Ch. 13: Skirmish in the North

10:00 PM, July 27th, 1918, Black Army's Supply Warehouse, Keijō, Chōsen

Inside the Black Army's supply warehouse were Zero, Kim Gu, Capt. Gang, Seo, Roh, Myo, Park, Yi, and Jeong. A dozen newer members of the Black Army were present also. All the members of the Black Army were all standing in front of Zero. Everyone in the room could tell that the officer uniform and cap he was wearing indicated that he was their leader and commander. Standing besides Zero was Kim Gu, idly waiting for Zero to speak.

"I'm glad you all arrived here on time." greeted Zero. "You have done well for the past few weeks. Because of your actions, the Black Army now has machine guns, artillery, torpedo ships, supplies, and communication. We have showed the Japanese forces we are not to be reckoned with. Our strength encourages others to join our ranks. But this game is far from over..."

"Zero, what do you mean by that exactly?" asked Capt. Gang.

"I'm glad you asked." answered Zero. Zero then stepped aside so everyone could see the map of the Korean Peninsula hanging on the wall behind him. "As you know the Black Army has secured hidden supply routes and communications in certain sections of the peninsula. The southern cities, such as Busan, Pohang, and Gwangju are firmly under our surveillance.

Zero then proceeded to grab a swagger stick and pointed it on the northern part of the peninsula.

"However, our grasp and communications to the northern provinces and cities is not as secured. The northern regions have been known to show more armed resistance due to environmental and geographical reasons." explained Zero. "As you can see, the heavily forested and mountainous terrain makes it a perfect environment for guerilla warfare."

"So how is this involve us exactly?" asked Myo.

"Well, thanks to Kim Gu's connections, the underground resistance council has been able to communicate with a northern guerilla force operating outside the northern city of Heian-nan. I asked the council to ask him to merge his forces with mine." said Zero.

"And what did he say? Is he going to join us?" asked Jeong.

"The leader of this resistance group stated he would relinquish his forces to the Black Army on the condition we give him arms and supplies." explained Zero. "That is why I have gathered you here. The boxes we have here carry things from guns and artillery to medicine and food. I plan to give him some of these boxes."

"Wait a minute!" said Roh. "How exactly are we going to get all this stuff up there without any suspicion? I mean this isn't just some "stuff". We're talking about things like artillery here. You know how heavy one of those things can be?"

"Don't worry Roh. I have already made arrangements for transportation and a point of meeting." said Zero. Using his swagger stick, Zero then pointed at a road leading towards the city of Heian-nan in the South Pyongan province. "This road right here leads straight to the general area where we will rendezvous with the northern forces. These roads tend to not be used much, so we can use some of our military trucks to transport the supplies. The meeting has been planned to be at 5:00 AM, three days from now at this secluded wooded area. So I want you start loading the trucks we have with as many supplies we can fit. Do you understand?"

"Sir, yes sir!" said everyone as they saluted Zero.

Throughout the night, the Black Army quietly loaded their trucks with rifles, pistols, ammo, medicine, a few artillery guns, and some shells. As the Black Army running back and forth, Zero was standing on the sidelines watching his subordinates carry out his command. Kim Gu approached Zero and decided to stand right beside him.

"So Lelouch, what's your next move?" whispered Kim Gu.

"My next move? I guess it all depends on the move my opponent makes." whispered Lelouch. "I mean, that's what a professional chess player does right?"

10:17 AM, July 29th, 1918, Office of the Governor-General of Chōsen, Keijō, Chōsen

As the morning sun was hanging in the air, Viceroy Hasegawa was discussing colonial taxation policies with one of his advisors. As they were talking, a uniformed Japanese colonel came into the room. The colonel was young, but exhaustion and ruthless determination made his face look older. Before speaking, the colonel bowed his head in silence.

"Viceroy! Sorry to barge in here all of the sudden, but I have received information that you should look at." announced the colonel.

"This better be something important." said Hasegawa. The colonel then walked up towards the desk Hasegawa and his advisor were sitting at. Once he was close to the Viceroy, the colonel took out a piece of folded paper. He then proceeded to unfold it so he could read its contents.

"According to these reports I hold in front of you, various of my men scattered throughout the region have observed similar, yet strange patterns of movement." said the colonel. He then gave the paper to Hasegawa so he could review the reports himself.

