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. . .

Chapter 8: Damn Hellhounds:

Dean took a deep breath as he paced the living area at Bobby's house. He figured it was the most comfortable place and he still couldn't leave the house considering he had a huge set of wings on his back that were completely visible to all humans. He had no idea how to explain them.

He decided it was time to tell Sam and Bobby the truth but he really had no idea how to say it. He felt like a 16 year old girl who just got knocked up and trying to find a way to tell her parents. He laughed out loud at that, causing Castiel to look up.

"What is so funny?" Castiel asked as he sat awkwardly on the couch. Castiel had rarely left Dean's side since they got back together a few days before. Dean wasn't complaining because whatever the thing was inside of him, it liked Castiel's presence therefore, Dean enjoyed his angel's presence more than usual.

"I have no idea," Dean laughed a little more, unable to control himself. He felt the thing in his soul squirm and send vibes of joy through him the more he laughed.

"Your hysterical, Dean," Castiel said slowly.

Dean just laughed a little more at the worried look on his angel's face. He had no idea why but he couldn't stop laughing no matter how hard he tried. He felt like he just smoked a huge blunt.

Castiel frowned "Dean…you need to calm down," he said, noticing the way his soul was flickering "I think you are scaring the baby."

Dean continued to laugh more at that. They had gone to calling the soul-grace thing in him a baby on occasion and every time someone called it that, Dean would laugh a little. He was now feeling lightheaded and out of breath so he took that moment to fall onto the couch beside Castiel.

"Why are you laughing so much?" Castiel questioned. He wasn't going to complain much about it though. It made him happy to see Dean laugh like that…so carefree but a hint sarcastic. It gave him a light that wasn't common. Dean didn't stop; he just shook his head and continued to laugh.

After a moment, Castiel found himself chuckling just a little.

. . .

"Something is wrong with Dean," Sam said as he and Gabriel waited in the diner for the food to be ready.

Gabriel kept a blank expression and shrugged "Why do you say that?" he asked.

Sam frowned "I don't think he's telling the truth about why he just sprouted wings," he said "he said it's just from taking in too much grace."

Gabriel contemplated, "Huh," he said. He didn't want to lie to Sam but he also didn't want to divulge into Dean's secrets. It was a problem the Winchester brothers needed to solve themselves.

Sam knew for a fact that Gabriel knew more than he was letting on but he wasn't going to push the subject. He really didn't need to cause another fight between them. Sam just wished that Dean trusted him enough to tell him the truth.

"Is…is Dean going to die?" Sam asked after a moment.

Gabriel was slightly taken aback by the question "Why are you asking?"

Sam stared down at the table "Whatever is going on, Dean is trying his hardest to keep me out of it," he said "I just don't know what to think."

Gabriel wanted to smack Dean for making Sam go through so much stress but he couldn't blame the hunter. What man would ever want to admit that they are pregnant with some weird angelic baby? Especially Dean and his pride.

"I don't know what to tell you," Gabriel said after a moment "But I don't think he is going to die anytime soon."

"You know what's wrong with him?" Sam asked even though it was pretty obvious.

Gabriel nodded "I know," he said "but I was asked not to tell you."

Sam clenched his teeth but nodded in understanding. At least he knew for a fact something serious was wrong and he was slightly relieved that Gabriel said he didn't think Dean was going to die. It was oddly comforting to hear that from the archangel.

"Foods done," Gabriel said as he slid off the stool "You better get Dean his cheeseburgers and pie before he kills someone."

Sam laughed a little "Yeah, he ate twenty cheeseburgers the other day and was still hungry."

Gabriel grinned "Well, those wings actually make him burn a lot more calories than any human should so he needs the food."

Sam nodded "Makes sense," he said.

"Dean is going to have to tell you soon," Gabriel said as he watched Sam pay for the food and try to hold all of the bags. Gabriel grabbed three of the six and walked outside with Sam.

"Yeah," Sam said, unlocking the Impala "Hope he does soon or I'm going to have to get Castiel to spill."

Gabriel chuckled "I don't think you'd get anything from that angel," he said "he is just as stubborn as Dean. He's the one who told me not to tell you."

Sam lifted his eyebrows "Just great. What about Michael? Does he know?"

Gabriel didn't reply. He just handed the bags to Sam, who rolled his eyes in annoyance and began to mutter beneath his breath. He climbed into the driver's seat and turned to Gabriel "You coming?" he asked.

