiel…check his soul again."

Castiel immediately turned his eyes back to Dean's core and his eyes widened when he could see another bright glow start to shine through the skin.

Dean's stomach flipped and that was when he realized it wasn't his stomach flipping. His eyes blew wide as he stared at Castiel, who was immediately getting ready to go in again.

Dean knew it was going to hurt and he didn't want to hurt the child. He turned his eyes to the other archangels in the room for help and all three of them instantly straightened out to take the child.

"Let me see the child," another voice cut through and Dean felt his heart skip a beat to see God…or John…walking towards them.

Michael was about to get up and bow his head but realized he needed to help Dean. They all watched in amazement as Dean unwillingly handed over his child.

God gave Dean a warm smile as he took the bundle of sparkling light into his arms.

Dean suddenly cried out as he felt the same burning and piercing through him from another creature trying to come out. How did they not know there were two?

Everyone instantly went back into motion, holding Dean down. Dean winced but held back his screams as he felt Castiel dip both hands into the hunter's soul.

Castiel smiled when he felt the other celestial form crawl into his hands much faster than the other as though it had learnt from its sibling. With a smile, he gently pulled out the other bundle of light.

Dean stared wide-eyed as the pain dissipated once more and the shining indescribable form of light revealed in Castiel's hands. Dean felt his heart melt some more as he saw shining bright grass green orbs within the form.

Castiel held the being close to him once more before passing it to Dean, who felt his entire body warm up to the being. He never wanted to let go and he now knew he would do anything for this innocent creature. His children. He hadn't thought or ever expected to have two but he wasn't going to complain.

Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer let go of Dean and backed up to watch.

God slowly walked back over and passed the blue eyed celestial being to Castiel, who gave him a thankful smile as he took his child into his arms.

God then disappeared with a smile.

. . .One Hour Later. . .

Castiel and Dean now sat in the Heaven with the celestial beings. Dean still couldn't believe that there were two nor could he believe what he was seeing. Their forms which were like shimmering sunshine.

"May I please hold one?" Michael asked as he stood beside the couch where Castiel and Dean were.

Castiel and Dean both cradled their beings closer to them. Michael sighed and sat on the couch opposite them, just watched the little joyous bundles of light resting.

Dean took a deep breath and decided he actually needed to rest somewhat. He was on the verge of passing out. He stared at the resting form in his arms and pressed his face into the light, warming his soul. He then turned his eyes to Michael, who instantly lit up and was over to him in a heartbeat, holding out his arms.

Castiel narrowed his eyes at Michael as Dean gently handed over the form, who made a chiming bells sound as it was passed from one to the other. Michael then cradled the being closely, the light shining off of him, giving his eyes more of a glow as he smiled, staring down at it.

Dean took a deep breath, his entire body and soul exhausted. He knew he should be resting already but he just didn't want to miss out on a second of being around his children. He just wished Sam and Bobby could be there but they wouldn't even be able to look at the children. Before he could even think another thought, he passed out.

. . .

Sam gasped when Gabriel appeared in the room and grabbed his shoulder before he could even speak. A moment later, they were in Bobby's study where the elder hunter was talking on the phone with Garth. Bobby's eyes widened, "Gotta' go," he said and hung up the phone before Garth could say another word.

"What was that about?" Sam asked with slight annoyance as he straightened up. He turned his eyes to the amber-gold of his angel's and his heart skipped a beat.

"Where is Dean?" Bobby asked.

Gabriel took a deep breath, "Dean…has given birth," he said slowly.

"What!" Sam shouted at the same moment as Bobby, "And I wasn't there! Why didn't you come and get me!"

Gabriel lifted his eyebrows, "For one, it was unexpected and two; you would have had your eyes burned out of your skull. The children are celestial."

"Dean just had a friggen child and I wasn't there!" Sam said, pacing. He was pissed but he could understand Gabriel's point of view.

"Wait a second…children?" Bobby asked, catching on before Sam.

Sam stopped and turned to Gabriel, who seemed to have a glow about him. The archangel nodded, "Yes, there are two little celestial beings."

Sam lifted his eyebrows, "H-how is Dean now?" he asked.

"He is sleeping," Gabriel said, "He will be fine."

"And the babies…if that's what you can call them," Sam said, "C-can I see them?"

Gabriel frowned, "The way they are now…no, I'm sorry."

Sam felt as though is entire body crushed, "And…will they need vessels?"

Gabriel shrugged, "I have no idea…but they are two of the most glorious celestial beings I have ever seen," he said truthfully, "Their lights are just so…" he shook his head, "I wish you could see them."

Sam ground his teeth and felt his eyes sting both with anger at not being there and the idea that he was an uncle but he might not ever be able to see his niece or nephews, "Can I at least see Dean soon?" he asked.

Gabriel nodded, "Of course," he said, "You just need to let him rest. That took a lot out of him…doing all of that."

Sam gave a sigh and nod and turned to Bobby, who seemed expressionless as he just sipped at his whiskey.

Gabriel bit down on his lower lip as the desire to go back to Heaven and see the new creations took over. He just didn't want Sam to get upset with him so he had to think of a good excuse. He sighed dramatically, "Good Ol' Father is calling me upstairs so I have to go. I just thought I'd let you know about the children."

Sam frowned as he glared at the floor, wishing he could see the babies. He merely just nodded at Gabriel, who took off in a flash.

. . .

Gabriel paused when he noticed Lucifer and Michael fighting over who got to hold the celestial being with blue eyes. Castiel sat on the couch, the green eyed child wrapped up in his wings and resting.