"Hmmm. It seems that a few of your patrol officers have noticed several large army trucks driving northward early this morning. And why did you bother me with this again?" asked Hasegawa.

"My Lord, I know it seems normal at first, but the thing that bothers me is that I've asked various garrisons and barracks all over the southern regions, and none of them issued an order for that many trucks to be sent up north." replied the concerned colonel.

"Go on colonel..." said Hasegawa with curiosity.

"Well, my men report seeing about 6-8 trucks as part of this caravan. According to my calculations, that's enough to carry a decent amount of men and weapons. Since nobody we know of order this movement, it is there logical to assume the people behind this is..."

"The Black Army." said Hasegawa. After a few seconds of silence, Hasegawa started laughing out loud for a second. "This is it! This is the key to our problems."

"Uh, my Lord?" asked the confused colonel.

"Don't you see. We now have a physical trail of this elusive Black Army. If these trucks are actually transporting things to the north, then we can follow them to the source of their operations. And I'll make sure they won't meddle with this Empire again." explained Hasegawa. "Have your men been able to fully trail this elusive party of trucks?"

"Not fully sir. However we are guessing that since the last location the trucks were spotted at was at this road, we can assume they are heading towards the city of Heian-nan. It's surrounded by some thick forests and rugged terrain, making it a perfect hiding spot." answered the colonel as he was pointing to a specific point on the map that hung on the wall.

"An interesting choice. I guess some time out of the city wouldn't be such a bad idea." said Hasegawa. "Colonel!"

"Yes my Lord!" said the colonel.

"Have my personal train prepared. Also redeploy some of our forces from Keijō to Heian-nan. I want to show Zero a real show." commanded Hasegawa as he got up from his seat and exited his office.

5:10 AM, July 30th, 1918, Somewhere outside Heian-nan, Northern Chōsen

Deep within the thick, dark woods that surrounded the city of Heian-nan was the headquarters of the South Pyongan resistance. The headquarters was basically a bunch of wooden cabins and some tents located in an open clearing within the forest. Parked nearby was the Black Army's trucks of supplies and weapons. The area was also being guarded by the local resistance and some Black Army soldiers Zero decided to bring with him.

Inside one of the cabins was the leader of the local resistance and Zero, along with some officers from both of their forces. Both of them were sitting at a wooden table, examining a map and some other papers.

"I have heard and read your track record Lt. Jo Yong-sun. You are quite the tricky one." said Zero, wearing his Black Army officer uniform and gloves. "My colleagues and associates have told me that you have managed to evade authorities eight times."

"Well, hit and run is my preferred tactic." answered Lt. Jo Yong-sun, a man in his late twenties who's face looked rugged and scratched due from all the guerilla warfare. Since his forces weren't as organized as the Black Army, Lt. Jo and his men didn't have uniforms and basically wore the clothes on their backs. "That's why my enemies call me "the Oni of Chōsen".

"An appropriate name for a demon who primarily dwells in the mountain." replied Zero. Both men then laughed at the comment. "Anyway, I have a decent amount of arms, ammo, artillery, and medicine ready to be transferred to you. All I need is for you to ensure your promise to cooperate with the Black Army."

"Of course Zero. We have all heard about your accomplishments from other resistance members. I fully approve of your plan." said Lt. Jo. "All I ask for return is for me to retain my command over the forces in this province. I say this because I feel I am the most familiar with this area."

"I think I can allow that. However, as a lieutenant, you'll be answerable to Capt. Gang Chul-moo, the Black Army's second in command." said Zero.

"Sounds good to me. A proper chain of command is needed for victory." answered Lt. Jo. Both men then got up and shook hands with one another to seal the deal.

"Officer, tell the men outside that the deal has been confirmed and they should proceed with transferring the supplies." commanded Zero.

"Of course sir." said the officer before he exited the cabin.

"So, to proceed with business, you said before that you have hidden supply caches at these locations?" asked Zero as he pointed to several marked locations on the map laid in front of them.

"Yes. We store our supplies within the various caves lining the nearby mountains. The mountains limit the amount of control the colonial administration has on the area. That's why we chose them as our hiding spots." answered Lt. Jo. "Also, we have an established network of unmonitored pathways leading to the various surrounding provinces. Therefore, we can easily keep neighboring resistance groups armed and ready. These same routes can also serve as backup escape routes in case our current position is ever compromised".

