So I pressed shuffle on my Ipod so I can start writing…and 'Welcome to the Jungle' came on and I ended up putting down my computer to rock out with the dogs…I officially have lost my mind. O.O. There will be rock in this chapter. ;D

Ended up different than I wanted…so it'll start with Michael and Lucifer fighting over songs while Sam and Dean are stuck with the effects. Then switch to mostly Sam and Dean.

Warning: Some of the lyrics in this chapter contain mature content. Just letting you know…you've been warned.

. . .

Chapter 19: A Musical Apocalypse:

Dean smirked as he glanced over at Sam, who was passing back out on the seat. He debated shooting the water from his ring but decided loud music was more interesting at the moment. He quickly turned the nob on the stereo so it was all the way up before pressing 'on'.

Sam literally jumped in the air when the music blasted off half way through a song. Dean smirked as he began to belt out the lyrics to a song he knew Sam hated, "We'll get some purple hued tailpipes and some thirty inch fins," he sang, "We'll pound em' in the dashboard and duel muffler twins, oh yeah."

"Seriously?" Sam groaned, moving to turn the radio down. Dean smacked his hand before singing out loud some more.

"I have a headache," Sam snapped, feeling the throbbing in his temples as the bass nearly rattled the car.

Dean smirked before turning it down just a little bit. He then went forward to find somewhere open to eat. He could only think of Denny's and that seemed a reasonable place to get Sam up to speed.

Once the song ended, Sam was about to speak but a new song came on. Dean knit his eyebrows as he listened to the beginning tune. It sounded like a creepy beginning to a movie about a little kid killing people.

Sam seemed to calm a bit at the low tone before the rocking started, blasting with drums and high guitar. Soon the singer shouted 'Nightmare' and Dean knew at once what it was. He wasn't too fond of the lyrics, per say but it was a decent song.

Sam lifted his eyebrows as he listened to the lyrics, "Dragged ya down below…down to the devil's show…to be his guest forever -Peace of mind is less than never."

Dean listened to more of the song and the two of them were pretty silent despite the lyrics filling up the vehicle. Sam couldn't help but wonder went through Dean's head as he listened because this song was pretty damn close from what he could tell. It started to get to a part and Dean went to try and change the station but it wouldn't budge.

Sam knew the next lyrics had to get to Dean in some way or another, "Fight –fight, not to fail-fail, not to fall –fall…or you'll end up like the others."

Dean didn't look at Sam as he tried and change the station. He sighed when it didn't work. That was the fifth time it had happened in the past week. He waited for the song to finish, remembering it was a particular tune that Alastair liked to hum…that was why it sounded familiar.

He smirked when the next song started up, bells ringing the way Dean liked it. He moved to turn the radio back up as the guitar started up. Hells Bells.

"Is it like Hell hour or something?" Sam asked while he could without the music being too loud.

Dean turned to him and shrugged, "Wouldn't surprise me on this station."

Sam nodded, "Alright," he said, shaking his head when Dean started to sing the lyrics himself.

Dean paused once the song ended and a new one started up. Now he was getting suspicious when Highway to Hell began to play. He quickly moved to turn the station again. When it didn't work, he went to turn the radio off but it was like the buttons weren't working. Dammit Lucifer screwed with the radio.

"Lucifer…you're a dick," Dean shouted when he couldn't even turn the volume down.

Sam pressed his lips together before chuckling a little, "You have to admit, it is kinda funny," he said.

Dean glared at him, "Nobody touches my stuff," he growled, trying to put the tape player on but all that ended up happening was the song stopping to re-continue on the new setting.

Both of them jumped a little when they heard a crackling sound in the radio before the song abruptly shut off only to restart with 'Stairway to Heaven'.

"What the…" Dean started trying to focus on driving but it was becoming difficult.

"Probably another angel," Sam said with shrug. He actually didn't mind the song much.

Dean just shook his head when there was crackling again before 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' started up. He swore he could hear voices arguing through the music.

"Leave th – lone –" the voice cut in and out during the song.

Dean listened closer, "Who is that?" he asked, trying to recognize the voice. Stairway to Heaven came back on and it was silent except for the music.

"I think that was Michael," Sam noted.

"Leave my radio alone!" Dean shouted up at the ceiling of the car, earning and wince from Sam and his headache.

Dean punched the steering wheel as 'Sympathy for the Devil' broke through the song. He stared up, "Not very original," he muttered. It only took a moment for the song to switch over to something else.