Gabriel hesitated "No, I'm actually needed upstairs. I'll see you later," he said, leaning down for a kiss. He really wasn't needed in Heaven but he didn't want to be interrogated anymore. When Sam refused, he sighed and took off. He wasn't going to blame Sam for being annoyed.

. . .

Dean, Sam and Bobby sat in the living room. Dean was leaning back on the couch with crumpled wrappers of the six cheeseburgers he ate as well as two more unopened ones. He placed them down for the moment so he could grab the slice of pie on the coffee table. He lifted it and relished in the steaming cherry syrup seeping out. He moaned as he licked up the sweet sauce.

Sam sat on the chair beside the couch, already done with his rabbit food; he leaned down, staring at the screen of his laptop from where it sat on the coffee table.

Bobby was sitting at the desk, flipping through an old book and sipping on some whiskey. It was awkwardly silent in the room except for Dean's unnecessary sounds from enjoying the food far too much.

Dean felt his stomach twist as he tried to think of a way to tell Bobby and Sam what was going on. He had no idea where to even begin. He sighed and placed the food onto the coffee table again. He was feeling nauseous all of a sudden. A wave of dizziness overwhelmed him and in an instant, he jumped up from the couch and ran to the bathroom.

Dean bent over the toilet, his stomach trying to push up stuff but nothing was coming out. He winced at the burning sensation through his veins and wings. He had always known wings were sensitive because of the way angels acted to Dean's touch but he didn't realize it was as sensitive as they really were. When they were being massaged, it was amazing but when they would get caught on something or even just pulled or cut, it hurt worse than a dislocated shoulder.

He leaned against the wall and clutched his gut as more searing pain shot through him. He could feel a cold sweat start to coat his skin as the room spun around him. He could hear a knock on the door and he really didn't want to deal with anyone; instead, he hugged his knees and curled his wings around his entire body to shield himself from people.

"Dean," Sam was saying, his voice muffled by the door.

Dean sighed "I'm fine, Sammy," he said. He regretted not locking the door when he heard it open up.

Sam frowned as he stared at Dean's form hidden beneath the silvery violet and black tipped wings. Stray feathers were already coating the bathroom floor; he didn't know much about wings but he was sure losing that many at once wasn't good, "Dean…please tell me what's going on."

Dean sighed and allowed his wings to sprawl across the floor as he stared at his brother "I just ate too much," he said, not even sure if that was the real reason…it made sense. He had eaten more in one day than he usually did in a week.

Sam clenched his teeth but just nodded "Fine. I'll be in the other room," he said before slamming the door.

Dean rolled his eyes and winced as another wave of agony shot through him. He had no idea what the hell was going on. He closed his eyes as he sent up a mental prayer to Castiel.

It only took half a second before the blue eyed angel was standing in front of Dean with worry painted on his features. He immediately climbed onto the floor beside Dean once he noticed the fallen feathers and way Dean's grace was blinking.

"Something hurts," Dean mumbled, feeling extremely tired all of a sudden.

Castiel took a deep breath before pulling Dean close to him, "I'm going to check on it, alright?"

Dean nodded, knowing what he meant. He straightened up and braced himself as the hand gently pushed into him, reaching for his soul. He gasped when he felt the thing inside of him instantly reach out for Castiel, almost like it was trying to pull him in.

Castiel pulled his hand out slowly, his eyebrows knitted in deep thought "Dean…you need more grace…" he said, spreading his own wings.

Dean lifted his eyebrows. He hadn't needed any since he gained wings. He tried to speak but it throat was dry and sticky; instead he just nodded.

Castiel gently pulled Dean into his arms as he curled one wing around the hunter. Dean instinctively went right for where he knew the liquid grace pulsed the strongest. Castiel hissed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he felt Dean bite the arch of his wing.

In an instant, Dean felt the liquid grace slide down his throat and seep into every muscle, soothing them instantly. His soul lit and warmed at once as his head cleared.

Dean pulled away from Castiel's wing once he knew he had enough. He didn't want to stop because it was an amazing feeling but he knew he had to.

"You alright now?" Castiel asked, running a hand through Dean's hair.

Dean felt his body heat up and without a moment to spare, he flipped over until he was sitting on Castiel's lap, pushing him against the wall. Castiel sucked in a breath of surprise before his lips were captured by Dean's. He closed his eyes as he bound his arms around the hunter, pulling him as close as he could.

