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Chapter 13: Meeting the Family:

Dean took a deep breath as he stood up from the couch in his Heaven. He was indeed pleased to know that he still had his wings and he still felt grace in his soul…his own grace. He wasn't sure why he was still angelic but he had somewhat become used to the feeling and it was nice.

"Are you ready?" Castiel asked as he stood up beside Dean, spreading his own ebony wings and shaking out the sore spots from being crunched into the cushion.

Dean bit down on his lip and smiled as he turned to where Serena and Daniel were lying on the couch, curled up in a bundle of feathers together. It had been only six hours since their birth and already they were growing; Dean felt his stomach turn uncomfortably with that idea.

Castiel ran a soothing hand through Dean's wings, sensing the hunter's unease, "I believe they will only age quickly for a short while…they are angelic, Dean. They are nothing like normal infants."

Dean sighed and nodded as he turned to his angel. He had been feeling oddly touchy since he gave birth to the little celestial beings. He wasn't sure why but all he wanted was to hold someone or be held…it was the strangest feeling. He wrapped his arms and wings around Castiel and nuzzled his face into the crook of the angel's neck, breathing in the scent that made his soul warm.

Castiel beamed as he held Dean back. Usually, the hunter wasn't so touchy so he was going to take advantage of the moment while he could. He had never been so blissful in his entire existence than he was now with his mate and their two creations.

After what felt too short of a time, Dean reluctantly pulled away, knowing he wanted to bring his little babies down to meet their uncle and grandfather. He turned back to the small, winged beings and lifted the small girl into his arms. He gently ran his fingers through her white and silvery wings and she made a little noise before curling against Dean's chest. Dean and Castiel had argued for a little while about the attire the babies would wear but soon agreed on something. Serena was wearing a small, simple yet pretty white dress and socks. Daniel was wearing little dark blue shorts with a tiny black tee shirt that said 'Led Zeppelin'; he had on black socks.

Castiel gently lifted his little boy and already, Daniel opened his tired soft blue eyes and his black and silver streaked wings shot out with twitching feathers as he reached a small hand out to tug on one of Castiel's feathers. He smiled and Castiel was still in surprise to see tiny, little teeth already forming in.

Serena's grass green eyes opened immediately when she heard her brother and she lifted her head of short, unruly dark hair to inspect her surroundings. She gazed up at Dean and smiled herself as she reached out to touch his stubbly chin.

Castiel held Daniel close to his chest and turned to Dean, "Are you sure you're ready? You still look as though you are exhausted and I'm not entirely sure how they are going to take to flight."

"Michael said they should be fine," Dean said, knowing somehow that it was true.

"Well, what does Michael know? He had never witnessed this before," Castiel argued.

"Yeah but he has also seen more angels being created than anyone else," Dean stated, watching as Castiel tried to come up with something else.

"They will be fine," Dean said after a short while, smiling as Serena's wings fluttered against his face.

"You can't know that for sure," Castiel said, brushing Daniel's wings with his longest feathers.

"We don't know anything for sure," Dean said, feeling frustrated already. Castiel was making him nervous about it all now.

"Then we should be careful," Castiel said firmly, "They should stay in Heaven."

Dean glared at Castiel, "What? You expect me to just stay here and leave my family out of it all? They aren't angelic enough for you?"

"That's not what I mean, Dean and you know that," Castiel snapped.

"Oh it's not? Then what because it sounds to me like you don't trust Sam and Bobby," Dean said in a low voice. He had no idea why he was showing so many emotions but he just felt like it.

Castiel looked exasperated, "I trust them," he said, "But…"

"What?" Dean asked, waiting for an answer. He calmed his tone when he sensed the babies becoming uneasy.

Castiel sighed, "I'm just concerned, that's all. I'm worried they won't be able to handle Earth yet."

"So they just have human vessels to sit around in Heaven in them?" Dean asked.

Castiel opened his mouth to argue but couldn't think of something so he just sighed, "I'm sorry…your right."

"I know. Now let's go," Dean said, so annoyed with the angel that he wanted to punch something. He took a soothing breath as he held his baby girl close. He knew he was going to need Castiel to fly him. He didn't want to risk a crash landing.

Castiel walked over and placed his free hand on Dean's shoulder as he spread his wings.

. . .

Sam's stomach jumped when he felt the breeze and heard the fluttering of wings. He immediately leapt up from the couch where he was sitting with his laptop and turned to the source. Bobby stood up from his desk, turning his head as well. They were both waiting for word on how Dean was doing. They just weren't expecting to see him so soon.

