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. . .

Chapter 17: Angels and Alcohol:

"So did you, like, tear all of the walls down in the entire motel?" Dean asked, staring at the wide area.

"No Deano," Gabriel said with a smirk, "I just tweaked it a little with some angel juice."

"Oh, like the tent on Harry Potter…small on the outside but like an entire house on the inside," Sam said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Exactly," Gabriel said, throwing an arm around the tall Winchester, "This is why I love my giant ol' nerd."

Dean rolled his eyes but smiled as he scanned the other angels in the room. He turned his gaze, though, when he felt a hand push on his shoulder and before he knew what was happening, Castiel was standing in front of him, wings curled back like a shield and a low growl sounded deep in his chest.

"What the hell, Cas," Dean muttered, shoving at the wings.

"What is he doing here?" Castiel growled as he stared at the tall, dark man wearing his usual suit.

Dean pushed past the wings to see who was apparently not on good terms with his angel. He knit his eyebrows at the unfamiliar face but the wings were familiar with gray-blue feathers with subtle hints of what Dean could only describe as a stormy night, "Raphael?" he asked, shoving at Castiel again when the angel tried to stand in front of him again.

"Cas, relax," Gabriel said, trying to calm the situation.

Raphael stood still, his dark brown eyes locked firmly on Dean. There wasn't even a hint of distaste like he was used to. After a moment, he gave a small smile, "Congratulations, Castiel," he said, his tone genuine as he turned to Dean and gave him a nod.

Castiel relaxed a little in exchange to tilt his head in confusion.

"You look like Morgan Freeman," Dean noted with a smirk.

Raphael smiled at that and gave a little laugh, "That is not the first time I've been told that."

"What happened to you?" Sam asked, clearly confused on how kind he was being.

"As you should know, I've spent much time as a cupid now," Raphael went on. There was a slight frown on his features as he gazed at the other archangel's in the room.

Michael stared down for a moment before shielding the two extra sets of wings. He was still upset that his brother was demoted to a cupid. He and Raphael had gotten along better than he had with most of his brothers.

"I'm just here to support you," Raphael said after a moment, "And to get…drunk, as you call it. Never had time for it but Gabriel here insisted I do so."

Gabriel smirked, "Got that right. Raphie is gonna get smashed," he moved away from Sam to walk over to where kegs lined along the entire length of the wall. Along the other wall were tables filled with every type of liquor one could think of.

"Remember last time?" Dean asked, still alarmed by Raphael's kindness but he wasn't going to complain, "I don't want to end up waking up with Lucifer again."

Lucifer grinned and threw an arm around Dean, "Oh but we had so much fun."

"Don't forget you two kissed," Sam teased, earning baffled looks from the other angels in the room.

Dean felt his face flush red as he moved away from Lucifer, who was simply amused by it. Castiel glared at his brother for a moment but didn't dwell on it. It was in the past.

"No drama tonight," Gabriel said quickly, lifting up a keg, "It's time to drink…everyone line up."

. . .

Two hours, twenty kegs and at least two hundred beers later, they were all starting to lounge around in the room in relaxation. Dean was surprised to find that all of the hard liquor was already consumed and it was getting awfully loud in the room, even over the music that was playing through surround sound speakers. He only wondered if Gabriel somehow soundproofed the room.

At the moment, Dean was sitting back on a leather couch beside Michael, who was drinking from a bottle of glowing blue liquid. The humans in the room were told not to touch the specific liquid for it was created powerful enough to get any angel obliterated. It didn't help that Dean was curious as anyone else would be.

"Where's Castiel?" Michael asked, his voice drawled out as he tossed the empty bottle behind him.

Dean knit his eyebrows, his head spinning as he gazed around the room. He swore the angel was just sitting beside him two minutes ago. Now he was nowhere in sight and honestly, Dean couldn't focus on anything because of the mix of wings everywhere. He shook his spinning head and took a swig from a bottle of absinthe that he held.

"Hello Dean," a voice sounded and Dean immediately leapt up from the couch. He wobbled for a moment, spilling the glowing green liquor on his arm before he placed it down. He turned his eyes to the short, messy haired man before him.