Dean moaned as he savored in the sweet flavor that was all Castiel. He clutched the lapels of the dirty trench coat, trying to kiss his angel even harder. He swore his lips were going to be bruised but he didn't give a damn. They hadn't done anything in over two weeks and Dean was craving it much more than he should.

"Dean," Castiel whispered, his breath hot against Dean's mouth.

Dean slid his hands beneath the coat and over Castiel's shoulders, trying to take off the jacket.

Castiel wanted it just as badly as Dean did but he wasn't sure it was the right time to be doing it. His hands shook as he tried to push the hunter off of him slightly.

Dean pulled back just a little to stare into the wide, lust blown pupils. He loved seeing Castiel look so disheveled and almost out of control. He smirked before dipping back down to capture another kiss.

Castiel moaned as he felt kisses move along his jaw and down his neck at the same moment strong hands gripped his wings. He let out a shaken breath "Dean…please, this isn't the time."

Dean startled slightly when he felt his body pushed onto the floor. Castiel stood up in front of the shower, his eyes widened and hair more unruly than usual. His lips were swollen and red and so damn kissable. Dean stood up, groaning at the tight feeling in his jeans.

"Please Dean, I might not be able to control myself…I don't want to risk-" Castiel started. He was cut off as Dean grabbed his tie and yanked the angel closer to him again.

Castiel succumbed for a moment, pulling Dean into his arms once again. He kissed the hunter back passionately as he moved his hands into the silky smooth wings. Dean's back arch and he hissed out in pleasure at the sensations pulsing through his wings. He winced and pressed his face into Castiel's shoulder, clutching at his wings as tightly as he could. He couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have his own wings touched like that.

Dean gasped in surprise when he was suddenly shoved into the wall beside them, Castiel pinning him roughly. Dean smirked at the dominance he loved. He wasn't about to let the angel gain control though. He pushed against Castiel, who was surprised to feel Dean's strength actually move him back.

Castiel was about to gain control again when he suddenly felt his legs bump against something, causing his knees to buckle. Immediately, he went to try and shield Dean but the hunter was already falling on top of him, grabbing at the dark green shower curtain. The hooks snapped off one by one as they fell into the tub with a loud thud.

Dean immediately started to laugh as he realized how tangled up they were with their wings and the curtain. He tried to move but ended up knocking over all the bottles of shampoo and body wash. They crashed upon them. Castiel couldn't help but laugh himself as Dean lay on top of him.

. . .

Sam instantly jumped up from the chair, weapon ready as he heard the loud crash. He glanced at Bobby, who was also standing up from the sudden noise.

In a flash, Sam ran down the hall towards the bathroom. He froze in the doorway, knife held out as he scanned for any sign of a fight. He sighed and his heart began to slow down once he realized it was just Dean and Castiel. He just shook his head at the tangled mass of feathers and shower curtain in the tub. Bobby appeared beside him a moment later; he lowered the shotgun and scowled as he glanced at his shower "Friggen idjits," he mumbled "did you really need to screw up by bathroom?"

Dean chuckled as he tried to pull free from the mess. Castiel was smiling as well as they finally managed to get free. Sam and Bobby had already both walked away by the time they made it out of the tub.

Dean still wanted Castiel, there was no doubt about it but he figured it was the wrong time. He would just feel too uncomfortable knowing that Bobby was just in the other room.

"You need to control yourself, Dean," Castiel said as he straightened up his tie.

Dean just smirked "Did you see yourself?" he asked.

"No, I didn't technically see myself, Dean. That would be impossible without a mirror," Castiel said with a hint of a grin.

"Are you being a smart ass?" Dean asked with amusement.

"I'm not an intelligent donkey, either," Castiel said with more of a grin.

Dean just laughed and shook his head "You're something else."

Castiel just smiled, overjoyed at seeing Dean happy. It made him feel so great to know he was the reason Dean was smiling.

Both of them lifted their heads when there was a shout in the other room.

. . .

"What are you doing here, Crowley?" Sam asked darkly, pulling out the demon killing knife.

Crowley held out his hands "I'm not here to start any trouble…I just need to ask a question."

"You have got some nerve just popping up into my house," Bobby growled gruffly as he lifted up a bottle of holy water.

"I wouldn't do that," Crowley said darkly, eyeing Bobby.

"What do you want?" Castiel asked as he appeared in the room.

Crowley flinched inwardly, still trying to get used to seeing Castiel as an archangel. He was now debating on if showing up was a bad idea.

