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. . .

Chapter 5: Discovery:

Dean panted and sobbed and yelped in agony as the white bones continued to slowly protrude from his back with the grinding and snaps and cracks. It felt as though his bones were hot irons burning and searing his flesh. It felt like acid pouring through his veins and spiked ball cutting through his insides. He would much rather go through Hell again than deal with this agony for another moment.

Sam panicked and didn't know what to do as he stared at the oddly shaped bones that were sprouting from Dean like saplings only growling longer by the moment. Dean's cries and screams were making his skin crawl and tears pour down his cheeks. He held Dean closer, making sure to avoid touching the appendages. He had no idea what was happening but it was bad…something terrible and he could feel it in his gut.

Castiel instantly appeared in the room the moment he felt Dean's distress through their bond and Sam's obscenities shouted at him. His grace coiled inside of him at the sight before him. Sam was holding Dean, whose soul was wavering and flickering from white to blue to black. Blood and grace smeared white bones were sticking from his upper back as he sobbed out tears of pure grace.

Sam jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. His wide, tear filled eyes met panicked blue for a moment. He struggled and shouted as Castiel tried to pull him off of his brother. Sam couldn't fight much so he just let go and allowed the angel to take his brother into his arms.

Dean could barely focus as his vision blackened on the verge of passing out. He had no idea how he hadn't passed out from pain yet. It was vicious and he just wanted it all to end. He could suddenly feel warmth…one that he knew was Castiel without having to look. He felt his body being swept up into arms, bridal style. The arms holding him made sure to avoid the bones that were now dangling down, almost touching the floor like branches of a tree. He took a deep breath of Castiel's comforting scent and something inside of him squirmed and pulled forward.

"What are you doing!" Sam screamed at Castiel as the angel began to spread his wings.

"I'm taking him up to Heaven," Castiel said firmly, his eyes warning Sam to back down. He felt a growl beginning in his chest but he swallowed it down, knowing he was going to have to get help from the other angels…so he would need to be respectful of them.

Sam was stubborn though "No! What did you do to my brother? This is your fault you selfish sack of feathers!" he shouted angrily, throwing fists at Castiel, who was unfazed and using all of his willpower not to knock Sam out.

"I will bring him back once he is rested," Castiel said, his tone calm and he thrashed his wings, leaving Sam alone in the room with stray feathers and a floor covered in blood and liquid blue grace.

Sam felt his knees buckle and he collapsed to the floor, covering his face with his hands. Something was very, very wrong and he just knew it.

. . .

Michael and Lucifer instantly jumped up from where they were standing in the Throne room when they heard cries of anguish that seemed to reverberate through the room. Gabriel quickly appeared in the room, sensing the same thing his brothers did.

The three archangel's eyes widened when they set on Castiel walking through the doorway with a blood and grace covered Dean. What had their shock was what they knew were the bones of wings growing from his upper back.

"Please, I don't know what to do," Castiel said, tears fighting to spill but he needed to stay strong for Dean. This was his fault. He shouldn't have let Dean take so much of his grace.

Michael instantly went into control mode. He fled over to Castiel and gently took Dean into his arms as Gabriel snapped a large, plush bed into existence. Castiel fought to not let go of Dean but he knew Michael would be better at this situation than him and it was all about Dean's safety.

Dean's mind was foggy with the agony but he could feel his body being moved from arms to arms and he didn't give a damn who was holding him. He just wanted one of them to tear his heart out and end the pain. All he could hear was his own heart pounding in his ears but there were also voices vaguely perceived. He felt his body being placed on something soft…he was lying on his stomach. Dammit, he didn't care about soft surfaces…he just wanted the friggen things to stop growing. He had no idea what was happening but he could literally feel his soul flickering inside of him and that was the most agonizing thing he could have ever imagined. As if on cue, he felt the squirming and thrashing inside of him as he was pulled away from Castiel. He held out his arms, trying to get the comfort of his angel back but his hands locked around a body that felt more muscular with a somewhat tight shirt. He suddenly didn't care and dug his fingers into the fabric.

Michael inspected Dean closely, trying to hold down his body as it began to thrash and shake. He stared deeply at the soul and realized he should have gone with his instincts to begin with. This was no symptom from just drinking Grace. This was something so much bigger. He had known that from the start.

Castiel was shouted and shoving, trying to make his way to Dean and it was just distracting Michael, who finally snapped.

