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. . .

Chapter 7: Making Up:

"Dean, you're leaving something out," Sam said with irritation as he leaned back on the chair behind the desk. Bobby had left to go out and get the pie Dean was craving more than usual.

"I'm not leaving anything out, Sam," Dean said, rolling his eyes as he flicked through the channels. Now that he knew what was wrong with his body, he could now feel the creature growing inside of him, warming his soul and sending little vibes of giddiness that Dean couldn't help but smile about. Whatever the thing was in him, it seemed very happy.

"So…you said that because you drank too much of Castiel's wing grace, you grew wings…that's it?" Sam said with disbelief.

"That's it," Dean said simply, stopping on a cartoon. The thing inside of him sent through a wave of reassurance and Dean knit his eyebrows, wondering if the thing wanted to keep the cartoon on. As if for a test, Dean changed the channel.

He grunted when he felt a tug so he chuckled slightly before turning it back to the cartoon, earning the wave of joy once more. He shook his head, the damn thing was already making his life Hell. He sighed and dropped the remote onto the coffee table as he examined what he was going to be forced to watch.

He smiled as he watched the little fox stare up at the elderly woman with wide, frightened eyes. She lifted the fox up and held him close. The fluffy little tail curled up against her arm as she trailed over to her home.

"Are you watching The Fox and the Hound?" Sam asked with wide eyes.

"Yeah, is that a problem?" Dean asked, arching an eyebrow as he lounged back, stretching his legs across the couch. He then let his wings unfurl and curl over his stomach and chest like a blanket. He hummed to himself as he began to run his fingers through the silky material. They were already all bent and ruffles, so a good grooming was in session.

Sam sighed and shook his head, knowing Dean wasn't going to tell the truth. It had been a week since Dean showed up in that room with wings and it had been straight up lies ever since. To make matters worse, Gabriel was completely ignoring all of Sam's calls and Castiel had only shown up once a few days back and he gave Dean a dark look. It looked like one of their staring contests but Sam knew those two were having a telepathic conversation because Castiel left with a crackle of angry archangel air around him. He hadn't seen any angels since…well, Michael had stopped by once and did one of the stares with Dean as well before nodding and flying off. Sam was pissed about it all and he wanted to smash something…possibly Dean's thick skull.

"Oh by the way, Cas told me to ask what happened with you and Gabe," Dean said, having heard a bit of Sam's thoughts about Gabriel ignoring him. It was still strange to hear bits and pieces of humans' thoughts. He tried his best to stay out of Sam and Bobby's heads, though. Sam had some seriously horrendous thoughts that sometimes left horrific images seared into Dean's brain.

"I snapped at him, that's all," Sam said, his stomach churning.

"Well, you must have done something terrible. Cas says Gabriel cut off the prayer link between you two," Dean mentioned, staring at his brother. He felt guilty when he saw the despair pass over Sam's features.

Sam felt like his heart broke…that was why Gabriel never responded. Sam would never be able to pray to him again. Unless…he stood up slowly as he came up with an idea.

"Where ya' going?" Dean asked, huffing in annoyance when a commercial came on.

"Just out," Sam said, sliding his jacket on. It was mid-October and getting somewhat cold outside.

"Think you can pick up some cheeseburgers?" Dean asked, his mouth watering at how amazing it would taste.

Sam arched an eyebrow "You just ate six a few hours ago," he noted.

"I'm still hungry," Dean said with a shrug "And hurry up with that."

"Why don't you just create one yourself with you new stupid powers," Sam muttered as he walked out the door. So maybe he was slightly jealous of Dean with his new wings and abilities. He had watched Dean bitch about pie for an hour and when Sam refused to get him some, Dean literally created a huge one right in front of him. Dean had no idea how he did it but he wasn't complaining as he stuffed his face.

Dean rolled his eyes as Sam slammed the door. He didn't feel like creating cheeseburgers; he didn't even know how to.

He sat up and turned to his left when he could sense another angel closing in. He groaned when he caught the light of Lucifer as well as his scent which was a mixture of apples, snow and the faintest hint of sulfur that Dean noticed was even becoming less as the days passed.

