I felt my curly chocalate brown hair get in my face again. I moved bar to the front of the bar with a cloth in my hand wiping down the spilt beer and bar was half-full today which was good news for us. I pulled my black t-shirt down my black skin-tight jeans and my bar-apron

"Hello beautiful. What can I do for you?" A drunk gear asked.

"Keep your hands off before I brake them off" I answered keeping my back to the person behind me. I had suprise even if he had strength

"Oh kitty-cat doesn't want to play. Why not beautiful?" this guy was making me laugh not pissing me off which was unusal.

"I beleive she said get lost rookie" I turned to face him.

"I can take care of myself you know that" I said moving some of the glasses to the shelf they belonged on as the man walked off.

"I know. I just don't like assholes trying to fuck my little sister" he said gruffly I shook my head.

"Marcus get out of my bar" I said playfully.

"When does your shift get off Amara?" he called me by my name no nicknames he only did that when I was in trouble with him or he wanted something.

"Okay what is it you need?" I turned now I was pissed. I grabbed a teatowel and shook it down before wiping down the bar

"I can't visit my own sister without being accused?" he saw the look on my face "Ok you know me to well. I need your help"

"With what?" I asked turning to him bluntly.

"Scientific code. Can't solve it and no-one other than you understood dads handwriting" he passed me an old computer disk. I stored it in my apron for safekeeping.

"Dad's huh? Fine I owe you this one then" I shook my head.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"Good i've been holding up but like you care. Ever since Carmeron die-"

"Uncle Marcus" a child shouted behind with me in glee.

"Kiera bear" Marcus smiled picking up my daughter who was in a nightgown with warm pants on underneeth and wearing slippers. I rolled my eyes at his nickname for her.

"Kiera I thought I said bed" I placed my hands on my hips.

"But mummy!" She pleaded.

"Ha she is just like you Amara" he brushed one of my daughter's curls away from her face.

"I never remember staying awake past my bed time Marcus" I gave him a glare.

"Marcus what taking you so long with the drinks. Cole is cra-.. hello beautiful"

"Hi" I said. Marcus gave me a look but i brushed it off.

"What's your name?" he asked

"Amara Fenix. Marcus is he one of your's?" I asked.

"Yes Baird this is my little sister Amara and her daughter Kiera" He spun Kiera around.

"Is uncle Dom here?" Keira asked.

"Over by the booth" he pointed to her and she ran in his directions.

"She has your looks Amara" he smiled at me

"And her fathers stubborness" I answered.

"So how would you like to join Delta?" he asked.