Yu-Gi-Oh! Dissidia.

I mentioned my interest in this earlier. However, just to make sure I don't get caught up in a whole lot of meaningless boggle; I'll just do an opening FMV equivalent for now, and see what everyone thinks about it. I personally think it a cool concept that could be a mashed fighting/card game thing.

The style of this was inspired by DanceMacabre's novelisation of the opening FMV of Dissidia Final Fantasy. If you are any kind of Final Fantasy fan, go and read it, it is bloody amazing.

I've updated from the original and further due to suggestions that made more sense than my original intentions. I've also updated it with many English names. And followers? Gulp. Guess I really have to do this now.

Dark sands stretched to the sides as far as he could see, and in the distance, at the peak of the horizon, black cliffs jutted out of the rock, casting deep shadows over the black desert. A bitter wind that was strangely cold for such an arid environment whipped past his ears, though it carried no sand in its coiling arms.

He stood, a boy in his mid-teens, clad in a dark blue school uniform over a simple black singlet. His wrists and neck were enclosed by buckled collars, and from a chain around his neck rested an upside-down pyramid made of gold, engraved with a sinister depiction of an eye, the Eye of Wdjat. His black hair stood up in large spikes, framed with a magenta fringe, and five crooked blonde bangs hung over his purple eyes. To complete this ensemble, he wore a disc shaped object around his left wrist, with two blade-like sections attached, one on either side.

Yugi Muto scanned the cliff-tops that extended above him, but there was no sign of who he sought. Behind him, he felt the reassuring presence of Yami Yugi, spirit of the Millennium Puzzle that he wore around his neck.

He tore his eyes away from the cliffs as a fork of lightning tore through the sky, and examined the others standing beside him.

To his left was a black haired teen in a tattered black coat over dark clothing. His hair was long, but stuck out in all directions around his head. His pale face was marked with an expression of disdain and confidence, and he also carried a device on his left wrist, a streamlined silver object with a blue trim. Chazz Princeton paid no heed to Yugi's glance, his black eyes focused on the cliff peaks. Around him hovered three bizarre spirits, all smaller than his head, and each wearing red bikini briefs, one black and chubby, another green, one-eyed, and with a long tongue, and the final yellow, with eyes on stalks.

Beside Chazz stood another pale skinned youth, with dark blue eyes, pale skin and dark purple hair, which resembled tentacles hanging down. He also wore a grey, shark tooth-shaped pendant, and two grey rings on his right hand. His attire was composed of a dark purple jacket over a reddish-brown shirt and dark pants with white shoes, and he showed little emotion, just a stern resolve. A flat, blue rimmed screen rested on his wrist, with a jointed set of plates attached perpendicular to it. Yugi could sense a dark aura resting with the boy who called himself Shark, though it seemed to be controlled.

To his right stood a group of five individuals, all cheerful people who had bonded immediately. Yugi's friend, Joey Wheeler, had a cocky grin on his face under his sporadic mass of blond hair, and had his hands in the pockets of his denim jacket, with a duplicate of the same device that Yugi carried on his arm. Beside him stood the orange haired Crow Hogan, yellow tattoo's marking his face, a leather band pierced with twin rings restraining it and a sleeveless brown jacket over an orange singlet. He continuously rubbed his right arm, covered by his arm warmers and a pair of fingerless gloves, as if something was stinging.

Jaden Yuki and Jesse Anderson seemed for all in the world like twins, with similar hairstyles, upbeat personalities and that cheerful grin as if this was a party and they were the guests of honour. Brown-haired Jaden, clad in a scarlet blazer over dark clothing, had a small, brown-furred spirit hovering beside his head, while cobalt-haired Jesse, clad in a blue above-waist-length jacket with dark blue outlines, a lavender shirt with frilled cuffs at the wrists of his sleeves, and black pants which were held up with a white belt, was accompanied by a blue carbuncle with a ruby embedded in its tail.

