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. . .

Chapter 14: Lions, Tigers, Angels:

. . .One Month Later. . .

"You just have to keep them busy," Gabriel explained to Sam, trying his best to give him the best puppy dog look he could.

Sam sighed, "Dean is going to know."

"I can keep him busy," Lucifer said with a smirk as he and Michael showed up into the room.

"Just say you want to go to the park," Gabriel added in, ignoring his brother.

"The park?" Sam asked with disbelief.

"Bring the kiddies," Gabriel said, smiling, "Oh and then go out to eat…I only need a few hours."

Sam sighed, shaking his head, "Dean is going to kill you when he finds out."

"Well, he can just suck it up," Gabriel said, "Mikie, Luci, you gonna help set up?"

"I wanted to spend time with Serena and Daniel," Michael admitted.

"You just did two days ago!" Lucifer argued, "I haven't seen them in a week."

"Michael, you help me…Lucifer…go with them," Gabriel said, waving a hand.

Michael just glared at the floor but nodded. Lucifer smirked proudly when he watched Gabriel ad Michael vanish.

"What are you so smug about? I never said you could come," Sam said, already annoyed with Lucifer.

"We will see what Dean and Castiel say about it," Lucifer said, letting his wings stretch across the motel room, "Where are they anyways?"

"Think they went out to get stuff for the babies," Sam said as he opened his laptop. He cursed and slammed it shut when he came across an image of him and Gabriel doing something really inappropriate as the desktop picture. He stared up, "I'm going to kill you, Gabe," all he got in return was a warm sensation spilling through his veins from the archangel.

"What did he do?" Lucifer asked curiously, taking a seat on the bed beside Sam.

"Can you give me some space…I have a rule where I don't let the devil get in my bubble," Sam said, scooting a bit to the side.

"I'm not really the devil anymore…and I've already been inside you, Sammy," Lucifer said with a smirk as he let his wings drape over the hunter.

Sam ground his teeth and tried to shove off the wings but damn they could be heavy. He balled his hand into a fist and threw it at Lucifer, landing right on his jaw. Sam hissed out in pain, cupping his now bruised and throbbing fist into his other hand.

Lucifer chucked unfazed by the hit as he pulled his wings back and stepped off of the bed. He could sense the happy couple returning any second now. Sam flexed his fingers, trying to rid of the burning sensation as the door opened.

"Not funny, Cas," Dean muttered, his green eyes lit with annoyance as he walked in, Daniel cradled in one arm and a green 'save the environment' reusable bag in the other.

Castiel walked in behind Dean, his own eyes filled with irritation as he held Serena in one arm and another bag in his other.

"What else do I tell them?" Castiel asked, placing the bag down.

Dean smiled when Daniel shifted in his arm, reaching his little hands over to where Lucifer was standing. Daniel's wings shook, the feathers flaring with what Dean picked up on as excitement.

"Hey there Danny boy," Lucifer practically crooned, causing Daniel's wings to shake more with excitement. Already, the babies were growing fast. They were already learning how to speak and Dean couldn't even get mad when Serena's first word was 'Mommy' as he pointed at Dean. Daniel's first word was, to all of their surprise, 'God'. They suspected He had something to do with that. Now they were speaking a surprisingly large amount of words. Their bodies were even the size of nine month old babies.

"Luci," Daniel said in a little voice.

Dean lifted his eyebrows, still not used to the idea of his baby liking Lucifer but he wasn't going to bitch about it. Whatever made his little boy and girl happy was enough for him to look past someone's mistakes. He just sighed as he turned to Lucifer, who was holding his arms out in anticipation. Dean was getting a little better at letting others hold Daniel and Serena but Castiel wasn't as far along as Dean. He still let out a small growl when Dean allowed Lucifer to hold Daniel, who immediately went for grabbing the wings and pulling on them. Lucifer just smiled as he took a seat on the other bed, letting all six of his wings fall over him and Daniel.

