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Chapter 4: Grace:

Sam's heart jumped when he heard the fluttering of wings. He darted his eyes over to Gabriel, who was now standing in the middle of the room, his face twisted into a mixture of anger and despair as he stared at Dean, who was now unconscious on the bed, his breathing shallow.

"What's going on…he isn't waking up, Gabe. Something is seriously wrong…h-he started to shake a-and coughed up some blue stuff then he just went unconscious," Sam said, his voice quick and panicked.

Gabriel didn't really know how to explain it to Sam but he knew the hunter needed an explanation, "You need to sit down," he said, motioning for the bed.

Sam instantly sat on the bed beside Dean, keeping his hand firmly against Dean's. It felt cold and hot all at once. The words 'you need to sit down' never ended well and it had his stomach turning and heart clenching.

"Castiel and Dean…well, Dean has been…drinking Castiel's grace for two weeks now," Gabriel explained.

Sam's eyes widened "What? How is that even possible?"

"When our wings get cut open…our grace will spill out…to somewhat numb the injury and help heal it so we can continue battle. My guess is Dean has been biting Castiel's wings and drinking the grace that comes out," Gabriel explained.

"S-So what does that mean?" Sam asked.

"It means he's addicted to it now," Gabriel said "and apparently he has had a lot more than he should in this past weeks; so he is going to need grace or his soul will start to shut down since it's become dependent on it."

"So he will need to take in grace forever or lose his soul?" Sam asked with disbelief.

Gabriel shook his head "No…he will just need a little bit for the next few days to wean him off…then his soul will remain normal once more."

"W-well how is he going to get it now? Where is Castiel?" Sam asked, his eyes stinging with the idea of losing his brother.

"Castiel can't come back to Earth until tomorrow…I told him he needs to find an angel who will do it," Gabriel explained, his wings twitching.

Sam stood up "You!" he said "Go…help him."

Gabriel shook his head "No. Castiel needs to learn from his mistakes. I won't always be there to clean up his messes."

Sam's eyes lit with fury "Do it for me! It's my brother, Gabriel. You need to help him."

"The answer is no," Gabriel said firmly, closing his wings behind him.

"Are you serious? Why are you such a dick?" Sam spat "Your just gonna sit here and watch my brother rot?"

Gabriel shrugged "I'm sure Castiel will find another angel…have faith in him."

"Have faith in the damn angel who put my brother in this situation in the first place?" Sam asked, his voice rose in anger "There is no way I will ever trust that jerk again!"

Gabriel stood up, his eyes darkening "It's not all Castiel's fault…Dean is the one who bit his wing to begin with."

"But Dean didn't know about the whole grace thing. Castiel is an angel…he had to have known yet he let this happen?" Sam argued.

"To be fair, when their having sex, that's not the first thing on Castiel's mind," Gabriel spat "I know from experience how amazing it can feel so I don't blame him entirely. It was his first time doing it so give him a break."

Sam glared at him. He couldn't believe Gabriel wasn't going to help Dean. It made him furious.

"So…Castiel has to find another angel who will let Dean bite their wings? That's going to be impossible," Sam said.

"No…he doesn't need to drink it…he just needs it in his system. All the angel will need to do is allow Dean to curl up in their wings while they let a small amount of their grace seep into his skin. That is all," Gabriel explained.

"Then do it!" Sam shouted, pointing to Dean.

Gabriel ground his teeth as he kept a harsh glare on Sam. He realized he was going to have no choice but to help Dean. If something happened to Dean when Gabriel could have helped, Sam would hate him forever and Gabriel didn't want to risk losing him. He let out a deep breath in submission. Just as he was about to walk over, he was relieved of duty when he heard a fluttering of wings.

"Where is he?" Michael's voice asked as he appeared in the room beside Gabriel.

Sam sighed in relief at the only other angel who seemed to be okay with Dean. He turned to the archangel with the glimmering silvery blue wings. Michael's bright, turquoise blue eyes set on Dean and he tilted his head as he studied him.

