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AN: I was re-watching S5 at the time 'Flight' aired, and this little idea came to me. Probably a one-shot, but I might be able to stretch it to two if anyone really wants it.

Despite their rather painful parting, Izzie and Meredith had kept in touch, through the occasional phone call or E-mail.

Meredith had told Izzie about the shooting, after which she had sent Alex an anonymous 'Get Well' card, Derek and Owen signed ones, and a long letter to Dr. Bailey, knowing that emotional trauma could hurt just as much as physical.

Izzie had heard about Cristina and Owen's Wedding, but, unable to pluck up the courage to attend and face Alex, she had just sent her friends a basket of muffins instead.

Upon hearing the news that Meredith and Derek's adoption of Zola was official, she was just as happy for them as any of the friends who were present for the occasion. One of Zola's many rubber duckies, and her bumblebee suit, were gifts from Izzie.

She had been in the middle of celebrating passing her Boards when she had received word of the next horrible tragedy to befall the unlucky surgeons of Seattle Grace-Mercy West.

Lexie Grey was dead. Killed in a Plane crash while she and other Seattle Grace surgeons were on their way to assist on a surgery at another hospital. But Lexie was the only casualty.

Izzie didn't know why this information seemed to affect her as much as it did. She and Lexie had never been close. Lexie was just Meredith's half-sister. An Intern for most of the time Izzie knew her, probably the least annoying one, but still an Intern. She had slept with Alex, shrinking the already small chance of he and Izzie getting back together. So why did her death make Izzie sick to the stomach?

The news had come in an E-mail, from Derek. Meredith was still coming to terms with it, he said. The E-mail included the details of Lexie's funeral, which Izzie was 'Very Welcome to attend. Everybody would love to see you, I just wish it could have been under happier circumstances.

Izzie thought she probably shouldn't go.

The odds were that it was a very bad idea.

The odds were her presence would distract from what the day was really about.

The odds were..

"Screw the odds."

The words echoed in Izzie's head, as clear as the day Lexie had said them.

"People die of the hiccups. My Mother died of the hiccups, and the survival rate for that is, what, one hundred percent? The odds are that she should be alive right now."

At least Lexie was with her Mother now, and George, Izzie mused as she remembered. She believed that, even if a Doctor shouldn't.

"The odds mean crap. So people should face it, and they should fight... Maybe not those words."

"No, exactly those words" Izzie whispered to herself, smiling sadly as she ended her mental conversation with the dead girl. "Thank you, Doctor Grey."

Izzie Stevens and Lexie Grey had never really been friends. But in some ways, Lexie was the best friend that she had ever had.

Izzie jumped on her computer and booked a plane ticket to Seattle. She had to pay her respects to the girl who convinced her to fight.