Then there was a boy with tan skin, red eyes, and black and red spiked hair that pointed out and upward. He wore a triangular golden pendant around his neck, hung by a black string, a red sleeveless vest with a white hood and a purple singlet with a green "D" symbol, white pants with designs of three orange moon crescents attached to one another with yellow outlines at the bottom, a white brown-stripe belt, black blue-streaked shoes with white straps, and on his arms, a brown finger-less glove on his left hand, a black protective pad on his right elbow and a thick, dark blue bracelet with light blue gems and red outlines on his right wrist. The youngest of the assembled group, Yuma Tsukumo had his fists clenched and a resolve that told everyone else that he was as ready to fight as they were. Beside him hovered a spirit that for all the world appeared to be made of water, with a jutting point of hair of the same color, Astral, though not a fighter himself, was a wealth of information and an invaluable asset.

Behind them, off by himself, was the oldest of the group, a teen with strong and serious eyes under an ordinary brown fringe. Clad in a long white sleeveless coat with shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with black sleeves from his shirt coming out from under it, and extra belts in pairs strapped around his upper arms and shins, was Seto Kaiba, who had a look of the deepest disdain on his face as he watched the cliffs. Also in a white trench coat was a blonde haired teen with a massive blade-like object strapped to his wrist, and who also clutched his arm as if it gave him pain. His angry violet eyes focused on the clouds above them, a look of sheer confidence in his own strength on his face. Jack Atlas was no stranger to odd events, and was ready to spring at a moment's notice.

Another teen with light grey eyes, pale skin and blonde hair curled up in a point with a dark green spiked front was glaring at the cliff-face, clad in a black, red-lined trench coat with a high collar over a grey shirt, a fingerless black glove on his right hand, and white pants with black boots. Kite Tenjo was shorter than many of the others, and yet seemed to be the most dangerous of the lot, his pale skin showing no signs of weakness.

And finally there was a teen with black hair with gold highlights and blue eyes. The upper layer of his hair jutted upward while the lower layer arched down, and he wore a long-sleeved blue jacket with a high collar and amber gems, over a sleeveless black shirt with a red symbol, gloves below his elbows with an amber gem on them, black jeans with amber knee pads, a belt with two holsters hidden under his jacket, and calf-high boots., with a jagged yellow tattoo splitting his left cheek. Also gripping his right arm, Yusei Fudo was calm and focused, waiting for what he knew would happen.

There was another massive flash of lightning, and Yugi returned his attention to the cliff-tops. Then, a massive vortex opened up in the fabric of reality, and a group of figures stepped through it.

Leading them was the white haired spirit of the Millennium Ring, Yami Bakura possessing his host Bakura. Behind him came the sadistic Yami Marik, holder of the Millennium Rod, an expression of utter cruelty on his tanned face. The muscular form of Rex Goodwin followed them, his black irises showing no signs of life, and then the blonde haired mad scientist, Dr. Faker, enclosed in his armoured suit, stepped out of the shadows. The twin forms of Number 96: Dark Mist, a blackened version of Astral, and Yubel, the demonic spirit, floated out of the shadows, and then the similar robed figures of Sartorius and Dartz joined them.

Yusei gritted his teeth as the comma-shaped machine that enclosed the artificial god from the future, Z-one, emerged from the vortex, followed by a bizarre pair of figures, a fair skinned boy with bulbous orange hair clad in a fur-rimmed jacket, and a giant colossus in white, with red and grey hair. Vector and Aporia made a strange addition to the ranks of the villains, and they were finally accompanied by the dark-robed spirit that was known as Nightshroud.

And that was it. The two groups stood there, just looking each other in the eyes.

Then, behind the villains, rose a massive dark-skinned demon, with mighty wings, powerful limbs, and a second head protruding from his navel.

Zorc Necrophades, the Dark One, roared, his red eyes flashing with fury. The party below shuddered at the sound.

But then, behind them, a soothing light began to wash over them, and the resplendent golden form of Horahkty, the Creator of Light made herself visible. Zorc roared in fury, and turned his full attention to the shining form of the Creator of Light. Then he charged, and the villains with him, leaping from the cliff face at different intervals.

They raced towards Yugi and his group with only one thought.


. . . . . . . . . . . .

Yugi reacted quickly, raising his hand in a silent plea. His features became more confident; his fringe spiked up and above him materialized a mage robed in purple, clutching a green staff.

