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Chapter 2: Their First Time:

Castiel took in a slow, deep breath of fresh air as he stepped out onto the balcony. The sun was setting over the horizon, casting a pinkish gold and orange glow over the expanse of canyons. A fresh, autumn breeze brushed over him, crisp with the scent of fallen leaves and oncoming rain. The swift draft brushed through his wings, causing the sensitive feathers to sway softly behind him. He closed his eyes as he felt a warm hand brush across his feathers, causing euphoric and tingling sensations to pulse through his veins and into his grace. He could feel the love and joy that could only spread through him from Dean's touch.

Dean walked closer to his angel, running his fingers through the silky ebony feathers and dipped his head down to kiss along the revealed smooth and sweet skin of his lover. Castiel breathed out a soft moan and let his head to fall back against Dean's shoulder, allowing the hunter access to more of his skin. It was rare Castiel wore anything less than his suit and trench coat and at the moment, he was clad in nothing but boxer shorts.

Dean gently removed one hand from the wings and used it to sweep his hand over the soft skin of his angel's back, feeling every bump and curve of muscle and bone until he let his fingers press gently against the place between his wings. Castiel hissed out in pleasure, his back arching at the sensations rippling through his entire body. He let out a purr when Dean's lips moved along his neck, hot tongue tasting the skin and teeth gently nibbling and sucking at the flesh until red blossomed over.

Castiel moaned and purred all at once as his hunter's strong hands gripped the arches of his wings and rubbed his thumbs in circular motions over them. Castiel gasped and his back arched once more until he was flat against Dean's bare chest, head fallen back onto his shoulder "Oh Dean, that feels…" he mumbled, unable to find words to describe just how he felt.

Dean smiled against the skin of his angel then trailed wet, hot kisses up his neck until he reached his ear where he nibbled on the lobe for a moment. He then allowed his hands to roam over Castiel's bare chest and over his abs before resting over his pecks. He gently teased the nipples, earning pleased moans from Castiel.

"Dean," Castiel panted "I – I don't know what's happening."

Dean brushed his lips over Castiel's ear and whispered "I want to try something with you," the hot breath caused chills to shoot up and down Castiel's spine.

Castiel moaned as he allowed Dean to turn him around. Emerald eyes met lust blown sapphire in an intense gaze that almost had Dean's knees buckling.

Castiel knew what Dean was referring to and he was now ready. His body was responding to what his hunter was doing and the angel was now feeling loss of control. Dean's eyes held so much love and passion that Castiel just wanted to melt into his arms and bend to his every will.

Dean's stomach flipped with the idea of what he was going to do. He had never had sex with another man but he just felt right with Castiel. He trusted that angel with his life and he wanted him to be able to experience the joy of a sexual encounter. He slowly wrapped his arms around Castiel's waist and pulled him close as he sealed his lips with the angel's.

Castiel's blood rushed with excitement at such a passionate kiss. He didn't understand what was happening but all he knew was that he wanted to be connected with Dean in a way he never had before. It was known that Jimmy was no longer with him and the body and everything was all Castiel so he had no understanding of this human feeling.

Castiel gasped and shivered as he felt a hand cup over a very sensitive part of him and he unsealed the kiss the see Dean's hand over a tented part of his boxers. He knew that happened when humans were going to have sexual intercourse and somehow that idea did not freak him out as it had when Dean brought him to the brothel. He trusted Dean and he wanted to do this.

Dean took a deep breath when he felt Castiel's wings wrap around him in a tight embrace, the feathers warmer than usual and sending vibes into his bared skin. He shuddered as his erection grew stronger. He was falling into lust triggered bliss.

The actions were fast and before either of the men knew what was happening, Castiel had Dean pinned down on the large, plush California king bed of the room they were in.

Castiel had lost control the moment his wings made contact with Dean's bared skin. Instinct was taking over…an angelic instinct that Gabriel had mentioned long ago. He was going into full blown mating mode. He was not going to have much control over his own body and his instinct was dominance. He feared Dean wouldn't like it but it was too late to turn back.