Sam glanced at them for a moment, already forgetting his annoyance with Lucifer. He then turned to Castiel, who was holding Serena so closely, it was shocking she wasn't in pain. Her hair was already almost shoulder-length and it was thick and had the unruly wisps that Castiel had. Her green eyes were wide as she smiled widely at Sam, letting out a giggle.

"Cas, let her see Sam. She's been asking about him all morning," Dean snapped. Castiel shot him a glare but then smiled as he slowly handed Serena to Sam, who had an instant smile on his face.

"I'm sorry, Dean," Castiel said, turning back to the hunter as he pulled out grocery items and placed them on the table. They were mostly just small things like food the kids wanted which consisted mostly of candy which Gabriel assured them he had nothing to do with.

"Cas…that woman almost called the mental hospital," Dean snapped.

"What happened?" Sam asked with curiosity as he overheard that last part. Serena was pulling on his hair.

"Cas told this woman that I gave birth to the babies," Dean said, holding out his arms, "and when I tried to assure her that's not how it happened, Castiel kept saying I was lying and he even brought up Heaven."

"She was a devout woman, Dean. She would have understood," Castiel said firmly.

"Cas, I'm with Dean on this one…you don't just go and say a man gave birth…most men don't do that," Sam admitted.

"Oh don't forget how he started babbling on about how he didn't want Lucifer near our babies," Dean said as he slammed a bottle of water onto the table.

Lucifer glanced up, "Why not?" he asked, "I'm really good with them."

"I know," Dean said with a sigh, "Castiel here just doesn't want anyone to touch them."

"Could you two please stop fighting…" Sam groaned, their bickering getting on his last nerve, "We should go to the park and relax today."

Castiel and Dean both turned to him questioningly, "The park?" Dean asked. He thought about it for a moment, "Actually, sounds like a great idea."

"What about the Zoo?" Lucifer suggested, "Bet these two would love to see the tigers."

Daniel gave a little laugh as Lucifer held him up over him, playing airplane. Daniel's wings spread wide as he gave them little flaps.

"Where is there a Zoo around here?" Sam asked, giving Lucifer a look.

"Hello…angels here," Lucifer said, giving his own wings a heavy flap as if in answer.

Once Dean and Castiel looked away, Sam glared at Lucifer, letting him know he is screwing with the plan. They only needed to be away for a few hours and the closest zoo was about an hour away. Dean would wonder why they had to fly back instead of drive. Lucifer just stuck his tongue out at Sam and smirked when Daniel copied him, pushing his little tongue out.

Sam couldn't help the small laugh as he shook his head. Lucifer then stuck his tongue out again though this time it was forked like a snakes. Daniel stopped giggling for a moment as he stared at Lucifer questioningly, his wings curling up in the air.

"Stop trying to scare him," Dean said from across the room, noticing the forked tongue. Lucifer just arched an eyebrow at him before pulling his tongue back in so it was normal.

Sam recalled once when he had the hallucinations and he saw the forked tongue. He didn't voice anything as he smiled at Serena, who was already starting to get tired as her wings fell around her body.

"Lucifer, give me Daniel," Castiel said firmly as he walked over to the bed. Lucifer shook his head and stared into the blue eyes of the baby angel, "Do you want to go back to boring ol Cassie?"

Daniel just stared at him before sticking his tongue out again.

"Cas, relax…he's not gonna hurt him," Dean said with irritation.

"He is teaching him bad habits," Castiel said, turning back to Dean.

"Do you know of any kid who didn't stick their tongue out at least once?" Dean questioned.

"He is only a month old, Dean," Castiel said.

"He doesn't look only a month old," Dean said, ignoring the twisting and turning in his gut.

Castiel seemed to realize what Dean was thinking about so he shot Lucifer a glare before going to make sure Dean was alright.

"So when are we going to this zoo?" Dean asked, changing the subject or he would end up going insane inside his own thoughts.

"Now," Lucifer said, standing up with Daniel clinging to his wing. He pouted when Castiel took the baby back and walked over to get Serena back into his other arm.

Sam sighed in disappointment as the small, warm bundle of joy was taken from him.

