Chapter 4

Kopa returned to his home. Kopa, amd Kiara are always together. Simba and Nala are happy that their daughter and son are very close. Kopa, shared his life, how he survived, who took him in, and many more. While Kiara, told the happenings in the past few months at Priderock. And she even told her she's pregnant.

"Kopa, you know, I've really missed you."

"Same sis. I've never seen you grow up. I still remember, when you're just a newborn, I always boast you to my friends."

"Is Vitani one of your friends?"

"Yeah. She's part of my life." as Kopa said this, he looked up the sky and recalled the moments he and Vitani had.

"Kopa?" Kiara waved her paws infront of Kopa's face.

"Uuh, yeaah?"

"Hey." Vitani called.

"I think I need to leave for a while." Kiara sneaked out slowly.


"I've missed you." Vitani nuzzled Kopa.

"I've missed you too." Kopa licked Vitani's cheek.


"Yes Zira?"

"I need to talk to you. Uhh, somewhere private." Tama nodded and followed Zira to the waterhole.

"So, what do you want to talk about?"

"Tama, I need to tell you this. Do you still remember the night you gave birth to your daughter?"

"Yeah? What about that?"

"It's like this. I took your daughter." Zira hanged her head down.

"You what?!"

"Look, Tama, I'm sorry. Don't get me wrong."

"Zira," Tama stood up and faced Zira. "Why? Please tell me what happened!"

"Tama, let me explain. Calm down, please. That night, you gave birth. Scar told me that your daughter could be his heir. We thought she was a boy. But, she wasn't. Scar was very disappointed."

"Of course Zira! I, too, is disappointed!

"I, wanted to give her back to you, but when I returned, you're gone. I felt bad for her, not having a mother. So I decided to take her in. So, I did. Tama, please, forgive me. I know it's bad. And, I've been a bad mother."

"Tell me Zira, who's my daughter?"

"Vitani." Tama was shocked. All this time, her daughter was Vitani.

"Vitani? Tisha?" Tama cried and cried.

"Tama." Zira comforted her. Kopa and Vitani are near them, so they decided to go there.

"What happened?" Vitani asked.

"Vitani, let's take her home and I'll tell you all."

Vitani agreed and Kopa helped Tama. When they reached Priderock,

"What happened?" Simba asked.

"She was surprised. Surprised because what I've told her." Zira told the whole story. Simba, Nala, Kula, Kiara, Kovu, and Kopa were all shocked and they all looked at Vitani.

"Tama, Tama is my mother?"

"Yes. I'm so sorry," she sat beside Tama. "If you could never forgive me, then it's fine. Atleast I told you the truth." after that, Tama stopped crying and looked at Zira.

"I don't know." Zira stood infront of Vitani who was hanging her jaws open, and tears escaping her eyes.

"Vitani, dear, I'm sorry. I know what it feels like your real mother was not with you during your hardships. I too, was abandoned by a stupid lioness, and left me to the care of her sister. Another stupid lioness. Again, I'm sorry Vitani. I'll be leaving." Zira turned aound and left the den. Before she went out the den, a tear fell from her eye.

Tama stood up and faced Vitani.

"Tisha?" Tama smiled.

"Mom?!" Vitani cried and nuzzled Tama.

"Dear, oh, my daughter!"

"Mom, I've missed you! So much!"

"Tish, its's alright." Vitani let go and smiled.

"So, my name is Tisha?"

"If it's alright with you. I'll call you Tisha or Vitani. Or whatever you like."

"You know, I liked the sound of Tisha. Ti-SHA."

Tama smiled. "I still like the name, Vitani. But I also like the name Tisha. It's up to you all. If you want to call me Vitani, it's alright, if you want Tisha, -"

Everyone shared their ideas. "We want Vitani!" everyone said.

"Alright, alright. My name's Vitani." Vitani smiled.

Everyone was happy that Tama found her daughter.

"Excuse me?" Kovu interrupted. "Tama, can I call you mom? Since I considered Vita- I mean Tisha as my real sister. Can I?" Kovu asked pleadingly.

"Yes, Kovu. You may! I'd like to have a son like you!"

"Mother-in-law?" Kiara said. Everyone laughed.

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