Summary: Rai was staring out the window.


By Dark Ice Dragon

Master was staring out the window, Frankenstein noted, watching him from the corner of his eyes. The rest of the RK-5 were seated at the table, discussing battle strategies (Tao had plugged his pocket computer into the TV, and there were sounds effects, both from Tao and the program. Frankenstein had a sneaking suspicion he knew what the 'C. Design' in another tab meant).

Frankenstein frowned faintly, glancing at the cupboards. It had been a while since breakfast; maybe it was time to have a snack. But did he have anything that were ready to be consumed? There were ten experiments currently baking, but the one closest to being ready was still 12.3 minutes away.

The sound of movement distracted Frankenstein from his thoughts and he looked up to see Master walking away from the window.

Ah, was Master going to make his own tea? …Did the tea machine have the tea leaves ready? Was it on? Frankenstein dithered on whether he should make it for him, or let Master do it.

All eyes were on Rai as he crossed the room, the previous conversation trailing off, smiles breaking across faces. Frankenstein couldn't help but feel a bit confused, sure he was missing something as Tao started to type, clicking filling the quiet as M-21 and Takeo vacated the table at the same time. Windows were closed on the TV and Regis and Seira cleared the table of notes.

But, Master wasn't moving in their direction. No, he was heading towards the…front door?

Master had started to lift his hand to open the door, the table already clean behind him, the TV showing – Frankenstein wasn't sure what it was showing. There were bright colours and lots of little things bouncing across the screen.

The bell started to buzz just when Master opened the door, as if he…

That window overlooked the main street, didn't it?

Frankenstein's question was answered straight away when the children bounced into the house, bringing with them a babble of noise that only they could achieve, already telling Master about everything that had happened on their way there, what they were planning on doing for the rest of the day.

If that was the reason why Master stared out the window now, then Frankenstein certainly wouldn't mind.

Daaammit, there are too many characters in the one scene to be able to focus properly! XD;