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. . .

Chapter 3: Changes:

. . .Two Weeks Later. . .

Dean panted as he lay back on the motel bed, his entire body enveloped in the warmth and comfort of his angel's grace surrounding him in a blanket of downy. Blue grace streamed down the feathers like a river, casting a gleam over the ebony from the sun peeking through the blinds. Dean licked the grace from his lips and couldn't help the small whimper that escaped his throat as he felt Castiel pull out of him and fall down by his side.

Dean had never expected Castiel to be such a horny little angel but he really wasn't complaining. It had been two weeks since they had gone all the way and in those two weeks, Dean had never had so much 'bed time' in his entire life. He had thought being on the bottom would make him feel emasculated…at least a little; but no, Dean felt happier than ever just to be full of Castiel. It wasn't about being the man or the woman between him and his angel…it was more of just being together…being one. Damn, Dean was feeling corny and he couldn't help but wonder when he got so into chick flick thoughts.

Castiel watched his lover – his mate – with intensity as those emerald eyes drifted deep into thought. He knew he could peek inside Dean's head and hear his thoughts but he had promised to leave him to his privacy. He had never felt so connected with anyone or anything in his entire existence. He had thought that what he and Dean had before…their profound bond… was something to cherish but what he felt with the hunter now made their old bond seem like a small thread as opposed to the thick chain he felt now.

He leaned down and pressed his mouth against Dean's surprised one, earning a pleased moan and he could taste his grace on those lips and already, it made Castiel want to go for round three that morning. He let out a primitive growl as he climbed on top of Dean's body, pressing his body against the hunter's firm one.

Dean groaned as he felt Castiel's skin brush up against his ultra-sensitive places. He placed his hands on Castiel's shoulder and pushed him back. The angel simply just spread his wings wide before letting the feathers caress over Dean's shoulder…just over the handprint.

Dean gasped and bucked his hips as the sensations rippling through him. He pushed at Castiel again and the angel unwillingly backed off, turning onto his back beside Dean.

"Cas…how are you even ready again?" Dean asked, lifting his eyebrows and feeling guilty as he noticed the frown over his angel's face.

Castiel sighed and his feathers twitched just slightly when Dean pulled his hand away from them. He turned his azure eyes to Dean "I love you, Dean."

Dean smiled as he leaned onto his side "Love you too."

Castiel smiled as he turned onto his side as well and wrapped an arm around the hunter, trying to pull him over his body. Dean sighed and pushed against him "Cas…I'm not ready for another round."

Castiel frowned "Oh…" he said.

"Hey kiddos – Woah!" Gabriel's voice cut through the room as he popped into existence. He quickly turned his head and held out a hand as he got a view of Dean's ass.

Castiel felt a surge of energy run through his body and he quickly wrapped Dean up into his wings, covering him completely from head to toe as he growled deeply towards his brother.

Gabriel lifted his eyebrows, mentally blocking out the image he had seen as he arched an eyebrow at how Dean was shielded in the wings of the growling angel, "I did not need to see that," Gabriel said.

Dean huffed out in annoyance from the wings holding him so tightly he swore he was wearing a straightjacket.

"Don't you growl at me," Gabriel snapped at Castiel, confused to why the angel was still so damn protective of Dean.

"What do you want?" Castiel asked, letting out another low growl and leaning over Dean protectively as Gabriel took a step closer.

"Your needed upstairs," Gabriel said, crossing his arms "So I suggest you put your toy away for now."

"He isn't a toy of mine," Castiel said lowly.

"Whatever. Get upstairs…Michael has been calling you all morning…though I'm sure you know that. He is not very pleased at the moment," Gabriel said, rolling his eyes.

"I will momentarily," Castiel answered, holding Dean tighter when he felt the hunter pushing at his wings. He had definitely heard Michael all morning but he was busy with Dean.

"You need to calm yourself," Gabriel said, motioning to how Castiel looked like an angry mother bear.

"Leave," Castiel growled.

"I will…but if you don't show up in Heaven within the next five minutes, Michael will personally come down here and then you'll have problems," Gabriel said with a smirk before flying off.

Castiel finally relaxed and loosened his hold over Dean, who instantly shoved them off his entire body and stood up from the bed. He couldn't believe Castiel was still acting like that. It honestly pissed him off.

Castiel tilted his head in confusion as Dean slid his clothes on over his body. The angel snapped his fingers and dressed in his suit and trench coat as he stood up as well, "What's wrong?" he asked.

Dean ground his teeth as he slid his shirt over his head. He turned to Castiel, who honestly looked confused.