"Please help him," Sam practically begged.

Michael examined Dean and could see something was off. Other than the intake of grace – which was clearly visible on his soul – there was something else different in his soul. Perhaps it was just from too much grace. From what Castiel had said, Dean had been sipping at it several times a day for two weeks now…that was more than any human should be able to handle.

"Can't believe you're going to help Castiel with this situation…you know it's wrong," Gabriel began.

"Shut up, Gabriel. I'm very disappointed in your behavior," Michael said, his voice like a whip "Castiel is your brother and brothers help each other no matter the situation."

Gabriel instantly closed his mouth and stared down. He hated when Michael spoke to him like that. It drove him insane.

Michael turned his eyes to Sam "I think you and Gabriel should leave. The transfer of grace may be too much for you to see."

Sam hesitated, not wanting to leave his brother's side but after a long look from Michael, he sighed and nodded "Please just let me know when he is awake."

"I will," Michael said simply as his feathers ruffled, the lights casting silvery glimmers around the room.

Gabriel gave Michael a nod then grabbed Sam's arm and took flight.

Michael walked over to the bed where Dean was unconscious, his soul wavering between the white of soul and blue of grace. Something was off. He took a deep breath as he allowed all six of his wings to unfurl. He then slowly climbed onto the bed beside the hunter and unclasped the straps holding him still. He stared at his vessel for a few moments, noticing how different he was appearing. The grace was taking a toll even on his physical form. Castiel was so childish to allow such a thing.

He gave a frown as he lay down, his head resting beside Dean's. He gently lifted the hunter's body then slid three of his wings beneath him before placing him back down over them. Instantly, he could feel Dean's body start to absorb grace from his wings. He ran a hand through Dean's hair before draping his other three wings over the top of the hunter's body, covering his entire form like a blanket.

He lay there on his side with his eyes closed as he relished in the feel of his true vessel wrapped in his wings, absorbing his grace. It was indeed a pleasant feeling and it was giving him somewhat of a high. He sighed in relaxation when he listened to Dean's heartbeat start to slow to a normal rhythm. He listened to that heartbeat and absorbed into the warmth of the righteous soul. He didn't even realize when he fell asleep…into a real sleep.

. . .

Dean let out a soft breath as his mind came into consciousness. All he could feel was the warmth and euphoria of grace all through his body, creating a high that was unlike anything. He sucked in a deep breath and realized it was different. This grace smelled more like the crisp ozone before a storm and an ocean breeze. It was comforting and he could feel the powerful grace within him.

He didn't know whose grace it was nor did he care. All he knew was that his body – his soul – was craving more. He didn't even open his eyes before moving his arms until they touched a body. He then curled into that warm body which caused the wings to wrap tighter around him in such a comforting embrace that he never wanted to move.

Michael stiffened slightly when he felt Dean shift within his wings. He didn't know if he should leave or stay. His grace lurched inside of him when he felt arms wrap around him and on instinct, he tightened his wings around the hunter. He had never been held in such a way. It was all so strange to him but he found it somewhat comforting. He really did not mind it at all.

Dean remained like that for a few minutes before he subconsciously found himself moving towards an arch of a wing. Before he could rethink it, he sank his teeth into the feathers until he met bone.

Michael hissed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain and his wings instantly jerked back, uncovering the two of them. He swiftly leapt up from the bed and shook with confusion at what he just felt. Pleasure was still pumping through his veins and his wings shook and shivered behind him as he stared at Dean with wide eyes.

Dean's stomach dropped when he realized who he had just been curled up with. His cheeks instantly turned red as he licked the remainder of grace from his lips. He could feel his soul brighten at the taste that was refreshing like ice cold water in the desert. He gulped deeply and flinched when he thought Michael was going to smite him.

Michael finally relaxed and folded his wings against his back. He took a seat beside Dean, who was still embarrassed but trying not to let it show.

"You have to stop doing that, Dean," Michael said slowly.

"I don't even know why I'm craving it so much," Dean said, sighing as he sat up. He rubbed his palms over his eyes and turned them back to Michael.