"What do you want?" Dean asked without even looking at the archangel as he manifested in front of the TV.

"Am I that terrible to look at?" Lucifer asked.

Dean just shook his head and turned to the archangel. He almost winced, still trying to get used to seeing the light of true forms within the vessel – mostly showing through their eyes and wings. Lucifer happened to be really bright, more than Michael or Gabriel.

"You're just really bright. Gives me a headache," Dean mumbled as he leaned over to pick up the remote and change the channel. The little thing in his soul tugged again and Dean huffed out in annoyance, dropping the remote again. He stared down at his stomach and muttered unintelligibly.

"How is the little critter, anyways?" Lucifer asked as he plopped down on top of Dean's legs.

Dean rolled his eyes and pulled his feet out from beneath the archangel. He curled them up in front of him, resting his chin on his knee.

Lucifer smirked, already feeling differently about Dean. He wondered if it was because Dean was angelic or maybe because the thing inside of Dean was technically like a little niece or nephew to him. He was starting to think of Dean like a long lost brother.

Dean straightened out his legs, letting them touch onto the floor as he leaned forward to stretch his back.

"Your wings are a disaster…" Lucifer noted, staring at the tangled mess where he knew Dean couldn't reach.

"Shut up," Dean mumbled, his wings curling around him.

"I can always fix them for you," Lucifer said with a shrug.

Dean sat up straight and lifted his eyebrows as he tried to figure out if Lucifer was being serious or not. His expression was unreadable.

"Oh come on, I won't hurt you…you're like a brother now," Lucifer said, sitting up and moving his hands towards Dean's back.

"Whoa dude, personal space," Dean said, holding out his hands and folding his wings back.

"You're an idiot. I bet that hurts," Lucifer said, shaking his head.

"I'd rather Cas does it," Dean said.

"From what I can tell, you two aren't exactly on speaking terms," Lucifer mentioned, his own wings stretching across the couch.

Dean stared at them for a moment, noticing how much lighter they had gotten since the last he saw them. When he first returned from the cage, they were the blackest black there was…now they were a lighter gray with streaks of pure, paper white within them. He wondered what Lucifer's wings looked like before the Fall.

It was silent for a moment as they both stared at the TV where the little fox was going nose to nose with a hound.

"Have you figured out what you want to do with it?" Lucifer questioned.

Dean knew what he was talking about. Lucifer happened to be the only other angel who seemed to believe that the creature could end up as a monster. All of the others were busy trying to convince Dean to keep it. Dean had decided if he wasn't going to keep it then Lucifer would be his best bet on taking it out.

"I'm not sure what to do," Dean replied after a while "I don't want to hurt Cas like that but I also don't want to have it only to have to kill it if it's a monster."

Lucifer nodded, his expression blank "Father told Castiel it was a gift…do you think his 'gift' would be a monster?"

Dean was taken aback by that question. He hadn't really thought about it like that. He felt the thing move inside of him for another moment and he closed his eyes, wishing he could know what it was.

"Your Father also didn't give a damn about the apocalypse so I don't know what his version of 'gift' is," Dean said after a while.

"Can I touch it?" Lucifer asked, lifting his head.

Dean knit his eyebrows "What?" he asked.

"Can I touch it?" Lucifer asked slowly, emphasis on each word as if Dean was stupid.

"No way," Dean said, curling his wings around his stomach.

"Come on, I won't hurt you or it…I just want to see if I can notice anything Michael didn't," Lucifer said hopefully.

"That shit hurts," Dean said defensively.

"Oh come on," Lucifer said "I'm like a brother now."

"You're not a brother to me…for one, you took over Sam and used him to kick my ass…you killed Cas and Bobby…you tried to destroy the world…" Dean rambled.

"Reflect on your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." Lucifer said smoothly, his voice like a poet's.

Dean stared, bewildered "I'm not Sam, you know. I don't know all that weird nerdy stuff."

Lucifer chuckled "Charles Dickens," he said simply.

"Right," Dean said, his head hurting more for some reason.

