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Chapter 6: Dean's Discovery:

Michael took a deep breath as he perched himself back beside his true vessel. Dean's body was curled upon the bed where he hadn't moved since he was placed there two days previously. Michael stared in awe at what used to look like dead branches had transformed into. Dean's wings were something of a sight, even to an Archangel who had been around forever.

They were long and arched just as an average angel's wings would. They remained the size and shape of a guardian angel's wings; smaller than Balthazar's wings but larger than a cupids. At the moment, the wings were curled around Dean's body, hugging it in a way which Michael could recall seeing all young angels do. The feathers were like silk considering they were brand new. They were colored in a way Michael had never witnessed before.

The wings as a whole were colored just like Michael's, glimmering silver though instead of the bluish hue in the light, there was a violet blue that streaked through the creases. Deep, dark ebony covered the tips of the feathers to quarter of the way up, ending in spiked designs that splashed up into the silver with a few stray black spots reaching up to the top. There was a glow about those wings that he had never witnessed and he assumed it was the 'pregnancy glow'. Except instead of on his skin, it was his wings.

Michael could sense Dean would be wakening soon and there would be many questions asked but there was just another thing he needed to do while Dean was still in his slumber. He closed his eyes and he relaxed his entire being as he pulled the sleeve up from the brown jacket he was wearing.

He then let out a slow breath and opened his eyes as he gently grabbed onto Dean's wings to uncurl them from his body. Dean shifted and his wings shuddered, the feathers twitching at being touched. Michael tried not to jerk away at the sensations from Dean's wings. They were sending off warming vibes that he couldn't pinpoint. They did not feel like ordinary angel wings. But they were not…they could not be. No human can just turn angel.

It took a few moments but Dean's wings finally spread wide, expanding across the bed he lay upon. Michael gently turned Dean so he lay on his back then he proceeded to move his hand to the center of Dean's stomach.

He let himself relax once more before softly and delicately pressing his hand inside of the hunter. He stopped halfway in when Dean shifted and let out a small whimper but then continued to rest. Michael then preceded the rest of the way until he could feel his fingers touch onto Dean's soul.

What happened next caused a vast tumult. The moment those fingers touched onto the soul, Michael felt something tug at him, pulling the grace right from his body. He gasped and swiftly yanked his hand back out much faster than he should have.

Dean had no idea what was going on but one moment, he was in a soft and peaceful sleep and the next second, his entire soul was screaming through his body. He yelped out in pain as he felt a tug inside of him and he jerked awake, eyes snapping over to where Michael was standing several feet away, his eyes widened and wings arched and pointed in a defensive manner as he rubbed his hand.

Dean could feel something inside of him moving and swirling warmly through his soul and it made the initial pain he felt dissipate in a matter of seconds. The next thing he realized was the heavy weight on his back. It felt as though he were carrying ten school bags full of textbooks. His stomach flipped when he tried to comprehend where he was and what he last remembered.

First things first…the last thing he remembered…he was in the motel room. The pain…the excruciating agony he felt in his back before blacking out amongst being shoved from several sets of arms. His heart began to race as he turned to check on his back. He froze and his heart lodged into his throat at the sight behind him.

He watched as the appendages attached to his back began to shake and jerk in response to his own emotions. When his heart picked up in pace, he watched as the silvery violet and black tipped feathers twitched and the wings as a whole started to flare wide. His hand shook along with the wings as he reached to place his fingers over them. He held his breath as his skin made contact with the silkiest feathers he had ever felt before. He could feel a rush flow through his body, ending in the core of his very being.

"They are truly stunning wings," Michael's voice snapped Dean out of the trance he was in.

He stared at the turquoise colored eyes of Michael and continued to do just that. Stare with his jaw slacked and eyes wide.

Michael's own wings started to flare with the feathers curling inwards at the intense stare from Dean. He wasn't even sure what to call Dean anymore. He obviously was no longer human. The wings on Dean's back were flaring then folding back and then just slumping down over the bed, falling slightly off of the sides of the mattress.

"You are really friggen bright inside that body," Dean said, realizing too late how stupid that just sounded.

Michael smiled, his eyes seeming to light up the room. Yeah, Dean was definitely not human anymore. He just shook his head.

"So…is there a reason I just sprouted these feathery appendages?" Dean asked, his eyes flickering back over to the wings that were just lowered in a state of relaxation. He was just relieved the pain was over and somehow the wings on his back made him feel much healthier.

Michael shifted slightly, his eyes darting around the room and feathers ruffling.

Dean's stomach turned once more as he finally stood up from the bed. He knew something had to be wrong to cause Michael to act like that. He stepped closer to the archangel "Michael, what is wrong with me?"

Michael bit down on his lower lip "I'm not sure it's my place to say."

Dean felt fear seep through him and he gulped deeply. Suddenly, he felt warmth spread through his veins, calming the fear and he knew from some instinct that it was Castiel. Just on cue, a soft white light and breeze with the scent of crisp oceans washed over him with the arrival of his angel. He turned and his entire body lit with love and comfort when his eyes set on his blue eyed lover. Something inside of him was pulling in the direction of the angel and he found himself in the soft embrace of arms within just seconds. He closed his eyes as he breathed in the scent of Castiel…something he had always found comforting but somehow it was more soothing than usual. He felt it inside of his body and he felt a tingling sensation pass through the new feathered appendages on his back at the touch.