Dean felt another wave of lust wash over him as Castiel pushed him onto the bed and crawled over him, his pupils blown with lust and the blue of his eyes radiating with a glow that seemed to lighten the entire room. Once Dean made eye contact, he was lost in the motion. He quickly grabbed onto the back of Castiel's neck and pulled him down into a rough and needy kiss. It was sloppy and just the way he liked it.

Castiel had no idea what to expect as his mating ritual began to take course. He instantly knew what to do. He moaned into the kiss before moving kisses down Dean's neck and chest. He let out a low, primitive growl before closing his mouth over one of Dean's nipples.

Dean gasped and his back arched as he tried to get closer to his angel. He wanted him and everything about him. He loved the way Castiel was taking control. It felt amazing to be the one taken and it turned him on even more. When Castiel let out that growl, Dean felt another rush through his body. He wrapped his muscular arms around Castiel as tight as he could and curled his fingers into the feathers closest to the angel's back.

Castiel arched back and let out another growl as his wings shuddered and shook with pleasure, the feathers puffing out in delight. He then waved an arm and instantly, all clothing was removed, leaving two naked men upon the bed.

Dean's stomach flipped when he realized they were actually going to do it but the moment his eyes locked with blue, he was lost in lust once more. It was as though Castiel's eyes were causing him to get lost in the moment. He didn't care…all he knew was that he wanted Castiel inside of him. He grabbed at the beautiful, glimmering wings that were surrounding them like a curtain. He pulled them against his skin, enjoying the sensations they sent through his body. Castiel was now back against him, warm skin against skin contact as the angel took the other nipple into his mouth.

Dean panted in pleasure as he gripped the feathers tighter, enjoying the way they felt shuddering in his hands. Before he could rethink what he was doing, he had his mouth over the arch, tasting the bittersweet feathers. He winced as he bit down, feeling his teeth slide through the feathers and his mouth was suddenly filled with a warm, tingling and numbing fluid.

Castiel jerked up when he felt the bite and it wasn't pain…it was the most intense pleasure he could have imagined. Dean's eyes were wide and worried as liquid blue grace spilled from the corner of his mouth. Castiel glanced at his wing where the bite happened and radiant blue grace streamed through the feathers, causing them to glow vibrantly. He smiled as he let the grace smother his fingers then he dipped back down to place more kisses upon his hunter's mouth. He could taste his grace on Dean's lips and it made him feel ever more connected than before. He moved his mouth back to nibble at the skin on Dean's neck as he slowly moved his grace slickened fingers to Dean's entrance.

Dean stiffened when he felt where Castiel's hand was roaming but he let his body relax. He wanted this…he wanted to do this with Castiel. He closed his eyes as he felt the grace he swallowed warm his body and soul. He hardly noticed when a finger slid into him. He had expected unbelievable pain but he was shocked when all he could feel was warmth and pleasure streaming through his body. He moaned loudly as he tried to push against the finger inside of him. He wanted more of Castiel. He opened his eyes and they met with bright sapphire blue and for the first time, he could almost see Castiel's true light shining through those eyes.

Castiel moved back to Dean's chest, letting his wing drape over Dean, who took one look at the blue grace seeping through the wound and he couldn't control the urge to close his mouth back over it. The bittersweet and warm and perfect fluid dripped down his throat, causing him to feel as though he were floating in the sunlight. He gasped and arched when he felt a second finger slide into him, reaching deeper and stretching his entrance.

Castiel moaned at the feeling of Dean's mouth on his wing. It was intense and he just wanted to start thrusting into the hunter but he knew he needed to prepare him to avoid tearing. He knew the liquid grace would cause Dean a high that would take a long time to get over.

Dean gasped and moaned loudly as immense pleasure pierced through his body as Castiel touched against his prostate. He winced and clenched hands into feathers as he bit down harder against the arch, causing Castiel to moan just as loudly.

"Cas…I'm…ready," Dean panted, just wanting his angel inside of him.

Castiel nodded, agreeing with that statement. He quickly moved and positioned himself between the hunter's legs. He wrapped two of his six wings around Dean's body to hold him up slightly in the perfect position.