"Seriously? Stop doing that thing with your wings," Dean snapped.

Castiel frowned as his eyes filled with despair "Do you not like my wings anymore?" he asked, voice low as the ebony wings curled behind him and folded in.

Dean sighed and closed his eyes, hating to see that look on his angel's face. When he opened his eyes, Castiel was starting to back away.

"Hey no it's not that," Dean said quickly, grabbing onto the sleeve of the trench coat. He pulled Castiel into his arms and caressed the warm feathers softly.

"Then what is wrong?" Castiel questioned.

"It's just…I'm a grown man. I don't need you acting all protective of me…" Dean answered smoothly.

"But I do not want him to go near you," Castiel said.

"That's the thing…it's not just Gabe…you've been doing this constantly, even when Sam just walks near us," Dean said, feeling frustrated.

"My apologies. I do not understand why I'm acting like that," Castiel said, realizing he had been going overboard. Sam had simply just walked over to the couch where they were sitting a few days before and Castiel had growled so loudly, it even had the hunter freaked out.

"Just stop alright," Dean said "I can take care of myself."

Castiel pressed his lips together but eventually nodded "Okay."

Dean smiled "Alright…now you have an annoyed older brother upstairs and I'm going to have an annoyed younger brother if I'm late again."

Castiel forced a smile, not wanting to face Michael's irritation. Though he had been avoiding all of the calls that morning so he somewhat deserved it. He gave Dean a quick kiss before flying up when he heard Michael's voice in his head again.

Dean stared around the room once more, already feeling cold without Castiel around. He let out a sigh before grabbing the keys to the Impala; from there, he went on his way to the diner a few towns over.

. . .

Sam sighed as he shifted on the booth in the diner, fingers twirling the coffee mug in a circle on the wooden table. He gazed out through the window beside him for the Impala but as usual, for the past two weeks, Dean was late. He glanced at his watch…yup, already twenty minutes late.

After another minute, Sam perked his head up when he heard the familiar rumbling engine of the Impala. He watched as Dean slid out of the sleek, black car and closed the door then walked towards the diner entrance.

A cheerful dingle of bells indicated the door opening.

. . .

Dean took a deep breath as he stepped into the diner. His stomach rumbled instantly at all of the scents that reached him. He could smell bacon, beef, eggs and garlic and everything else. He couldn't wait to stuff his face. His eyes grazed over the diner, at the bar which held only a few people…to the six tables surrounding the bar and then over to the booths that lined the wall and windows. He smiled when his eyes set on the tall, long haired brother of his.

He walked over, ignoring the way he felt everyone's eyes set on him. He plopped himself onto the seat opposite Sam on the booth and gave him a cheeky smile.

Dean had been feeling amazing and all he could think about was the feeling of being one with Castiel and the amazing, refreshing taste of his Grace. He was worried about having an addiction. He thought about it more than he should, sometimes dazing off into space, imagining the way the glowing blue fluid would drip from the ebony feathers and the way it would light his body was a purifying high.

"Dean?" Sam's voice snapped.

Dean blinked quickly and turned his attention to his little brother, who was staring at him with wide, alarmed eyes. Dean flashed him a smile "Sorry," he said.

Sam couldn't move his gaze from his brother's eyes. Yeah, he had noticed they had been gaining a lightness to them he had never seen before but now this was just unbelievable. The emerald irises were literally shining like a green neon sign and specks of bright blue were started to sparkle through them. It appeared very inhuman and Sam was worried.

"What are you staring at?" Dean asked at his brother's dumbfounded expression.

"Y-your eyes," Sam said "Their so…"

"Beautiful, yeah I know…I'm a natural beauty," Dean said with a cocky grin.

"Hello there, how may I help you?" another voice interrupted.

Dean turned to stare up at the middle aged, thicker woman with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair in a mess of a bun. Her nametag read the typical 'Betty'. Dean gave her a charming smile and she was left staring with wide eyes and red cheeks.

"Cup of coffee," Dean started.

She nodded and wrote something on her notepad "Anything else."

"What's the special?" Dean asked.

"Bacon Che-" Betty started.

"I'll take two of the special," Dean cut in with another smile "Cooked rare."

"You got it," Betty said, scribbling on the pad. She reluctantly turned from Dean to glance at the other brother "Anything else for you?"

"No thank you," Sam said.

"Alrighty then…" Betty said "Be back shortly."

"Thank you," Dean said with another smile that left the waitress scurrying away with pink cheeks.

Dean sighed with a smile and turned back to Sam "So…what are we lookin' at here?"

