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Chapter 9: Angelic Abilities:

Sam, Dean and Bobby were stalking through an old, barren warehouse in some old small down of New Jersey. They had been following the signs of Hellhound activity and they were sure this was the place where a pack resided.

Dean's stomach twisted and turned as he clasped the angel killing blade tightly. His heart beat rapidly in his chest like a bat stuck in a cage. The hair on his neck rose and he knew on instinct that they were nearing at least four of them.

The warehouse was dark, the only light illuminating the broken machinery from the moon shining through the cracked and shattered windows.

Dean closed his eyes and listened intently for any movement.

'What the hell is his problem…friggen hiding shit from me. I'm his brother and he can't even trust me…then again, I did release Lucifer when Dean tried to warn me not to trust Ruby…that bitch…just look at him. Friggen wings are glowing right now,' the thoughts echoed through Dean's head in Sam's voice.

Dean turned to his brother "What was that?" he asked.

Sam knit his eyebrows "I didn't say anything," he said.

Dean nodded, realizing he was hearing Sam's thoughts again. He shook them out as he focused on finding the Hellhounds. He froze when his eyes landed on one of the hounds, standing at least six feet high, baring long yellow fangs and glowing red eyes. It growled deeply, the sound sending chills through Dean's body.

"What's wrong?" Sam whispered to Dean.

Dean lifted a shaky hand to the hellhound and Sam instantly shot at it with a salt round.

Dean watched as the hound let out a feral snarling yelp as it turned its focus onto Sam. The smoke billowing from the black leathery skin rose and it crouched, claws extending like blade. With some instinct Dean didn't know he had, he leapt at the hellhound with the blade.

It sunk deep into the throat of the hound, which let out a gurgling snarl as it tried to swipe its claws into Dean's back. Dean leapt back with inhuman speed just in time to shove the blade right through the center of the hound's head. It let out a yowl of protest which formed into a whimper as the hound collapsed onto the floor beside Dean, blood seeping from its thick skull and the smoke over the skin diminishing.

Dean shook in fear as he felt another one closing in from behind…there was a hound and another presence. He spun around and his stomach flipped to see a demon standing before him with another six foot tall hellhound beside it.

It took a moment for Dean to register who the demon was. For one, beneath the vessel, she was one ugly broad. Her skin was sickly greenish red with gaping wounds spilling a mixture of puss and blood down her body. He literally felt sick to his stomach at the sight.

"Meg?" Sam asked, his voice laced with fear.

"Well lookie here," Meg said, her eyebrows lifted as she examined Dean "What happened to you?" there was no emotion in her voice as usual but Dean could see the fear in her true form.

Dean's eyes flickered over to where another two hellhounds slowly walked over behind Meg; she was their master. Dean gripped the angel blade tighter and swallowed back his fear in means to protect his brother and the creature inside of him that was both him and Castiel. He let his wings unfurl and the silvery colors glimmered in the darkness, tainted with crimson from the hellhound he had just killed.

"Who made you angel?" Meg asked, taking a step closer.

"I'll kill you," Sam snarled, taking a stride towards her.

Meg simply waved a hand and Sam was sent flying across the room, landing beside the lifeless body of the Hellhound that he couldn't see. His head slammed on the floor and he went unconscious.

"What are you doing here, Meg? Your stupid mutts have been killing innocent people," Dean growled, making sure to keep an eye on the hounds that could strike at any moment.

"I decided to take a few pups to hide from the King," Meg said with a shrug "Though those pathetic angels of yours keep killing them…these are all I have left."

"Not for long," Dean said venomously.

Meg cocked her head to the side "What is wrong with your soul, Deano?"

Dean ignored her "How would you like it if I sent you back to your daddy?"

Meg's vessel remained expressionless but her true form filled with anger and fear. He glanced at the hound closest to her "Get him," she said.

Dean nearly froze in fear as the hound jumped on top of him, knocking him onto his back. He cried out as the thickest bone in his wing snapped like a twig, sending waves of agony through his body. He gripped the blade through and shanked it right through the hounds head. He almost puked when a stream of dark red liquid poured all over his face and into his mouth. It was bitter and burned his throat. He spit it up and shoved the hound off with inhuman strength. Just as he made it to his feet, he yelped out when he felt claws tear through the feathers closest to his shoulder blades.