"What is this crap?" Dean asked, listening to the female voice singing softly over soft piano.

"I think it's called 'Angel'," Sam said, smirking at Dean's irritation. Serves him right for screwing with the Holy Water Ring.

"Don't angels have anything better?" Dean asked, trying to mess with the radio again.

"Humans don't portray us correctly," Michael's voice said through the song.

"Hey…get out of my radio…" Dean snapped, pressing buttons.

Sam chuckled when another song started, this time being 'Shout at the Devil'. Before it could really even start, 'Lips of an Angel' came on.

"I think Michael is winning this," Sam said as he rubbed his temples. His headache was throbbing into his eyes.

"Somehow, I'm thinking Lucifer's choice of music is a little better," Dean muttered, listening to the song, "How is this even angel-like…talking about adultery."

. . .

Michael scanned the list of songs, looking for something with 'Heaven' or 'Angel' in the title. He paused when his eyes set on 'A Little Piece of Heaven.'

Lucifer glanced over, knowing the song perfectly. He pressed his lips together for a moment not to laugh, "Not that one," he said, hoping he would choose it.

Michael glanced at Lucifer suspiciously before shoving him and letting the song take over.

. . .

Dean sighed when a new song started. It started partially through and the two hunters stared with wide eyes at the lyrics sounding through.

"Must have stabbed her fifty fucking times, I can't believe it…Ripped her heart out right before her eyes…Eyes over easy, eat it, eat it, eat it," the voice sung.

"Who is playing this song?" Dean asked, staring at the radio.

"She was never this good in bed even when she was sleeping. Now she's just so perfect I've never been quite so fucking deep in It goes on and on and on-" the song cut off and silence took over to where they could hear Lucifer laughing and Michael just silent.

. . .

Michael just stared at the title of the song, then to Lucifer, who was still laughing.

"You knew that song was wrong, didn't you?" Michael asked, trying to figure out how that song would be named after Heaven.

"It was too tempting," Lucifer laughed, "The look on your face."

"Who would even sing that?" Michael asked, wondering what kind of person sings about necrophilia.

"A favorite band of mine," Lucifer said, snapping his fingers to start a new song for the hunters.

. . .

Sam let out a laugh, "Michael picked that one," he said.

"Probably didn't even know what it was about," Dean said, wondering what song it was. He smirked a little as the next song started, "I like this one," he said, listening as 'Number of the Beast' began.

"Oh come on!" Dean groaned when the song switched again to some strange sounding Jamaican one.

"Lucifer, son of mourning…I'm gonna chase you out of Earth," it started off and Sam and Dean just stared at the radio.

"Wow…classy," Dean said, shaking his head.

"Very funny," Lucifer's voice rang out from the stereo and Dean couldn't help but laugh a little at how those two were arguing like regular brothers. There was radio scratching and the sound of someone getting hit before another…song started.

It was more of just talking with a hint of guitar in the background. Sam and Dean were silent as they listened to who they knew was Johnny Cash, doing his talking thing but it was about the devil and like telling a story. Dean lifted his eyebrows, "I feel like I'm at church or something."

It only took a few seconds after that for 'How Far is Heaven' to start up.

Dean was about to speak before the stereo blasted louder than before, seeming like surround sound that literally made his head spin. Sam winced and pressed on his eyes as the song started off annoyingly, the voice making Dean want to punch someone.

"Oh, I'm a gummy bear…yes, I'm a gummy bear," it rang out. "Oh I'm a yummy, chummy, funny lucky gummy bear."

"Make it stop!" Dean growled, pulling the car over to the side of the road. He literally shouted when he couldn't open the door. Sam was trying as well, yanking on handle.

"Gabriel," Sam groaned, "I know this one is you."

They could practically hear Gabriel singing with the song.

Dean stared at the stereo for another moment before pulling out his knife to yank it out. He ground his teeth when it wouldn't budge…not even for a moment and the stupid gummy bear was about to pop his eardrums. The entire song played out before 'Runnin' with the Devil' started only to be cut off two seconds later by Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven'.

Sam pressed his head against the window, looking like he was ready to rip his head off. Dean sighed and leaned his head back on the seat as a car whizzed by on the darkened road. He heard a scratching noise before another song started.

"What if God was one of us…just a slob like one of us…just a stranger on the bus…trying to make his way home."

Dean stared at the radio then over to Sam.

