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Part One is a lot smutty, Part Two will be more fluffy and silly.

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Chapter 22: Destiel 1:

Dean took a deep breath as the sunlight beamed against his face, reddening his eyelids. He opened them slowly and winced, wondering why he hadn't shut the blinds. He shifted for a moment before realizing there was a weight on his chest.

He beamed when he glanced down to see Castiel wrapped up in his arms. The angel was breathing softly, eyes closed as he had one arm beneath Dean's back and the other curled with his hand in a fist by his face. Castiel's wings were twisted with Dean's as they all wrapped over their bodies in a tangled mess.

Dean began to remember the day before and how Castiel pretty much broke down in his arms. Damn, Dean hated how his stupid mouth opened. He didn't mean to hurt Cas but the words must have come out that way. He glanced over at the clock to see it read 8AM. He knit his eyebrows, knowing it was like 5PM when they laid down. Did he seriously sleep for that long?

He glanced back down at the angel in his arms and he knew at once Castiel was sleeping and it made some part of him flutter with joy to see him so peaceful. Dean smiled and leaned down to press a kiss into the dark messy hair. It smelled so perfect and fresh and was like silk on his lips.

Castiel murmured for a moment and shifted. He then tried to stretch his wings and Dean smiled to see the panicked look on the angel's eyes when he couldn't move them. Castiel then glanced up at Dean, blue eyes gleaming in the sunlight that shone down.

"Gosh, you are so friggen cute," Dean said, knowing it was cheesy but he couldn't help it. His stomach warmed to see a smile form on the angel's face; one that met his eyes.

Castiel immediately turned away, feeling ashamed of his reaction the night before. He glanced back up again when he felt Dean place a warm hand on his chin.

"I love you, Cas," Dean whispered, pulling the angel fully on top of him.

Castiel smiled as he allowed Dean to move him. He leaned down to press his lips to the hunters and was met by a greedy mouth. He let out what Dean would deem as a girlish giggle when the hunter's hand began to run up his sides, poking and rubbing in a way that had Castiel almost out of breath from the sensations rippling through him. He wasn't sure how to describe them but all he knew was that it made him feel lightheaded as his wings jerked and he tried everything in his power to stop those hands.

Within seconds, Dean held Castiel and pushed him onto his back, climbing over as he proceeded to tickle his sides. Castiel laughed and jerked around, trying to free himself from the feeling he couldn't describe. Dean couldn't help but laugh at how adorable it looked with those wings puffing out and twitching.

"D-Dean," Castiel gasped, "St-stop. Wh-what are you doi-ing?"

"Someone a little ticklish?" Dean teased, beaming as he moved his hands closer to Castiel's sides to push in the spots closer to the ribs. Castiel responded just as he liked. He began to giggle and jerk some more, trying to use his wings to push Dean away as well as using his hands to shove at the hunter.

"What is going on?" Sam's voice broke through as the door opened.

Dean stopped for a moment to glance at his little brother, who was standing by the door with an arched eyebrow and a tray of coffees.

Dean smirked, "Cas here is a little ticklish," he mused as he dove back down to tickle the angel's neck.

Castiel had no idea what to think of these sensations. They weren't pleasant nor were they painful. It was so odd but he just wanted it to stop. He struggled for a moment before catching Dean's hands and holding them still. He panted to catch his breath, "What are you doing?" he asked.

Dean smirked, "Just tickling you a little."

"Stop," Castiel said, "it's very uncomfortable."

"Cas, just remember that Dean's feet are really ticklish," Sam pointed out as he placed the coffees on the table before lifting his laptop.

Dean glared at him, "Hey, those are trademark secrets!"

Sam smirked and shrugged, just glad to see Dean and Cas seemed to be okay. He was worried all night. He ended up spending the night in another room just to give them space.

Dean turned back to Castiel only to realize that he was no longer beneath him but at the foot of the bed, pulling the blankets up to reveal Dean's feet.

"Hey!" Dean shouted as he began to try and jerk his legs away but the angel already had them in a firm grip.

Dean gave him a warning look, "Don't you think about it," he said.

Castiel gave a smirk before gently tracing his fingers over the bottom of Dean's foot…just lightly enough to have the Winchester let out a squeaking noise as he tried to pull away.

Sam chuckled as he sipped at his own coffee.

The tickling lasted for about five minutes and Dean ended up hanging halfway off the bed and it finalized when Dean threatened no more wing touching. With a sigh, Castiel released the hunter's feet, causing Dean to fall the rest of the way onto the floor.