"So can I touch it?" Lucifer asked once more.

Dean sighed; there had been a lot of angels doing that lately…both Michael and Gabriel tried but they were both like stung or something; though nobody tried it since the second day after Dean woke up with wings.

"Why not," Dean said with a shrug. He hoped to see Lucifer get burned anyways. He lay down and straightened up as Lucifer lit up with joy. Lucifer took a deep breath before sliding a hand in gently.

Dean was shocked at how slow and soft the movement was. He half expected it to hurt more than anyone else but Lucifer was even gentler than Michael. He hardly even noticed when the fingers touched his soul except for the fact that the thing inside of him began to squirm and shoot waves of distress through the rest of Dean's body.

Dean was about to shove the archangel off but paused when he suddenly felt the thing in him calm down and relax completely even though Lucifer's fingers were brushing it gently. He knit his eyebrows and stared up at Lucifer, whose eyes were closed. A slight curve of his lips indicated a warm smile Dean had never seen.

After a moment, Lucifer pulled his hand out just as gently and leaned back on the couch, the corners of his lips twitching as though he were holding back a smile.

"Well?" Dean asked, sitting up and feeling that the thing in him was content.

"I'm not sure," Lucifer said, opening his eyes "I could feel it…the baby, that is."

"The baby?" Dean asked.

Lucifer nodded "Yeah…that thing has got some kick," he laughed.

"What are you talking about?" Dean questioned, his heart skipping a beat.

Lucifer turned those blue eyes to him "That thing inside of you…I can't sense an ounce of darkness in it," he said "And I know where to look for darkness. It's pure light and joy…happy little thing."

Dean didn't know why but hearing that made his heart flutter and warm. He smiled as he crossed his arms over his stomach. It was complete silence from there as Dean and Lucifer watched the stupid cartoon.

Dean felt the baby in him twist inside of his soul as he watched the fox stand in the woods, staring with those wide, sad eyes and head tilt as the old woman drove away, leaving him alone. His throat felt dry as he felt a sting in his eyes. He blinked a few times and licked his lips. He quickly poked at his eye, pretending to have an itch as he wiped away a stray tear.

"Are you crying?" Lucifer asked, his voice filled with amusement.

"No!" Dean said a bit too quickly because the archangel just laughed more.

"I got something in my eye…I think it was one of your damn feathers," Dean defended.

"You are definitely crying," Lucifer laughed, his eyes almost watering from the outburst.

"Bite me," Dean muttered, throwing a pillow at the archangel.

Lucifer caught it easily "I think that's Cassie's job," he said.

It was silent for a moment before Lucifer spoke again "Have you told Sam yet?" he asked.

Dean sighed and shook his head "No…he doesn't need this burden on him," he said.

"Or you just don't want him to make fun of you…he's gonna find out eventually," Lucifer said, pulling at one of Dean's feathers. They were so new that they felt as silky as a young angel's.

Dean rolled his eyes but allowed Lucifer to touch his wings, "I'm not even sure I'm going to keep it," he said "and if I told him, I don't know what his reaction would be."

"I think you should at least have it to see what it is," Lucifer said, taking more feathers onto his lap to feel the material.

"I don't know about that…I mean, it's gonna' be something new…what if it turns out to be a monster," Dean noted "I wouldn't want to have to kill it."

"It doesn't seem like a monster to me…" Lucifer said with a shrug.

"Oh come on," Dean groaned "You were the only one who would willingly pull it out and now you're gonna' change your mind?"

Lucifer sighed and shook his head "I'll still pull it out if that's your decision," he said simply "I'm just telling you my opinion on it. After feeling the little thing, I have to say, it seems really warm…and caring."

"Well every other angel who touched it got like zapped or something," Dean said, placing his hand on his stomach.

"Well that's because they aren't doing it right," Lucifer pointed out "I'm very good with my hands," he smirked.

"You're an idiot," Dean said, letting out a heavy breath when he felt Lucifer soothe a knot in his wings that had been bothering him all day. After a moment or so, Lucifer finished up with the last knot and let go of the wings. Dean sighed as he pulled his refreshed wings back.