"Gabriel, please get him out of here…" Michael said, telling Gabriel with his eyes directly what he knew was happening to Dean.

Gabriel took the hint and grabbed onto Castiel's shoulders. He was stronger as he forced the younger angel out of the room all the while thinking the scene reminded him of something that would be on Dr. Sexy MD.

Michael took a deep breath as he turned Dean's face so he could see his eyes. The hunter's eyes were pressed tight, smeared with the glowing blue fluid of grace "Dean, open your eyes," Michael demanded.

Dean could hear a voice demanding he open his eyes. He didn't care who said it, "Please make it stop," he practically whined.

"You have to open your eyes," Michael said, rubbing a thumb over Dean's cheek, knowing it helped humans calm down…though now he felt something more for the hunter. He was becoming angelic and on instinct, Michael felt the need to help him more.

Dean took a deep breath and grit his teeth as another wave of excruciating pain pierced through his body as the bones pushed out more but he managed to open his foggy eyes.

Michael's suspicions were starting to summon up as he stared at the vibrantly glowing green and blue specked eyes of the hunter. He locked his gaze with Dean's "Listen to me, Dean…you need to try and stay still," he said softly.

Dean whimpered as he tried to hold back the cries of agony but he nodded, his eyes locked into Michael's. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Michael's eyes had a glow through them that was not ordinary. It was definite true form, brilliant white and warm light.

Michael took a deep breath as Dean's head fell onto the soft pillows. He then placed his hands on the sides of Dean's head and closed his eyes as he spread his grace through the hunter.

Dean could feel the warm hands on his temples and already, the torment was subsiding as his body naturally began to absorb the grace. The distress was becoming less and less as his mind started to become numb and before he knew it, he slipped into unconsciousness.

Michael sighed as he moved his hands back to his sides. That had taken a lot of his grace to do. He went to examine the bones forming out of Dean and gently placed fingers along the thickest arched bone. He could feel the soothing sensations of grace within the bone and they were no doubt forming into a set of wings…angel wings. He didn't know how long it would take but soon, Dean would have a full feathered set of them. He could only imagine how painful the process would be. He was glad he could at least put Dean to sleep while it happened.

"Could it be possible?" Lucifer asked, his voice actually filled with concern.

Michael took a deep breath and his feathers curled with worry. He nodded slowly "I think so…you can see the grace in his soul…"

Lucifer lifted his eyebrows "Castiel isn't Fallen, though…and Dean is a man; how is this even possible?"

Michael tilted his head just slightly to the side as he stared at his true vessel contaminated by another angel's grace. He frowned "I have no idea."

"Should we go to Father?" Lucifer asked, genuinely alarmed.

Michael shook his head "He would already know but we should figure out what Castiel and Dean had done their first time mating…this is very rare, even for Fallen angels…and Castiel isn't so this has not ever happened. It may not even be what we are thinking."

"None of the others had grown wings before," Lucifer pointed out, "and they were all women."

"That's what has me so concerned," Michael said.

It was silent as Michael created a chair to sit beside Dean "For now, I must tend to his wings. You should go and check on Castiel and Gabriel."

Lucifer crossed his arms over his chest "Why should I? I don't give a damn about what happens to this human."

Michael shot him the big brother look and Lucifer stuck out a tongue.

"At least make sure your brother, Castiel, is okay," Michael ordered.

Lucifer rolled his eyes but proceeded to leave the room. Michael always knew what to say to make him feel like such a douchebag.

. . .

"I need to get in there," Castiel shouted as he tried to fly out of the Heaven which Gabriel tossed them in.

Gabriel ground his teeth and pulled on Castiel's wings "No…you need to relax. Michael is making sure Dean is okay."

"It should be me!" Castiel growled "He is mine."

Gabriel grabbed the sides of Castiel's face and held it firmly until they made eye contact. It took a moment of thrashing wings and swinging fists but Castiel finally calmed down once he felt through his bond with Dean that he was no longer in pain.

"What happened when you and Dean mated the first time?" Gabriel asked, staring deeply into those eyes.

Castiel shoved Gabriel's hands away and backed up "I don't know," he said with frustration "W-we just did it."

"Did anything feel different?" Gabriel questioned.

Castiel lifted his eyebrows "I'm not having this conversation with you," he spat.

"I need to know, Castiel. Dean could be in serious trouble," Gabriel said, his tone now demanding.