Dean ignored the sensation to hit Castiel as he took his little boy into his arms. Daniel smiled up at him before sticking his tongue out. Dean chuckled a little as he did it back when Castiel turned around.

. . .

Dean stopped in his tracks and his stomach twisted as he stared at the monkey that stopped in its tracks, the dark eyes stuck on Daniel. Dean felt a strange wave of protectiveness wash over him and he wrapped his wings around the baby as he took a step away from the window.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked, noticing the way Dean was acting.

"I don't trust that monkey," Dean said, glaring at the somewhat small gorilla which was now pressing its face against the glass.

"You sound like Michael…he hates monkeys, apes, gorillas…had a bad experience," Lucifer said as he walked closer to the window for a closer look.

"I remember that," Castiel said as he walked over to them, Serena not in his arms as Sam held her.

"He wanted to smite them all!" Lucifer chuckled.

"What did they do?" Dean asked curiously.

"He was sent to a huge group of them to help out and they started to go insane and pull at his wings…took him almost a week for his wings to look normal," Lucifer mused.

"They can see your wings?" Dean questioned.

Lucifer nodded, "Actually, most creatures can…just humans normally can't because they are simple minded."

"I can see them," Dean said with a smirk.

"Yeah well you got a pair yourself now," Lucifer said, staring at them, "And your good at hiding them from people."

Dean shrugged as he tried to move along, away from the prying eyes of moneys or gorillas or whatever the hell they were, "I don't have to try anymore," he said, "Bobby can't see them anymore. He can't see Daniel or Serena's either."

"Really now?" Lucifer asked, staring at Dean's wings again, "Can I touch yours?"

Dean just laughed, "Do you have to make it sound dirty?"

"I'll let you touch mine," Lucifer added with a grin. He rolled his eyes when Castiel let out a growl.

"Knock it off Cas…he can touch em' if he wants," Dean said, allowing one wing to release from Daniel as he thrashed it into Lucifer, who actually stumbled back a little.

"Damn, those things have some kick," Lucifer said as he ran his fingers over the ultra-silky texture…they were still so new that they were like downy. He lifted his eyebrows when he felt the tingling that usually resulted from a strong grace. He stared at Dean, noticing how he was gaining more of a lightness to him as the days passed, "You…you're getting quite a lot of grace," he said, "Pretty soon you'll be full angelic."

"Wait…what?" Sam asked, now intent on listening in as Dean started to walk away from the now two gorillas who had their faces practically pressed against the glass to stare closer at the babies.

"Nothing to worry about, Sammy," Dean said quickly.

"Nothing to worry about? Seriously Dean?" Sam asked with annoyance as he tried to keep up with all of the 'angels'.

"Nothing to worry about," Dean said again, darting irritated eyes at Lucifer for bringing it up. Lucifer just shrugged as he stared over to another area with more monkeys in it. He now wished that Michael was there…he'd love to see his brother around them. Michael had avoided them at all costs since the incident.

"You wanna hold him?" Dean asked Lucifer, whose eyes lit and he nodded.

Castiel just watched Lucifer closely as he held Daniel in his arms.

"Where's Gabe? I would have thought this would be something he'd want to do," Dean said, turning to Sam to change the subject.

Sam shrugged, "I think he said he had some Trickster business with a few gods or something like that."

"He still does Trickster stuff? Don't they all know the truth?" Dean asked, purposely moving away from the monkeys.

"All of the ones who knew died," Sam said, shooting a glare at Lucifer, who was suddenly really interested in the monkey exhibit.

"What about Kali?" Dean asked, remembering how they got her out of there.

Sam shrugged and looked away, "I don't think she'd say anything."

"What ever happened to her? She know that Gabriel's alive?" Dean asked.

"Don't know," Sam said, trying not to let jealousy show but he couldn't control it. He hated her from trying to kill Gabriel.

"Her face was priceless when the fire didn't work on me," Lucifer chuckled as he remembered, "Thought she was all tough…would have squashed her like a bug."

Dean smirked, "She was a monster…only seemed fitting."

