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Warning of some graphic violence.

. . .

Chapter 28: Escape:

Serena sat on the bed for a moment, noticing how hard and springy it was compared to the warm, soft comforter and fluffy pillows at home. She frowned as she felt a sense of panic twist in her grace. She had never once been alone before…her daddy and father made sure of that.

It had been a long time since she was locked in the room and there was no way of telling time. The more time that passed, the more she began to get afraid as everything became pitch black.

Serena took a deep breath as she tried to curl into the corner of the bed, wrapping her wings around her body tightly. She could hear the other kids crying in the rooms around her and she wanted to help them so badly.

Most of all, she missed Daniel. As annoyed as she could get with him, she couldn't stop thinking about him and she prayed that he was okay.

For a moment, she contemplated it and the thought struck her. She had never prayed before but she was sure it was simple. She took a deep breath and stared up but before she could speak, the door swung open and one of the mean ladies was walking in.

Serena couldn't help the shriek as she stared at the horrific creature descending towards her, dark cape-like clothing dragging along the ground. The face was something of a nightmare and she squealed, trying to curl more into herself, wings wrapped so tightly around her body that they started to ache.

She peeked an eye out from behind the wings and screamed again when the monster lady was just inches away, a large mouth opening.

That was when she felt the strangest sensation passing through her. She felt so cold and weak and she swore her grace was being tugged on.

"No!" Serena screamed when the monster moved closer, face now just an inch away. Serena gave a quick thrash of her wings which made the monster jump back in surprise.

Serena then jumped up and leapt off of the bed, heading towards the open door. She cried out when she felt hands on her wings. Without a thought, she spun around and began to push on the monster's face as it moved towards her again, a large mouth opening and making her cold again. Serena closed her eyes and felt a heat start to radiate through her body. She gasped in surprise when a flash of heat surged through her hand and into the monster's head. She stared with wide eyes as a white light began to glow through the monster, spilling out from its eyes, nose and mouth. The light faded and Serena stared in shock at the monster collapsed to the ground, breaking into a pile of ash as it landed.

She didn't hesitate before staring up, "Daddy, I don't know where I am. There are monsters here," she said.

A split second later, Castiel and Dean were both standing in the room. Serena felt herself start to cry with relief before jumping into Dean's arms, clutching onto him tightly as she buried her face into his shoulder. She began to sob words about monsters and being afraid.

Dean felt his stomach turn as he held his little girl. There was a rage pulsing through him that was hard to control.

Castiel just stared down at the pile of ash on the floor. He leaned down to inspect it and found traces of grace within the death. He glanced over at Dean, who was whispering soothing words and brushing Serena's feathers softly.

"We should get her out of here," Castiel said, not wanting the little angel to witness what was going to happen to the other shtriga he could sense in the building.

"No!" Serena suddenly said, trying to pry away from her dad, "We have to save the other children."

Dean grunted when he felt his jaw hit pretty hard by Serena's flailing arms. He gently cupped her cheek and forced her to calm down, "We are going to get them out, okay. For now, you need to get keep calm and get back to your brother, alright?"

Serena took a few breaths before nodding, knowing that her parents would take care of everything.

"Dean, bring her home. I will take care of things here," Castiel said, his voice strong and Dean could hear the barely contained rage in the words.

As much as Dean wanted his own revenge, he knew he had to bring his daughter to safety and he also knew that Castiel was definitely capable of kicking some major ass considering the beating Dean himself received that one day. After a hesitation, he nodded and spread his wings to fly back to their home.

Castiel narrowed his eyes at the pile of ash on the floor and he felt his grace spark with more rage at the thought of this monster tried to hurt his little girl. He balled his hands into fists before stomping out of the room to where he could sense another shtriga.

The house as a whole was dark and gloomy, most likely to draw more fear into the children. It made Castiel's grace boil as he slowly stalked down the long, narrow hall filled with at least six different doors. He could sense the souls of the young children inside. He was slightly relieved to find that most of them were still fine and in deep slumbers where they wouldn't be terrified of the monster currently inside the last room on the left.

With a flick of his wings, he appeared inside of the room, earning a startled gasp from a woman. Castiel knew that it was a shtriga though she was currently using the form of a plump, middle aged woman with short blonde hair and a fake smile meant to calm the little boy who was backed up to the furthest corner of the bed.