"I should go," Lucifer said quickly before vanishing.

Dean rolled his eyes but stood up to get a beer. He didn't know why and he was definitely not complaining but the soul thing inside of him loved beer. He smirked as he pulled one out and popped off the top. He took a swig and almost made it to the couch when Bobby arrived.

Dean was instantly impaled by the scent of a sweet and cinnamon apple pie and then cherry pie. He smirked as he sauntered over to the counter where three brown bags were placed down. He immediately began to pick through the bag where he could practically taste the delicious aroma pouring from the Styrofoam containers.

Bobby just stared at Dean, still alarmed by the fact he could literally see his wings. He couldn't see any of the angels wings like Sam and Dean could but he could see the silvery violet blue and black tipped wings on either side of Dean. He had a hard time looking at them without just staring.

Dean lifted his eyebrows and turned to Bobby as he opened the container with apple pie. He took a huge bite and smiled as the thing in him sent waves of joy through his body. It was like having a contraption inside you that makes you feel high every so often.

"Do you know how to put those things away?" Bobby asked, pointing to the wings.

Dean shrugged "I on' know," he said through a mouthful of food.

Bobby just sighed and shook his head as he walked into the study to research on the hunt he was on.

. . .

Sam let out a long, deep breath as he left the little shop in the town over. He hopped into the Impala and made his way over to a small pond nearby. It was abandoned with most children at school and adults at work. The pond was fairly beautiful, considering the raggedy old town it resided in. The sun glimmered over the water and the autumn trees colored the dying grass in an arrangement of yellows, reds and oranges.

Sam slowly walked over to a large stone that sat in front of the pond. He sat down slowly on it and pulled the pendant from his jacket pocket. He had no idea if it was going to work but it was worth a shot. He closed his hand around the small pendant with a winged figure and the words 'St. Gabriel Archangel' engraved into it. He almost wanted to laugh at how ridiculous this all was to try but it was worth a shot. He closed his eyes and held it tightly as he began to pray to his angel.

. . .

"Castiel, you need to go and talk some sense into Dean," Gabriel said as he stood beside his brother, who was residing in the Heaven he enjoyed. He was like a hermit and Gabriel had about enough. He was almost ready to go down there and smack Dean across the head.

"I've already tried," Castiel said, feeling miserable, "He keeps saying he doesn't want to have a monster."

"Well convince him otherwise," Gabriel snapped, pacing in front of the blue eyed angel.

"Trying to convince Dean to do something he doesn't want to do is like talking to a blade of grass…nothing happens," Castiel said as he stared at the grass in front of him.

"And I'm going to assume you tried talking to grass before," Gabriel chuckled, trying to lighten his brother up.

Castiel just stared at him "You haven't?" he asked.

That made Gabriel laugh, it was a nice laugh he hadn't done in a while and it felt great "No Cassie, I haven't tried to speak to grass before."

"Oh," Castiel said, turning his gaze back to the grass.

"If you don't try to talk to Dean, I will go down there myself…and I won't be nice about it," Gabriel said, feeling irritation again.

"You don't have say in the matter because you cut off all contact with Sam," Castiel noted with slight bitterness.

Gabriel stopped in his tracks of pacing and glared at Castiel "You have no idea what is going on with Sam and I."

"Well I know that whatever happened, you are making no effort to make it right again," Castiel said, pondering the idea of going to see Dean. He could sense that he was stressed about something.

Gabriel frowned at how true Castiel's statement was but he just didn't want to get hurt once more. He had been through a good amount of relationships that ended in the one he thought he loved trying to kill him. He didn't want that to happen with Sam.

He was about to speak when he suddenly felt the familiar tingling sensation pass through him of someone praying to him. He shut his mouth and closed his eyes as he tried to sift through the thousands of prayers passing through him at the moment to pinpoint the strongest one. Normally, he would just silence all prayers but this one was strong.

'Gabriel…it's Sam,' the voice said sounding solemn but firm 'I really want to talk to you…please, I hope you hear this.'