"Excellent. It seems we are a few steps ahead of the enemy." said Zero.

Zero and Lt. Jo continued to talk about strategies and logistics. While they were talking, all of Lt. Jo's forces were given Black Army uniforms along with better weapons. The boxes of supplies brought by Zero were divided into two separate piles. Half of the supplies would stay at the current location while the other half would be given to any other potential allies.

An hour of reorganization went by as Zero, sitting in the cabin alone, reanalyzed the map of the region. A loud knock could be heard at the door.

"Zero! It's me, Capt. Gang! May I come in?" asked Capt. Gang.

"You may enter!" replied Zero. The door suddenly opened and Capt. Gang entered the building. He proceeded to close the door he had just opened. He then walked to the opposite side of the table Zero was sitting at so he could salute him. Capt. Gang then sat down.

"So Zero, we are 100% official with Lt. Jo's cooperation?" asked Capt. Gang.

"There is no doubt he's on our side." replied Zero. "With his forces now part of the Black Army, the Japanese will have to stretch their already limited resources towards the northern provinces as well. Lt. Jo's familiarity with other smaller groups in the region will make it easier to secure control of the north. Once this occurs, we'll be able to communicate and share resources with one another more easily. This will purely please the council."

"Speaking of the council, where's Mr. Kim Gu? I haven't seen him ever since we got here?" asked Capt. Gang.

"Mr. Kim Gu is currently watching the Dangun, which should've arrived in Inchon by now. Mr. Jeong and Mr. Yi should be with him as well. I figured that if I was going to be in the north and away from central command, then I should have someone watch over it while I am gone." answered Zero.

"I see. Thinking a couple steps ahead huh?" said Capt. Gang.

"If you want to win a game of strategy, you must always be prepared for things a dozen steps ahead. You also must prepare for alternate scenarios for each move you make." said Zero. "By the way Captain, exactly how did you get that scar on your cheek? I'm just curious that's all."

Capt. Gang then gently rubbed his hand over the scar that traversed up his left cheek.

"Oh this little thing, I got it during one of my team's raids on a Japanese garrison. We were trying to get seize the arms they had, but a mixture of poor planning and lack of resources resulted it in being a failure. A few men lost their lives while I barely escaped with mine. You see, while we were retreating, I saw one of my co-fighters cornered by a Japanese officer. The officer had his steel katana out and was about to lunge it into my friend. It was then I decided to run towards the officer so I could launch a sneak attack on him. However, the officer must've of heard me, so he turned around and slashed my face." said Capt. Gang.

"That must've been pretty rough on you." replied Zero.

"It was. Blood was oozing down my face. It was then I heard a gunshot behind me. The officer who slashed my face suddenly fell down dead. I then realized the gunshot came from one of my other friends who was looking for anyone left behind. I was immediately escorted to one hidden hideouts. Once there, my team cauterized the wound immediately, resulting in the scar you see here." continued Capt. Gang.

"So, what ever happened to the friend you were trying to save?" asked Zero.

"Well he survived that ordeal thanks to me. However, a few weeks later, I received a report that he was arrested during one of his scouting routines. I haven't heard anything about him since. However, if he was arrested, he's probably dead anyway." explained Capt. Gang.

Lelouch then remembered the prison he was sent to after that incident with the authorities. Suddenly the screams of pain and torture started to echo in his head.

"Well, I'm so sorry to hear that." replied Zero.

"No problem. I don't think he would've want us to dwell on him. He would want us to move on and continue our fighting spirit." said Capt. Gang.

Suddenly another knock on the door could be heard.

"Come in!" yelled Zero. A Black Army officer came in carrying a piece a paper in his hand. He saluted both men before proceeding.

"Zero! Captain! Our communication team has just discovered something that worries me." explained the officer.

"Well spit it out!" yelled Capt. Gang.

"According to our intelligence, there's been discussion of a large movement of troops from the south to the north, specifically this region."

"Dear god. They must be preparing to go on the offensive." said Capt. Gang.

"Not only that, but our intelligence also mentions the Viceroy will be accompanying them also." added the officer.

" Viceroy Hasegawa is coming up here." said Zero. "The only question is why?"

"Do you think it's because he's discovered our current location?" asked a now worried Capt. Gang.

