A/n: This is my 1st Ib fanfiction. There are gonna be some new characters but it pretty much follows the same storyline just a few changes and add ons and there maybe some parts that are cut off since I don't really wanna make it TOO much like the game :3

-This is after Ib faint from seeing her parents's painting-

Garry's POV

I lay Ib on the floor with my jacket on. I didn't expect her to faint like that. But..she's nine. I have to protect her no matter what. As she sleep, I walked to one of the bookshelves and open a book. I heard a voice. Ib was awake. She looked shocked. "ah..your awake" I said. I walked to her. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

Ib's POV

The nightmare still shocks me. I could feel sweat coming down my forehead. "yeah but I had a nightmare" I said. Garry nods as I said it. "I understand, after all..." he looked away with a frown. "There's something in the jacket pocket" he said. I placed my hand into the pocket and found a yellow colored sweet. "It's a candy, it's lemon" he smiled. I smiled and put into my pocket.

Garry gets up and walked to one of the bookshelves. I picked up my jacket and walked towards him. "Thanks Ib" he put on his jacket. "Ib..I'm sorry for earlier. I mean..I was so into getting out that I didn't think about you" he looked down. "It's okay" I said. I smiled.

"Ib, you don't have to be so quiet ya know" he placed his hand on my shoulder. "If you have anything you want to say, just say it" he smiled towards me. I blushed and nods. My parents always said how good I was and how quiet I was. But..now..

As, I walked around the room we're in...

Hello Ib...

"Huh..?" I whispered softly. I turned to Garry but he was looking at the book beside the voice didn't sound like Garry's but...sounds like..

We're..be meeting more from now on..

The voice went away. But I knew from the voice that I'll be meeting new people. New...people.
I head towards the door. "You ready to go?" Garry asked. I nod and he walked next to me.

Garry's POV

I didn't want to leave the room. But since Ib wanted to go, I guess I have too. We walked through a bunch of huge paintings. I could feel Ib's holding me tight. I held her hand. I was with her after all. Just then, I saw a shadow passing by us. I stopped for a while, I wanted to know what it was about but I guess I didn't want to neither. "Did you see it..Garry?" Ib asked. She looked scared as well. "yeah but I'm sure it's nothing".

Ib's POV

Is it really nothing? That shadow..looks..like.. I'm sure it's nothing. Like what Garry said. I'm with Garry after all. "Hey Ib.." Garry called out to me. I looked up towards him, wondering what he wanted to say. "You know, you don't always have to be so quiet.." Garry paused for a while. "Your a kid after all..just say what you want.." I tried showing him a smile but..for some odd reason, I couldn't do it. All I could do was stared at him. He must have felt uneasy, "Sorry, If I'm saying weird things.." he held my hand gently and begin to walked.

I felt my chest tight, why couldn't I say Thank you? Why Can't I say things I want to say..? I'm so useless..Garry's the strong one..yet he always say I'm the strong one. As we walked, We saw a maze, There was 3 headless mannequin. "Hey, let's check out the books there.." Garry point to the bookshelf at the other end.

As soon as we took a step into the Maze, the entry was closed. Garry turned around in hurry. "Wh-at?!" he begins to panic. One of the Mannequin started to move towards us. "Garry!" I scream. This caught his attention. He quickly carried me to avoid the Mannequin. As we were running, I accidently pressed the blue button. The exit opened suddenly.

"Nice Job Ib!" Garry said to me, I got off his arms and went to one of the books and open it. I couldn't understand most of the words though. As I read, Garry showed me an annoyed expression. "I can't believe this book is so useless!" I giggled to myself. "Let's get out of here Ib!" I nod and run out of the Maze. I turned my head and saw the exit blocked. The Headless Mannequin couldn't get out. But it didn't matter much since there's probably a lot of them.

"Hey Ib..." Garry looked at me and smiled. "This was the first time, I saw you scream" My face suddenly turned Red. This was the truth. He laughed and we begin to walked, "Garry, what's this..?" I point to the Painting that looks like a puzzle except it was all white. Not like the ones, I do with myself. "Their called, Milk puzzle. You see their puzzle that has no picture or whatever so, but their not really fun since it doesn't form a picture at the end. Doing one with pictures seems more fun don't you think?" He explained. I smiled and nod in understand.

"Hey, Let's go check out that room" Garry said, looking at the room at the end. Hopefully, it doesn't contains mannequin. As we enter the room, I stared at one of the books that dropped. I picked it up and begin to flip the pages. As I read, Garry took the book from me and showed me a frown. "This is a little TOO mature for you, read it when you get older kay?" he smiled.

I turned away and stared at the picture in the middle. 'separation' I stood there frozen. Garry looked at the painting and gently pat my head. "Don't worry about it" my heart begin to slowly race. I could feel my face, red. Just then, The lights suddenly off. "Ib! You there!" Garry shouted. "Yes..I'm here.." I said.

The light came back on, There was a bunch of writing around the room. I grabbed onto Garry's coat. He stared back at me. "Let's get out of here.." he said. Without a sec, I walked out of the room without Garry. This isn't good for my mental health.

"Footprints..?" I stared at the ground where I was. Garry came out of the room and spotted the footprints. We both nod and followed it until, we reached the next room. Suddenly, something dump into me...