"Chuck!" Dean exclaimed with a wide smile, "Where have you been, man?" he stumbled just a little on his way to bear hug the prophet.

Chuck stiffened in his hold for a moment, chewing on his lip awkwardly, "Um Dean…I-your crushing me," he said.

"Oh sorry," Dean said, letting go so the smaller man landed on his feet.

"Congrats on the soul-estial babies," Chuck said with a smile, "I always knew you and Castiel would get together."

"Smart ass," Dean chuckled as he sat back down on the couch. He patted the spot beside him.

Chuck shifted slightly as he stared from the spot then to Michael, who was directly beside it.

"You're the prophet," Michael said, giving him a charming smile, "Always liked you guys."

"Um…thanks?" Chuck said, shifting on his heels again.

"Come…sit down," Michael said, patting the same spot.

"I, uh, I think I should go," Chuck said, rubbing the back of his neck. He let out a yelp when he felt his body shoved forward and he face-planted into the cushion. He scrambled for a moment before just sitting back on the spot.

"That wasn't very nice, Lucifer," Michael scolded as he stared up at his brother.

Lucifer smirked, "Come on...we need to get some alcohol in him…he's too stiff."

Dean grinned and chuckled, "Don't ya just hate stiffies?"

Lucifer smirked at the remark, "Right…Michael is such a stiff in the morning."

Dean full on laughed at that because in his drunken mind, anything was funny and added in to something that sounded dirty…yeah, he was really immature.

"Who has a stiffy?" Gabriel's voice sounded as he walked over and threw an arm around Lucifer's shoulders.

Dean could tell at once that of all of the angels in the room, Gabriel was the most obliterated. He could barely even walk and his wings were all dangling, feather bent and crooked.

"What ever happened to you after the apocalypse that never happened?" Dean asked, turning to Chuck.

Chuck bit down on his lip, "That is not of your concern," he said in a clipped tone, "Now…you said you wanted me to drink so why don't one of you provide the liquor."

"Give him the blue stuff," Lucifer smirked, backing away from Gabriel, who almost fell over from loss of balance.

"That's not fair!" Dean said, shaking his head, "If he gets to have some, then so do I."

"Dean, you already drank a bottle of absinthe and like ten beers," Castiel's voice sounded as he appeared beside the couch.

"What are you, my parental guardian?" Dean asked with a smirk.

"I am your guardian angel," Castiel said, his bright blue eyes glossed over from liquor. He was still hanging onto a bottle of the blue stuff.

Dean chuckled as he lifted his bottle to take another sip. He then passed it to Chuck, who inspected it for a moment before sniffing it, "Ugh, smells like black liquorice," he said, wrinkling his nose.

"Tastes like it too," Dean mused as he stared drunkenly around the room, "Where the hell did he go again?" he asked, noticing Castiel gone once more.

Gabriel scanned the room and pointed to behind the couch, beside the DJ booth, "He is with Sachael."

Dean felt an immediately pang on jealousy roll through him as he spun around to stare at the beautiful blonde with eyes bluer than even Castiel's. She was talking animatedly about something that had Castiel smiling. Dean was not going to let that happen. He ground his teeth and stood up from the couch once more, stumbling on his feet as he tried to take a step.

"Woah," Sam's voice grunted as Dean fell into him. He caught his brother before he could fall over.

"How much did you drink?" Sam asked, noticing his brother was worse than he had seen in a while.

"I don' know," Dean mumbled, "Where have you been?"

"Just talking to some angel named Nathaniel…he's a really cool guy, actually," Sam said with a smile.

"Ah Natty," Gabriel said with a smirk, "He is boring."

"Why do you insist on calling us those dreadful pet names constantly?" Michael asked, standing up as well so he could get more alcohol.

"Because you're all just so darn cute," Gabriel crooned, reaching over to squeeze Michael's cheek but he got smacked on the side of the head instead.

"Castiel!" a voice called out, familiar to most of the angels and humans in the room.

It was silent for a moment as Crowley stomped across the room towards the angel in the trench coat.