Castiel sighed as he paced "I-I don't know. I lost control," he admitted.

Gabriel nodded…that was normal but usually the first time would always be with another angel and not a human. His next question would confirm all of their suspicions.

"When you…reached your peak…did you just release or did you…" Gabriel fumbled for a way to explain it where Castiel would understand and already the angel had his head tilted.

"Did you touch Dean's soul with your grace?" Gabriel asked.

Castiel thought about it, running a hand through his hair as he stopped in his tracks "I – I don't know…I guess I might have?"

"I need to know if you did or not…you spoke in your true voice…I heard it," Gabriel said, putting the pieces together.

"At the end…I – I could feel Dean's soul inside of me and…he heard my true voice…" Castiel said when he recalled Dean's brightened eyes after it was spoken.

Gabriel's expression dropped and instantly, Castiel was worried.

"What does that mean?" Castiel asked, his voice quivering.

"It means you knocked him up," Gabriel said with a shaken laugh. He couldn't stop it. It was just too absurd.

"I what?" Castiel asked, cocking his head to the side. He certainly did not hurt Dean.

"It means that Dean has a bun in the oven," Gabriel said, trying to keep a flat expression.

"Why would he be baking right now?" Castiel asked, getting really confused and more worried.

"He is expecting," Gabriel went on.

Castiel knit his eyebrows "What is he expecting?"

"He's eating for two," Gabriel said with a smirk as he tried to think of the next thing to say.

"He always eats a lot but what does that have to do with this situation?" Castiel questioned, his wings flaring in frustration.

"Harboring a uterine parasite," Gabriel said, getting kicks out of using these terms.

Castiel's eyes widened "That sounds so horrible…he has a parasite?"

"Up the duff," Gabriel went on with a chuckle.

"What?" Castiel asked.

"Killed th-" Gabriel was cut short by a fluttering of wings as Lucifer entered the area.

Lucifer grinned at what Gabriel was doing but he needed to get straight to the point. He turned to the horrified and worried eyes of Castiel "Deano is with celestial child," he said.

Castiel's eyes grew as wide as saucers and his face grew still and pale as he put the pieces together "N-ne-neph…" his voice shook.

"No, not a Neph…you aren't Fallen anymore, Cassie," Gabriel said.

Castiel's eyes were still wide and his wings folded like cardboard against his back as his grace twisted inside of him. He didn't understand.

"Congrats little bro, you're gonna' be a Daddy," Gabriel said with a smirk as he clapped a hand onto Castiel's back.

Castiel's expression was one of a man discovering that his entire existence has just been changed. It was a fact as well "It cannot be possible," was all he could say.

"Well…when Dean was 'craving' the grace, it was because of the little celestial being wrapped in his soul needed it to sustain itself," Gabriel explained "So when he was deprived of it, the child almost killed Dean's soul…"

"…Until he ran into Balthazar…and he got the grace back into his soul," Castiel said. There was a moment of silence "But why is he gaining angelic abilities…and those were wings growing on him, correct?"

Lucifer nodded "Definitely going to be wings…but this has never happened before so I don't know how long it will take for them to be fully formed."

"But why?" Castiel asked "Why is he turning…angelic?"

"Probably so his body can sustain the angelic presence inside of him," Gabriel said "No human would be able to care for a celestial being…it could literally blow their eyes out."

Castiel nodded in understanding and his mind was racing with the facts he was being told. A part of him was filling with warmth at the idea of having something that was both a part of him and Dean and another part of him was chilled with fear that they may have to kill the child since it's unnatural.

"I need to go check on Sam," Gabriel said and he left with that.

"You should go speak with Father," Lucifer said, shaking his head "I'm not sure what He will think of this."

Castiel's wings shuddered and chills ran through him but he knew it needed to be done "Can I see Dean first?"

"No," Lucifer said flatly "We can't have you in there…you could possibly overreact about something and cause problems."

Castiel's eyes darkened and a growl escaped his lips "But he is my mate…I have the right to be there."

"Don't use that tone with me," Lucifer said, his voice dripping with venom as he pointed, "Go speak to Father and you can see where to go from there."

Castiel shrunk back slightly from Lucifer's demand. He was still very much more powerful than Castiel and he still feared him. With a nod, Castiel spread his shaking wings and took flight to where he could feel the immense power of God.

