"Hey Charlie!" Bianca squealed as Charlie opened the front door. "Hey. Bi keep it down." Charlie said to Bianca. Charlie really didn't want anyone to wake up Daniella. Well at least not yet. Charlie noticed the hurt look on Bianca's face. "it's sunday and the neighbours like to sleep in." Charlie lied sounding half convincing. "Sure of course." "Come in." Charlie said realizing they were both still outside Charlie's apartment.

"Can I get you a drink?" Charlie asked as Bianca sat down on the couch. "Yes please." Charlie laughed at her friend. "What?!" Bianca demanded confused. "It would help if I knew what you wanted." "Oh, um coffee please." "Coming right up" Charlie said walking around into the kitchen. Bianca smiled, it was nice to be having a proper coversation with Charlie. Bianca looked around the living room. "Is this Ruby?" Bianca said, picking up the baby photo on the table next to the couch. "Is what Ruby?" Charlie asked walking back into the living room with two coffees. Bianca held up the picture. "Can you wait here a minute?" Charlie asked. 'Sure." Charlie smiled before heading off to the nursery.

"Bianca please don't freak out." Charlie said as she walked back into the living room carrying a bundle of blankets. "You have a baby?" Bianca asked Charlie shocked. "Yep last time I checked." "Wow! It's?" Bianca asked. "Brax's." Charlie answered calmly. "But Charlie that's impossible." "Not really, I was 3 months when I was shot. I have been pretending to be dead for the past 4 months. Daniella was 2 months premature." "That's how you knew Rocco was premature!" Bianca exclaimed. "You saw the signs because of Daniella." Charlie smiled. 'Charlz that still doesn't explain why I'm here."

Charlie was unsure of how to answer Bianca. Charlie picked up her coffee and began to turn the cup in her hands. 'Bianca you might be the only one that can understand. I didn't have a choice. I couldn't go home and tell Brax and I couldn't abort, it was to late." "Charlie I understand but I think you at least should have told someone." "Who was there to tell?" "Me, Charlie and Leah. We would have helped you." "I know Bi." "Charlie talk to him. Let him hear your side first before he decides anyting."

Next time:

Does Charlie talk to Brax? Does he understand? Will he be able to love her again? Find out next.