Gabriel opened his eyes and knit his eyebrows as tried to figure out how Sam just got through to him.

"What is it?" Castiel asked, sensing his brother's confusion.

"That was Sam," Gabriel said.

Castiel smiled slightly "Leave it to Sam to find a way to get through to you."

Gabriel couldn't help his own smile at that entirely true statement. He let out a breath as he pinpointed the location of Sam "Go see Dean…I'll be back."

"Wait Gabriel," Castiel said quickly.

"What?" Gabriel asked.

"Dean hasn't told Sam or anyone the truth yet. Please don't say anything," Castiel said, his voice close to pleading.

Gabriel nodded then took off to his little moose.

. . .

Sam sighed as he stared at the ripples in the water from a creature below the surface touching up.

"Sam," Gabriel said, causing Sam to jump a foot in the air with his heart lodged in his throat. He gasped and was on his feet, spinning around within seconds. His stomach turned to see Gabriel standing in front of him with a blank expression on his face.

"You came," Sam said, his heart returning to its place but fluttering. He was suddenly at a loss of words.

"How on Earth did you do that?" Gabriel asked, staring around for a ritual or something. He half expected to find Sam at a church but they were just at a pond somewhere.

"I, uh, I got this," Sam said, holding up the pendant.

Gabriel smirked just slightly as he shook his head "Well, what do you want to talk about?" he asked.

Sam let out a long breath as he tried to refrain from grabbing Gabriel and just holding him. The need was just insatiable. Before he could comprehend it, he closed the space and threw his arms around the short archangel. He felt Gabriel stiffen for a moment but it only took a few seconds for him to relax into the embrace and hold Sam back.

Gabriel closed his eyes as he held onto the hunter. He had never known it could feel so refreshing just to he held like that. He swiftly closed his wings around their bodies and clutched onto him in a firmer grip.

"I'm so sorry," Sam whispered against Gabriel's hair "I wasn't thinking right. Please forgive me…"

Gabriel smirked and pulled back slightly to stare at Sam. He wanted to pull an attitude just a little longer but he was greeted with a puppy dog look that literally made his grace warm inside of him. With a sigh, he just shook his head "Is it possible to be mad at you?"

Sam smiled and pulled Gabriel back. That was all he wanted to do for a little while. That was what they did; they just curled up together beside the pond.

. . .

Dean frowned as he glanced at his watch. Sam had been gone for a few hours and Dean wanted a friggen cheeseburger. To make matters worse, he took the Impala and Dean had no idea how to hide his wings. Apparently they were different than an average angel's. They were visible to everyone who looked at them, including all humans.

He sighed as he rummaged through the fridge for something to munch on for the time being but all he wanted was a cheeseburger. He already ate the two huge slices of pie Bobby picked up.

"Dean," Castiel's voice rang through the room.

Dean's stomach flipped and he spun around to face his angel. For a moment, they just stared at one another before Dean spoke "Cas," was all he could say.

"I apologize for the way I've been acting," Castiel said sincerely, his wings twitching slightly "I…I did not really think about what you are going through. It is your soul and if you do not want to keep what it is that is in there –"

"-Cas," Dean cut in but Castiel held up a hand.

"-No matter what your decision is, I will stand by you. I love you Dean Winchester and nothing will change that," Castiel continued.

"Cas," Dean said, a bit louder this time. He smiled when those bright blue eyes gazed at him, "I love you too Cas. I…I don't want to lose it…whatever this is inside of me."

Castiel felt his entire grace ignite with joy at those words. He smiled before closing the distance and throwing his arms and wings around Dean. He was met by the feeling of Dean's wings connecting with his and all at once, a range of emotions poured through his entire being. He could feel Dean's relief and love but he could also feel something like joy from the being inside of Dean's soul.

Dean held Castiel back for a moment before loosening his hold. Castiel made no motion to let go and continued to just hold Dean back more tightly. Dean took a deep breath "Cas," he said.

"Hmm?" Castiel asked, now releasing Dean so the hunter could speak.

"I need to figure out a way to tell Sam and Bobby," Dean said, his stomach turning at the idea.