Lucifer rolled his eyes, annoyed to be involved in such a ridiculous situation but he took flight back to Michael.

. . .

Sam paced the room, screaming and cursing prayers up at Castiel for taking his hurt brother. He had no idea what was happening but the only thing he could think of was that stupid nerd angel Castiel did something to his brother and he swore he was going to kill that bundle of feathers if he ever saw him again.

He paused when he heard the familiar fluttering of wings and brush of wind from an angel entering the room. Sam spun around, seething and ready to attack Castiel if it were him. He froze, teeth still clenched together and hands balled into fists as his eyes set on the short Archangel.

Gabriel inwardly winced at the way Sam looked. He could only imagine the pain the hunter was going through. His brother was going through something he didn't understand and now he was going to have questions but Gabriel wasn't sure if he should be the one to break the news. It seemed like something Dean should tell him.

"Where is Dean?" Sam asked, his voice still angry but he relaxed slightly when he realized it was just Gabriel, two of his glimmering golden wings stretched out and swaying around him. Gabriel's expression was blank and unreadable and that had Sam's stomach flipping and he felt as though his heart was lodged into his throat.

"Dean…is alive," Gabriel said slowly as he took a step towards the heated Winchester.

"Okay that's good but where the Hell is he?" Sam asked, beginning to pace again "And what is happening to him? What the fuck were those bones coming out of his back? Why? Why is this happening? I thought you said time away from grace would make him better…this is getting worse!" he was panicking, dragging his nails down through his hair.

Gabriel swiftly moved over to his lover and wrapped his arms around him to stop him from pulling out his own hair. Sam struggled against the wings that curled around him like a straightjacket but he was suddenly feeling waves of soothing grace flow through his body, slowing his heartbeat to a normal rhythm and cooling his boiling blood. He took a deep breath and pressed his face down onto Gabriel's shoulder. He couldn't suppress the quiet sob that escaped him as Gabriel rubbed soothing fingers through his hair and whispered softly in a language Sam didn't even understand but it made him feel better.

Sam didn't even realize they moved but as the wings slowly uncurled from around him, he was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard beside Gabriel, who was unnaturally serious.

"So those things coming out of Dean?" Sam asked, already knowing.

"They are wings, yes," Gabriel said slowly, intertwining his fingers with Sam's as he let his feathers brush over his back.

Sam took a deep breath and nodded "Why? I don't understand? When can he come back?"

"It's not my place to say why but I am not sure how long it will take for the process of the wings to fully form…until then, it is in his best interest to stay in Heaven. Michael happens to be very good at numbing the pain and caring for situations nobody else knows anything about…used to be Raphael's job but you know…" Gabriel explained.

"I'm going to kill Castiel for doing this to Dean," Sam said through gritted teeth.

Gabriel arched an eyebrow "This is not entirely Castiel's fault, Sam. He loves your brother more than you can even imagine. He is so terrified about the situation that he is not even allowed to be near Dean until he is better."

"I don't want that angel anywhere near my brother," Sam muttered. He knew it was ridiculous to place all the blame on Castiel but he needed someone to let his anger out on and Castiel happened to be the target.

"Samuel Winchester, stop talking like that right now," Gabriel said, suddenly becoming angry.

Sam's eyes widened at the name Gabriel just called him and the tone. He glared at the archangel and jumped up from the bed "I can say whatever I want. And you better tell me what's wrong with Dean right now or I swear…"

Gabriel stood up and stared directly into Sam's eyes "Or you'll what, Sam? What are you going to do to me?"

Sam instantly regretted the next words that came out of his mouth "I'll leave you…I won't ever speak or pray to you ever again and you can go on with your miserable existence all alone," he said darkly.

Gabriel's expression remained placid but inside, he felt his grace chill like ice. He had never expected Sam to use a threat like that. It hurt Gabriel a lot more than he would like to admit. So instead, he threw up his shield "Consider it done," he said before flying away.

Sam stood in the empty room, the blood in his veins feeling like ice as he realized what he just did. He couldn't believe he just said that to Gabriel, who had been so kind to him in the past year…the only angel who ever gave a damn about humanity besides Castiel…the angel he was no doubt in love with but was just afraid to say it. He just overreacted whenever it came to Dean and it was costing him the angel he loved. He growled in frustration and threw his fist through the wall, creating a gaping hole in the drywall as white dust clouded through the air.

. . .

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