Behind him, Kite's body shimmered, and his black coat became white, a crescent shaped object landing on his arm. Jaden's eyes glowed golden, and on the arms of Yusei, Jack, and Crow, red marks shone through their clothes. Each duelist concentrated, and each called a different creature into existence above them, some large, some small, and all unique.

Above Yami Yugi, the Dark Magician acknowledged his master and released a surge of dark magic at Yami Bakura.

The white-haired spirit flashed them a malevolent grin, before leaping out of the way and summoning his own fighter, a fiendish blue-skinned woman in leather, clutching a doll. The Dark Necrofear raised its palm and unleashed a surge of magic that dispelled the Dark Magicians blast, and then thrust its hand into the ground, sending forth a wave of magic at Yami Yugi. But a giant red and black demonic dragon snatched the spirit of the Pharaoh from the ground. Yami Yugi cast a thankful glance at Jack, who stood on the shoulders of the Red Dragon Archfiend.

Yami Bakura pointed at them, and the Dark Necrofear unleashed another burst of magic, only to be halted by the timely offense of a birdlike humanoid, the Blackwing Armour Master. The Dark Necrofear was only just able to twist away from a conveniently placed wedge in the fists of Crow's monster, and retaliated with another blast of power, joined by the metal form of Sartorius's Arcana Force XXI, the World. The mechanical fairy radiated a wave of power, and Sartorius stood on top, laughing under the influence of the Light of Destruction. His insane chuckles ceased when Red Dragon Archfiend responded with a flaming punch, and The World retaliated at the behest of its master, only for the Dark Magician to distract it with a magic blast.

Dark Necrofear pointed at Crow's Blackwing, and fired a beam of energy. The winged beast swatted it aside, and turned to the fiend, which began to radiate darkness, pushing the Armour Master and the Dark Magician back. The Red Dragon Archfiend turned and charged, only to be intercepted again by the metal form of The World.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Joey Wheeler was in a tough spot.

He'd headed after Nightshroud upon seeing the spirit summon a dark, red-eyed dragon to attack Yusei's dragon. Joey had called upon his own ally, the black, saurian dragon known as the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, to combat this Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. It had been several minutes, and only timely dodging was saving him from sheer annihilation by the upgraded Red-Eyes.

To make matters worse, Dartz had summoned Orichalcos Shunoros, a massive giant made of jade metal, and promptly ordered it to rain down Photon Rings, putting everyone, even his own allies at risk. This also prevented Yusei from helping Joey out as well, as the raven-haired Signer's Stardust Dragon was driven back. The Atlantean's laughing couldn't be heard over the wild melee, but Joey was pretty sure that he had a smug grin on his face.

Joey's Red-Eyes dodged another Inferno Darkfire, and retaliated with its own Inferno Fire Blast, landing a hit. Nightshroud's blue eyes shone beneath his hood, and then he and Red-Eyes Darkness flew away, with a hail of light filling the space they had occupied.

Joey yelped and leapt aside, with Red-Eyes hovering out of range of the deadly rings, and he sprinted as fast as he could towards the alien form of Jaden's Elemental HERO Neos, and the orange, tank-like form of Aporia's Meklord Emperor Granel, both locked in fierce combat. Neos delivered a brutal punch to Granel's right arm, but the Meklord shrugged the blow off and fired a beam point blank at the HERO, forcing Neos to take the blow head on.

Jaden saw the blonde duelist approaching, and quickly nodded to Neos, who generated a shield to protect him as the Photon Rings rained down on Granel.

Aporia gritted his teeth, and pointed at Joey, blasting the energies of Granel at the blonde, who only just dodged in time.

Then Red-Eyes Black Dragon soared over their heads, unleashing its Inferno Fire Blast at the Meklord, scorching its orange finish. Granel replied in kind with another blast, and Red-Eyes swept away. Nightshroud's Darkness Dragon moved in, and launched an Inferno Darkfire. Jaden's teeth gritted, but with Neos protecting them from Shunoros, there was little he could do.

Chazz stepped in, and his Armed Dragon fired a blast of energy at Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, forcing the dark dragon back, nearly being struck by a Photon Ring.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Seto Kaiba, standing on the shoulder of his white armoured Blue-Eyes White Dragon, was, in a word, furious.