"Dean, are you okay?" Sam asked, already walking towards his brother. He froze mid-step when he saw the tiny little winged baby in his Dean's arms. The baby had her face against Dean's shoulder but he could see the white dress and thick, dark hair. Her wings were white and glimmering with silver and violet. He turned his gaze to where he could see another winged baby against Castiel's chest, the boy with very short dark blonde hair and black wings with silver streaks and tips. The baby was wearing little jeans and a black tee shirt. He turned his eyes back to Dean, who was still angelic but he was smiling wider than Sam had ever seen before.

Sam and Bobby glanced at the babies with wide eyes, nearly speechless. They had thought that they would never see the children. Sam couldn't help the smile when he saw little white wings twitching and he heard the little girl make a squeaky noise.

Dean beamed as he gently turned Serena to face Sam and Bobby, "This is Serena Grace Winchester," he said as the little green eyed girl giggled and squirmed.

Sam immediately felt his heart melt at the baby. She was so gorgeous…he couldn't believe something could be so beautiful. He smiled, "She is…so beautiful," he said, holding out his arms.

Dean hesitated for a moment, still not wanting to let go but Sam had his puppy dog eyes and Serena was reaching her arms out towards Sam, "Serena…meet Uncle Sammy."

Sam couldn't help the joy as he held the little angel in his arms. She immediately giggled and smiled up at Sam with three teeth already. He reached out to touch his face as her wings fluttered.

Dean turned to Castiel, who was still hesitant, holding Daniel close. He gave the angel a warning look and Castiel let out a smile as he turned the little boy, "This is Daniel Jude Winchester," he said, smiling when he saw a true smile on the eldest hunter's face.

Bobby couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the two innocent little angelic babies. He couldn't see any wings so he wasn't sure if they had them or if he just wasn't able to see them. He couldn't see Dean's anymore. He felt a warmth through his body as Daniel's soft blue eyes lit and he let out a laugh as he squirmed in Castiel's arms, trying to reach out. Bobby could feel his eyes sting slightly with tears he was definitely not going to shed. He wanted to hold one of the babies but he wasn't sure he trusted himself.

"I believe Daniel wants to be held by his grandfather," Castiel said, earning a look of approval from Dean.

Bobby hesitated and shook his head slightly but he felt his heart warm even more at the words Castiel had just said. He had never thought of himself to be a grandfather. Before he could say no, Castiel moved closer and placed the infant into his arms, "I trust you," he said, which was a big thing for the angel but Castiel meant every word.

Bobby took Daniel into his arms as though he were the most fragile thing he had ever touched. He couldn't help the laugh when he felt the little baby instantly reach out and pull on his chin hair.

Sam just beamed as he cradled Serena, who was just staring at him with wide, grass green eyes. He smiled at Bobby, who was now moving to sit on the couch with the most adorable little boy. Sam turned back to Dean, "She has your eyes," he said.

Dean just smiled and nodded, "Yeah…let's hope she has my personality too," he said, grinning when Castiel narrowed his eyes at him, "What? Can you blame me?"

"I am very intelligent, Dean. Just because I do not find your ludicrous jokes humorous does not mean I have no sense of personality," he said with a small smile when Dean lifted his eyebrows.

Sam and Bobby both chuckled at that one and Castiel smiled more when he heard Serena and Daniel start to giggle.

"Not funny," Dean said, still smiling even if Castiel just cracked a joke back at him.

"The names are perfect," Sam said as he took a seat beside Bobby. Serena and Daniel were starting to get comfortable in the two hunter's arms and they were starting to curl up in their own little winged blankets.

"I thought they were celestial," Bobby said, still smiling but trying to act like his tough self.

"They were at first but after a short while, they developed their own vessels," Castiel said, shifting as he watched his babies falling back to sleep. He was being greedy and he wanted them back. Dean was just ecstatic to see Sam and Bobby so truthfully happy so he was willing to let them hold the babies for a little longer.

Sam lifted his eyebrows, "that is very…that's great," he said, "Gabriel said they were celestial…I – I thought I'd never be able to see them."

Dean smiled as he took a place on the loveseat. He yanked Castiel down beside him and grabbed his hand, trying to get him to loosen up a little.

"They look a little older than they should," Bobby noted.