"Was that you?" Lucifer's voice asked over the radio. There was a muttered 'no' from Michael.

Dean smirked as the radio cut off for a moment before returning to the regular radio where a commercial was playing. He quickly clicked the power button and sighed in relief when it turned off.

"That was…the strangest thing that's happened to us in a while, I think," Sam mumbled, rubbing his head. He sat up a moment later and stared at Dean as he pulled back onto the road.

"My headache is gone," he said, sounding relieved yet confused.

Dean just shook his head, still wondering how bored the angels would have to be to start a friggen musical war. He smirked and turned to Sam, "Would you call that like…musical apocalypse?"

Sam just stared at him and shook his head, "That was lame," he said.

Dean smirked again and took a deep breath, letting his own wings stretch out, hitting Sam on the side of the head.

"Put those things away," Sam muttered, swatting at them. He sighed ground his teeth when they wouldn't budge, "Why are you being so annoying?"

"Oh come on Sammy…lighten up," Dean said, letting a few long feathers brush over his brother's ear. He knew it would irritate him.

"Stop," Sam snapped, glaring over.

Dean nodded and pulled his wing back for a moment, driving silently along the road. After a few minutes, he jerked his wing to the side as hard as he could. He glanced over to see Sam push it away, spitting feathers out of his mouth as he began to move.

"Oh crap," Dean said when Sam got out of the seat and began to lean over. Dean couldn't control the laugh that slipped from him when Sam began to tickle the feathers closest to his back, "Ah…come on – Sam, I'm driving – stop," Dean laughed, trying to jerk away and pay attention to the road at the same time.

Sam smirked a little as he moved back to his seat, noticing the way Dean folded the wings firmly against his back to avoid another tickling situation. Dean took that moment to catch his breath and swerve back into the lines on the road. He shook his head, "Not funny…I could have crashed."

Sam shrugged, "Car is indestructible," he said simply.

Dean let out a laugh then just stared ahead. His stomach turned when he got a strange sensation pooling through him. He immediately darted his eyes around, sensing something nearby. He noticed too late when something walked out in front of the Impala. Dean slammed on the brakes as hard as he could but he flinched when whatever they hit slammed into the windshield before rolling over the entire top, landing on the other side.

"Crap," Sam hissed, immediately going to get out once they stopped fully.

Dean placed a hand on his arm and peered out the mirror, making sure the thing didn't move.

"What?" Sam asked, confused by Dean stopping him.

"I don't think it's human," Dean said slowly.

"Um…it's not moving," Sam noted worriedly.

"That doesn't mean anything," Dean said, leaning back to grab the crossbow. He stared at the variety of arrows, wondering which kind to grab, "Sam," he hissed when his brother walked out of the car, a gun held firmly in his hand.

"Dammit," Dean muttered, grabbing the crossbow and box of arrows.

"Hey," Sam said and Dean slid out of the car.

Sam walked closer, squinting at the shadowed figure on the ground, "Hey…you alright?" he asked, prepared to lean down. He paused and jumped back a little when he noticed the eyes snap open and they seemed to glow. Before he could think, it leapt up from the ground, slashing the gun from his hand and pinning him to the back of the car.

Dean immediately knew what it was the moment he noticed the leap. He quickly pulled out a silver tipped arrow and slid it into the crossbow. He aimed it at werewolf and in a flash, the arrow shot out, sliding right through the head.

Sam winced when he watched the arrow pierce through one side of the werewolf's head and poke out the other. He gave a heavy shove when the weight fell dead on top of him.

Dean quickly threw the crossbow into the backseat before jumping over to Sam, who was sitting up, brushing off his jacket as he stared at the dead werewolf. Dean just shook his head as he lifted the gun and tossed it back to his brother, "I told you to wait," he said.

"Well I'm sorry…you hit something on the road and it doesn't move, it usually means it's hurt," Sam muttered, sliding the gun into its place.

"Oh come on…that's one of the most common ways vampires get their food," Dean said, smirking as he nudged the arrow stuck in the head of blonde hair with his foot.

Sam just sighed, "What should we do with it?"

Dean shrugged and kicked the body until it was on the side of the road, shadowed by trees. He walked back over to inspect any damage before realizing there wasn't even a scratch. He smiled before sliding back in to drive. Sam sat in the other seat and took a moment to catch his breath.

"Maybe that's what Chuck was talking about," Dean said as he pulled back onto the road.