"That's likely a possibility. The Viceroy could easily send his men to do his work with him not being there, so the fact that he wants to come to the front lines means he wants to deal with the situation personally so he can most likely reclaim some of his pride back." explained Zero.

"Still, how exactly did they track us?" asked Capt. Gang.

"Theoretically, if any forces noticed a pattern in our movements, they could easily deduce the general area we were heading to. The terrain also reduces the possibilities of our hiding spots since a resistance army would hide in the forest. I should've been more careful with our movements." answered Zero once more. "However, this isn't such a bad thing. With our enemy making the first move, all we have to do is counter it."

"So what do you plan to do Zero?" asked Capt. Gang. Zero then showed the map of region to Capt. Gang.

"As you know, we are in this clearing, which is on top of this hill." said Zero as he pointed to the spot on the map. "Our main goal should be is to evacuate as much as we can to a safer location, one away from Hasegawa's eyes. However, the Japanese know that the most efficient evacuation route is this pathway on the northern side of the hill. Since the nearest military barracks is south of us, the Japanese will have no choice but to either attack us from lower ground or by having their forces move around the hill."

"Should they do the latter, that would mean they could do a pincer maneuver on our retreating forces." said Capt. Gang.

"Precisely. That's why we are going to need to counter all Japanese forces approaching this hill." said Zero. "Officer, alert Lt. Jo and the others of this situation immediately. I want all the forces we have to be either evacuating our camp or preparing defenses."

"Yes sir!" said the officer. He then saluted Zero before exiting the room.

"So Viceroy Hasegawa...coming to the front lines. Not a bad move on your part. But even though you've started with moving your king, let's see how well you will use your king against me." Zero thought. Capt. Gang. and Zero then continued discussing where the machine guns and artillery should be located on the map.

9:16 AM, July 30th, 1918, Heian-nan Army Barracks, Northern Chōsen

The Imperial Japanese Army barracks located on the outskirts of the city of Heian-nan was filled with Japanese soldiers ready to be mobilized at any moment. Some were patrolling the grounds while others were simply waiting for their next orders.

"ATTENTION!" yelled a Japanese general. All the soldiers immediately stopped with what they were doing and all organized themselves into a single line. They then stood there without uttering a single sound. The only sound one could hear was the sound of a car engine. Suddenly in the distance, one could see an elegant car escorting Viceroy Hasegawa and his personal aides.

"PRESENT ARMS!" yelled the Japanese general. All the soldiers in the line immediately raised held their guns in front of them as Hasegawa's car slowly passed by them. The Japanese general on the other hand proudly saluted as the Viceroy's car came closer.

When the car stopped in front of the General, two lower ranking officers nearby ran up to the car so they could open and hold open the car door for the Viceroy. When Viceroy Hasegawa stepped out of the car, the general standing in front of him walked towards him and saluted.

"Field Marshal Count Hasegawa Yoshimichi, Viceroy of Chōsen!" said the general. "My Lord, I present to you the Heian-nan Garrison Forces."

Hasegawa then nodded his head before he and the general started walking into the barracks. Once they were inside, the soldiers outside instantly dispersed and returned to what they were doing before.

"Seems like the garrison is fresh Lt. General Ikeda Sho." said Hasegawa as he was walking with the Lt. General.

"Well I always make sure my men are always ready for any surprise." replied Lt. General Ikeda. "Anyway have you heard the rumors from the home islands? There has been some talk within the Imperial Diet that Japan might approve of intervening in the civil war occurring in Russia. Even the Prime Minister is seemingly supporting the idea."

"Well who could blame the Prime Minister and the other politicians." said Hasegawa. "Russia has always been a thorn in our Empire's plan. Now with the Bolsheviks running around causing mayhem and destruction, Russia couldn't be anymore dangerous. However, I am here for a different reason."

"And what would that be my Lord?" asked Lt. General Ikeda.

"I have deduced where the Black Army is most likely located. As we speak, three more divisions from the south are heading up here to aid us in their destruction." responded Hasegawa.

"You think you know? How and where?" asked the amazed Lt. General. Hasegawa requested the Lt. General to fetch a map of the surrounding region and explained how he believed that topography, terrain, and movement of arms allowed him to deduce the most likely hiding spot for the Black Army.

"One of these hills contains the Black Army. I want you to mobilize your forces and go out there and find them. And if you can, bring their so-called leader Zero to me alive." commanded Hasegawa.

