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Chapter 16: The Hunters:

"So your saying that people still kill wolves?" Sam asked as he ran his fingers through the thick, soft fur of the Arctic wolf lying between him and Lucifer.

Lucifer nodded, "Yes, what did you think?" he asked like Sam was stupid.

"Well…I thought wolves were all like…protected and stuff?" Sam noted, his stomach twisting nervously at the thought of someone actually killing such beautiful creatures.

"Not all of them…and even the ones who are protected get killed," Lucifer muttered, his voice laced with anger.

"That's just messed up," Dean said as he scratched behind the ear of one of the wolf pups that were between him and Castiel. Daniel and Serena were letting their little hands sink into the thick fur while the pups were gently nipping at each other's faces.

"But they aren't doing anything? What could even be around here to give them reason?" Sam asked, staring around at the endless blanket of white.

"Nothing. They do it just because they can," Lucifer said as he pet the Alpha which was sitting on his other side.

"Those people deserve to get a taste of their own medicine," Dean breathed angrily.

"Some of them do," Lucifer said simply. He turned his eyes to Michael when he stood up and stretched out his wings, "Where are you going?"

"I must leave," Michael said, giving them a nod before taking off.

Castiel simply watched as the wolves all stared around as if in question to the man who just vanished. He wondered what Azire would think of coming down for a visit to enjoy time in the wild with other wolves; Azire would love it. He smiled as he thought about it then turned to Dean, "Please do not go anywhere. I will return in just a moment."

"Where are you…" he stopped mid-sentence when his angel vanished from where he had been sitting.

"Is there something going on up there?" Dean asked Lucifer.

Lucifer listened in for a moment then shook his head, "Nothing out of the ordinary," he shrugged.

"It's getting really late," Sam noted, staring at Lucifer knowingly. The archangel let out an unnecessary sigh as he ran his fingers through the warm fur.

"Cas," Dean said as he saw the light that appeared before the angel materialized. He was about to speak again but his eyes set on Azire, who was standing tall, his own white and black wings stretching out before folding against his back.

"Now Azire…remember what I said," Castiel warned when he noticed the Heaven Hound eyeing the other wolves, which each stood up to get a better look at the new addition.

Azire just stared at Castiel then glanced at Dean and the two babies nearby. His ears perked up for a moment before he tilted his head.

"Yes Azire, it is them," Castiel said softly as he gently lifted up Daniel, who was about to whine about the loss of the wolf. His eyes lifted to the Heaven Hound then and his eyes widened and he began to reach out.

Azire just stared for another moment before walking over. He completely ignored Dean as he dipped his head down to get a closer look at the baby boy. Azire's wings stretched again then folded as the feathers turned into uncoordinated angles.

Dean couldn't help but smile a little. He hated to admit it but he had forgotten about the angel-wolf. Daniel giggled a little before touching Azire's thick fur. Azire closed his eyes as he relished in the feel. He then sniffed the wings that were shaking excitedly around the baby. Azire then moved his gaze to the little girl, who was smiling at him and running a hand through the fur she could reach on his leg.

Castiel had to admit that he was incredibly nervous about Azire meeting Daniel and Serena. It wasn't that he was worried about his hound hurting them, he was just concerned that maybe Azire wouldn't approve of them. It had taken a lot of convincing just for Azire to tolerate Dean. He beamed though when Azire gently lay on the ground and allowed his wings to stretch out over the two wolf pups and angel babies. The two pups suddenly had interest in the large and winged wolf and they were soon crawling on top of him.

There was a loud growl and Azire stood up quickly and spun around to see the Alpha of the pack standing tall and growling with sharp, white teeth bore. Azire let out a low growl of his own as he stared down at the other wolf.

"Azire, remember what I said. You are not here to take the position of Alpha," Castiel scolded but Azire ignored him and lowered down slightly, feathers twitching.

The alpha stared at him for a moment before backing up and lowering to the ground.

"Well, I think the other wolves' think of him like that already," Lucifer said, "he is twice their size."

Castiel sighed and narrowed his eyes at Azire, "I told you not to start anything."

"It's the wolves' natural instinct," Lucifer noted, "Think of it this way…Azire here can protect them from anything; even the poachers who are walking over here right now."

"What?" Dean asked, suddenly snapping out of it. He had been nervous with seeing the growling match. He quickly lifted his two children from the ground and stood up.