He gasped when he felt the creature inside of him squirm and shoot out a wave of power that made Dean lightheaded. He could feel the physical wounds heal in an instant and he shot back up to his feet, spinning around and shoving the blade into the top of the hounds head.

Meg hissed out in surprise as she watched this unfurl. She glanced to her last Hellhound and was about to order an attack but fear struck when Dean suddenly threw her against the wall. She coughed in surprise as the air was knocked out of her. Dean could feel the hound about to jump him and without even a glance, he tossed the blade behind him. There was a ear-piercing shriek and then a thump followed by the sizzling sound of the smoke evaporating.

Meg tried to compose herself as he pressed her against the wall with his weight but Dean could see right through it…literally. She was terrified.

"Ooh Dean, I like it when you play rough," Meg said, trying to give a seductive smirk as she pushed her body against him.

Dean grabbed her throat and squeezed it tight enough to where he could feel the bones grinding and snapping. Her eyes widened and her mouth parted as blood spilled from her lips.

Dean felt the wrath pouring through his veins like liquid ice and lava. He could feel the buildup of power streaming through his form and wings and into his palm. He glared at her with fiercely glowing green eyes "This is for Jo and Ellen you slimy bitch," he snarled. He pressed a palm to her forehead. He wasn't sure if it was going to work but his entire body ignited with light that was warming to him and his eyes widened as he stared at a bright, fierce white light as it beamed through her eyes and mouth, her screamed drowned out by the ringing in Dean's ears.

After a moment, Dean felt all of the fury leave his body and with a refreshing sigh, he dropped the lifeless body of Meg onto the floor like the piece of trash that she was. He tried to spread his wings but let out a yelp when the broken one tried to move. He winced and let it sag to the floor. He couldn't even close it in to hide it from humans. He had no idea how he was going to get back home.

"Dean," Sam sputtered as he stood up. His eyes were wide with shock "D-did you just…"

Dean sighed as he realized Sam had just witnessed Dean smite Meg in the same manner as an angel. Dean just merely nods and turns to his injured wing. It stung and burned and pierced all at the same time and he swore he was about ready to pass out from pain. He could feel the creature inside of him shift before settling down into a slumber. Dean always knew when the thing was sleeping because it made him drowsy.

"Your wing," Sam said, his voice pained from how he knew it must hurt.

Dean nodded as he stared at the white bone protruding out of the blood and liquid grace slickened feathers. His head spun as he let his body collapse onto the floor. He hissed out once more as the injured wing shifted. Spots danced in front of his eyes as he watched Sam scurrying towards him but that was all he could see before darkness took over.

Sam felt panic rise in him as he moved to Dean's wing. He winced as he touched his fingers to the cleanly snapped bone. He knew he could help, both he and Dean had been able to heal angels' wings before. So he gently grasped a hand on each side of the broken wing. In a swift movement, he snapped the bones back into place. The crack echoed through the room and Dean whimpered in his sleep but Sam watched with relief as the bones mended together and the feathers formed over the revealed bone.

Sam then sighed as he leaned down beside his brother. Castiel was busy with more angel training lessons so he would call Gabriel. Sam clutched the Gabriel pendant around his neck and sent up a prayer "Gabriel, hey I could really use your help right now. Please, it is kind of important."

It only took a half a second before the flutter of wings indicated an angel's arrival. Sam turned his gaze up and was surprised to see Michael standing there instead. Sam knit his eyebrows "W-where's Gabriel?" he asked.

"Gabriel is currently occupied. He asked me to assist you. What is it that you need?" Michael asked, lifting eyebrows as he scanned the room. Sam knew he must be staring at the dead Hellhounds that Sam couldn't see.

Sam made no move to stand up because he held Dean's upper body in his lap "It's Dean. He took out some Hellhounds, smote Meg in that weird angelic way and then just passed out."

There was a hint of fascination in Michael's eyes as he scanned the room once more. He then leaned down too close for Sam's liking and he almost punched the archangel for getting too close to his brother but second-guessed it when he noticed Michael was rather gentle as he brushed fingers over the wing Sam just healed.

"Yeah, it was broken," Sam said "I fixed it for him, though."

"That would explain the passing out," Michael said with a frown "You said he used grace to take out the demon?"

Sam nodded and held Dean tighter when Michael made to grab him. Sam backed up slightly when he was met by a dark look from the archangel so he let go of Dean. Michael lifted him into his arms as though he weighed nothing but a feather.