"Yes my Lord. But why alive?" asked Lt. General Ikeda.

"Because...HE WON'T GET AWAY FROM ME THIS TIME!" grumbled the angry Viceroy as he clenched his fist and raised it.

Following the Viceroy's orders, Lt. General Ikeda rounded up all his available forces and told them to spread out and search any traces of the Black Army. Groups of Japanese soldiers hopped onto military trucks that were heading to the various search points. When reinforcements arrived at the barracks, the soldiers immediately took out the artillery guns they had brought with them and started to aim them at some of the heavily forested hills surrounding the area.

10:29 AM

As the more supplies and arms were being moved northward, Zero, Capt. Gang, and two other Black Army officers were at a table set up outside beneath an open tent. They were looking at the terrain to see if they could find any locations that would give them an advantage.

Meanwhile Lt. Jo was overseeing the evacuation process. Though they had managed to move a decent amount of their resources, much of it was still on the hill top. This was primarily due to the fact that the Black Army only had a few trucks with them at the present moment, meaning the moving the supplies was going to be slowed down.

"We should deploy some of our forces behind these trees here." said one of the officers reviewing the map. "It can provide us with a good vantage point."

"However, if we deploy them here, we can launch a potential surprise attack." countered the other officer.

"We already set up the traps at points A1, B1, B3, B4, and F4. A surprise attack here would just be a waste of resources." said the first officer.

"But what if the enemy is more heavily armed then anticipated? The plan then falls apart." replied the second officer.

"Officers. Both ideas are acceptable. However, I believe Zero here agrees with me when I say long-range shooters should be spread out all over this section of the hill while ones who do well at short range can be stationed here in case we need a surprise attack." said Capt. Gang.

"That idea couldn't have been described any better. But I think countermeasures are needed here and here." Zero said as his black gloved-hand pointed to the two points. "I also suggest two artillery guns behind here in order to..."

Zero was then interrupted when a loud "BOOM!" could be heard nearby.

"What the hell was that?" asked the first officer. Suddenly two more loud "BOOM!" sounds could be heard. When a fourth one was heard, the second officer pointed to the large hill adjacent to the one they were on.

"LOOK!" yelled the second officer. Zero and the rest of the Black Army could see some smoke and flames rising up on the nearby hill.

Another loud "BOOOOOM!" echoed in the distance. Suddenly one could hear the sound of something piercing the air. Zero, while thinking on what exactly was going on, suddenly realized something.

"GET DOWN! NOW!" yelled Zero at the top of his lungs. As everyone around him was about to get down, one of the trucks being prepared to be loaded with supplies suddenly exploded. The flames from the explosion consumed the truck, along with anyone standing nearby.

"Seems to me the Japanese have made their first move!" said Zero.

"What do you mean by that!?" asked Capt. Gang.

"It's an artillery bombardment. The Japanese must be trying to provoke us!" responded Zero as another loud explosion was heard nearby.

"Well, exactly what do we do?!" yelled the second officer. Another explosion nearby blew a decent amount of soil into the air, causing it to land on Zero, Capt. Gang, and the two officers, who were still laying close to the ground.

"We do exactly that. We must fire back!" yelled Zero.

"But if we do that...!" yelled Capt. Gang.

"Capt. Gang.! If we don't respond, we're going to suffer just even more losses!" answered Zero. Two more explosions could be heard in the distance. "Capt. Gang! I want you with me. We'll prepare whatever defense we have! Officers, I want you to tell Lt. Jo to focus on the evacuation at all costs! Do I make myself clear?!"

"Sir yes sir!" yelled all three men. Zero and Capt. Gang then went to organize their forces while the two officers went to find Lt. Jo.

Explosions were occurring all around the area, each one causing pieces of earth to be flung upwards, therefore creating a crater in the ground.

Zero, who managed to subdue the panic that was lingering among the soldiers, told them to either be sent out and scout the enemy, position the artillery guns at certain points, or position themselves at the key points. Immediately the soldiers followed the command. The defenses on the hill included artillery, some machine guns, and grenades.

When a scout came back quickly and provided some observations, Zero, looking at the map, deduced the most probable position of the enemy's artillery.

"Artillery 1-3! Position yourself 75 degrees to your right! Aim at about 55 degrees!" yelled Zero.