"You have been taking too much from Castiel…you can no longer do that. You need to wean yourself off of it," Michael explained "So no more biting…just use your hands on the wings…just a little bit until it's all out of your system. At the moment, your soul is dependent upon the grace…you need to stop before you die."

Dean bit down on his lower lip and nodded. He was just feeling so strange. He was seeing everything so differently. He never used to be able to see the grace flowing through the angels' bodies but at the moment, he could see the powerful grace of Michael radiating within the vessel. It was enchanting.

"I'll stop," Dean said firmly.

Michael stared at him for a moment, still knowing something seemed off "What happened the first time you and Castiel mated?" he asked.

Dean almost choked at the question and his cheeks burned red "Excuse me?" he asked "I – I'm not going to talk to you about that."

"Why not?" Michael asked.

"It's just…it's inappropriate," Dean sputtered, astonished that Archangel Michael just asked him about sex.

Michael nodded, realizing humans were shy about stuff like that "Okay. Well, Castiel shall be here momentarily so I will go."

Dean nodded "Thanks for helping me," he said.

Michael gave him a miniscule smile and nod before taking off.

. . .

It had been another two weeks and Dean was finally weaned off of the grace drinking. It took almost everything out of him though. At the moment, he lay on Bobby's couch, his stomach turning and head spinning. He felt so weak that he didn't even want to move. He couldn't even eat and it was becoming noticeable.

Sam walked into the living room with a bowl of soup for Dean and his heart stung when he stared at his brother lying on the couch. His skin was cold and clammy and he had huge bags beneath his eyes, which were still the brightest green Sam had ever seen in his life. There were even more metallic blue spots scattered through the emerald and it was just confusing. Dean's cheeks looked hallowed out and it was believable since he had lost at least twenty pounds in the past two weeks. Sam was debating on just threatening to leave Gabriel if he didn't give Dean some grace. Weaning him off of it obviously wasn't the right way of going about it. Dean looked like he was dying and none of the angels had even been coming around. Apparently they were all needed almost every day to do the major training of the young angels. They needed more than just Castiel for what was going on. Sam just wanted to scream in frustration. He had no idea what was wrong with his brother.

Bobby had suggested bringing him to the hospital but they realized that would be a stupid idea because they may end up keeping Dean there for weeks with a feeding tube stuffed down his throat.

Dean sat up slowly as his brother passed over the bowl of soup. Dean took one sniff of it and wanted to vomit but he took it anyway just to please Sam.

"I'm worried about you," Sam said as he took a seat on a chair across from the loveseat Dean was lying on.

"I'm gonna be fine. I think these are just withdrawal symptoms…remember you with the demon blood?" Dean said, pretending to take a sip of the tomato soup.

Sam nodded and sighed "Isn't there anything else the angels can do for you?"

Dean shook his head and placed the bowl of soup down. His stomach burned to his core…he swore it was his soul…his soul was burning and writhing inside of him but he wasn't going to say anything. What he needed was some fresh air but he would have to sneak out when Sam and Bobby weren't paying attention.

"I'm gonna go to sleep," Dean said as he lay his head down on the pillow.

Sam nodded and ran a hand through his hair. He had never been so stressed out before in his entire life, "I'll be in the study if you need anything."

Dean mumbled unintelligibly as he pretended to fall into a deep sleep. He waited a good twenty minutes before slowly sitting up. His entire body ached but mostly his back…right between his shoulder blades was killing him. It was a piercing, burning, stabbing and throbbing pain all at once. It felt as though his muscles were being stretched and torn as he tiptoed to the door. He quietly opened up the door, making sure to push up as he opened it to avoid the creak. He then closed it just as silently.

He sighed as he breathed in the crisp, autumn air. It had been about a week since he had left Bobby's house and he was going stir crazy. He hugged his arms around his body as he began to walk down the sidewalk. There was a park down the street where he could go and be alone for a few minutes before Sam and Bobby noticed he was gone.

