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Chapter One: The Phone Call.

I sat on the edge of my bed, replaying the arguement Edward and I had just had. We have the same disagreement every week, it always involves my soul and damning me to an eternal life. In a few days, I'll be nineteen, two years older than my fiance's frozen seventeen state and I'll still be human. Constantly ageing, slowly dying. Can't Edward realise that? I groaned in frustration and shoved my head in my pillow. He won't want me when I'm old and decrepit, when an elderly woman stands by his side instead of a beautiful nineteen year old girl forever frozen in her beauty. Tears of anguish flowed freely down my face. What would he do then? Get another girlfriend? But this time, one that would always stay perfect? One that would never change in time? Someone like Tayna Denali? I felt a stab of fear thrust through my heart. Shut up Bella. Edward isn't like that. He loves you no matter what happens. I think. Who are you trying to kid Bella? How can you compete with someone like Tanya when your just a plain teenager that has tempting blood?

I let my shoulders slump forward. You are never meant for Edward in the first place, Bella. I sobbed even more, knowing the source of my happiness was never for me.

" Bella! There's someone on the phone for you!" Charlie's voice drifted up the stairs. I sat up slowly, wiping away any traces of traitor tears. I couldn't let Charlie get suspicious.

"Coming." I croaked. I pushed myself off the bed that I'd been crying on and trudged downstairs slowly, taking longer than usual. Charlie was sat on the recliner, deeply involved in the Major League baseball, as usual. I walked past him and went into the kitchen where the phone was. I cleared my throat and picked the phone up off the receiver.

"Hello." I introduced. Gosh, if it's Jess Stanley blabbing on about Mike Newton, I will hang up.

"Hello Bella, dear." A soft musical voice answered. Definitely not Jess or Lauren's nasally sound they created when they spoke.

"Who is this?" I asked suspiciously, my eyes narrowing. If any of the Cullens wanted to talk to me, they'd jump through my window and this voice certainly wasn't human.

"It's Aro, dear." My heart sunk in my chest as he spoke those words. Ever since I went to Volterra to stop Edward, we promised the Voultri that I would become an immortal by the end of year. As you may tell, we didn't keep the pledge we made.

"Oh, Aro. Lovely to hear from you." I commented weakly, trying to be polite. Don't get on his bad side. He chuckled down the phone.

"Well, I'd love to chat Bella but a serious matter has come upon our hands. Don't you agree?" Aro's tuneful voice began.

"Yes." I replied feebly.

"It appears your promise to the Voultri hasn't been carried out. Am I correct?" He notified. My throat went tight and my mouth became dry. What would he do if I told him the truth? Would he come for me? Would he hurt the Cullens?

"I believe that's the case." I whispered, mananging to say the words. I heard several sighs and angry huffs in the background.

"That's such a shame Bella. I don't usually resort to threats but promises to the Volturi need to be carried out. Don't you think that's fair?" He scolded. I didn't say anything, nor could I. I was frozen. Threats? He knew my biggest weakness was Edward and the Cullens. Panic boiled inside of me.

"It brings me great sadness to say this but if you do not comply or do as I say, the Volturi Guards will be sent to execute every one of the Cullens. Even Alice and Edward." Aro threatened, confirming my worst fears. They'd use my weakness against me, I was a sitting duck when it come to involving the Cullens. I took the phone and sprinted upstairs so Charlie wouldn't hear what I was saying. I ran in my room and slammed the door to show he shouldn't come up.

"I'll do anything Aro but please don't hurt them. They don't deserve it. I'll follow your every instruction but please, leave them alone." I pleaded, tears spilling from my eyes.

"I like to hear that Bella, but do not worry. No harm shall come to them as long as you do as I say." Aro explained, his soft voice putting me slightly at ease.

"Thank you Aro, anything you want me to do, I'll do." Relief washed over me, followed by panic. What would they make me do? Would they kill me? My muscles knotted with anxiety.

"I want you to get on plane and come to Volterra. Do not tell the Cullens, they don't need to get involved. Tell them your visiting your mother and they should leave you to go by yourself. Once you get to Volterra, you are to meet us at the entrance of the clock tower. Felix will be waiting for you, he'll take you to the main hall where you'll meet us." He told me. I gulped. What did he plan to do with me next?

" Since the Cullens did not transform you into a vampire, you are a liability. But I convinced the rest of Volturi that you would make an intriguing immortal and they have agreed to spare your life. On one condition." I immediately knew what it was. It was blatantly obvious. I couldn't say anything.

"We have to change you into one of us, Bella. I'll transform you myself and after the process, your free to do what you wish. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes." I whispered through unmoving lips.

"Good Bella. That's very good. I will see you in 48 hours. Do not make me wait." Aro added before he hung up. The dead beep of the phone rung through my ears and I put the phone down on the bed. Edward wouldn't love me after I become a vampire. Why would he? He does everything in his power to make sure I will never turn into what he is. I had to leave the Cullens. Leave Charlie. Leave everything behind to protect them all. I put on my brave face even though I was falling apart inside. My heart ached at the thought of leaving them all.

Don't be selfish Bella! Your doing this to protect them. You can do this. I picked up the phone and walked downstairs rehearsing what I was going to say to the Cullens. I couldn't hurt them.

"Dad, I'm going to see Mum tomorrow." I began as Charlie turned around.