Sam climbed to his feet and stared down at Michael as though asking for his brother back. His stomach then sunk as he realized he couldn't see Bobby anywhere.

"I have already sent him home," Michael answered Sam's unspoken question.

"Alright…is there any way you can wake Dean up so we can get back?" Sam asked.

Michael debated "He should really come back to Heaven to heal," he said and Sam watching him spread his wings.

"Oh no!" Sam growled, yanking on a wing.

Michael shot him a look that could freeze fire so Sam quickly let go of the wing and relaxed "I am sick of you angels all taking him away. I want him back at Bobby's with me."

Michael stared at him for a long moment before nodding "As you wish," he said and before Sam could blink, they were all suddenly in the living area of Bobby's house. Bobby was sitting at his desk, eyes wide and bewildered but then relieved as he realized they were home.

Michael placed Dean down on the couch so softly, Sam would think Dean was a baby.

Without another word, Michael vanished from the room.

Sam immediately walked over to Dean to check on him.

"So what happened? Last I remember, I was knocked down by that bitch Meg," Bobby said.

Sam sighed and turned to the eldest hunter as he began to explain.

. . . Four Hours Later. . .

Dean moaned into the burger he was munching on. It was amazing. He swore that ever since the thing started growing in him, cheeseburgers tasted a million times better; come to think of it, everything tasted better. Every time he ate something he usually had, it was like tasting it for the first time. All he wanted now was a pig in a poke. He smirked at the thought as he swallowed down his burger.

Sam was once again, forking at his shaky salad thingy and Bobby was munching on French fries and sipping at whiskey.

Dean's stomach turned as he realized he needed to tell them. He just had no idea how to say it. How would a man go about telling his family that he was impregnated by an angel whose grace is now entwined into his soul to create another being?

Dean knew that Sam and Bobby were both waiting for an explanation but they were tired of pushing on the subject. They figured if they let it go then Dean would come around; well, Dean was about to go for it.

Dean swallowed the last bite of his burger, took a deep breath, sighed and then leaned back against the couch, curling his wings into his lap.

Bobby was busy with his books and Sam with his laptop. Dean's stomach turned as he tried to come up with the words. For a moment, he sat there, debating on words…

"I'm pregnant!" Dean blurted out loudly with a laugh.

The room became deathly silent for a moment as Bobby and Sam both lifted their heads up so fast, Dean was surprised they didn't fall off. Wide, confused eyes just stared at him for a moment and all Dean could do was laugh. He was laughing so hard that his sides started to hurt and the little critter in him started to twist around with waves of joy.

"Excuse me?" Sam asked once he was able to catch his breath "What kind of joke is that?"

Bobby just stared, his eyes drifting down to Dean's stomach. He was completely at loss of words.

Once Dean was able to regain control of his laughter, he took a calming breath and turned to his brother "That is what is wrong with me, Sammy. I have no other way to then 'I'm pregnant'," Dean said with a blank expression. His entire body suddenly felt like weight had been lifted.

"That isn't funny, Dean. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? You're not pregnant. It's impossible," Sam said, his voice filled with annoyance, "Try and be mature for once."

Dean's high was starting to wear off into aggravation, "I'm being serious Sam. You wanted to know the truth. That's the truth…"

"You can't be pregnant, Dean. It is physically impossible for a man to carry a baby," Sam said, his voice now bitter.

"Well, we've seen a lot, Sam. In my opinion, I believe anything is possible," Bobby threw in, drowning his glass of whiskey. He wasn't sure if he believed Dean but he wasn't going to automatically shove off the thought.

"Thank you Bobby," Dean said, shooting him a smirk.

"How is it possible then?" Sam asked.

Dean took a deep breath and leaned forward, "You see, Sammy…when two people fall in love, they do something called sex. Sex is when two – "

"-Dean, knock it off. Be mature…" Sam snapped.

Dean glared "You asked for the truth but if this is how you're gonna' act then you can go screw yourself," he muttered, standing up.

Sam stood up to block his way to the front door "Alright…I'm sorry," he said quickly, placing a hand on Dean's shoulder "I'll listen…it – it was just kind of a shock."

Dean glowered at him for another moment before nodding and making his way back to the couch. He fell back on it, wincing when he accidentally sat on his wing. He pulled them out from beneath him, curled them over his lap and turned his eyes to Sam and Bobby, who were now staring at him, waiting for an explanation.

