Help, I Need Somebody


The Case

John and Sherlock sit in Mycroft's office waiting for the man himself to grace the room with his presence. John glances at his watch then at the clock to the left of the desk, as The British Government would see it. 'I should have been at the clinic three hours ago Sherlock.' Sherlock just shrugs and goes back to scanning the room. Four secret doors found so far. John emits a heavy sigh. 'Twenty minutes then I'm going.'

'You said that two hours ago.'

'And you still haven't told me why I need to be here.' Sherlock huffs.

'Do I have to?'


'All right, calm down. I'm supposed to be the dramatic one.' Sherlock brandishes a crumpled piece of paper at him. 'Here.' John snatches at the sheet and reads through it. 'The fat oaf summoned both of us. Not totally sure why though.'

'Alert the papers. Sherlock Holmes doesn't know everything.'

'Sarcasm John, doesn't suit you.'

'Sod off Sherlock.'

'Can't we're needed here.'

'Don't you just want to punch him sometimes Doctor?' A new voice asks.

'Yes, very amusing, Mycroft.'

'Did you spot this door Sherlock?'

'As a matter of fact, yes.'

'What do you want us for Mycroft? You could have come to the flat.'

'Not enough for his superiority complex, is it Mycroft?'

'Shut up Sherlock.'

'Thank you, Doctor Watson, but entirely unnecessary.' Mycroft moves from his position on the threshold of the secret door and walks with his regal stride to the chair behind his desk. He sits after flicking the back of his jacket out to make sure he doesn't sit on it and pulling up his trouser legs slightly.

'Get on with it Mycroft. I don't think Sherlock will be too happy if I spend all day at the clinic for the next three days.'

'I'll be fine John, honestly.' John smiles at Sherlock.

'And what about our agreement? You haven't deleted it have you?'


'Good.' Mycroft switches his gaze between the flatmates. 'Mycroft?'

'We've had some recent thefts.'

'Thefts? Really? Dull.' Sherlock rises with all his elegance and strides towards the door. 'Come on John.' John stands glancing at the elder Holmes. He shrugs at starts to follow the younger one.

'From a top secret lab…' Sherlock pauses. 'When the only two people who had access to the said lab were in a meeting with myself.' Sherlock spins on his heels to face his brother.

'Only two people had access?'


'What about cleaners?' John asks.

'Do not have individual access. One of the technicians supervises them at all times.'

'You have access of course.'

'Actually, no I don't. It was on my recommendation that two and only two people have access while they develop the-'

'Develop what? Mycroft.'

'The chemical.'

'What chemical?'

'An anti-aging chemical.'

'As in the anti-aging creams you see in adverts?'

'Not quite John, my dear brother wouldn't be interested in that. Too pedestrian. No, this has to be more potent. What exactly Mycroft?'

'A chemical, when consumed can turn a fully developed adult into a child.'

'When you say child you mean what?' John asks.

'The technicians theorised that if they could take say a forty year old man and they administer the chemical and turn him into three year old child.'

'So not just the mind then.'

'No, Doctor Watson, not just the mind.'

'What's been stolen?'

'The recipe.'

'The recipe?'

'The recipe.' Mycroft confirms sighing. 'Sherlock, you know how I loathe repeating myself.' Sherlock grins.

'What's been stolen again?'

'Sherlock, a time and a place.'

'Thank you Doctor Watson.'

'What do you want us to do Mycroft?' John asks to stop Sherlock from antagonising Mycroft further.

'To find the culprit, how they did it, who for and why?'

'All the important questions then.' Sherlock mutters striding back to the main door. He wrenches it open. 'Come on John.'


'Yes?' The consulting detective snaps. Undeterred Mycroft hold up a couple of swipe cards.

'You will need access to the labs. Do. Not. Abuse. Them.' He hands them to John. 'Keep him in check Doctor Watson.' He murmurs as John accepts the cards.

'I'll do what I can.' John murmurs back before following Sherlock out of the room.