Azire jerked his head to the side, his ears twitching as he listened to the crunching of footsteps coming closer. He stretched his wings out as wide as they could go before arching them up in the manner of showing his strength. The other wolves were all standing up as well, baring teeth dangerously. The mother of the two pups was over to them and standing protectively like a shield.

"I'm sure you don't want to see this," Castiel said, grabbing onto Dean's arm.

"I'd like to see it," Lucifer said as he noticed the figures stalking closer in the darkness.

Dean nodded, holding Serena and Daniel closer, "We should go."

"Yes," Castiel said, staring at Azire, "Zire, please try to not kill them."

Azire let out a huff as he kept his gaze locked on the poachers who were steadily aiming their guns.

Dean felt awful for leaving the wolves out alone where the stupid men were but Azire seemed to have it under control as he began to run towards the hunters.

"Penguin time," Lucifer said cheerily as he grabbed Sam's arm and vanished.

"Dammit," Dean muttered, allowing Castiel to take Serena. He held Daniel close to his chest as he followed the trail. He had become an excellent flyer and though it scared the crap out of him, it was as simple as riding a bike. He fled through obstacles, over trees and landscapes and he could feel the temperature dropping the further they got.

Dean couldn't help the smirk as he stared at the colony of penguins standing in front of them, all seemingly huddled together. He had never thought the day would come where he would be in the same area as penguins. He honestly never thought much about animals while hunting supernatural creatures but he had to admit that this was one of the most thrilling days of his life and that was saying something.

Daniel shivered in his arms as he clutched at Dean's tee shirt and wrapped his little wings around himself. Dean allowed one of his wings to curl around his baby boy and he could immediately feel warmth that only seemed to radiate through him when he was holding his baby.

Sam beamed as he watched a group of penguins start to waddle over to them, each standing at around two feet high. He shivered to himself at the icy chill that spread over his body but he pushed it to the back of his mind and began to sit down. He lifted his eyebrows when he felt warmth encompass his entire body, blocking out the icy chill of wind. He stared down to see a thick, dark brown jacket covering his body. He immediately moved to feel the texture and was shocked to find it thicker than any coat he had ever touched. He stared up to see Lucifer rubbing his hands together.

"What kind of coat is this?" Sam questioned, hugging it closer to his body. He realized then that he had gloves on and some sort of hat that covered his ears.

"It's made specially to withstand below freezing temperatures. Something I created myself not long ago…figured you could be the guinea pig," he shrugged as he shook his wings and folded them behind him to sit down.

Castiel and Dean followed suit and neither of them really felt the chill while holding their babies. There was something about being with them that was just comforting.

"So what kind of penguins are these?" Dean asked, "Are they gonna dance for us?" he grinned at his words but earned nothing but blank looks from everyone else. Daniel giggled out of nowhere so at least that made Dean feel a bit better.

"Penguins don't dance, Dean," Castiel stated.

Dean sighed and shook his head, "You've never seen Happy Feet?" he asked with wide eyes.

Castiel and Lucifer just stared and Sam just shook his head, "I've heard of it but I never watched it."

"Oh," Dean said, staring over at the penguins that were still waddling over to them.

"When did you watch Happy Feet?" Sam questioned.

Dean shrugged, "A few years ago. It's not a bad movie."

"Happy Feet," Castiel said to himself, "As in happy feet?" he stared at his own feet.

Dean chuckled, "It's a movie about a dancing penguin."

"That seems absurd," Castiel noted but he smiled at the image of a penguin dancing.

Dean just smiled, noting that he would have to have Serena and Daniel watch it sooner or later.

There was a snap of fingers and suddenly each of them had bucket of fish laid out in front of them.

"Gosh that stinks," Dean murmured as a whiff wafted into his nostrils.

Lucifer just smiled lightly as he lifted a small fish from his bucket. He held it out in front of him and everyone watched in awe as several penguins came waddling over even faster.

On that note, Sam and Dean each dug their hands into the bucket of fish and pulled out some. The fish were cold and slimy but it was worth it when a penguin lightly pecked it out of their hands.

Daniel and Serena both giggled as they ran their hands over the strange texture of the penguins body.

Castiel and Dean were iffy about it at first but once they noticed the penguins were not going to do any harm, they relaxed and allowed their little ones to get closer.