Dean bit down on his lip and stared at the floor, not wanting to talk about it. Castiel seemed to sense it, "They are angelic so I believe the vessels will keep aging at a rate until they can safely hold in the true light of the celestial beings as they grow."

Sam noticed how Dean seemed uneasy about the subject so he didn't pry, "They really do look a lot like you guys…well, a lot of Dean."

Castiel smiled, "I know. That is because not much of the appearance of this vessel was transferred but their true forms look a lot like mine."

"Oh…" Sam said, realizing that made a lot of sense.

"But since this is my true vessel, it was meant to appear as I would if I were in human form, therefore, some of the DNA of course was transferred," Castiel explained, noting the dark hair and some facial features.

Dean turned to Castiel, "I didn't know that…I thought that was just a vessel."

"I cannot wear just any vessel…" Castiel said, stating the obvious.

"I know that," Dean snapped, "I wasn't born yesterday."

"Then what did you not know?" Castiel asked, ignoring the attitude.

"That it was made to look the way you would if you were human," Dean said.

"That should have been obvious…it's in the bloodline," Castiel went on.

"Stop talking to me like I'm stupid, Cas," Dean muttered, pulling his hand away.

"I'm not," Castiel defended.

"You just don't understand anything," Dean said, feeling annoyed again.

"I understand more than you," he said, "just not things that are not of import…such as movie quotes or song lyrics."

"That stuff is important," Dean argued, staring into blue eyes.

Sam tried not to laugh at the way his brother and the angel were bickering back and forth like an old married couple already. He turned to see Bobby was seemingly trying to hold back from laughing as well.

"Oh quiet down," Gabriel said as he appeared in the room. Castiel was on his feet, standing in front of Sam and Bobby – or rather his babies in their laps – and growled deep in his chest at the intruder. He calmed a bit once he realized it was Gabriel.

"Woah," Gabriel said, holding out his hands at the definite threatening manner Castiel had stood in front of him.

"Don't sneak up like that," Castiel growled, turning to take back his babies. He was feeling over protective all of a sudden.

Dean was already on his feet and halfway over to Gabriel without realizing he moved. Gabriel just lifted his eyebrows, "Your both really protective…I promise to knock next time."

"Sneak up like that again and there won't be a next time," Castiel warned as he gently took Daniel from Bobby's arms. Bobby was hesitant at first but decided not to argue with an overprotective archangel.

Gabriel just rolled his eyes, "I just want to hold them," he said hopefully.

Sam glared at Castiel as he took Serena from his arms. Castiel walked back over to the other couch with one baby in each arm. They were both already asleep.

"What do they eat? Or do they?" Sam asked, trying to get everyone in a better mood.

Dean turned to Castiel questioningly as he took a seat beside him.

Castiel pursed his lips as he gazed at the two little angels sleeping, "I'm not sure," he said, "they have not cried once for anything."

Just as if on cue, Serena's eyes opened and she began to let out a long, high pitched cry. In an instant, Daniel's eyes were opened and focused on his sister and he fluttered his wings to try and get near her.

Dean's stomach flipped as he took her into his arms. He could feel her body temperature dropping as he cried and reached out at nothing. Little clear blue tears fell from her eyes and streamed down her chubby cheeks. He lifted her body so her face was over his shoulder and he stood up and began to try and cheer her up. He froze when he felt a pinch on one of his feathers. He then felt her body calming down.

"She's drinking some grace," Castiel said, his eyes lightening.

Dean realized she was doing exactly that and it was an entirely different sensation than he was used to. Instead of the passionate feeling when Castiel did it, it felt so…nurturing. He felt right doing it and as if on instinct, his feathers had automatically curled more around his baby.

Castiel turned to see Daniel copying his sister and reaching for Castiel's feathers. Out of curiosity, Castel allowed his feathers to fall against his baby's face as Daniel curled into the same position as Serena. A small pinch and Castiel felt a nurturing sensation as he fed his baby.

"Um…I'm not sure why but this feels a bit awkward," Bobby said, standing up, "I'll give you some privacy," he walked out of the room.

Sam followed close behind the eldest hunter into the study.

"Well…now I know what to get you two," Gabriel said with a smirk, "Question is…what size…"

"Get out of here," Dean snapped, throwing a pillow at the archangel, who just disappeared.

Castiel just smiled at Dean. He felt so honored to be able to help the infants in the same manner as Dean. Now he knew why the hunter was staying angelic. Dean softly sat back on the couch beside his angel as the little baby fed on his grace. Neither of them said a word for the next hour.

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