Hey every one... just to let you know I feel that I have garnered enough interest to start a sequel to this story.

For the up and coming Drabbles set (which should be published in the next few weeks) prompts are encouraged and those who do will be generously thanked by having a dedication. - if you have a prompt please PM me rather than review. prompts can be more or less anything but please keep it clean there will be no explicit slash in this universe. My take on the characters are that they are gentlefolk.

And if you are the amazing person who wrote the following review: 'If you are considering writing another story I think I have enough interest for four or five people. I looked forward to every chapter with bated breath, it's going to be weird not waiting for updates now... like something'l be missing' Might i just say you are amazing and it's comments like those that keep me writing so thank you