Sam pursed his lips before nodding, "Probably…he could have just told us."

"I didn't even think to ask," Dean laughed, "But that was friggen awesome!"

Sam just stared, "Yeah…if the thing isn't on top of you."

"Oh don't be such a sissy about it…the arrow went all the way through," Dean said, smirking proudly, "I love crossbows."

Sam just shook his head.

. . .

"I love how you can eat whatever you want whenever you want here," Dean said as they waited for their food.

"You would eat a cheeseburger any chance you got," Sam noted.

"And you, Mr. Salad will eat rabbit food whenever you want," Dean retorted.

"Mr. Salad?" Sam asked, lifting his eyebrows, "Wow."

Dean smiled at the waitress as he placed their coffee on the table.

"I'll be right back," Sam said, standing up and heading towards the bathroom.

Dean waited until he was out of sight then smirked as he grabbed the bottle of Tabasco sauce. He quickly tipped it to put a few drops in Sam's coffee. He gasped and pulled it back when it poured out faster than he expected. He quickly put the bottle down and stirred the coffee, making sure the dark color remained normal. Luckily, the coffee was strong enough to block out the scent. He then went to make his own coffee, trying to keep a straight face and sip on it as Sam walked back over to the table.

Dean took a sip then stood up, "I'm going to get more creamer thingies," he said, taking a step away from the table but keeping an eye on it.

Sam shrugged and grabbed his mug of coffee. He sighed before taking a huge sip. At once, he felt his throat close up and he couldn't control it as he spit the coffee across the table, hitting the spot where Dean had been sitting. He panted and sucked in a breath as he felt his throat and tongue burn from the heat and what he swore was spicy. After a moment, he glanced over to see Dean walking back over with nothing in hand. It hit Sam then that Dean doesn't like creamer like that in his coffee.

"What happened to you?" Dean asked, trying not to laugh as people turned to stare at Sam, who was drowning down water to relieve the burn, "Aw, you spit all over my seat."

"Screw you," Sam murmured, wiping his mouth, "Creamer? Really?"

Dean couldn't help but laugh as he wiped his seat and sat back down. He chuckled and turned to Sam, "Oh come on…that was a good one."

"How sauce in the coffee?" Sam muttered, "Messed up."

"Well, I couldn't put a pepper in your burger cause you don't eat them enough," Dean pointed out.

"Jerk," Sam snapped.

"Bitch," Dean retorted with a smug look as their food arrived.

"Hey, is there something wrong with the coffee?" the waitress asked.

Sam shook his head, "No…just got some hot sauce in it."

"Now why on Earth would you do that?" the waitress asked.

Dean smirked, "He's odd," he said.

The waitress smiled, "Can I get you anything else?"

"No thank you," Sam said politely as he slid his plate of pancakes over to him protectively.

Dean helped himself to his chicken tenders, corned beef hash and chocolate chip waffles. After a few minutes, a couple guys in the booth beside them began to talk about the Impala in the parking lot. Dean leaned over the seat to talk to them about it and Sam took advantage of the moment, leaning under the table. In just seconds, he had Dean's boot laces tied around the leg of the table, giving him enough space to move them around but not to walk away.

Sam immediately went to finishing off his pancakes, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Dean paid the bill and Sam stood up, grabbing his jacket and sliding it on. He walked away from the table just as Dean stood up. Sam stepped back just in time as Dean tried to slide out of the booth. There was a loud crash as he fell onto his side on the floor, wincing and clutching at his left wing which as crushing in the process. Sam couldn't stop laughing to himself at the sight…if only everyone could see his wings.

Dean sat up and glanced at his shoes before glaring at Sam.

Everyone was staring at them and Sam tried hard not to laugh again as Dean untied his laces and fixed his boots before standing back up. They slowly walked out of the building and that was when Sam let it release, clutching his stomach as he laughed on the way to the Impala.

"You realize this means war," Dean said as they slid into the car.

"It was war when you put tabasco in my coffee," Sam replied.

. . .

So I am in the process of prewriting chapters for this story and The Feather Effect 2 because I got the game, 'Dishonored' today and then I'm getting' 'Assassin's Creed III' in a few days. Not sure what's going to happen but I know I'm going to get sucked into them. So I'm sorry for that.

Hope you liked this chapter. And just to throw it out there that 'A Little Piece of Heaven' is by Avenged Sevenfold and the song and video are quite disturbing. :D. If you like that, check it out.