Once he arrived, he gazed at the empty, abandoned park. It was late, most likely midnight. The moon caused a luminescent glow over the sand that was mostly flat with the occasionally shape of paw print from an animal. The wooden playground was molded with rust on the metal slides. A swing set sat to the side with two swings, one of them broken with one side hanging down onto the sand.

Dean slowly trailed over and sat on the fixed swing. The metal creaked and he could feel the poles holding it up shift with his weight but he didn't care. He sat there, enjoying the cool breeze over his body. He sighed and winced at the pain radiating though his back.

After a moment, he froze when something in his gut screamed 'danger'. He quickly stood up, instantly regretting the motion when it caused his head to spin and he stumbled. He then realized that he brought no weapon and that was clearly stupid of him.

Once he regained focus, his stomach turned when he heard a low, feral growl sounding beside him. His heart skipped a beat when his eyes set on a vicious looking white dog, baring its teeth at him. Dean knew at once that it was no ordinary dog…his instincts told him this creature was a skinwalker. His heart pounded against his ribcage as he slowly backed up.

"Hey listen man…I know you're a skinwalker…I'm a hunter," he said "Now…do you really want to go and piss of a hunter?"

The skinwalker growled, its eyes gleaming yellow as it bared more of its long, sharp teeth.

"I know how to kill you…I've killed many of your kind…a-and I have two other hunters backing me up here," Dean said smoothly.

'Your Dean Winchester…and you're alone and weak…you have killed my brothers and sisters…you will die.'

Dean froze when he heard the voice inside his head. It was like an echo but he heard it. Did he just hear the skinwalker's thoughts?

Suddenly, the dog jumped back, its eyes widened and tail starting to tuck between its legs. Dean knit his eyebrows in confusion but all he could hear from the dog's thoughts were 'angel, angel, angel'. That was when Dean could smell a new grace close by. It smelled like cinnamon and wine. He spun around to see Balthazar just inches from him, a glass of red wine in his hand and his long, arched white and yellow specked wings stretched out in a threatening manner. Balthazar grinned "Fancy seeing you here," he said. His smirk then faltered "You look like Death…literally."

Dean couldn't take his eyes off of the grace he could see flowing through those wings. He didn't even understand why Balthazar was there but he didn't care. It only took a second but that second was a blur. Dean felt claws digging into his back, tearing his flesh to the bone and knocking him forward. Next thing he knew, he had one of Balthazar's wings curled around him and his body instantly began to absorb as much of the grace as it possibly could.

Balthazar gasped when he felt the sensation of the slimy human stealing his grace. He shoved Dean away, causing the bloodied hunter to fall into the sand. He then turned to see three different breeds of skinwalking dogs stalking around them. One of them leapt at Balthazar but he simply held up a hand and smote it mid-air. The dog fell to the sand in a lifeless lump.

Dean felt a power surge through his body from the grace he just absorbed and he jumped up to his feet faster than he would have thought possible. He darted his eyes around the scene and saw it as if it were in slow motion. There was a gunshot from somewhere and a yelp but Dean's eyes were focused on the gray dog that was leaping at him. As if instinct, he held up a hand and felt a surge of energy flow through his veins and his eyes widened as a white beam of light shot out of his palm, slamming directly into the creature, which fell into the ground, lifeless.

Everything then seemed to be normal. Balthazar stared with wide eyes at Dean. He couldn't wrap his mind around how a human just smote a monster in the same style an angel would. It was absurd. Before any questions could be asked, he fled to Heaven. Castiel needed to know about what his human was doing.

Dean panted but his body felt refreshed, more so than it had in a couple weeks. He smiled as the adrenaline rush still pierced through him. That was until he noticed Sam and Bobby standing by the road, shotguns in their hands and eyes as wide as saucers.

. . .

"So how the Hell did you do that?" Bobby asked as they sat in the study.

"I don't know, okay. I told you it just happened," Dean explained, hopping up onto the desk. He felt so much better after getting some of that grace. It wasn't anything like Castiel's or Michael's but still, it was grace.