He then let some of the leaking grace from his bitten wing fall into his hand. He covered his erection in it before pressing against Dean's entrance. He stared into the lust blown emerald eyes before slowly sliding inside. The two men instantly moaned in sync at the luxurious feeling.

Dean sucked in a deep breath and he felt his muscles clench at the wonderful feeling of Castiel inside of him.

Castiel gasped and moaned as he tried to keep slow and steady thrusts into the hunter's warm and silky inside but he was on the verge of losing control.

Dean just wanted it rough and hard "Dammit Cas, I'm not gonna break," he almost growled.

Castiel's eyes lit even more and without another word, he pulled out and pounded into Dean as hard as he could. Dean moaned and clutched at the arches of Castiel's wings to pull himself up. He just wanted to be wrapped and tangled up with his angel as much as possible. Castiel panted as he pumped into Dean at an inhuman speed. His wings shook and thrashed beyond his control, knocking over lamps and other devices from the tables around them. He could feel the sparks flaring at the tips of his feathers and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. It was his first time mating and it always ended quickly. Added in the fact that he was in a human body, he was going to be done any moment. He just wanted to make sure Dean was just as satisfied.

Dean leaned up and wrapped his arms around Castiel as tight as he could, pressing himself closer against his angel, wanting him deeper and harder. Pleasure was bursting through his body each time his prostate was touched and damn Castiel knew exactly where and how to hit it perfectly.

Castiel moved his hand to Dean's erection and began to pump it in rhythm with the thrusts and Dean was moaning loudly enough that the certain people in the other room definitely heard them.

"F-Fuck Cas," Dean panted "I-I'm gonna…" he winced as the orgasm caused sparks to pass through his body and toes curl as he spilled his semen over their bare chests.

At the same moment Dean came, Castiel felt the loss of control. He gasped and clapped his hand over the print he left on Dean's shoulder. He began to feel his grace swell larger and larger as his wings spread and flared as wide as they could go, shadowing the entire room. Sparks shot through the tips like small arrangements of fireworks. At the last moment, he took his other hand and placed it over Dean's eyes. As he reached his climax, he could feel his grace burst inside of him, causing all of the lights and windows in the room to shatter in sync as he cried out Dean's name in his true voice. His body lit with purifying light as he felt Dean's soul connect with his grace for the brief moment.

Dean had no idea why Castiel covered his eyes but he was in no position to even move. His ears rung as he heard his name shouted in what sounded like a harmony of chiming bells, summer streams and a whistling breeze. He could literally feel a pull on his soul at the sound as it lit with warmth and comfort. All of this lasted just seconds before the hand was removed from his eyes and Castiel pulled out and collapsed over him, wings sprawled over their naked bodies like a feathered blanket. Electrical euphoric tingles still washed over them for a few moments before Dean felt himself fall into a deep sleep.

. . .

Gabriel jerked up on the bed as the lights in the room began to flicker. He turned his eyes to Sam, who was opening his eyes as the loud, ear-piercing screech started to radiate around the room, causing the windows and lights to shatter, the glass falling like snowflakes upon the carpeting. Gabriel shielded Sam with his wings because he knew Sam couldn't hear an angel's true voice and Gabriel knew that was Castiel speaking – scratch that – screaming Dean's name in his true voice. Something serious was happening and he prayed that Dean was okay. From what he remembered, if Dean died one more time, it was the last…there was no bringing him back. Castiel only used his true voice when something intense was happening.

It only took moments for the sound to stop so Gabriel unwrapped his wings from around Sam, whose eyes were wide and worried as he glanced around at the mess of glass everywhere.

"What was that?" Sam asked his voice shaky.

Gabriel took a deep breath "That was Castiel…" he said "I'll be right back. Don't move," he spread his wings and took off to the next room where Castiel and Dean were spending the night. He had no idea why he even bothered telling Sam to stay put…he wasn't going to listen.

Gabriel landed inside the darkened room that was covered in the shattered remains of what used to be lights and windows. He snapped his fingers to clear everything to perfect condition. He paused and lifted his eyebrows when his eyes set on the bundle upon the bed. Castiel and Dean lay naked upon the white plush comforter. Deep midnight wings covered their bodies, curled around Dean like he was a baby that needed to be cradled. Dean was already in the deepest sleep possible.