"Yes sir!" yelled the soldiers manning the artillery. They then immediately loaded each one with a shell and awaited their command.

"You think just because you make the first move means you have an advantage. Well your first move has already exposed one of your pieces." thought Zero.

Zero then rose up from his seat, stood near the artillery guns, and covered his ears for the upcoming blast.

"FIRE!" yelled Zero at the top of his lungs. Suddenly multiple, semi-deafening blasts could be heard coming out of each gun. Within a few seconds, everyone could hear a series of explosions in the distance.

Heian-nan Garrison HQ

General Ikeda and Viceroy Hasegawa, along with a few colonels and lower ranking generals, were looking at a map of the region and planning their next move. The map had several red x's drawn on some of the hills surrounding the area. Meanwhile, soldiers rapidly came in and out of the headquarters as they received new reports from the front lines while others were monitoring the army's communications. Outside, the sounds of artillery could be heard echoing through the air.

"General Ikeda! Urgent report! 14th, 22nd, and 23rd Artillery Batteries have been either destroyed or neutralized by what appears to be enemy artillery!" reported one Colonel who just arrived to the headquarters.

"So the Black Army has now emerged." said Hasegawa with a smirk on his face. "Now, where exactly were those three batteries located again General?"

"Oh, right here my Lord." answered General Ikeda as he pointed at three spots at the front line. Both men then quietly tried to determine the location of the Black Army.

"General Ikeda. This hill is the one." said Hasegawa as he pointed to one specific mountain outside of the headquarter's general vicinity. "If those three specific batteries were destroyed at these three locations, then there is no doubt that the artillery shots came from this hill."

"Just give me the order my Lord and I will lead a wave of troops to..." said General Ikeda before he was interrupted.

"Let's not rush this General. This Zero-guy everyone is talking about is apparently not your typical everyday scoundrel." said Hasegawa. "From the various reports I have read, I have determined Zero to be a capable commander, one who approaches warfare like a game."

"A game sir?" responded a confused General Ikeda.

"Exactly. A game. Which makes me believe he wouldn't want to charge on us offensively due to the fact we have greater numbers still. So General, if you were on this specific hill and found yourself facing an enemy that outnumbered you and has more resources, what would you do?" asked Hasegawa.

"Well, strategically the best course of action would be to retreat from the battlefield while also trying to save as much of your original resources as possible. That way you can use those same resources to fight again on another day, hopefully on a battlefield that gives you a better advantage. From a strategical perspective, the hill you are pointing to is steep on all sides except on the north, therefore allowing an opening for evacuation and protection on your southern, western, and eastern flanks." answered General Ikeda.

"Precisely. That is why I am ordering to send our forces to go around the hill and meet up on the northern side, causing the Black Army to be fully encircled by our forces." said Hasegawa.

"My Lord, you said this Zero-guy is a strategic expert. Wouldn't he expect something like a pincer movement.?" asked the concerned General.

"But what Zero won't expect is that I will have an ace up my sleeve." responded Hasegawa. He then drew on the map two curved arrows surrounding the hill, representing the forces attempting to encircle the enemy, and one larger arrow heading straight into the hill's southern slope. "If Zero does manage to figure out our encirclement plan, I will have a large reserve force prepared to strike head on when the time is right."

"But military strategists have stated charging an opponent on higher ground is not a good move to..." interjected General Ikeda.

"That's the beauty of it General. Someone with Zero's intellect would never think a competent commander would charge an enemy on higher ground straight on. And surprise General can be the determining factor in a battle." responded Hasegawa as his face made a sinister-esque smile. "Do you understand General?"

"Yes I completely do!" responded General Ikeda. General Ikeda then sent orders to various officers in the area to concentrate on the mountain Hasegawa believed the Black Army was on. Following the encirclement plan set up by the Viceroy, all the available trucks full of Japanese soldiers brandishing rifles or machine guns were sent down roadways passing by the western or eastern sides of the hill. Meanwhile Japanese artillery concentrated their bombardment on the one specific hill and the area around it.

The Black Army's artillery continued their bombardment as well. Using info from their scouting parties, the Black Army's artillery managed to take out more Japanese artillery batteries. The constant shelling of each side caused trees to be splintered apart, craters to be formed, pieces of earth to be thrown upwards, and thick smoke to rise into the air.

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