Castiel just wanted to hold Dean forever. He could feel the grace inside of Dean…his own grace twisted with Dean's soul, creating another being that they had yet to understand. He held Dean tighter, squeezing his fingers into the feathers closest to Dean's back. He couldn't believe he was going to create something with Dean…something that was going to be a part of both of them. It made him happier than he could ever imagine.

Dean gasped and shivered at the amazing sensations passing through his new wings as Castiel clenched them tightly. He took a calming breath and slowly started to push his angel away. Castiel reluctantly allowed it and took a step back to gaze at Dean's wings. They were glorious and perfect in every way.

"Castiel…tell me what is going on right now," Dean demanded, not wanting to ruin the moment but yeah, it was kinda faltering from the fact he had effing wings out of nowhere.

Castiel took a deep breath as he tried to think of a way to explain it to Dean. He turned to Michael for an answer but Michael shook his head.

Castiel turned back to wide, bright green eyes that were filled with so much worry.

"When we mated for the first time…the night I called your name in my true voice," Castiel started.

Dean nodded and smiled slightly at the memory…it had been the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

"Well…I lost control that night…a-and since I used my grace to…" he started to say but felt awkward with Michael standing there, listening intently. Dean felt the same embarrassment but he just wanted to know what was wrong.

"I used my grace to make the process less painful," Castiel said.

"And grace is pure creation," Michael added in, letting it register with the hunter/angel.

Castiel nodded, "And when I came to my finish…I – my grace connected with your soul…"

Dean lifted his eyebrows "So your grace connected with my soul…and now I'm turning angelic because of it?"

Castiel stared down for a moment then back up "Not exactly…when the connection happened…"

Dean lifted his eyebrows, waiting for an answer but Castiel was staring around the room.

Michael sighed "Dean, you are currently what you humans call pregnant."

Dean barked out a laugh at how ridiculous that was "Wow, nice one Michael…seriously, what's up with me?" His laughter died down when he noticed the completely serious expressions on the angels faces "This can't be true. I'm a man…it's physically impossible."

"Not entirely," Michael said, "His grace is wrapped with your soul…that is where the new creation is being made…through your soul, not your body."

Dean's stomach flipped and he felt more warmth pass through him as if to assure him Michael was speaking the truth. Suddenly, the room began to spin as he felt his knees give out. He pushed Castiel away when he tried to help. Dean then just lowered until he was sitting on the floor, knees against his chest and face pressed into his palms. No, he couldn't be harboring some weird soul creature thing. No…not possible.

"Dean," Castiel said, wanting to comfort Dean but worried.

After a few minutes, Dean lifted his head "How do I get rid of it?" he asked.

Castiel felt his grace turn into liquid ice and his wings stiffened "Get rid of it?" he asked.

Dean nodded "Yeah, get rid of it. I don't want some supernatural thing eating away at my soul. Screw that."

"Dean…" Castiel started, his grace winding "I-it's not like that. It will have it's own soul after the process…it's just-"

"No Cas," Dean said "Aren't nephilim like big and dangerous?"

"It's not a neph, Dean. I'm not fallen and you are not a woman," Castiel said, his heart breaking at Dean wanting to destroy something they created together.

Dean felt panic "Then what is it?"

There was silence to follow as Dean waited for an answer. He huffed out in annoyance and stood up, facing towards Michael "Your straightforward…how do I get rid of this thing that's eating my soul?"

"Dean, it's not-" Castiel started

Dean held out a hand "Shut up Cas," he said, keeping his gaze locked with Michael's.

Michael sighed "Well, for one, we have no idea what it really is that you are creating but my guess as to get rid of it is to reach in and pull it from your soul."

Dean winced at the idea, knowing the pain that could come from that soul thing.

"But Dean, Father has said that it is a gift," Castiel said, recalling the words when he had asked God what it meant. That was all he got…a smile with the words 'it's a gift'.

Dean closed his mouth and turned back to his angel. They had one of their long, intense stares before the contact was broken by Lucifer "I'd kindly tear it from your soul for you," he said, rubbing his hands together.

Castiel darted his eyes to the archangel who just appeared in the room "You will do no such thing."

"Dean has free will…if he wants it out, then he can," Lucifer said, shrugging.

"Get out of here, Lucifer," Michael said, a hint of irritation in his voice.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and stuck a bit of his tongue out as he examined Dean. He could clearly see the thing being created in Dean as they spoke.

"Just think on it, Dean," Castiel said, his voice low as he stared down.

Dean suddenly felt guilty. He hadn't really thought about what Castiel might think. Whatever this thing was, it was still a part of him as well. He opened his mouth to speak but Castiel fled the room.

Dean stared guiltily down at the floor as the silence permeated the room. He could still feel Castiel's heartbreak and anguish through their bond and he felt like a complete dick. But how did they expect him to have some weird soul-grace angel baby thing. It could turn out to be a monster.

"You should get home to Sam…he has been very concerned about you," Michael said, walking towards Dean.

Dean nodded, knowing he wasn't going to tell Sam. His brother would just use it against him like there was no tomorrow. He stretched, feeling his wings expand and close in. He had once body swapped with Michael before and learned to fly then but he didn't remember that at all. He would have to learn how to fly all over again. Not at the moment, though.

Michael walked over and pressed two fingers to Dean's forehead.

Dean landed abruptly in the middle of Bobby's study, causing both Sam and Bobby to jump and curse loudly. Dean stared down, feeling somewhat hallow as he thought about what was growing inside his soul. He had even forgotten about his new set of wings…that was, until he started hearing the freaking out of the other hunters in the other room.

. . .

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