Dean grunted as he climbed back up to his feet. He narrowed his eyes at the angel who was sitting stiffly on the bed, blue eyes full of innocence. Dean smirked before leaping on top of the Castiel, pushing him down roughly.

Castiel let out a laugh as Dean gripped his wings and deftly brushed his fingers through the feathers that were closer to the angel's back. Castiel let out a long breath as all six of his wings shot out and began to jerk, knocking the lamp off of the table and smashing a gaping hole in the wall.

Sam hissed out in pain when he felt the tip of a wing crack into the back of his head, causing him to hit his head on the wall beside him. He ground his teeth and stood up, "Okay, that's enough. You're going to give me a concussion."

Dean and Castiel continued to ignore him as Cas now shoved Dean onto his back to dig his fingers into the hunter's wings. Dean let out a loud, long laugh that made his entire body shiver and he felt his wings jerk to the side so hard that it literally knocked Sam onto the floor.

"Enough!" Sam shouted, standing back up and rubbing the back of his head. He glared at his brother and the angel, who both stopped to stare with widened eyes, "You are acting like five year olds."

Dean laughed before grabbing onto Castiel's tie to yank him down until their lips sealed together. He felt his blood rush at the moan that expelled from the angel's mouth, his breath cool and sweet against Dean's.

"Ugh come on, your coffee is gonna' get cold," Sam muttered as he turned away from the scene to go and sit back down by his laptop.

Sam tried to ignore the sounds made by his brother and the angel as he opened up the internet page. His stomach turned when he noticed it wasn't on 'Google' as it bad been before. This time it was opened up to what looked like a story. He scanned the site and lifted his eyebrows to see ' '. The title of the story was 'Sabriel Sexcapade' by 'GrimLoki'.

Out of pure curiosity, he rolled down the page to see Author's Notes and all they said were, 'Sammy, my Moose. I wrote this just for you.'

Dean sighed as he finally collapsed into his angel's arms. He laid sprawled on top of him, their wings a tangled mess once more. Castiel's hair was ruffled even more unruly than usual and his eyes were glossed over from so much laughter. Dean lifted his head so he could stare into those azure abysses.

"Cas," he started, "I'm so sorry about last night. I was just overwhelmed."

"No Dean…I should not have kept it from you," Castiel whispered back, running a hand through Dean's hair, "I promise, no more secrets."

Dean smirked and dipped down to kiss the rough yet soft lips. They kissed softly for a few moments before Dean pulled back again, "You wanna go out for the day…you know, do something. Just me and you?"

Castiel's eyes lit and he smirked, "Dean Winchester, are you asking me out on a date?" he asked, amused.

Dean huffed out a laugh, "Yeah I guess I am. Way to make it so corny."

Castiel beamed, "I'd love to go on a date with you."

Dean smirked and rolled his eyes before pulling the angel back into another kiss.

Both of them jumped suddenly when they heard a horrified gasp come from the other side of the room. Dean and Castiel immediately jumped up from the bed and glanced over at Sam worriedly.

"Sam? What's wrong?" Dean asked, glancing around to see a threat.

Sam glanced at them, eyes wide and cheeks flushed a deep scarlet red, "Oh-uh. N-nothing," he said, closing the laptop quickly, "J-just a stupid pop up."

Dean lifted his eyebrows, "Clowns or midgets?" he asked, smirking in remembrance.

Sam rolled his eyes but took a deep breath to calm himself as he felt all of his blood rushing south from what he had just read. He let out the breath before taking a sip of his coffee.

"You okay?" Castiel asked, "You're heart is beating fairly fast."

Sam nodded quickly, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Dean and Castiel glanced at each other than at Sam skeptically. After a moment, Dean shrugged, "Well, I'm gonna' hop in the shower. Me and Cas are gonna leave in a lil bit."

"Aw you going on a date?" Sam teased.

"Shut up," Dean snapped, walking over to the bathroom.

Castiel stood stiffly by the bed, staring at the wall as though it were the most interesting thing in the world.

Dean stopped by the door, "Cas, you coming?" he asked.

Castiel stiffened even more, if that was possible and turned wide eyes to Dean, who was waiting with the door opened.

"Aw come on," Sam groaned, "I guess that's my cue. I'm heading off to the library," he said before grabbing his laptop and coffee. He gave them a wave before walking out. He definitely needed to find somewhere to go where he could read the explicitly inappropriate story alone.

Castiel took a deep breath before standing up and walking towards the door.