Dean walked out from behind Castiel and his stomach flipped and heart lodged into his throat as he stared at the true form of Crowley beneath the vessel. Instantly, memories of Hell flashed through his mind; of all the demons in their true forms and how horrific they had looked. He also noticed a Hellhound sitting beside Crowley, its massive body reaching up to the demon's shoulders. The things black leathery skin seemed to glow in the lighting as light smoke poured off of it. The hellhound turned its large head towards Dean, its glowing red eyes narrowing. Dean could see the yellowed dagger-like teeth sticking out from beneath its jowls.

Dean felt as though he were frozen as he stared at one of his biggest fears or maybe it was his biggest fear…he wasn't sure because he couldn't think at the moment.

Crowley turned to Dean and for once in his long span of living, he was shocked beyond clarity. His eyes widened and his jaw fell slack as he examined two things; the wings around the hunter and then the thing that was entwined into his soul.

"What in the bloody hell is that!" Crowley almost hissed, pointing to Dean.

Castiel stiffened and protectively stood in front of Dean. He felt the growl rumbling deep in his chest.

"Your one to talk…you are one ugly sonofabitch," Dean said, finding words for once. He moved from behind Castiel's shield to stare at the demon.

Crowley had no idea what it was in Dean's soul but he knew at once not to mess with it. He could practically feel the powerful angelic presence within. He shifted his gaze from Castiel to Dean then back to Castiel and he already knew the answer. He also knew not to say it out loud or he would be smote by Castiel or maybe even Dean.

"Well, what do you want?" Bobby asked, breaking the silence.

"I was just wondering if you had come across any Hellhounds recently…current events gone awry have caused several rogue hounds to run free…and they are quite difficult to capture," Crowley said, suddenly wanting to run back to Hell.

"You call yourself the King of Hell and you can't even control a few hellhounds?" Dean sneered though his chest constricted at the idea of Hellhounds running free.

"Well I don't have time to track a hundred full grown Hellhounds," Crowley said, his calm demeanor starting to fade into his annoyed voice, "I could just ignore the situation and leave it to you hunters to handle because I know their your favorite, Dean."

Dean just glared at the demon, feeling a sensation pulsing through his veins. It was like white hot energy only getting stronger by the moment and he found himself clenching his hand into a fist.

Castiel shifted his gaze to Dean, feeling a buildup of grace. He placed a hand on the hunter's shoulder, hoping to calm him down.

"Balthazar mentioned sensing hellhounds over in New Jersey," Castiel said quickly "So I suggest you go and take care of the situation."

Crowley nodded and spread his leathery dark auburn wings to take flight. He stopped when he noticed his Hellhound now staring at Castiel, the smoke wafting off of his leathery skin.

"Come on, boy," Crowley said, placing a hand on the hound's head. The movement caused the smoke to billow through the air.

Dean felt frozen once more as he stared at the dark red eyes of the horrific monster. He turned to Castiel, who was staring at the hellhound with his curious head tilt.

"Crow!" Crowley growled, snapping his fingers. Crow unlocked his gaze from Castiel's and then spread open a set of small, leathery wings that seemed to be made up of mostly smoke. In a flash, the demon and hellhound disappeared.

Dean sighed as he walked into the kitchen in severe need of a beer. Being around hellhounds always made him on edge. He popped the top off of the bottle and began to chug the soothing liquid. It warmed his stomach pleasantly so he grabbed another one before heading into the living room.

"What was Crowley talking about?" Sam asked, staring at his brother. He knew for a fact something serious had to be going on because Crowley even seemed afraid of Dean.

Dean sighed and ran a hand through his hair "Sammy…give me a little time. I promise I'll tell you tomorrow or something."

Sam just stared at him but he realized that was a good enough answer. With a weary sigh, he muttered good nights and slumped up the stairs to snag a free bed.

Bobby walked back over to do his research.

Castiel stared at Dean, who was now lying on the couch.

'Dean, would you like me to accompany you while you tell them?' he asked telepathically.

Dean jerked slightly, still trying to get used to that but he stared into the blue orbs 'No, I got this one, alright. It'll probably be better if you're not anywhere close by. Who knows how they'll react.' Dean answered back through their minds.

Castiel nodded and after a quick kiss, he fled the room.

Dean took a deep breath as he finished off his last beer before curling up to get some sleep. He could feel the creature in his soul squirm for a moment before relaxing, causing Dean to feel extremely content. He smiled as he closed his eyes and fell asleep, curling his wings around his body like a warm, feathered blanket.

Tomorrow he would tell them…he had to.

. . .

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