Castiel's head lifted from the bundle of bodies and feathers and his blue eyes were glowing fiercely. He curled his wings, pulling Dean closer to him as he let out a low, throaty growl in Gabriel's direction.

Gabriel lifted his hands "Hey, I'm not gonna' touch him." Castiel had finally mated with Dean and most likely lost control. It was Castiel's first time; that was the reason he lost all control. Normally, angels can mate without acting out but it was usually in Heaven when it happened so it was no big deal. Even when angels mated with humans, they didn't act in such a manner but from the look of it and from Dean and Castiel's bond…Castiel was now going to be more protective of Dean than ever before.

Sam then took that moment to enter the room. His eyes widened and he instantly turned away at the sight upon the bed.

Castiel let out another low growl as he lowered his head closer to Dean.

"Don't you dare growl at me," Sam snapped "That's my brother. What the hell did you do to him?"

"What does it look like, Sammy? Looks to me that Cassie and Deano did the nasty," Gabriel said with a smirk "Congratulations Castiel, you are now a man."

Castiel just stared at them. He had no idea what was happening but he didn't want them to go near his Dean. He had never known something could be so beautiful but what he and Dean just did was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced.

Sam didn't want to back down. He wasn't going to let some angel keep him away from his brother. He tried to shove Gabriel's hand off his shoulder when it touched but the angel kept a firm grip.

"Come on, Sammy. Give them the night alone. Castiel will be normal in the morning. He is just in his mating zone," Gabriel explained "It'll fade."

Sam and Castiel glared for another moment before Gabriel pushed him out the door. Once they were back in the room, Sam decided to speak.

"So they mated? What does that even mean?" Sam questioned.

Gabriel shrugged "Just means they had sex. Angels call it mating…meaningless sex just like you humans do."

"So whenever we do it, we're mating?" Sam asked with disbelief.

Gabriel smirked and curled against Sam on the bed. He let his wings drape over his lover "Yes, we mate all the time…I just have better control over my true voice."

Sam grinned "So that was Castiel speaking his true voice during sex?" he asked.

Gabriel nodded "Could be very overwhelming and since it was his first time…yeah…he couldn't control it. I'm surprised he didn't blow Dean's eardrums."

"What's with the growling?" Sam asked.

"He will be extra protective over his mate for a few hours…like I said, in the morning, everything should be normal," Gabriel explained.

Sam nodded and fell back onto the bed. Gabriel had already fixed up the room so they wouldn't get cut apart while sleeping.

"You think Dean was a bottom?" Gabriel asked, trying to picture it and it made him scrunch his nose.

"Ew please, I don't want to think about it," Sam groaned, pushing a pillow over his face.

Gabriel chuckled as he curled beside his hunter "I bet he took it from behind…thinks he's all manly but I always knew he was a pillow biter."

"Shut up!" Sam shouted, his voice muffled through the pillow as he tried to avoid images that flashed through despite the wall he tried to put up.

"Wonder if he rode Cassie cowgirl style," Gabriel continued, knowing it was irritating Sam. He laughed when Sam sat up quickly and began to beat him with the pillow.

"Shut. Up. Stupid. Angel," Sam growled between pillow slams "There isn't enough brain bleach in the world to rid of those images….thank you very much."

Gabriel chuckled as he yanked the pillow from Sam's hands and tossed it behind him "I'm sorry, it was too tempting."

"I'm cutting off wing touching for a week now," Sam said firmly, crossing his arms over his chest as he lay back on the bed.

Gabriel's stomach dropped "No way," he said, letting his six wings curl all over his hunter "You can't resist them."

Sam turned away, ignoring the feathers. His hands twitched in need to touch them but he refrained. He curled onto his side, facing away from Gabriel "Goodnight," he said, closing his eyes.

Gabriel watched his lover for a moment, brushing his wings all over his body but soon gave up when he realized Sam was serious. With a heavy, over dramatic sigh, he lay down and curled his wings around his own body as he went to sleep.

. . .

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