The moment they made it in the bathroom, Dean shoved Castiel against the wall and hungrily claimed his mouth, nibbling on his lips and sliding his tongue over every centimeter of that perfect mouth. Castiel let out a moan of surprise before kissing back, grabbing Dean's shoulders and turning them so he was in control.

Dean moaned at the guilty pleasure of being dominated. He could already feel his erection start to press against his jeans.

Castiel pulled away from the kiss and moved to take his clothes off while Dean turned the shower on.

Castiel could feel the rush of heat in his blood and grace and he didn't bother letting Dean take his own clothes off. He waved a hand to have him completely nude.

Dean hissed in surprise at the sudden lack of clothing and he spun around to see his birthday suited angel staring hungrily at him. He smirked and climbed into the shower, moaning as the hot water scalded against his skin in a pleasant way. He wasn't surprised to feel two strong arms wrap around his waist and pull him back against the firm body.

Castiel had no idea why he was acting the way he was. He was feeling an animalistic desire taking over. Dean just made him crazy in every way.

Dean gasped when he felt his body spun before being pushed against the wall of the shower. He shuddered when Castiel's pressed flush against him and that mouth was claiming his once again before kisses were being trailed down his cheek and along his jaw. Dean let out a moan as Castiel's hands reached into his wings and began to tug and rub at the feathers and damn, Dean never knew wings could be so friggen sensitive.

His mind was foggy as the steaming water beat down again his face and chest and he arched his back when he felt the mouth close over one of his nipples. Castiel flicked his tongue over it before gently biting and Dean gasped, trying to buck his hips to get friction but he felt hands grab onto his hips to hold them still.

Dean stared down with wide eyes as the angel trailed kisses down his abs, nibbling and sucking until he was on his knees. Dean felt his erection grow harder at the sight of Castiel on his knees, dark hair and wings soaked from the shower beating down on them as the angel seemed to be inspecting him.

Dean gasped and let out a long moan when he felt that tongue run along the skin just over his pubic area while a hand gripped his erection. He tried to buck his hips but the other hand held him firmly back.

"Woah Cas, usually you go on a date before hitting home run," Dean said lightly, trying to hold still though his legs felt shaky.

"Shut up," Castiel said in a growling voice.

Dean had no idea why but that turned him on so much more. He had never seen this side of Castiel but damn was he enjoying every second of it.

Dean was about to speak but his words were lost in a long trail of curses as he felt the hot mouth swallow him in. He moaned as he clenched his fists into the angel's hair, tugging on the silkiness before trying to push him down but he realized Castiel had all of him.

"Fuck Cas," Dean panted as the angel began to bob his head and hallow out his cheeks.

After a moment, Castiel was suddenly standing, pressing against Dean once more and claiming his mouth.

Dean moaned into the kiss, so turned on by how dominant Castiel was acting. He could feel the angel's own erection rubbing against his as they ground their hips together. Dean was so close to coming already that it was almost painful.

Castiel had to hold his breath to calm himself down at pure lust pulsed through his grace. He just wanted to be inside his lover, to be connected with him in that way he loved so much. Without another thought, he grabbed the thick bones of Dean's wings and spun him so Dean's chest was pressed against the wall.

Castiel ignored the steaming water beating down on them as he kissed Dean's neck then down his spine. Dean hissed and arched his back, pressing against Castiel as much as he could.

Castiel smirked as he moved his mouth to where his handprint marked Dean's shoulder. He took a deep breath before pressing his lips over it. All at once, he felt a swarm of sensations pass through him and he knew Dean felt them two as they both moaned loudly in sync.

Castiel slowly moved the kisses from the print to between Dean's wings.

Dean gasped and groaned, just wanting Castiel inside of him. He wasn't sure how much longer he could last with all of the teasing. There was a sudden moment where he wasn't being touched and Dean was about to turn but stopped and almost screamed in ecstasy when he felt teeth slide into the arch of his wing. He couldn't believe how amazing it felt as Castiel drank him in. He was so lost in pleasure that he didn't even realize there was a finger in him until a second one was sliding in, scissoring to stretch him wider. It was slightly unpleasant with the burning pressure but he pain was dissipated by the pleasure from Castiel's mouth lapping up at the liquid grace spilling from his wing.

Dean felt his legs start to wobble and he knew he would have fallen if the angel didn't grab his hip to hold up in place. Dean let out a slight whimper when he felt the fingers removed.

"C'mon Cas," Dean groaned, pushing back, wanting to be full of him.

Castiel smiled at how needy Dean looked and it made him so much more lustful. He took a deep breath before gently pushing at Dean's back to bend him over.