"Oh I have an amazing idea…follow me," Lucifer said with excitement.

Dean and Castiel both felt a wave of terror pass over them as Lucifer vanished with Daniel. Castiel immediately followed the trail Lucifer left behind for them. Dean was about to go but he quickly latched onto Sam's arm as he fled to follow them. He wasn't as great a flyer as any other angel but he could still do it decently; Castiel was an amazing teacher. Dean made sure to keep his Sam and Serena both close as he whizzed through the now outdoor area, trees and land a blur around them. He stopped once he saw the two angels' grace beaming like a star in the daylight.

Sam visibly shook with fear once they landed. His eyes were wide as he stared at Dean, "How did you do that?"

"Cause' I'm awesome," Dean said quickly before darting his eyes over to where Castiel was shouting at Lucifer. They were outside somewhere and it was surprisingly hot as the sun beat down on them.

Dean's stomach flipped as he realized where they were and he had the urge to help Castiel but he also felt the intense need to protect Serena and Sam, who were so vulnerable to the area.

"What's going on? Where are we?" Sam asked, staring around the area.

"Stay in front of me…let's go over there," Dean said, glancing around to make sure there were no predators nearby. Sam nodded and instantly walked close to Dean, who debated grabbing Serena but he figured he'd need two hands if something was going to come after them.

Sam froze and Dean nearly walked into him, "Go," he said.

Sam felt his stomach twisting and turning as he held Serena closer in his arms. He stared at the large lion that was standing to the side of them, his mane thick and body muscular as he watched them with a slight tilt of the head in curiosity.

Dean immediately moved to the front of Sam and Serena and spread his wings wide the way he had been taught. He knew the lion could see them for his eyes immediately focused on them before Dean again. Dean sifted through is thoughts on how best to deal with the lion if it decided to attack. He didn't want to kill it unless of course it tried to hurt his family.

Castiel tried his best to not lash out and make the lions uncomfortable as Lucifer sat on the ground, Daniel bouncing with excitement in his arms. Daniel reached out to the lion cubs who were all running over with curiosity. Castiel felt another twist of protectiveness in his grace as a few adult female lions lifted their heads up to watch.

"Relax Cas," Lucifer said, shaking his head, "Animals will not attack angels…it's just natural to them."

"What about Michael and the gorillas?" Castiel asked, keeping his eyes locked on the cubs then the could-be mothers. One specifically began to walk over and Castiel decided she was the mother.

"They weren't attacking him…they just wanted to feel his wings," Lucifer said, "Michael just freaked out about it."

Castiel felt more unease as the desire to tear Lucifer a new one climbed into his head again but he didn't want to frighten the lions to attack. He had no desire to harm them.

"It's okay," Lucifer whispered to the cubs as they stopped a few feet away.

Castiel immediately connected his mind with the mother lions just as he did when Sam and Dean were turned into kittens. The lion stared at him as he began to speak, "I apologize for my brother's rude behavior. I promise we are not here to harm your children."

Castiel stiffened when he swore the lion just rolled his eyes before walking over to Lucifer. She rubbed her face against his before rolling onto her side into his wings. Lucifer just smirked as he allowed all six of his wings to drape on the lion. Not long after, the other female lions were walking over trying to do the same. Castiel couldn't help but smile when the small cubs began to step closer to Daniel.

Castiel sighed in relief though when he realized they were not going to harm anyone. He quickly turned and his grace stung with fear to see Dean standing in front of a full-grown male lion.

"Hey," Castiel called and the lion whipped his head over. The eyes grazed over to Lucifer for a moment before he stared at Dean for another moment then walked away.

"What did you do?" Sam asked, not able to see through the wing shield over his eyes.

"What the hell are we doing here?" Dean asked, taking Serena into his arms as he stared at Castiel.

"Apparently Lucifer knows these lions," Castiel said, noticing the way the lions all seemed to stare at Lucifer with remembrance.

"What? How is that possible?" Dean asked, catching up and having to hold back his wings as he noticed Daniel sitting on the grass in front of Lucifer. Small cubs were rubbing their faces against the wing-flapping, excited baby angel.