Sam couldn't stop staring at Dean. He was literally almost glowing and his eyes were even more piercing than before, the blue specks shimmering in the light from the lamp.

There was a fluttering of wings and Dean spun, already knowing it was Castiel.

Castiel froze when his eyes set on Dean. He could see Dean's soul, bright and white with blue grace wrapped through it. His hunter's eyes were almost something to be cherished. They stared for a moment before Castiel yanked Dean into his arms, holding him with both arms and all six wings. He didn't care that Dean was supposed to stay away from his wings for a while. He just couldn't believe what he heard.

"Enough with the gooey moment," Bobby said with annoyance "I wanna know why Dean is smiting things."

Castiel and Dean reluctantly pulled away from each other and turned to the other hunters.

"I am still unsure of how he did that. We are currently checking up on it but I believe it was because he absorbed more grace and in the moment of distress, he used that grace to eliminate the threat," Castiel said firmly.

"So it won't happen again?" Sam asked.

"Dean needs to stay away from any angel for at least a week to clear his soul again," Castiel said with a frown. He didn't want to leave his mate but he needed to. It was for Dean's own good.

"Good. Then get the hell out of here," Sam said bitterly. He was sick of the angels messing with his brother.

Castiel glared at Sam, who gave him a dark look right back.

Dean sighed "One week and we see what happens," he said.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Castiel and Dean left the room and said their goodbyes for the time being. Castiel then fled and Dean suddenly felt cold once more…the part deep inside of him was already missing the warmth of his angel. With a weary sigh, he walked up to the spare bedroom and fell upon the bed, instantly falling into a sleep.

. . .Three Days Later. . .

Dean stretched and groaned as he woke up from a good night sleep. The past three days hadn't been as hard on him as before and he actually was feeling more strength as the days passed. The warmth inside of him – his soul – was as strong as ever and always gave him a rush of adrenaline when he needed it. The only problem was the agonizing pain in his back.

As he stood up, he felt a crack that radiated through his shoulder blades and down his entire spine. The pain was so excruciating that he couldn't control the screaming, blood curdling cry of agony as he fell onto his hands and knees.

Sam jerked awake and leapt up from the bed the instant he heard the scream. He went to grab a weapon but froze when his eyes set on Dean, who was on his hands and knees on the motel room floor. His back was arched as he cried out in anguish, tears of glowing blue pouring from his eyes.

Sam stared in shock as the skin of Dean's bare back began to split open by the shoulder blades. Crimson red rivers of blood began to pour over his skin and down his sides onto the floor as the wounds spread open wider.

Dean couldn't believe the pain he was in. This agony made being on the rack seem like a trip to the candy store. He could feel his bones cracking and grinding and the skin splitting on his back. He screamed and cried and sobbed but it wouldn't stop. He just wanted to shove a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger.

Sam swiftly moved to his brother's side, grabbing at blankets to try and pressure over the open wounds. He gasped when he began to see bones start to rise through the gaping slits around Dean's shoulder blades. The bones rose and formed, curling and bending with cracking and grinding sounds. From what Sam could tell, the bones were shaping out to be the frame of wings, one on each side. He had no idea what to do. He quickly grabbed Dean and pulled him into his arms so Dean's face was pressed into his shoulder as the bones formed longer with smaller ones growing from the largest and thickest one, giving the appearance of a leafless tree branches.

Dean didn't give a damn that he was sobbing in agony into his little brother's shoulder like some baby. He couldn't handle another moment of whatever was happening. He could feel something causing his back to become heavier and he just wanted to tear off whatever it was.

Sam felt tears in his eyes at seeing his brother in so much pain. He held him close and pressed his face against the top of Dean's head "It's gonna be okay, Dean…it'll be over soon," he tried to soothe.

Sam took a deep shaken breath and stared up "Castiel…get your ass down here…something is wrong with Dean," he said through sobs. He couldn't handle seeing anyone in this much anguish and this was his brother. He closed his eyes once more as he held onto Dean, trying to calm him.

. . .

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