Before him stood Vector's Number, Masquerade, a white and gold clad spellcaster with blue wings, carrying three interlocking gold rings, the number 104 plastered across its helmet.

Both monsters unleashed their power, and Kaiba laughed as his dragons attack pushed Vector's back, causing them to disappear in a cloud of smoke.

But then the unharmed form of Masquerade flew out from the cloud, and Vector's mocking laughter echoed through the air. Its eyes glowed red and it threw one of its rings at the Blue-Eyes. Behind them, a colossal dragon seemingly all hard light and scales swooped down and blasted a stream of pure light at Masquerade, which reacted quickly, dodging and sweeping away from the attack. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon would not be pacified though, and fired another beam at the Over-Hundred Number.

The beam of light was intercepted by the timely arrived presence of Z-one's Metaion the Timelord, the scarlet god machine blasting a wave of spectral fire at Galaxy-Eyes. But Kite was ready, and his body lit up in tandem with that of Galaxy-Eyes as the massive dragon grabbed the Timelord, and they vanished in a spray of light.

Kaiba turned his attention back to Vector, and Blue-Eyes unleashed its White Lightning, but again Masquerade remained unharmed, and retaliated in kind with another ring, intercepting Kaiba's attack

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Yusei barely even saw it coming.

As he sped across the sands with his partner, the white and blue dragon that was called the Stardust Dragon away from Nightshroud's Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, a blast of photon rings from Dartz's Orichalcos Shunoros cut a jagged line in the terrain in front of him. Stardust snatched up its partner, and the two wheeled into the sky, all the way past the storm of light.

Turning his attention back to the chaos below, Yusei focused on the steadily advancing form of Yami Marik, who had a sadistic grin on his face – but strangely, no monster accompanying him. The toombkeeper was headed for Yami Yugi, but the spirit of the Pharaoh was too busy getting out of the way of Dark Necrofear and The World's energy blasts, and couldn't see the Egyptian's advance.

Yusei pointed, and Stardust Dragon unleashed a Cosmic Flare at the insane man. Marik reacted instantly, the eye on his forehead and the axe-like rod he carried glowing as he chanted in an unfamiliar text, swerving to face the Signer.

Then a massive bird-like dragon burst out of the cliff-tops, more golden than any shade Yusei had ever seen, and more radiant than the sun itself. The Winged Dragon of Ra appeared to look at both combatants with disdain, before blasting a surge of fire at Stardust, atomizing the Signer Dragons attack as the beam reached for Marik.

Yusei gritted his teeth and prepared for the impact, but a yellow and white armoured winged swordsman leapt in between them and folded its wing into a shield, deflecting the pillar of flame. Yuma and Astral stood on a nearby mesa, the Number Hunter's cheers barely audible over the sound of Ra's flame bouncing of Utopia's shield.

Then Yusei realised in shock that the flames weren't dissipating, but heading right for another pair of combatants.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Reginald Kastle, better known as Shark, was forced to admit that this Yubel was extremely strong. The winged demon had resisted every attack, and rather than retaliate against Shark Drake, chose to cause her vines to whip painfully at Shark's skin.

Then the fire of Ra scorched the sand between them, and Shark decided to focus on other problems, like the fact that he had just caught fire. He coldly beat at his jacket, extinguishing the flames. Then his body shone with a dark aura, and the maroon marine dragon known as Shark Drake charged, grabbing Yubel in its jaws and smashing it against the rock. Shark grinned, but his grin faded as a massive weakness swept across his body, courtesy of Rex Goodwin's snake-like Sun Dragon Inti, which had blasted the Number Holder with a beam of light. It then shimmered, and became the sapphire Moon Dragon Quilla, lunging at Shark Drake and forcing the Number to drop Yubel.

He was saved only by the timely interference of the massive red and black dragon, Chazz's Armed Dragon LV7, which threw its massive blades across the sands; scything through Quilla and forcing it back into Inti form, and sending Yubel flying.