Michael frowned when the little bundle of light reached out to Lucifer, who had a smug look on his face as he gently took the child from Michael's unwilling arms. He let out a smile as he held the warmth close, "You're gonna' be a troublemaker. I can sense that," he said in an almost crooning voice.

Gabriel walked over to Castiel and stood in front of him, giving him large, amber gold eyes. Castiel flashed sapphire back at him and after a moment, he sighed, "It is sleeping, Gabriel," he said.

"I'll be gentle, I promise," he said, eyeing Dean who was in such a deep slumber an earthquake wouldn't be able to wake him.

Castiel gave another blank look before nodding and unwillingly handing over the child.

Gabriel beamed as the sleeping child was set into his arms, filled with warmth and joy. He remembered when Castiel was just a little fledgling angel; he had always loved the little ones.

"Wait do you see that?" Michael suddenly said, walking over to Gabriel and eyeing the child.

All three of the other archangels turned to the child questioningly and their eyes widened as some of the light was starting to dim.

"What does that mean?" Castiel asked, panic causing his voice to rise. He went to grab the child again but Gabriel moved back out of his reach.

"Gabriel, give me my child back," Castiel said, his grace twisting as the light started to dim more.

Gabriel held out a hand as he inspected the sleeping form. A smile curled his features, "It's materializing human skin…"

"You mean it's creating its own vessel?" Michael asked curiously, stepping closer and soon all three of the angels were surrounding Gabriel.

Castiel smiled when he noticed what Gabriel meant. He could start to see the skin and structure of facial features materializing on the child at a rapid speed. He turned his eyes to the blue eyed one that Lucifer held and noticed the same thing happening.

"They are so unique," Michael said as he tried to take the child from Lucifer, who turned his back, watching as the face started to form.

"This one has huge eyes," he said with a smile.

Castiel wanted to wake Dean up but he knew the hunter needed sleep. From the rate the children were growing vessels, they would be fully formed by the time he woke.

"We have a girl," Gabriel said as he gazed at the almost fully formed vessel around the green eyed child.

Castiel's wings shot out with excitement as he went to take the child back; Gabriel allowed him and just smiled as Castiel gently ran a hand over the soft hair. He was shocked; most infants were nearly bald when born but this one had already an inch thick of dark brown hair that was very unruly.

"Oh look at her wings!" Castiel whispered, his grace lighting when the eyes opened as his little green eyed girl woke up. Her wings were bright white with a silvery cast over them. Streaks of almost metallic violet blue shone throughout the tiny, grace slickened wings that were now stickily covering her body.

Lucifer stared at the little one in his arms, "And here we have a boy," he said as he stared into the huge blue eyes. This one had a little bit of shorter hair and it was colored a dark blonde. The grace slickened wings curled around his body as well but they were so unique. They were a deep ebony with bright, shining streaks of silver through the edges and creases.

Castiel instantly walked over to where Dean was asleep on the couch. He gently placed a hand over the print.

Dean gasped and shot up on the couch as the vibrations poured through him. He was instantaneously awake as his eyes set on the small, green eyed child in Castiel's arms. His heart skipped a beat when he noticed the human body, "Is that…"

Castiel nodded, "We have a little girl and a little boy," he said his eyes stinging as tears wanted to spill.

Dean beamed as the little girl was passed into his arms. He cradled her, running his hands over the slickened wings that were so tiny that they appeared fragile. Her eyes met his and a smile formed on her face followed by a little chiming laugh.

Lucifer noticed them and realized he was going to have to give the little boy up. He frowned as he walked over, staring into the blue eyes of the angel he held. The little boy smile and made a noise as he reached out a tiny hand to tug on one of Lucifer's feathers.

Lucifer couldn't help but smile, "You're the one who liked me, aren't you."

The little boy did nothing but smile with his chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes. Lucifer sighed as he handed the child over to Castiel, who was now curled up beside Dean.

Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer stood back and watched, each wanting to hold their little niece and nephews but they mentally all decided to give the couple some space. With that, they all vanished from the room.

"When will their wings be normal?" Dean asked, feeling the grace like texture over them.

"I'm not sure," Castiel said as he held his little boy.

"He has your wings," Dean teased and Castiel laughed at that.

"Well she has yours," Castiel mentioned.

Dean couldn't believe he was holding a child that was his own. He had never expected to ever have a real family but he did now…yeah it was all supernatural but that didn't matter to him. He had two of the most beautiful angelic human children he could have ever wished for.

The little girl in Dean's arms sucked in a breath and in a sudden, she let out a small squeak sound and in that moment, Dean lifted his head as her set of wings shot out to their full form, the downy feathers puffing out. He couldn't help but laugh at how much it reminded him of the old Disney movie.

She let out a little giggle as her wings shook in the new air.

At that moment, the little boy turned his blue eyes to his sister and he giggled as he let his wings shoot out in a flash, the air around them shifting.

Castiel and Dean both laughed a little as the two siblings seemed to reach out to each other.

Dean turned his eyes to Castiel, "What are we going to name them?"

"Serena Grace Winchester," Castiel said as he brushed through the baby girl's hair. She beamed up at him.

Dean lifted his eyebrows, "Did you just come up with that?" he asked.

Castiel smiled and nodded, "Sounds beautiful."

Dean nodded with a smile, "It really is a beautiful name."

"Can you think of one for the boy?" Castiel asked.

Dean smiled, "Daniel Jude Winchester," he said softly.

Castiel beamed wider, "That is perfect, Dean," he said.

The little babies in their arms suddenly curled up in their wings and fell into a deep sleep. So Serena and Daniel…Dean just smiled as he curled up with his family.

. . .

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