"Look at the baby ones," Sam beamed as the little bundles waddled over, following the mother.

"The fathers are out getting food," Lucifer noted, "The ones here are surviving off of what the mother provides them from their hunt."

Castiel just smiled at the way Lucifer seemed to shine like the Morningstar he was. He had rarely seen it since his return though it seemed he had a soft spot for their Father's animal creations.

They remained there for at least another half hour before Sam was literally shivering to the point he thought his teeth would break. Apparently the jacket only sustained warmth for a certain time.

"G-guys, w-we sh-should get b-back," Sam shivered as he tried to hug the coat closer to him. It wasn't only because of the cold but he knew Gabriel was going to be upset if they were even more late to the party than they were.

"Yeah your right," Dean said as he pulled Daniel into his wings. Castiel curled Serena into his wings and they each stood up.

"I wanna stay a little longer," Lucifer said as he sat in the middle of at least thirty penguins.

Sam gave him a knowing look and after a dramatic sigh, Lucifer stood up and stretched out his wings.

"Back to the motel?" Dean asked as he felt Daniel stretching in his arms. He knew his little guy was tired.

Castiel nodded as he embraced Serena softly, feeling her grace warming in the meaning of sleepiness.

"I got Sammy," Lucifer said and in a flash, they vanished.

Dean chuckled before spreading his wings, still holding Daniel in his arms. Castiel did the same motion though he used one of his hands to grab onto Dean's arm.

"I can do it," Dean said defiantly, though he wasn't sure he would be able to go that far.

Castiel just shook his head before taking off.

. . .

"Beat you!" Dean hissed as he landed right in front of Sam and Lucifer. Castiel just stared at him with disapproval of his immature behavior but waved it off. He had a strange sensation in his grace as he stared at the door to their motel room. He was positive he could sense a large quantity of celestial activity in the area. He turned to Lucifer, who just gave him a warning look. Castiel took it as he was supposed to be surprised by something and he didn't want to ruin the surprise for Dean. Instead, he folded his wings behind him and propped Serena against his chest so her face was on his shoulder. She was almost in a sleep.

Dean copied Castiel and allowed the sleepy little angel boy to rest against his shoulder. He sighed and opened the door.

"What the fu-" Dean hissed, his heart leaping up into his throat as he entered the room. All at once, several voices shouted 'surprise' and Dean was ready to punch every one of them in the face. Daniel squirmed and his wings perked up as he stared, wide-eyed at the room filled with at least fifty people.

"Happy belated angel shower," Gabriel cheered as he ran over and threw an arm across each Dean and Castiel's shoulders.

Dean just shook his head and laughed, "I hate you right now," he said. He turned to Sam and Lucifer and felt a pang of anger to see them smirking.

"Did you know about this?" Dean asked Sam.

Sam pressed his lips together before just flat out smiling and nodding, "Your face was priceless," he said.

"Screw you, man," Dean mumbled, shoving Gabriel's arm off of him. He took that moment to gaze around at the room, "What the hell?" he asked, noticing that it was not the regular size of a motel room. It was more like the size of ball room with angelic decorations and balloons and lots of food. His head spun a little from the sight of so many different sets of wings from the at least fifty angels in the room. He had no idea who any of them were minus the few regulars.

"This was unnecessary," Castiel said slowly, turning to Gabriel, whose arm was still draped over his shoulder.

"It was necessary…you and Deano need to relax for a night so…" Gabriel said, removing his arm to take Serena.

Castiel glared at him and shook his head, "I don't know about this…"

Dean curled Daniel closer to him when Michael walked over to take him.

"May I take them for the night?" another voice piped in, causing a grim silence to take over the room.

Everyone turned their gazed over to God…or John…as he slowly walked over, eyes twinkling with a smile from ear to ear.

Serena and Daniel both shook a little as they reached out for him.

Dean just chuckled, knowing there was no way he was going to refuse allowing God to hold his babies. With a heavy breath, he reluctantly allowed Him to take Daniel. Castiel beamed as he gently handed over Serena.

It was still silent as God held one baby in each arm. He smiled at Dean then Castiel, "I will return them…there are some things I would like for them to see."

The parents nodded and watched as He disappeared with them.

It was silent for another moment before Gabriel clapped his hands, "Well…whose ready for a party?"

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