Dean and Sam froze immediately as they sensed the atmosphere in the room switch from loud and drunk to ready-for-demon-smiting.

Castiel perked up and walked towards him, "What do you want?" he growled, his hand balling into a fist. Sachael backed away to give them space.

Crowley knew it was pathetic of him to walk into a room full of angels. To be honest, he didn't think there would be as many as there were but he needed a good word with the angel.

"Are you really that stupid?" Lucifer asked, walking over to stand beside Sachael, "Waltz into a room filled with angels? Seriously?"

Crowley ignored him, "We have a problem," he said to Castiel, "Do you think we could go talk somewhere?"

"You can talk here," Michael said darkly, also standing beside them.

Crowley knew there was no point in arguing so he just clenched his teeth and let out a breath to calm down.

"What is the problem?" Castiel asked, still very drunk but ready to kill if necessary.

"This," Crowley said, snapping his fingers. In a flash, there was something sitting in his hand. It was small and probably only half a foot tall but all at once, the room began deathly silent as they stared at the creature.

Dean knit his eyebrows as he stared at what looked like some sort of dog. It had the shape of a wolf cub's body, still muscular despite how small it was. The fur was thick and white but had black tips, giving it somewhat of a salt and pepper look. The fur also looked as though it was giving off a light gray smoke. Wings stretched from its back and arched up but along the thickest bone, it seemed to be a dark leathery texture with the same smoky fur. The feathers that spread along the wings were white and black and the tips of them gave off the same dark smoke as it would on a Hellhound. The little creature had golden eyes that seemed to have black swirling through them.

"It…it's kinda cute," Dean mused with a smile as he stared at the little creature which Crowley held.

"What is that?" Castiel asked, almost positive of the answer already.

"Seems your little mutt knocked up my hound!" Crowley growled, "Two of these just came out earlier today."

Everyone was silent for a moment as they stared from Castiel to Crowley.

"That is an abomination," Michael suddenly said, staring at the heaven-hell creature. He was walking over about to take it but Castiel glared at him.

"Can we keep him?" Dean suddenly asked Castiel, standing beside him. As much as he hated Hellhounds, this little hybrid just looked bad-ass.

"Take him…" Crowley said, shoving the little hound into Dean's arms, "That one is too nice."

"What about the other one?" Castiel asked, suddenly feeling a little happy about Azire being a father as well. He would have to tell him.

"I don't think you'd want him up here…he is one vicious little bugger," Crowley said with irritation. He turned back to Castiel, "Keep your stupid mutt away from Crow."

"Azire fraternized with the enemy?" Gabriel asked with amusement.

Castiel just kept a glare locked on Crowley but the demon just vanished, leaving an awkward silence as everyone turned to the hound that Dean now held.

Dean couldn't help but smile as the little puppy licked his face. It was a strange sensation of hot and cold against his skin. The fur was incredibly soft and warm, like he was sticking his hands in warm water. The wings fluttered in the air a little, the smoke trailing with them and it was just awesome. The only thing that had Dean's stomach uneasy was the way those golden eyes were smoky like a hellhound…and the paws were massive compared to the body.

"Can I hold him?" Sam asked, walking over.

"No," Dean said, turning away and scratching behind the perked up ear, "Hey!" he complained when the hound vanished from his arms and Castiel held him in front of him in inspect.

"Even your hound consults with demons," Michael noted though there wasn't any malice in his tone. It was more of a tone of disappointment which Castiel didn't think was any better.

"Well, that was Crowley's gift to you, I suppose," Gabriel said with a smirk. He turned to see that most of the angels in the room were gone, having already drank too much. He turned back to Dean and Castiel; the angel held the little heaven-hell hound in his arms.

"Some of us here have provided you with gifts," Gabriel added, wiggling his eyebrows, "So sit down and await."

Dean and Castiel just stared at him for a moment before sitting down on the leather couch. Dean lifted his eyebrows when Gabriel snapped his fingers and a pile at least six feet tall of wrapped gifts of all shapes and sizes appeared beside them; this was going to get very interesting.

. . .

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