"Who are you?" the woman questioned, most likely trying to make it seem as though she was just a normal human.

"I am an Angel of the Lord," Castiel growled, the rumbling deep in his chest as he spread his wings across the room, filling it with massive shadows.

The shtriga instantly hissed as she backed up, "You can't kill me unless I'm feeding."

Castiel ground his teeth, "I can kill you in any form."

With that, he threw a hand out, pinning the monster against the wall. The little boy screamed and tried to curl in on himself so Castiel smoothed his expression and turned to him. Big, hazel eyes stared up at him, pupils dancing around the room, tracing the shadows, "I'm going to help you," Castiel said soothingly as he moved a hand forward, keeping the other out to hold the monster still.

Hazel eyes flickered back and forth from Castiel to the shtriga then back to Castiel. He took a few breaths before seeming to calm down.

Castiel gently touched his fingers to the boy's arm, placing him into a peaceful rest. Once he was sure the child wouldn't wake, he turned back to the monster.

Castiel could feel a spark of something like pride when he noticed the utter fear in her eyes. Without another thought, he let her fall to the floor in a lump before moving over.

She tried to swing up but he caught her fist easily and closed his hand, crushing every bone from her wrist to her fingers. She wailed in agony, voice more like a hissing growl. She tried to pull back but Castiel kept a firm grip, clenching the broken bones tighter as he pulled her close, "You think you can just take my child?" he growled.

She whimpered and growled as she tried to buck away, "I need sustenance as well," the words managed to spill.

Castiel ground his teeth again and let go of her hand just to grab the other one, crushing the bones within it. She yowled out again, trying to curl onto the floor. Castiel could sense her trying to form into the repulsive form but he wouldn't allow it. He wanted her in human form, "Your friend got the easy way out."

Her eyes widened and she slumped to the floor as Castiel released her hand. He then lifted her up by her throat, pinning her to the wall several feet up, "My little girl took her out as easily as one would swat a fly," he said darkly.

The shtriga seemed to fill with more fear and Castiel wanted to hurt her so badly, "Your death will not be as pleasant."

With those words, he let go of her throat and took a step back as she fell to the floor, whimpering in anguish as he crumpled hands tried to pull herself back up. Castiel allowed her to get close to the door before yanking her hair and pulling her into the hall. He could feel fury radiating through him like the intensity of a million suns as he threw her down the hall. Hardwood cracked beneath her and she cried out again but before she could stand, Castiel moved forward and stepped on her crushed hand.

She wailed out again, sobbing apologies and pleading like the pathetic creature that she was. Castiel ignored it as he leaned down to start pulling chunks of hair out one by one until there was nothing left but a red hot scalp. He then moved to start slamming his foot onto her forearms, listening to the crunch of bone. One by one, he moved to each bone, crushing them until each of her limbs were shattered. She screeched as he leaned down over her to start breaking each of her ribs one by one, relishing in the sounds of her agony.

He wasn't sure how long had passed before he felt the familiar presence of Dean.

Dean froze at the sight before him. There was no blood in sight but the way the shtriga's human form was splayed out, he could see the bumps beneath the skin of broken bones. Castiel stood up over her body to turn to Dean and his eyes were fierce and seemed to radiate the most piercing blue Dean had yet to see. He hated to admit how it was somewhat of a turn on.

"Cas…I think you should let me finish it," Dean said, his own need for revenge magnified at the sight.

Castiel hesitated for a moment but stepped back.

Dean narrowed his eyes at the broken monster on the floor. He slowly stalked over before leaning down over her. He grabbed her throat and yanked her head up, glaring into her eyes. He didn't need to say a word before tightening his fist, feeling the bones crush in his grip. She made a gurgling sound, pupils dancing dizzily. After a moment, Dean summoned up the grace that was sparking within him and he rushed it like lava into the monster.

She let out a blood-curdling scream before white light filled the hall. Dean could feel the solid form in his hand crumble to ash. He let go and took a step back.

Neither Dean nor Castiel said a word before moving about the rooms. It only took about an hour for them to return all of the children safely back to their homes. The children would have no recollection of the supernatural and all they would remember were two women trying to keep them locked up.

