"Light," said Ryuk

"What." said Light.

"...are you sure these plans of yours aren't too complicated?"

"What do you mean?"

Light put on a show of reasonableness as he stopped his work for a moment. He put down his Reasonably Expensive Fountain Pen of Destiny, as he liked to think of it, and reclined in the Chair of Justice to meet Ryuk's unearthly, unblinking eyes with his own.

"I mean, these plans of yours are really fun to watch, but are you sure they always need to be so complicated? Simpler is better, in my experience."

Light sounded quite unconcerned at this, idly picking something off the sleeve of his Suit of Judgement.

"Just how long is your experience, anyway?"


Ryuk floated there making thinking sounds for a long moment. Light tapped his Shiny and Well-Cared-For Shoes of No Particular Significance - beyond the obvious point of his ownership of them - on the floor in tempered but increasing impatience.

"Maybe... I dunno. Lots of human lifetimes, anyway. I remember when you were all using sticks and stones and stuff. It was kinda sad."

Light narrowed his eyes. He was very good at that. Right now, he was doing it because Ryuk had wasted his time again. And had interrupted his Judging to do it. Admittedly, Sayu had done it too a couple of times. But that didn't make it okay!

"Thanks for your advice, Ryuk, but I'm not like all those other humans you once knew. I'll be much more careful than they ever were. Gods can't afford to make mistakes."

Ryuk snickered - at the way he had said that with perfect seriousness. If Light understood the reason for Ryuk's mirth, he gave no sign of it.

Ryuk considered pressing the point home - Light was too clever by half, much of the time - but decided against it after a moment's thought.

Light went back to his frenzied scribbling.

Light was already much more careful than most of his previous, ahem, entertainers. More intelligent too, more cunning. More entertaining, frankly. Some of these schemes of his were a delight to watch unfold. They were so complex. And he was ambitious, too, like few others he had seen.

In the end, Light would either succeed, or fail spectacularly.

Sadly, victory on the level that this human wanted it was almost sure to be boring...

Watching Light effectively kill himself, by his own overly-complicated scheming, would be so much more amusing.

Light continued to ignore the God of Death as he chuckled to himself.

A one-shot, or aborted Mary-Sue-(romance-)fic, seems to be something of a rite of passage around here, so here's mine.

(yay maturity)

I'm tempted to tack a few other little moments onto this one and call it a (short) story.

A fic dedicated to Ryuk and other secondary characters... well, chatting has very probably been done, but at least I have The Power of Grammar on my side!