Dean didn't hesitate and obeyed when he felt the hand on the small of his back. He immediately leaned over, grabbing the shower knobs to hold his upper body up.

Castiel relished in the taste of Dean's wing grace for a moment, licking the remnants of the bittersweet, tangy fluid from his lips. He kissed between Dean's wings before gripping the hunter's hips to hold him in place. He took a deep breath before sliding his erection into the tight ring of muscles in a swift, fluid movement.

Dean let out a hissed mixture of pleasure and pain as he felt the burning pressure of being filled. He was sure the hot water raining down on them had a lot to do with how it seemed smoother than usual. He felt himself become harder at the long moan that spilled from the angel's lips.

Castiel bit down on his lip to hold back from losing control as he waited for Dean to adjust. After a moment, he pulled out just to push in slowly before moving his thrusts gently in pace.

Dean gasped when he felt Cas hit that spot dead on and he swore the angel knew exactly where it was. He arched his back, feeling his wings spread out wide, slamming into the wall knocking the shower curtain off of its hooks, "C'mon Cas," he groaned, "fuck…harder."

Castiel willingly obeyed that order and pulled out only to push in roughly. Dean moaned and pressed back against the movements, trying to get more. Castiel could feel nothing but white hot pleasure piercing through his entire body as he thrust roughly into his lover.

Dean gasped and moaned in need as he forced himself back, trying to get more of his angel. Pleasure was sparking in him each time his prostate was hit and sparks danced in his eyes as he felt his own release coming without even being touched. He could tell Castiel was coming close to his finish as his thrusts were beginning to become erratic and desperate as he dug his fingers into Dean's hips, pounding in harder and harder. Dean never knew he'd like it as much as he did.

"Ohh C-Cass…" he began to moan as he felt those teeth bite into his wing again and in a sudden flash, he felt something surge through his body that was unlike anything before. He could feel himself spilling onto the shower floor as the radiating warmth passed through his veins and into his wings, which were arching higher and spreading wider and he knew he was almost screaming something but he couldn't tell where his voice was coming from because it didn't seem like it was coming from his own mouth. He could feel Castiel push in, burying as deep as possible and Dean moaned again at the sensation of his angel's seed painting his insides. He could hear his name spilled from Castiel's lips but in a voice that was so enchanting that it made his body tingle.

For a moment, they remained still, shuddering with aftershocks until Castiel gently pulled out and Dean bit his cheek to hold back a whimper before straightening out. His legs felt like jelly but there was a power thrumming through his veins like a pure pleasure filled adrenaline rush.

Dean took a deep breath as he leaned back against the wall for support. He glanced over to see Castiel doing the same thing, his eyes wide and lust blown. Dean let out his breath and lifted his eyebrows to see the longest feathers of his wings literally twisted together with Castiel's, causing it to look like a black and silvery violet candy cane. He could feel tremors passing through them as a soft white glow radiated from around their wings.

Once they were both able to stand straight, they slowly untangled their wings and allowed the water to wash away the mess. Dean sucked in a breath but moaned when he was pulled into another kiss though this time it was chaste and passionate. Once they pulled away, Castiel stared at Dean with piercing blue.

"That was so…" Castiel started.

"Amazing," Dean finished, his entire body still thrumming with electricity. Neither of them spoke as they finished cleaning up and turning off the shower. Once they stepped out, Castiel simply waved his hand and both of them were fully dressed.

Dean knew the bathroom was a mess but didn't bother looking as they walked out of the small room. It was so steamed up that he could barely breathe, never mind see.

Castiel stopped once they were by the bed, his eyes still glazed over, "Dean," he said.

Dean lifted his head to stare at his angel, "Yeah?" he asked.

"You spoke in an angelic voice," Castiel said, his voice filled with awe.

"I what?" Dean asked, lifting his eyebrows yet wondering if that was what he had felt. Like he was speaking but not with his own voice.

"I heard your angelic voice," Castiel said, lips curling into a beaming smile, "You are so perfect."

Dean couldn't help but smile back at how adorable Castiel looked at the moment. He dropped his duffel and walked over, pulling the angel into his arms, wrapping his wings around them both.

"I love you," Castiel whispered into his ear, "So, so much."

Dean smirked, "Love you too," he said, pulling away, "Now. Enough with the chick flick moments. You ready to go on a date?"

Castiel smiled as he felt the rush of warmth through him, "I've always been ready," he said.

Dean smirked as he began to run through ideas for a date. Yeah, it was going to be a fun day.

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