"They will not harm us," Castiel said firmly before his eyes landed on Sam, "Though you are just human…"

Sam's eyes widened as one of the female lions stared at him. He stopped walking.

"Your fine," Lucifer said, "Now come on. I want Serena to experience this."

Dean took a deep breath but walked past Castiel, who seemed content with standing a few feet back to be sure there were not any dangers nearby.

Dean smiled weakly at a mother lion as she watched him place Serena down. Serena seemed more hesitant about the baby lion cubs as he squealed and climbed back into Dean's arms, her wings curling around her body.

Castiel had almost lost it when he heard the squeal but he calmed down a bit when he noticed it was just Serena being afraid. She was always more skittish than Daniel, who was already becoming a little trouble-maker.

"Sam…do not panic," Castiel said suddenly as he noticed another lion only a few inches from the younger Winchester.

"W-why?" Sam asked, stiffening when he felt a pressure on the back of his leg. He knew it was from a large animal pressing a face against him.

Castiel smiled a little as he heard the lion thinking about giving him a bath and how his hair was long like a mane, "Now…she wants you to sit down," he told the hunter.

"What?" Sam asked, his voice cracking with fear and eyes wide, "You want me to sit down with a lion?"

Castiel nodded, "She is nice…she likes your hair. Just sit down or she'll push you," he said, repeating the thoughts he heard.

Sam felt his stomach twist in fear but he knew Castiel wouldn't mess with him so he slowly stared at the lion who seemed to be waiting. He then gently sat down until the lion's head was higher than his. He grunted and almost freaked out when the face lunged toward his but he sucked in a breath when he felt a hot, wet tongue slap against his cheek.

"She likes the way you taste," Castiel said.

Sam's eyes blew wider, "What? Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

Dean chuckled as he heard what Castiel was saying to Sam. He loved Cas but his angel had no idea about how the human mind works.

"Ser…" Dean whispered, trying to uncurl the little angel from her wings, "It's okay…their nice."

Serena gave another little squeal and clutched onto Dean tighter when he tried to move her. Dean sighed and just bit down on his lip as he ran his fingers through her silky feathers. He gave the mother lion a sheepish smile as he held Serena in his own wings. She seemed to relax a little at the comfort before she bit down. Dean winced a little but then smiled wider at the warm sensation of knowing he was feeding his baby girl.

Dean stiffened a bit when the mother lion's face was now just mere inches from his as he stared over his shoulder to try and get a view of the baby. Dean didn't like the way his throat was just an inch from the teeth of such a predator and he instinctively curled Serena closer to him. He tried to calm his rapid heartbeat when he felt the mother lion place her chin down on his shoulder.

"Go ahead pet her," Lucifer urged as he watched the cubs swat playfully at Daniel's wings.

Dean stared at Lucifer with wide eyes but his stomach flipped when he felt the mother lion move her head from his shoulder to push it under his hand, nudging for him to pet her. Dean took a deep breath as his shaky hand brushed the surprisingly soft, yet rough fur.

"I think we should go see the tigers," Lucifer suggested, "They just got some new cubs there and they are even smaller than these ones."

Dean felt his stomach twist again as he gently pet the giant cat, "I don't know about that," he said.

"Oh come on," Lucifer groaned, "Don't be such a sissy."

"I'm not a sissy," Dean defended, "I just don't like the idea of huge ass cats being near my babies."

"Sissy," Lucifer taunted, "Always going to be your excuse huh?"

"Fine. Let's go see the tigers," Dean said, not wanting Lucifer to think he is afraid.

Lucifer smirked and rubbed his hands together, "We have the babies…" he said, noticing how Sam was sitting on the grass with a lioness hovering over him, licking his hair into a matted mess.

Dean noticed how engrossed Castiel seemed into staring at their surroundings so he quickly held Serena closer as he stood up slowly. Lucifer stood as well, pulling away Daniel, who started to thrash his wings in anger. Without another glance, Dean and Lucifer took off.

. . .

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