Jesse Anderson, accompanied by the giant column of Rainbow Dragon, joined them, firing blasts of Spectral Surge at the horrific form of Number 96: Dark Mist, which, at the behest of its communing counterpart, threw out whips of shadow at the mighty dragon from the face on its chest, ensnaring it and sucking out its power.

But to the Number's shock, the mighty white dragon glowed, and powered back up, then blasted the Number at point blank range.

Then Dr. Faker joined the fray, attacking with his own Number, Number 53: Heart-eartH, a giant maroon and blue robotic upper torso, with massive spurred shoulders, drawing energy from the ground, and hurling it at Rainbow Dragon, causing a blaze of dark power to erupt from the point where its attack met Rainbow Dragon's, and engulf them. The energy radiated outward, and Faker laughed with sadness in his eyes as he stood on top of Heart-eartH, and every combatant, even Dartz and his Shunoros, immediately began to pay attention to the power the Number was giving off.

Jesse yelped as gravity began to falter, and caught a glimpse of the other fight going on – the titanic battle between Zorc and Horahkty, before grabbing hold of a spear of rock. The orbs of Heart-eartH glowed, drawing the group in, and forcing them to battle in midair. Only Ra remained unaffected, remaining on the ground, pursuing Number 39: Utopia with columns of flame. As for everything else, it was fortunate that they could both fly, and carry their summoners.

Neos launched a punch at Masquerade, and Vector responded contemptuously, Masquerade flicking its rings back and sending the HERO flying. Granel joined in with a blast of energy, catapulting Neos into the air, and then Dark Mist gleefully ordered its counterpart after Neos, draining its power and slamming it into the ground. Dartz unleashed more Photon Rings, but Crow was already there with Shark beside him, and Shark Drake took the brunt of the blows from the rings, while Armour Master kept Masquerade and Dark Mist busy – Crow wasn't crazy enough to go after Granel, though fortunately, Kite's Galaxy-Eyes was taking care of that, matching it easily in power. Kaiba joined him, and both light dragons fired their destruction streams of energy at the Meklord.

Nightshroud and Yusei eyeballed each other as Stardust Dragon grappled with Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, while Joey dodged the vines of Yubel, who in turn was being driven back by Chazz and his dragon.

Yugi and Bakura were still locked in combat, supported by Sartorius and Jack, and waves of energy erupted from the four monsters.

This had to stop, Jesse decided. He waved at Faker, and Rainbow Dragon fired a beam of coloured energy at the mad scientist. Heart-eartH dropped its power to retaliate, alongside Dartz's Shunoros, and Jesse began to get the feeling that this might just possibly not have been his best idea.

A blast of light exploded around him, and he threw up his arms and shielded his eyes.

The light faded, and Yuma and Astral stood there alongside Utopia, with Jaden and Neos standing behind them. Kaiba, Kite, and Joey dropped out of the sky, deposited by their dragons, and joined the group, followed by the three Signers, Shark, and Chazz. And finally, Yami Yugi sprinted towards them, accompanied by the Dark Magician.

As one they raced for their foes, who had likewise regrouped.

Yugi and his magician pursued Bakura and the Dark Necrofear.

Kaiba's Blue-Eyes dived for the Orichalcos Shunoros of Dartz.

Joey and the Red-Eyes swooped towards Marik and Ra.

Jaden and Neos lunged for Nightshroud and Red-Eyes Darkness.

Chazz and his Armed Dragon focused on Sartorius' Arcana Force.

Jesse pointed the Rainbow Dragon towards Yubel.

Yusei and Stardust Dragon made a beeline for Z-one and Metaion.

Jack and his soul, the Red Dragon Archfiend, lanced for Aporia as he rode Granel.

Crow raced for Rex Goodwin and Inti.

Yuma and Astral joined Utopia in a charge towards Dark Mist.

Kite sent Galaxy-Eyes toward his father and Heart-eartH.

Shark and his Shark Drake plunged toward Vector and Masquerade.

And up above, Zorc and Horahkty clashed in a battle that rent the skies. Pulses of light emitted from Horahkty, and enveloped the heroes, while Zorc's darkness gave the villains an aura of shadow.

Then they met, and an explosion of chaos enveloped the sands, before consuming them and spiriting them away to places unknown.

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