Sam stared down for a moment "Dean…what is happening? Have you seen your eyes lately? That can't be normal."

Dean rolled his eyes "Dude, I'm fine. Just happy, that's all."

Sam sighed, knowing he wasn't going to get answers from his brother. There was complete silence for what seemed endless while Dean thought about going back to Castiel later to be all over his wings. He closed his eyes as he imagined the scent…he paused and opened his eyes, sniffing a few times.

Something smelled amazing…just like Castiel's grace except sweeter…more like honey and sunshine. He furrowed his eyebrows and took a deeper breath through his nose, pinpointing that the scent was coming from Sam.

"You been with Gabriel recently?" Dean asked.

Sam lifted his eyebrows at the random and absurd question. He opened his mouth to speak but Betty returned and placed Dean's coffee on the table with a few packets of sugar and little creamer cups. She then set down two large plates, each containing a huge burger with bacon spilling out the sides and puffing an inch high beneath the bun. Each burger was surrounded by curly fries smothered in cheese. Dean's eyes lit even more, if that was even possible, at the sight.

"Thank you," he said, dazzling the waitress once more. She walked away, her eyes in a daze.

Dean grinned and he plowed the burger into his mouth, the red tinted juice from the rare burger dripped down his chin as he tried to chew.

Sam just stared as his brother impaled the food. It wasn't that it was odd for him to be eating like a starved lion, it was just the way he held himself doing it…like he didn't really need it but just wanted it for kicks.

Once Dean swallowed the enormous bite, he continued the question "So you been round Gabe?"

"Um…yeah…" Sam said "Why are you asking?"

Dean shrugged before taking another bite. He didn't want to admit that Gabriel's grace smelled tempting but he would only have Castiel's. He was curious if Sam ever went for Gabriel's…but he wouldn't ask that question under the condition Sam hadn't…then Dean would be called a hypocrite because of the whole demon blood thing.

Sam sighed "So um, seems like an easy hunt. Poltergeist," he said.

Dean nodded "shoundsh shimpl nuff'" he said through a mouthful of food.

. . .

The hunt went by easily and the Winchesters were hopping back into the Impala after the salting and burning of bones.

Sam was now one hundred percent concerned about his brother. While trying to finish the hunt, Dean was tossed into a tree and Sam swore without a doubt that Dean's leg snapped clean in half. He heard the crack and saw the blood stained jeans but Dean had jumped up moments later, seemingly unscathed. He just had to ask "Dean…I saw your leg break," he said.

Dean felt his stomach turn because he knew it broke; bone right through skin but somehow his body just healed it within moments. He put on a mask, glanced down at his legs then turned back to Sam with a grin "My legs look fine to me."

"Dean…" Sam started "Something is different about you…what have you and Cas been up to?"

Dean rolled his eyes "Nothing…I've told you that already. You want me to describe our sex life?"

Sam held up his hands "No, please don't."

"Good, then drop it," Dean snapped, feeling irritated. He flipped the nob on the stereo, blaring ACDC to block out Sam's questioning.

Sam sighed and gazed out the window to the passing trees. He would just ask Gabriel about it…something was happening to Dean…something serious.

. . .

Dean sighed as he let his body flop onto the extra hard and springy mattress. This motel happened to be mustier and dirtier than any other one they had been to. All he could smell was dirt, mold and other bodily fluids that he was currently breathing in through the mattress. His stomach flipped in disgust at the idea and in a flash, he stood up and ran to the bathroom.

Sam watched worriedly as Dean dry-heaved over the toilet. He slowly sat on his bed and began to pull off his boots. He didn't even shift when he felt a pressure on the bed after a flutter of wings.

Gabriel perched himself beside Sam and allowed his wings to unravel and curl all over his hunter, healing his minor injuries. He turned his head to the side when he heard Dean trying to throw up in the bathroom.

"Bad diner food?" Gabriel questioned "I swear, he is going to kill himself with those greasy burgers."

Sam rolled his eyes as he sunk into the feeling of his angel's feathers "Yeah, your one to talk with all that sugar you eat."

"But I'm an archangel…it won't affect me," Gabriel said as he snapped a lollipop into existence and popped it into his mouth for good measure.

Sam shook his head and turned to the amber-gold eyes "I need to talk to you…"

Gabriel sat up and his expression became serious "About?" he asked, tossing the lollipop behind him. It cracked against the wall.

"It's about Dean," Sam whispered "S-something's not right…"

. . .