"So you…pregnant?" Sam asked, just still trying to figure out if it was true or not.

Dean furrowed his eyebrows in thought "I guess you can call it that," he said, placing a hand over the middle of his stomach, just over where the angels would reach in to feel his soul. He smiled when he felt small tingles brushing through his fingertips.

"So…how did it happen – and be serious," Sam said, running a hand through his hair and leaning down in his chair, elbows on knees.

"Well…when me and Cas…" Dean started and then he felt his cheeks flush up. He really didn't want to discuss this with Sam. He had to think of a way that wouldn't be so awkward. No there was no way for it not to be. He needed some help.

Just as if on cue, Castiel fluttered into the room, taking a seat firmly beside Dean.

Dean caught the ice cutting glare Sam sent his way and if Castiel noticed, he ignored it, "When Dean and I mated for the first time, I had used some of the grace from my wings to lubricate in means for it to move smoother," he said flatly.

Dean's face heated and he groaned and bowed his head in embarrassment just as Sam and Bobby made noises of disgust and too much information.

Castiel ignored it and continued "As you know, Grace is pure creation," he said "When I had reached my climax, my grace, which was inside of him, reached out and touched his soul."

Sam and Bobby both had horrified looks on their faces as they tried and failed to rid of the images in their minds.

"So," Castiel continued "the pure creation of my grace wrapped into Dean's soul, therefore creating a new being that is both of me and Dean."

It was silent as Dean tried to hide behind him wings in embarrassment and Bobby and Sam tried to block out images while putting the pieces together. Castiel remained there, sitting stiffly beside Dean as he waited for a reaction.

Sam spoke first "So this is serious…Dean is really…pregnant with something in his soul?"

Castiel nodded firmly.

"Cas…you should go," Dean said, placing a hand into his angel's deep ebony wings.

Castiel turned to him with worried blue eyes but after a nod from Dean, Castiel set off and disappeared.

It was silent and Dean cowered behind his wings, not willing to face his brother and Bobby after that embarrassing statement.

"Dean," Sam said, the emotion in his voice unreadable.

Dean took a deep breath and unfurled his wings to face his brother.

"Is that why you were craving the grace so much?" Sam asked, the situation finally settling in.

Dean nodded slowly "Yes…the angelic presence in my soul needed grace and when it wasn't getting its sustenance, it had to resort to use the energy of my soul."

"Wait, what!" Sam blurted "That thing was eating your soul!" he was now standing up.

Dean stood up right with him in defense "It was but now it isn't. I have my own grace to sustain it."

"I don't care, Dean. That monster inside of you almost killed you!" Sam shouted "You need to get rid of it before it does steal your soul."

Dean ground his teeth and glared at his brother "I am not getting rid of it," he growled "It's my baby, Sam."

"You don't even know what the hell it is," Sam snapped "For all you know, that thing can take your soul when it leaves your body…I know what it's like to be soulless Dean. I don't want that for you!"

Dean balled his hands into fists "You have no say in what I want to do with my baby, Sam," he growled.

"It's not a baby, Dean. It's a monster! It already ate away at your soul! I saw you those days you weren't allowed the grace!" Sam shouted even louder, stepping closer to Dean.

Dean straightened up and stretched his wings wide in defense "What are you going to do about it, Sam? I want to keep it and if it takes my soul when it leaves the so be it."

"I will kill it before it has a chance," Sam growled deeply, reaching into his pocket for a knife.

"Why don't you idjits shut your pieholes and think about what you're saying," Bobby yelled out over them.

Sam and Dean both turned to him as the eldest hunter stood up from his chair. He walked over to them and pointed at Dean "What have the angels been saying about it?"

Dean clenched his jaw and relaxed his wings slightly as he turned to answer Bobby "All of them have felt it in my soul. Even Lucifer says that the baby in there has so hint of darkness in it."

"Who the hell cares what Lucifer thinks!" Sam snapped "I am not going to lose my brother to some angelic baby thing," with that, he leapt at Dean with a knife.

There was a sudden flash in the room and within a split second, Castiel was standing in front of Dean, crouched in defense, wings spread and feathers pointed like daggers as he growled viciously at Sam, who had been thrown across the room. Bobby was somehow back in his chair.