Once that was settled, both Dean and Castiel were feeling a little better as they fled back to their home.

. . .

Daniel just stared at Serena, noticing how she seemed afraid, "Daddy said you were with Michael. What'd you do?" he questioned.

Serena just stared ahead, knowing she was asked not to mention it to her brother. She was perfectly fine with the idea, "It's a surprise," Serena said after a moment.

"I don't like surprises!" Daniel groaned as he leaned back over the coffee table at an attempt to draw once more.

"Deal with it," Serena snapped, feeling bad a moment later but she smiled a little when Daniel stuck his tongue out.

Sam watched them carefully and already felt awful that Serena had to deal with a shtriga. He could remember how nasty those things were. He turned his attention to the kitchen when he heard Dean and Castiel arrive.

Dean took a deep breath, "You sure those were the only ones?" he asked Castiel.

Castiel nodded, "Yes, I'm positive," he said.

It was silent for a moment.

"I don't want them to go back to that school," Dean said slowly.

Castiel just stared down, still trying to calm down from the events, "They are going to want to go back," he said.

Dean took a deep breath, "They can go back…but we will just scope out the place a few times during the day…make sure nothing is there."

Both of them were not happy with the idea but their focus was on what would make their children happy and Serena had already told Dean she still wanted to go back.

"Elementary schools aren't even safe," Dean said, shaking his head, "I'm really not comfortable with the idea…but Ser still wants to go back and Daniel doesn't even know what happened."

"Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt," Sam said as he walked in.

Dean took plastered on a smile, "It's alright, dude. They are your family as well."

Sam seemed hesitant as he walked in, "Uh…they have their Christmas break…they shouldn't be going back until January."

Castiel seemed to lighten up at that, "When does this break start?" he questioned.

"Uh…Monday," Sam said, remembering reading over the calendar the school gave out.

"So tomorrow is the last day before break?" Dean asked.

Sam nodded slowly.

"They will not be going tomorrow," Castiel said firmly.

Dean nodded in agreement, "Cas, I think it's time they learn how to fly…"

Castiel stared at him, "I agree."

"Ooh!" Serena's voice sounded, "We get to learn to fly!"

Dean shot her a look that said 'don't eavesdrop on your parents' and she flinched a little, muttering an apology.

"I can't wait!" Daniel said excitedly

Dean couldn't help but smile at how joyful they seemed to learn. He, himself, hated learning but he just didn't like any type of flying.

"You two need to get to sleep," Castiel said with a warm smile, "We can start tomorrow. No school."

Daniel just about jumped up and down, wings flailing excitedly as he grabbed his sister's hand to yank her up the stairs.

Dean just smiled and was about to say something before his phone rung. He knit his eyebrows to see the unfamiliar number. It was on the emergency line so he quickly flipped it open, "Hey," he said flatly.

"You're late," came the slightly irritated accent.

Dean groaned, "Ugh, seriously. How did you even get this number?" he waved a hand to dismiss Sam and Castiel when they both tried to talk. When they wouldn't stop, he pulled the phone from his ear, "It's Crowley."

At that, Sam rolled his eyes and Castiel seemed a little annoyed but moved to tuck in Serena and Daniel.

"Listen, I've had a really long day. I don't have ti-" he started.

"Listen Winchester, I've been patient enough as it is," Crowley said over the line and Dean could hear a humph from Crow.

Dean sighed and realized it was true. He couldn't keep Crow away from his children. He took a deep breath, "Okay fine. I'll be right there," he said before closing the phone.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked as he leaned on the island countertop.

"Crazy's papa wants to see him," Dean said, rolling his eyes. He gave a small whistle and the little holy hound ran into the room, spaded and feathered tail tucking between his legs. Dean felt bad for scolding the little hound earlier. It really wasn't Crazy's fault.

"Hey, it's time to see your other dad," Dean said softly and he just smiled at how Crazy jumped up, awkwardly large ears perking up and the smoky feathered wings flailing excitedly. Dean turned to Sam, "I'll be right back," he said.

Sam just nodded.

Dean made sure his ring was intact in case Crowley decided to try anything before heading out the door with the little holy hound.

. . .

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