Dean sighed as he leaned against the wall, covered in a veil of cold sweat. He had no idea where the urge to throw up came from but he didn't need to. Everything he ate earlier must have already digested. He ran a hand down his face as he felt a twisting and pulling inside of him…in his soul and it was agonizing to the point he couldn't do anything but wince and clutch at his stomach.

All he could think about was the way Castiel's grace would soothe the pain as it had been doing for the past two weeks. He knew he had to be addicted to the stuff and it was only a matter of time before someone other than Castiel found out.

His attention was taken when he heard whispering in the other room. He took a calming breath and froze when the scent reached him, strong and delectable. Honey and sunshine…grace…Gabriel's grace and it was close. He suddenly found his mouth salivating and the twisting in his stomach pulling towards the room.

In somewhat of a daze, he stood up and blinked the dizziness away as he stepped into the doorway, staring at Gabriel's wings, which were glowing vibrantly in the dim lighting of the motel room. He could literally see the grace flowing through those feathers like a stream. Chills ran through his body as his stomach warmed at the idea of tasting it.

. . .

"What do you mean…healed itself?" Gabriel asked, arching an eyebrow when Sam explained the leg breaking.

"I think it did…then earlier…he was like sniffing me…and asked if I'd been near you," Sam said, his voice filled with worry.

Gabriel started to put the pieces together but he wasn't entirely sure. He was positive Castiel wasn't that stupid as to allow Dean to drink his wing grace…every angel knew it was bad for humans to do that…they would grow and instant addiction and die if they didn't get it.

"Dean?" Sam asked, alerting Gabriel, who turned his eyes to the hunter now slowly stalking towards them, hunger strong in his eyes, which were glowing vibrantly. Gabriel could see the blue of Castiel's grace beaming through the green irises and he realized then that Castiel was that stupid.

Gabriel instinctively tucked his wings behind him in defense from the addicted human ready to try and eat them. He let out a growl as Dean neared him and Sam jumped in surprise. He turned from Dean's hard gaze to Gabriel's warning one.

"What's going on?" Sam asked.

Gabriel snapped his fingers and suddenly, Dean was strapped to the other bed on his back, arms and legs cuffed to the ends to stop him from moving.

"What the hell, Gabe!" Sam hissed, swiftly jumping off of the bed to try and release his brother.

Dean had no idea what just happened but one moment, he was standing in the bathroom and the next, he was strapped to the bed. He shouted obscenities as he tried to move, the feeling of vulnerability about enough to make him pass out.

Gabriel gave them one look before vanishing up to Heaven. Castiel needed a good speaking to.

. . .

Castiel paused when the Training Heaven he was in suddenly became covered in rolling dark storm clouds. He quickly demanded the young angels go across the field and practice on each other.

He knew no good to come of the dark clouds…usually meant that Lucifer was in a bad mood and ready to take some anger out on Castiel. It had been getting quite annoying. He was surprised to see Gabriel storming over, the temperature dropping with his arrival.

Castiel knit his eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak but was suddenly slammed into the grass by an oncoming blast of white. He coughed and winched as he climbed back up, wings arched and pointed like daggers in defense.

"What is wrong with you, Gabriel?" Castiel asked, ready to throw some energy of his own but from the look on Gabriel's face, he knew better.

"What is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you, Castiel!" Gabriel snarled "You are so stupid, you know that."

Castiel took a step back "Gabriel, I don't know what I did to upset you but we can talk about this calmly," he said, pointing to the young angels who were all frozen on the other side of the field, fear radiating around them as they watched the two archangels.

Gabriel took a calming breath, his wings fluttering and twitching "You've been feeding Dean your grace," he said.

Castiel felt his wings shiver at wanting the feeling again. He knew it was wrong to do but he didn't think about that whenever they were doing it…it just felt too amazing.

"I know it feels good, Cas but now Dean is fully addicted and he will die if he doesn't have some more and soon," Gabriel said. He gave Castiel the look which silently meant they knew if Dean died once more, he was no longer allowed to be brought back.

Castiel felt his grace clench. He literally could not leave the training for at least another eight hours. He felt fear sweep through his body like ice "Gabriel…could you…"

"No!" Gabriel snapped, a lightning striking down with his words "This is your problem, Castiel. I won't always be around to clean up your messes. You can find some other angel to let your human take their grace….good luck with that, too."

Castiel went to grab Gabriel but he vanished on spot.

Castiel stood there, staring wide eyed around the field and completely ashamed of himself. He just wanted to curl up in his wings and hide from the judgment. He knew though that he needed to find an angel who cared enough to help Dean…and even though he didn't like the idea…he knew there was only one other angel. With a deep breath, he gazed stared ahead as he called out to his brother.

. . .

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