Sam stood up from the floor, fury written on his face as he glared at Castiel, "You did this to Dean!" he said darkly "If he dies, it's on you."

There was another flash and Gabriel was now standing in front of Sam. He wasn't facing Castiel in defense of the hunter but he was facing Sam, his expression dark but soft at the same time. He took a deep breath "Alright," he said, turning to Castiel and Dean "Enough with the Breaking Dawn drama."

Nobody but Dean understood that reference and Dean couldn't help the slight smirk that was returned by Gabriel.

"He will not harm Dean or our baby," Castiel said darkly.

Dean pushed past Castiel's wings, stretching his own out wide to prove he could take care of himself.

Gabriel turned back to Sam, "Sammy, my moosey. You know I wouldn't lie to you…but you need to know that Dean will be perfectly safe when this all ends," he said smoothly.

Sam relaxed slightly "I don't believe that because you don't care about Dean-"

Sam was cut off by a crack to the side of his face that echoed through the room. Silence overtook only because Castiel grabbed Dean before he could lash out at Gabriel.

Sam was stunned silence for a moment, doing nothing but holding his jaw as he stared wide-eyed at the archangel, whose face was a mask of pain and despair.

"Don't presume you know anything about me, Sam. I do care about your brother whether you want to believe it or not; actually, all angels in Heaven are caring for Dean because he is now considered one of our brothers," Gabriel went on, his voice accusatory "So I do care for his safety and I assure you that this creation between my brother and yours is safe."

Sam was taken aback by those words and he just stared.

"Even our Father has told Castiel that it is a gift," Gabriel went on "So if you dare try and harm that innocent angelic being inside your brother, you will not only have the wrath of your brother but also the wrath of Heaven."

Sam just stood there with wide eyes. After a moment, he just nodded "So…it won't hurt Dean…"

"No, it won't," Gabriel said flatly.

Sam took a deep breath and shot Dean an apologetic glance which Dean returned with a nod of approval. Castiel still kept a close eye on Sam but made no motion to attack him.

. . .

"So do we have any idea how this birth is going to happen? Or when?" Dean asked as they all relaxed into the living room. Bobby, of course was at his desk reading through old books. Castiel and Dean were snuggled up on the couch in a bundle of silver and ebony feathers. Gabriel and Sam were on the couch opposite them, Sam sitting there with his laptop and Gabriel lounged back against the arm rest.

Gabriel glanced at Dean "I'm sorry but I have no idea how it will happen," he said "My guess though is that you will personally know when it's time."

Dean nodded and the little critter in him wiggled reassuringly as if in answer, "Okay…so how does it come out?"

Castiel pulled Dean closer, smiling when he could feel the little angelic being inside Dean. It was so happy and just made both Dean and the angel feel the same joy.

"Well, it zapped both Michael and I when we tried to touch it so I'm assuming it doesn't like other angels," Gabriel started.

"Lucifer touched it and the baby actually relaxed…it liked Lucifer's touch" Dean pointed out, realizing the mistake too late.

"Woah wait," Castiel said, backing up and pulling his wings back "You let Lucifer touch our baby!"

Dean nodded "Yeah," he said "the thing seemed to like Lucifer more than both Gabriel and Michael."

"When was this?" Castiel asked, his voice turning to anger.

"Does it matter?" Dean asked, getting defensive "He didn't hurt it."

"He is the devil, Dean," Castiel said with anger.

"No, he was the devil. Now he is just Lucifer…Morningstar or whatever," Dean defended.

"He has a good point," Gabriel piped in "Lucifer was the brightest grace. The child most likely sensed that."

Castiel scowled but dropped the subject and curled into the opposite side of the couch with a pout. Dean rolled his eyes and turned back to Gabriel "So how do you think it'll come out?"

"My guess is that Castiel will be the one to reach in and release the baby," Gabriel said smoothly.

Dean nodded, finding that perfectly reasonable.

It was silent for another few moment before Gabriel and Castiel were both called up to Heaven, leaving the three hunters alone.

"So Dean," Sam started, shooting his brother a blank look.

"What Sammy?" Dean asked lazily as he leaned back against the couch.

"So what kind of breast pump do you prefer?" Sam asked with a smirk on his face. He was met by a pillow smashing into his face and Bobby chuckling in the background.

Dean groaned and curled up in his wings; this was gonna' suck.

. . .

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